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Monday night, sleep tight!!

lulusheartllulusheart Posts: 4,273
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:25 AM in Sleep Problems
:) almost 10pm here! :$ i have settled in for the night. i have my dog here, my husband, cable tv and the web. it may be a long night but then i can read or take a hot bath. i have a hard time when i am in pain so much already i cannot sleep. I) hope everyone else is settled in as well! Jenny :)


  • I hope that you find rest tonight Jenny... >:D<

    I'm off to hit the sack myself,and hoping the same for me ☺
  • Jenny, I think you must be having my sympathy pains. >:D< :D Although I am alittle better than I was over the weekend. It stinks the way it comes on so fast, I always have to think "what did I do to bring this one on." Iam sure you do the same.
    It is 12 am and I also am too hurting and unable to sleep.I hope my other buddies were able to fall into that wonderful slumber....
  • 4jkasper, so you are in pain as well. :''( it makes for a long night when we can't only not sleep but have severe pain as well. ~X( i am going to try some extra meds and see how that works. i may just doze off on the computor!! =)) you try and get comfortable atleast. stay cozy and baby yourself!! Jenny :)
  • Jenny~
    I see that you are struggling to sleep tonight. I'm sorry that you are in so much pain. I wasn't feeling good to begin with today, but thought I needed to be supermom and get some chores done and WHAM! I get hit by a truck tonight. I can't think of a spot on me that doesn't hurt... To top it all off, got in to a HUGE fight with the spouse. Can't stand him right now, but that's another story. I was able to sleep quite well for a few hours until the dog needed a drink of water and then to tinkle. I hope I can go back to sleep again soon. Tomorrow is a basketball game night and I have to drive an hour and 45 minutes to get there. I may have to break my record and miss one game.
    Hope you get some sleep, dear Jenny, and hope the rest of you are tucked away in your beds all snuggled up!! Night all...
  • trater, overdoing it is a sure way to have extra pain. ~X( sometimes we just have to get some things done and that is that! get deep inside your covers and put the dog close next to you. i hope everyone settles in for the rest of the night. I) you have to get up soon. hope you can make the game but then again are you overdoing it? :? please take care and don't overdo!! your pain is as important as the game. :T almost 4am here and i still cannot sleep. maybe a good nap will do this afternoon. I) sweet dreams! I) Jenny :)
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,736
    I know that when the pain levels creep up a bit, its so hard to get the sleep you really want and need.
    You and I know that there are many of those types of nights and that we also have some better ones.
    Some of the best medicine is exactly what you described.
    Being warm, having your husband close to you, having your dog with the unconditional love. That may not take away the pain, but it can go a long way in dealing with the pain easier.
    Take care
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • Jenny I hope that you did get a little rest..maybe you are napping right now I)

    My Drs nurse called today with results from my lab work and I have to go back in Thursday..this is my PCP.She says that my cholesterol is up and wants to put me on medication for it!I've had many operations over the years,but I always felt pretty healthy even with my pain and other issues because my bloodwork was always good...great even..now I feel scared.I asked if I could just use a diet,but she said no that it was too high(256).I'm shocked...Just last year it was 163,wth could have happened?I'm beginning to wonder...anyway I'll research this because I only just recieved the call...lol.

    Last night I was sick and took a phenergan that was prescribed to me yesterday and I slept so soundly for the first time in ages..I awoke feeling as if my belly was made of cement,but hey,I slept :))(

    Be well everyone and take care... :H
  • Hey you might ask about the side effects of cholesterol medication, if you are put on it. I took it for a couple of months and had an increase in pain in my joints. My PM doc said he didn't want me to take it and it was my pharmacist that told me of the side effects... just a thought. I just adjusted my diet and it has slowly came back down to be within normal range.
    Hope you get a good night's sleep!
  • :) girls, i see you are both getting ready for bed and i hope a good night's sleep. I) Robin, i keep my cholesterol in check with my diet. mine was high as well and within several months i was able to bring it within the normal range. anyway, i am just concerned for you!! i worry about the side effects of those meds as well. just keep a close check on yourself!! =)) i hope both of you are able to sleep tonight. I) i will most likely be awake the rest of the night.i got a good nap today so i have that behind me. good night girlfriends!! Jenny :)
  • I'm concerned too about the side effects of those meds,and don't want to add another medication to my list,but until I get this under control I need the meds the Dr says.The nurse called again today and I was going in tom..but doc had to reschedule (fine with me).I told her that if I was going to start a new med that I need to drop one..and it WON'T be my pain meds :))( .Research isn't really helping-I think I'm going to call my pharmacist(lol)He knows everything ;))

    We have a new grocery store that opened only 10 minutes from our house(yippie)just today...and I know how lame that sounds...but it saves us a LOT of driving time and I'm excited(LMFAO).Can you believe that..if you knew the OLD me you would be rolling on the floor laughing at that statement.

