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have you ever felt that someone treated you badly due to pain?

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,607
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:25 AM in Chronic Pain
the other night, after being treated less than desirably when trying to renew my insurance, i began wondering if anyone who has chronic pain and is impoverished by it has even been treated badly.

i used to be witty and pretty and a swanky dresser. now i don't have energy to put on make-up, wash my hair, put on jewelry--what i haven't sold lol--etc. i find that i'm being treated differently by people.

i'm starting to wonder if people with chronic pain are a 'hidden minority'.

i know people fear chronic pain, but i'm sick of being treated as if i'm a leper. at least the lepers had colonies

has anyone had any experiences where being disabled by chronic pain has caused someone in professonal world to treat you less than fairly?

please let me know if you are. i've had people tell me that i should write a book about chronic pain. i don't know if i have the energy-- i still have 2 novels to finish and can't--but i am wondering if anyone else has experienced prejudice due to chronic pain.

it seems that, especially now, due to the increase in mail-order pharmacies and non chronic pain people becoming addicted to pain meds, that we who do suffer are becoming atrue minority group and that some of us are the victims of prejudice.

i was just told that i was a bad risk from an allstate agent. i've been with the company for 20 years with not a single accident to ticket. and i've had chronic pain for 11 of those years. i've never told someone i'm disabled prior, but lately the pain has been so bad that i was trying to get my insurance changed from ca to nv without having to go in and sit for an hour. the agent never smiled at me and bit my head off when i asked him if there was a way to decrease the insurance since it was 2x as expensive in nv--from 680 a year to 1490. i don't think it was an unusual question, but my father had called and told him i was disabled and wanted to do it over the phone or he wanted to do it for me. (the allstate main office apologized when i complained, btw, so it was just the agent.)

maybe i'm just ultra sensitive right now. it's hard being alone and disabled and without a doctor at present, but besides being in pain and on the verge of tears constantly, i don't do anything that i feel should make people treat me with less respect than a normal person....

anyone else?


  • j.howiejj.howie Brentwood, Ca., USAPosts: 1,732
    Hi Gabriella,
    I think people are uncomfortable if they know your in chronic pain. Or if they can see it in your eyes and face. The only discrimination I can think of. Is recently I had 2 doctor appointments with specialists. One for ringing in my ears. And one for a urology problem.
    Both Docs. dismissed me when reading the questionnaire I filled out and seeing the pain drugs I take. They both blamed my problems on the drugs! And they could see from the questionnaire that I've had 5 back surgeries. But treated me like a drug addict!
    Good luck, Jim
    Click my name to see my Medical history
    You get what you get, not what you deserve......I stole that from Susan (rip)
    Today is yours to embrace........ for tomorrow, who knows what might be starring you in the face!
  • I saw a Neurologist just the other day because I have been having some very severe headaches since being ran over by a semi. He had one sheet of paper that he had me fill out and since it wasn't my typical migraine there was nowhere on the form for me to write what my actual pain felt like. The whole form dealt specifically with migraines. I've had migraines. I know what they feel like and this is no migraine. He had me stand up close my eyes and touch my nose then had me sit down and then asked what I had taken in the past for migraines. One maintenance medication I couldn't remember because it's been 8 years since my last headache. The one thing I could remember was that Midrin worked. So he wrote me a prescription for Topamax and told me to come back and see him in 6 weeks if I wasn't feeling better. He never asked me a single question about my ACDF surgery or the accident or anything about these very specific symptoms I have which were not on his list. I think he saw that I had retained and attorney and thought I was there to bolster some lawsuit. Needless to say I got a referral to another doctor. She sent me an entire packet of information to fill out and send back in before my appt. She asked page after page of questions and left plenty of blank spaces for me to define my answers.
    So now because I happen to have a lawsuit pending against the truck driver's insurance company I'm afraid that people view me as a drug seeker. But tell me honestly wouldn't you want to be be reimbursed for medical expenses and to have a car once again if a truck literally ran over you? I had to hire an attorney because I couldn't fight this truck driver's company by myself. I'm just glad that my Orthopaedic Surgeon didn't treat me that way. Since I literally put my life in his hands.
    Gabriella, Please hang on your going to find the right doctor and the right treatment.
  • I've been denied life insurance because I'm a risk (I was treated for minor depression and anxiety, ALL due to a long history of chronic pain!) and I've had not one, but THREE specialists treat me like cr*p. The excuses I've heard from people is that "specialists are trained to FIX people, and if they can't FIX them, they just tell you to ignore it". I had a neurosurgeon say there were too many little problems and not one major issue that could be rectified, so he couldn't help me. Period. No other options, no suggestion for pain clinics or anything else...just "I can't do anything for you" and out the door he went. The next was a rheumatologist who was hired by my LTD company to do an independent medical evaluation; after seeing me for less than an hour for a 20+ year history of pain, he wrote to my insurance carrier saying that "this woman needs to come to the realization that she is a chronic pain patient; she needs to get off her pain medications and give up on the idea that anything will "fix" her problems". (I wrote to my insurance carrier and said the day I give up on finding answers is the day I die!) Last, but not least, my neurosurgeon, after doing three rhizotomies over a two year period, said he COULD do another rhizotomy, but really, I should just "stretch every day and go back to work so I can forget about the pain". I could have ripped his head off that day, and my husband sat there in utter and complete shock after hearing that from this....."professional"......