    :| What a difference a decade makes :S

    I hope EVERYONE has a GREAT day...and PEACEFUL dreamy night :)))
  • :) very quiet here tonight. @) the fog horns are going off and sound every few minutes from outside the breakwater. i imagine all the ships waiting to pull into the port from all over the world. makes it seem like a smaller place really. so i am awake and waxing poetic. :? i just stopped by to see if anyone else was awake? maybe there are dreams for you all tonight? I) Jenny :)
  • I slept last night for about 5 straight hours. Wow! Haven't done that for a very long time, so long that I can't even remember when. :? Maybe I'll actually have enough energy to get something done today. Jenny, I hope you are sleeping right now. Have a great day everyone!
    Surviving chronic pain one day at a time, praying for a reprieve because living another 40 years like this doesn't sound too fun!
  • :) 1:30 and still no sleep. ~X( Neck of Steel, so glad you got in a few hours of concurrent sleep. <:P i am very tired and hope to drift off soon. I) i figure thinking positive can only help the situation. fog again tonight so i am enveloped by a cold, white mist. :''( we shall see if the dreams come tonight, if at all!!! i don't want it thought that this site is taken lightly. it is very serious to me, not sleeping, but i can't cry about it all the time. :''( at what point does this state become the way of life and acceptance become key? :? perhaps just like with pain, acceptance has to come into the picture when sleep is a constant distraction. Jenny :)
  • Well, last night got me! I had been doing pretty good about getting a little sleep and then Wednesday night it was a bit off and on, but LAST night was all the way OFF!! UGH! I can't remember if I mentioned it earlier in the week or not, but I agreed to sub for a class on Friday at my daughter's school. (This is my second time in two weeks) I worried all week long about "What if I feel bad?" or "What if I can't sleep?" Well, YES I feel bad and YES I didn't get any sleep! I don't know if i psyched myself up all week about the not sleeping part and just knocked myself out of sleep or what... I kept thinking "I'll get sleepy any minute... OK I'll get a few hours of sleep" to "OK I'm not gonna sleep at all, might as well just get up!" So frustrating!! My ears are ringing so loudly that I don't know how my husband can't hear them... How can he not hear it? It is so deafening! I tried all the tricks... heating pad, the warm rice in a sock thing, visualization... The sheep, at this point, hate my guts! They were jumping over that fence all night long! I can't, for the life of me, understand why my brain won't shut off so I can fall asleep... Tonight is a basketball night... I so hope I can get a little rest in before that. If I can't get some sleep before then, I think I might have to break my record and miss one of my daughter's ball games. That just ticks me off beyond words!!
    Hope you all are slumbering well and have put your sheep in the barn for the night! Good day to all!!
  • :) trater, You're right! time for a Friday night game! <:P really hope you get some sleep in and make the game. you know she will understand if you cannot make it. i have plans to go for a walk in the Eucalytptus trees again with John and Sirius this morning. i know i can do it if i can come home and take a nap!! I) having too much trouble sleeping now! :T Jenny :)
  • Last night was not good..well,this morning even,I was still tossing and turning.I have AMBIAN,but don't take it often..because I can only get 15 a month,and I don't want to get immune to them as I've read about.

    I did fall asleep...you know that really sweet feeling when you are falling into a nice cozy slumber..I just love that feeling.But Michael grabbed me about 45 minutes later & woke me up.Look,I know that he loves me,but he KNOWS how hard it is for me to sleep and yet after almost 9 years he still does this L)

    ...and I've asked him in a very KIND way..I don't wait for an arguement to say things that bother me,no..I tell him when we are in a GOOD mood and something CLOSE to the subject comes up.We've been over this 50 times,so I get irritated.

    Oh well,I forgive him-he's working the next 3 nights so I'll get SOME sleep.

    lol-on the BOTTOM of the page when I previewed the post before posting,the ADD said~What's KEEPING YOU UP?Lunesta... :))(

    Have a good day ALL ;)
  • :) well, it is Saturday morning,1:30am, it still feels like Friday night. funny how that works. =)) Robin, i know what you mean about being woken up after finally going to sleep. ~X( it is usually for something silly. oh well, that is how men are!! they don't have sleep problems and can't understand. i got in a nice nap nap today. I) i really count on those naps to get me through the day. that nap can be better than wrestling with a few hours of sleep in the night. sleep well everyone!! Jenny :)
  • Sat 2:49 am, late night meds and some 80' synth pop ala New Order blaring.Must be having my club night flashbacks...