    I can't say how many times I've been told that I look SO good, with that doubtful look that says "there's no way she could possibly be suffering that badly".....but anyone who knows and loves me DOES know what I'm going through.

    Keep your chin up, Gabriella, and don't give up. Advocate, document and keep going; there will eventually be SOMEONE out there who is willing to help you. As for colonies, Paul is right....this is OUR colony where people know and understand what we're dealing with 24/7/365.

    Take care, and when you have the strength, carry on....that's all we can do is continue this journey.

  • first i was treated like a drug addict by a pain consultant {who has now been sacked because of his attitude}i went to see this pillock is terrible pain and i was treated so badly i walked out.anyway that was one episode .the other is a cow of a neighbour.one day when i felt not too bad i washed my new car .and my neighbour {who knows that i don't work and know just how ill i am }shouted out you lazy baxxxtxxd you should get a job .and proceed to lay in to me about being a scrounger!!..the reason for this is we have just has a large extension built and she is green with envy.she has also reported me to the social services as a cheat!!..i had to go for an interview and medical ..every thing went in my favour.and when she tried to do it again she got a letter saying that if she proceeded with this unfounded lies she would face prosecution because of wasting government time !!.but it has not stopped .i have has mt car damaged i have been spat on and threatened.i don't need this as i am very ill i take 320mg of oxycodone i have had 2 major operations on my back i have thoracic outlet syndrome and chrones disease..i spend most of my time on my recliner .i just wish that people would leave me alone.she is also jealous that i have a blue badge .some people are so nasty!
  • One of the worst experiences I've had is over at Healthboards.com. If you try to post on the pain board, you get yelled at by the mods and treated very poorly. For some reason, they don't like people with pain. I got fed up and only stayed there a few weeks. They should just take the board down if they don't like it. Anyway, they really treat people with disrespect.

    Glad I found this site. The mods here participate and seem very professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate.

  • yes, I have been treated poorly. I wish I could remember all of the them but sadly there are so many that I think I blocked alot of it out.

    I just love it when I am told that you don't look like you are in pain, or why do you need to take any medications, or just take some vitamins and you'll be OK, or I bet you are an alcoholic ( yes, spoken to me by a PA at the hospital post-op), or you probably really wanted to be a boy, or you will get addicted and on and on....

    Yes, I too went to a hospital in great pain due to endometriosis and the dr wanted to send me home as he said he refused to give me any drugs. I said I don't want drugs, just a shot of Toradol as this was the only treatment that helped in times of great attacks..

    I no longer accept their assessment of me and hate this kind of unfair judgement as I do not want to be in chronic pain. It is a terrible cross to bear. I try to stay as positive as I can. But it is hard and I really work hard at it.....jade
  • yup, my secretary at work told everyone I was drinking heavily so thats why I was miserable and didnt wera makeup. It just so happened that I have 3 herniated disks, DDD stenosis and my Father had just had his leg amputated and had a heart attact and MRSA infection. ( and she knew all of this while she was spreading the rumors. She is PURE EVIL ans will have to answer to the man up above one day.

  • My doctor won't treat my pain at the level it deserves due to hospital policy(anti-narcotics).I like my doctor, but he has certainly not done anything since DX'd to prove his support like my diabetes and mental health.I am grateful for now, but as the winter sets in and pain levels increase its going to be a rough ride.
  • That's how I feel. My heart saddened and I grew enraged reading your stories. If I didn't have a hobbled walk and a cane, I would be getting that crap too. I have to say people have been considerate with me. I get doors opened, strangers volunteers to get things out of my reach, etc. and I am very grateful. I don't get looks for parking in handicapped either.
    I hate to see chronic pain sufferers being treated badly. Don't ever put up with it. My heart goes out to everyone who had this ugliness happen to them.
  • Maybe when I go out in public I should put on my neck brace. I never wore it after surgery and I hate to throw it away since it is brand new. So now maybe I just found a new use for it. :D

    Gabriella I really hope you've found the help you need.
  • If it helps you on a bad day, or if you're going to be out and about, why not. Recovery takes a good while, and there will be days when your pain will flare. You have a real reason to wear your brace, and if it helps to make your life easier, by all means sport it. :)
  • The neck brace idea made me laugh, I bet it would help immensely though, sadly.

    I've been treated poorly more times than I can remember, and I'm still in my twenties(barely). I suppose that's part of the problem; being young of age, and retaining the appearance of physical fitness, youth and health, people look at you and assume what they see on the outside is a reflection of the inside. If they only knew!
  • Just do what you need to do to get by. I think people forget that disability occurs at any age, and they need to stop eyeballing suspiciously. For all they know, you could have been in a car accident. There is no reason to stare. Everybody suffers some type of injury in their lives.
  • i guess i meant the type of discrimination that comes with being on pain medications. i've been in bed for the past 3 weeks as i'm so sick of being treated like a drug addict due to medications that i cut back the break through meds as well as the oxycontin. i'm down from 240 mg oxycontin and 3 4 mg. hydromorphone to 160 oxy.

    i finally found a doctor who is willing to work with me as i'm completely non-functional. having an epidural in 2 weeks so i hope it helps and he switched me to a 50 mg. fentanyl patch every 3 days. not sure how much of a cut back from the meds i am currently on is.

    i have nerve pain and my hip/spine is out of alignment. i think the problem is that my diagnosis is sacriliitis and it's not a real diagnosis as it doesn't show on the mri.

    the mri showed some disc degeneration, but i know that's not the cause of the pain.

    i'm just at my wit's end. i've been suffering for 11 years. lost my ability to have children--my gyn told me that the pain was caused by an enlarged uterus and since i knew i couldn't raise a child with such pain, i had the surgery. a year later, after a surgery where she was supposed to be checking for adhesisons, i woke up with both ovaries gone. she told me that there was a speck of endometrosis on left ovary, which was idiotic as you endometriosis goes away if you have no uterus. it was a old blood the size of a pin head and just on one ovary.

    i was sent to pain mgt. after that. i was functional at that time on 30 mg. of hydrocodone a day. doing yoga daily which helped quite a bit and acupuncture.

    i moved and the new pain mgt. doctor put me on 30 mg. of methadone. i didn't know at the time that this was a huge increase, alhtough i did ask the doctor about tolerance since i was concerned. he told me that he would just switch meds. since i was sleeping all day--free of pain at that point--he changed me to oxycontin. after 3 months on the methadone, i needed 120 mg. of oxycontin and it didn't work as well. i stayed on that for 2 years, but i wasn't able to function well. moved again and was put on 10 different meds, cymbalta, which made me psychotic and after a year took me 6 months to get off, lithium, anti-epileptics, etc. i was a zombie and couldn't think.

    i work for myself as an editor and lost several jobs due to inability to focus. i just tried neurontin, which helped with the pain, but i can't even focus enough to read, broke out in boils, lost hair and have tingles in my brain.

    so the new doc, i hope will help.

    i wanted to hear if anyone else had experienced discrimination as i literally am close to ending my life due to pain--if you can call lying in bed all day a life--and was turned away by several pain clinics when they saw the meds i was on, even when i told them i wanted to get off the opiates and get injections and such.

    the new doc did mention today that many pain mgt. clinics don't want patients on medicaid. he said that he spent 21 minutes with me and will end up being paid 40 dollars.