  • :) well, it is almost 1am here. <:P just finished watching some of SNL. =)) going to turn on some reruns of the Sopranos and try and fall sleep. i got a good late nap and that may be enough for me tonight. I) i will just stay cozy and try to just relax!! it is Saturday night though. someone is still up out there!! <:P sleep well my friends!! I) Jenny :)
  • :) it will be 7am soon. =)) fog again this Sunday morning. don't want to walk the dog or even get out of bed really. it was a long night and i don't feel much better than when the night started. everyone must of been sound asleep or did not feel like stopping by. I) Sunday is a great day for a nap. no chores, no exercise, just rest!!! Jenny :)
  • Sorry that you had such a rough night and didn't have anyone to talk to. I was able get some pretty decent sleep last night, surprisingly. I was up all night Thursday night, was up all day Friday, but went to bed early Friday night and slept HARD! After getting up on Saturday and doing some running around with my husband, I decided to lay down and rest and that was it for me. I wasn't feeling great anyway so the rest was welcomed. I was asked to fill in at the school again tomorrow so my brain might not let me sleep tonight! That's how it seems to go with me...
    Hope you guys have a restful day and are able to get some good sleep tonight. It just doesn't seem fair to have to feel crappy all the time AND not be able to sleep~
  • I've not been feeling that great... (8) ,and so laying down early (earlier than usual) trying to rest,even though I'm still awake most nights until the wee hrs of morning.

    My appetite is not so good either.I bought oatmeal thinking it might help bring my cholesterol down,but only ate it one morning so far.Today I cooked a roast for Sunday dinner and didn't eat at all..but Michael was happy-he took dinner to work with him.

    Maybe tonight we will all sleep better.. :)
  • Robin,

    hope you are doing ok, despite the not sleeping. I find sleeping so hard, well trying to get comfy and reducing pain levels enough so that sleep comes my way.

    Tonight its 1.15 and sleep doesnt seem to be knocking at my door just yet.

    Love Danni xoxo
  • I hope that sleep has come to you tonight...I really do :),and T/Y for that.

    Also,I see the regular night owls are not online so hopefully Y'all are in la la land I)

    It's now almost 3am~~I think I will lay down and read.Night All :H
  • :) Robin, well, you burned the midnight oil and kept the shop open! =)) i was sound asleep last night for some much needed rest. i guess everyone else was doing the same. maybe a nap today? get some rest when you can! it is good to hear you feed Michael well. i have been watching my weight for so long i am always happy to hear of someone eating well! =)) i hope you feel a bit better!! :X trater. how did class go? you did great i am sure. =D> Jenny I)
  • Hi gals...
    I had my class today and it went very well. I actually had a "good feeling day" for a change. The kids at the school all think it's very cool that "Molly's Mom" is substituting at their school. They either call me "Miss Molly's Mom", or Miss Terrie... They were very nice to me. I'm the cool sub! I loved it! I slept pretty well last night, but I have been yawning the whole day long. The room was a bit too warm so it was hard for me to stay awake at times. Then tonight Molly had a basketball game since they will be out of school on Friday. They really need to build some stands for chronic pain sufferers By the time the game was over I had to crawl out of the stands and limp to the truck! Bedtime will be very welcomed! Soon, very soon!

    Hope you all have a good night tonight!
  • :) it is only hitting the 11'o clock hour. i know i will not be sleeping for quite awhile. I) my hip is bothering me and i slept really well last night. ~X( that is always trouble for me. when i am like this i just let it go and don't focus on sleeping. i get cozy with my computor and let the night take me where it may. :? Sirius is here with me tonight so i am not alone!! now if she could only talk!! =)) so Mr. Sandman, take care of my friends and put everyone to sleep tonight. I) you can even include me! Jenny :)

  • my sleep yesterday ruined me for tonight, talked to my pharmacist about my aleve issues and told me to stop for a few days to let it cleanse out of my system.

    Got back on the ativan, my stress is at an all time high and anxiety is making my pain worse...

    oh yeah its 11:47 pm and I am babbling 8}
  • hey jenny, just stopped by to count the stars with u and everybody else that is awake this morning <:P . had to plug my mp3 player in to drown out the dogs snorringggggggg =)) =)) . really i did. shes such a moose and the wife calls her big mama, cai is her name and she is a 115 lb. german shepherd. she is stretched out all across the couch and puts her head on the pillows there =)) , yes really she does. anyway i am awake for awhile this morning.
  • Frustrated101, i take ativan and find it works really well to calm the nerves. it may make you sleepy as well. I) i hear it helps with babbling too! =)) 24-7 Stiff Neck, well our dogs are real problems. Sirius is laid out on the bed with her head on the pillow and her body under the covers. she gets herself in this "human" position. it freaks me out sometime to look over and see her head on the pillow!! 8} we are expecting a rain storm so i can't see a star anywhere. Jenny :)
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