    that's not very much money for a physician with staff and office to pay for, so i can understand.

    but for pharmacists and insurance agents to treat me like a criminal because i have pain is insane.

    i was thinking that if other people have any stories such as my own that if/when i become functional again, i might want to write a book about people with chronic pain and what they go through.

    i feel it is horribly unfair that due to people who abuse pain meds that we who need meds to function are being treated badly.

    pm me or feel free to email at charmed.griffin@gmail.com if you have anything you which to share.

    i'm not coherent enough right now to start a book, but i would one day like to write one on chronic pain as i want to help people and feel as if i have some purpose on this planet.

    i don't mean to whine and am not looking for sympathy, but if i have to live both with pain, no life and with people treating me like i'm a criminal or worse, then i don't want to live.

    i'm going to try everything i can in the next year; hope to get off the opiates entirely, no matter how much it hurts as i cannot bear the stigma anymore and the way people look at me.

    if i'm still bedridden in a year, i'm checking out. this is not life.

    maybe it's just because i don't have a supportive family. and in retrospect, i realize that the pain mgt. clinic that i had been with for 6 years--before moving for 3 months and returning to have them tell me they didn't want me as a patient anymore without giving me a reason--was basically a pill pusher.

    i was actually doing well in march on the medications, though, high as they were. i think i blew it by asking the physician's assistant to put me on subutex as i wanted to assess my actual pain levels. i lasted 2 days due to the pain being unbearable. that's the only reason i can think that the clinic tossed me. ironically, because i wanted off the medications, or to cut back. i guess that makes the doctor nervous.

    also, i hadn't seen the doctor in 4 years. just the physician's assistant. i asked to see the doctor over and over again, as he had mentioned alternative treatments such as surgically implanted pain pumps and epidurals in the beginning. i did do steroid injections but they didn't help. for some reason, the doctor never saw me. i noticed in my records that the pa never ever wrote that i asked to see the doctor multiple times. he didn't write anything concerning my desire to cut back on the medications at all. he wrote 3 words, as the appts. were less than 2 minutes long.

    maybe it was just bad luck with that clinic. unfortunately, after one has been on pain meds for 8 years, it takes a while for the brain to make it's own pain relievers again.

    one of the doctors i saw here just wanted to see something on the mri--which he did, in fact--so he could prescribe. i'm not going to him. i want to be fixed, not just drugged.

    anyway, if anyone has any stories regarding mistreatment due to being on pain medications or having chronic pain, please let me know.
    if i survive, and there are more people like myself out there who have been treated poorly due to being disabled by pain and on meds, i do hope to write a book that might educate the public.

    a lot of what i am experiencing might be due to the fact that my general practitioner has been on the front page several times for over-prescribing. i never got medications from him until i returned in october, but i guess someone committed suicide on drugs he prescribed and he lost his license. funny, the parents didn't start the lawsuit until 3 years after their daughter died and the economy collapsed. i feel badly for this doctor. if it weren't for him, i would probably be dead now due to not having medications.

    i refuse to go to the emergency room for pain meds due to the way they treat people there, in spite of the ten years of records i have.

    thanks for your responses. sorry for the delay. i haven't been able to use the computer the past few weeks.

  • i agree about specialists, although i'm hoping this current one will help.

    i've been turned away by neurosurgeons as well. same thing. too many hazy problems. i actually think i have a combo of shingles, nerve pain caused by severe scoliosis in my pelvis, and various other things.

    i know depression and anxiety cause the pain to get worse and that's why i don't understand doctors.

    they must know that most people in pain don't need more stress. it's stressful to even be on medications that if you lose are not replaceable unless you fill out a police report. i never told my doctor when i once washed 2 days worth of pills that i had in my pocket as i had planned to stay at a hotel with my ex-fiance and didn't due to my pain, so i washed the pants. i found 6 washed oxycontins in the washing machine. sort of amazing that they were still intact, although they were about a quarter of the size.

    i just want to get well. i know part of this is that i'm so sad due to losing what i thought was going to be my family. my ex-fiance said he was okay with the pain before i moved and then decided he wasn't. he didn't want to admit that it was about my pain, so he just became passive-aggressive. it was a nightmare that i won't get into details, but i was working with a pain therapist at the time and had been learning techniques to lower stress, as stress makes the body release chemicals that make pain worse. moving 5 times in 4 months didn't help either.

    20 years. you poor thing. i've had pain for 11 years now. i've lost everything. i can't believe that i once taught english at a university or published articles and books or had artwork exhibited in a gallery. i've been nothing for the past 4 years. just a burden to my parents who do not want me here.

    i just found a new therapist who i'm hoping will help. the old one was great, but the fiance wouldn't give me time to find a place to live so i could continue.... this therapist is not specialized for pain, as the other was. but i need someone who will remind me that i am human, as i don't know what it feels like anymore. i feel like unwanted garbage and i need to remember who i was. it's amazing that even 6 months ago i felt human. someone loved me. and then that someone betrayed me in the most horrible way i could imagine. i'm still shocked and traumatized by it. it's been downhill from there, but i have nothing left to lose so .... maybe things will turn around. :SS
  • Sorry to jump in here,but after reading your post I was suddenly appalled by your neighbors behaviour towards you.

    I'm so sorry that a fellow human being can treat you so badly.Please know that spitting on you is a felony and you could file charges against her for that! Also false charges against you are illegal and punishable by law.Your neighbor sounds awful,and hugs to you for having to deal with that >:D<
  • I'm a retired physician pain specialist who has treated a lot of people with severe pain.

    In your post you really only complain (with some justification) about how you have been treated. This seems pretty common to me.

    I suggest you consult an interventional pain specialist (one who does procedures for pain.) the special training for this makes such people especially aware of pain and what can cause it.

    You may appreciate Noel's laws of pain:
    1. No brain, no pain. all pain lives in the brain.
    2.Pain Spreads. If it isn't treated effectively early on, it will ruin your whole life and make a lot of your body parts hurt.
    3. Crazy does not make pain, pain makes crazy, which may make pain worse.
    4. Pain hurts everyone in the house, and some who aren't in it.
    5.Real relief doesn't (usually) come in a bottle.

    Spending two decades not getting some sort of relief means you were in the hands of physicians who really didn't understand pain. You need a new physician who understands pain.

    Ken Noel
  • gabriella- so sorry to hear about all things going wrong at one time. Things will turn around and that ex-fiancee is losing a good person and he will learn that he lost a good thing. :T ....take care.. :H .jade
  • If someone says to me, Gee you don't look like you are in pain, I would say, And you don't look stupid either.
    However, most people take one look at me and know I am in pain. I guess I am surrounded by a group of very caring people.
  • OMG that is a great post I laughed OUT LOUD!!!! :))(
    Then read it to my daughter she says, "that's a good one!"
    so thanks

    In lieu of not hijacking the post I can relate with all of you guys I am in the medical profession and it doesn't matter people are idiots.
    I don't tolerate any of that business either then get labeled as difficult I guess but I don't care I will be treated the way I would treat another.

    In general though I don't tell many people much especially my meds it's none of their business. Friends know of the pain but not meds etc and frankly I'd rather talk about something else ;) & they don't get it no one does unless you are a spiney and my pain doc too he is fantastic. He is offering me a spinal cord stimulator trial maybe that would be an option for you...the nerve pain is insane & I understand where you are coming from I've had many a day where i I thought what kind of life is this??? I still though am pushing on & hope you will too. I know it's hard and easier said then done but it will help greatly to ignore any of that even if it's your parents they can say stuff until their blue in the face....in one ear & out the other...people DON'T get it & neither did I even taking care of many a patient I was compassionate and non judgemental but looking back there is no way anyone can get it unless they are in their shoes. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Not just my issues but any back,neck and spine issues.

    My brother in law has been living with lumbar degeneration for years refused surgery which I knew but had a chance to talk to him at Thanksgiving and he gets it. He also shared how crappy he's been treated at times as well. He can however live, work and function with meds still so good for him. I on the other hand had other stuff going on and cannot work w/meds on board so we're all different I guess is my point.

    You can have 10 MRI's looking the same and maybe 1 person with problems..again everyone is different...

    I don't know what normal is either but I've decided I will find a normal for me which includes spacing out when I'm up with my meds and taking breaks. Also have they tried Lyrica? I couldn't stand myself without it, usually we have to try Neurontin 1st which I did but it was no comparison. If you've had major side effects alone with it you may be able to lobby for the Lyrica with medicaid. I think but am not sure the pain clinics may have some samples. You might ask, all they can do is say they don't have any but may agree to try the Lyrica. It's very expensive but worth the phone calls if it works for you that is if you haven't already tried it. I am on a very HIGH dose so if you have tried it maybe try to ask if it can be retried at a higher dose.

    I feel and have probably said many a time we must be our own advocates so keep up the good work it sounds like you are and are hitting some walls it will get better >:D< >:D< >:D<

    I love Dr Noel's posts btw some very good stuff.
    Have a good day & take your meds if you need them to do stuff it's not worth it. I tried to taper and then stop my meds with the doc's orders & after 3 days was useless even to sit and eat dinner w/the family. I still cannot sit very long and am asking for it if I sit even a little but I've learned I then will need a break sooner....

    Take Care

  • I too have been treated unfairly. I get questioned when I need to refill my pain meds. I like the suggestion of wearing the brace. I bet I would get more empathy if I wore my back brace. I am young and have temp handicap parking permit and get dirty looks when I use it. I have family members and some docs who tell me that I just need to lose weight and learn to live with the pain. I gained 60+ lbs over a 1 year period due to meds and pain. I know I am overweight but I've had the pain all my life, even before I got fat ~X( I ask for help with my groceries and feel I have to explain myself because they give me dirty looks, like why can't you do it. Maybe it's just in my head but I feel like they are thinking maybe if you would just do a little more for yourself you wouldn't be so fat and lazy.
  • I go to the same places (grocery store, pharmacy,etc.) and I chat with employees about my back. Now that I'm known, most people are helpful and polite. I have had strangers hold the door open and such, and I greatly appreciate it. It gives me hope that there is still a little bit of compassion left in this world. Yes, I do feel the need to reveal my problem so I don't get mistreated.
  • }:) Let's see, it's happened so many times in the last 9 years since I've first been hurt. I'll give a list.

    (1) My coworker (when I was still trying to work) tried to sell me a brass bracelet for $150.00, because I said no, she said that there wasn't anything wrong with me or I would have bought it. Duh! Like a brass bracelet is going to cure me!
    (2) My friends acted like it was a disease they can catch. I lost every single friend (so called) that I had, from the first day I had surgery. I didn't even recieve a card or flowers from my lifelong bestfriend or my coworkers. Actually, I didn't even get a phone call to see how I was doing, much less a visit.
    (3) Older people yell at me for parking in the Handicap parking. They don't even give me a chance to put my placard up. This happens all of the time! I guess nothing tragic happens to younger people.
    (4) Being called a drug addict,even by my nurse sister. She says that 'anyone' who takes Oxy is an addict and will end up in the ER from an overdose. She refuses to let me explain the truth to her. So many people have implied this to me, or just called me one to my face. I'd like to know what they would do if they were in this type of pain? My nurse sister said she would rather be dead, what a nice thing to say to me.
    (5) If I disagree with anyone, have a different opinion, they say "Well, you are on drugs and are in pain, so I'll blame your way of thinking on all of that". It doesn't matter if it's politics, child abuse, etc..
    (6) I've been called 'Lazy"!
    (7) The ER treating my like crap because they assume I want drugs, what I want is for them to find out what is wrong, like "did I break my arm?".
    (8) Being told it's all in my head, or that I need to see a Psychiatrist because I'm a hypocondriac. Yes, not being able to go pee for 24 to 36 hours is normal, as is having a leg swollen twice it's size. Also, condescending remarks and smirks.
    (9) To be told that my pain is not as bad as I think it is, how would they know?
    (10) People get mad at me for not being able to do things, or having to cancel something we've planned because my pain level is too high.
    (11) My family not understanding my depression, there problems are 'ALWAYS' worse than mine are no matter how trivial.
    (12) Why can't I just throw myself together in 20 minutes like everyone else? I love that one!

    That's off of the top of my head. I've been through a lot worse but I don't need to make a novel out of this. It's long enough already!

  • The post above mine reminded me of something that happened about a year ago. At a warehouse club I got into one of those riding carts and was told to get out by an employee because they were for the disabled people only. I guess my cane didn't give him any clues!

  • Dear Gabbie, I hope you don't mind that I shorten your name for my memory's sake. My heart goes out to you and I'm sure you will find that you are not alone. I endured so much unescessary pain that It should be criminal. Unfortunately, it seems to be the big feather in a doctor's cap, if they can convince you to suffer. Usually we are driven to another doctor out of suffering. I have had three surgeries, four sets of MRI's and medical documentation as thick as a phone book. The good news is refuse to be pushed around. If you are not receiving relief, ask your doctor who you can contact regarding your suffering. That sometimes evokes a little concern. I take methadone today, because of finacial reasons and it's pretty effective. I have learned to stick up for myself these days. God bless you.

  • Dear Gabbie, I hope you don't mind that I shorten your name for my memory's sake. My heart goes out to you and I'm sure you will find that you are not alone. I endured so much unescessary pain that It should be criminal. Unfortunately, it seems to be the big feather in a doctor's cap, if they can convince you to suffer. Usually we are driven to another doctor out of suffering. I have had three surgeries, four sets of MRI's and medical documentation as thick as a phone book. The good news is refuse to be pushed around. If you are not receiving relief, ask your doctor who you can contact regarding your suffering. That sometimes evokes a little concern. I take methadone today, because of finacial reasons and it's pretty effective. I have learned to stick up for myself these days. God bless you.

  • Dear Gabbie, I hope you don't mind that I shorten your name for my memory's sake. My heart goes out to you and I'm sure you will find that you are not alone. I endured so much unescessary pain that It should be criminal. Unfortunately, it seems to be the big feather in a doctor's cap, if they can convince you to suffer. Usually we are driven to another doctor out of suffering. I have had three surgeries, four sets of MRI's and medical documentation as thick as a phone book. The good news is refuse to be pushed around. If you are not receiving relief, ask your doctor who you can contact regarding your suffering. That sometimes evokes a little concern. I take methadone today, because of finacial reasons and it's pretty effective. I have learned to stick up for myself these days. God bless you.
  • Dear Gabbie, I hope you don't mind that I shorten your name for my memory's sake. My heart goes out to you and I'm sure you will find that you are not alone. I endured so much unescessary pain that It should be criminal. Unfortunately, it seems to be the big feather in a doctor's cap, if they can convince you to suffer. Usually we are driven to another doctor out of suffering. I have had three surgeries, four sets of MRI's and medical documentation as thick as a phone book. The good news is refuse to be pushed around. If you are not receiving relief, ask your doctor who you can contact regarding your suffering. That sometimes evokes a little concern. I take methadone today, because of finacial reasons and it's pretty effective. I have learned to stick up for myself these days. God bless you.
  • I am new to this forum but I just had to take the time to thank all the brave people who have generously shared their stories. I sat and cried as I read these. You all are so brave! I have trigeminal neuralgia-a nerve condition that causes pain in the face eye and jaw. The trigeminal nerve hooks onto the brainstem. I have constant pain and have episodes where the pain is so bad I start throwing up and throwing up. My usual treatment has been to go to the ER and they would give me and IV with pain and nausea medication which would help me so that I could go Home and take my usual medication. The last time that I went to the E.R. I saw a new Dr. He stated that if I ever came to the ER again he would call the police on me. He said because I had medication at home I shouldn't be there. I explained that I wasn't able to keep it down during these episodes. He continued to humiliate me. I left feeling scared- I have never been in trouble with the police- and depressed. I am starting to see why they call trigeminal neuralgia the suicide illness. I have not kept food or fluid down in five days. I have a consult with a surgeon soon so I hope it will help.

    I will pray for you all- Good Luck
  • Welcome to Spine-Health. Have you introduced yourself in the New Members Introduction section? If not, please post there and let us know more about yourself. This post might get lost in the shuffle, so posting there will help our members find you easier to offer support and suggestions.

    I'm sorry to hear about the problems you're having. The first thing I thought of is one of our members, TTLC. Her son was recently diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia and I've included the link below to her post telling us her story and member replies

    You might find comfort in reading her thread as well as talking with her directly. Her name is Tammy and she is a wonderful lady. I know she'd be more than happy to talk to you about what you're going through and comparing "war" stories.


    Again, welcome to Spine-Health. Take care,
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