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21 years old and can't live with the lower back and buttocks pain. help?

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,900
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:25 AM in Chronic Pain
I'm 21 years old and nothing has helped my pain for months. I am home now and fustrated after seeing a neurosurgeon today for the pain in my lower back(upper lumbar), my hips, buttochs, and thighs; along with extreme weakness.. ~X( ..

I first found out about my back by chance, curious to see why my lower back/hips hurt. My roomate at the time needed some people to go get evaluated by a chiropractor so she could get a bonus from the chiro she worked for. So I did it and the guy tells me that i've got serious issues with my discs and he advises that I go to someone with specialities in this area. I took him seriously since my mom has had back surgery along with an aunt and soon a cousin. After seeing another chiropractor and recieving electro-shock therapy, the back top of my hips hurt more. My mom points out a red area she's noticed for weeks along the hip area that's super sore to the touch. So I end up at an orthopedic surgeon, the one who operated on her, who tells me I have 3 bulging discs after x-rays and MRI. At the age of 19 I took physical therapy and it helped. Till about 3 months ago I just put an ice pack on it and delt with it.

Then one night, September 12, the ice was not a way to deal with it. I was sitting down after a long night of serving which i did for about four years. My ex was talking and I went into a zone. My vision blurred and I remember shaking my head in a "no" action. He was calling my name but i sat silently with no responce. Finally I snapped out of it and yelled "nothing!". He said "yes there is, what is it"? "My back" I responded.
That night I didn't sleep, it was so painful. The next day I called my orthopedic surgeon and waited 17 days with the pain nonstop till I saw him, hopeing he'd fix it. He says "you have degenerate discs. non-reversable. it will only get worse. the only way to stop it is surgery". Then adding "you are so young to have these problems". I will never forget it. I said "I don't want to have surgery". He shrugged his shoulders, walked out and came back with a perscription of tremadoll and steroids. He says this should help with the swelling and get you through this spell". Well the tremadoll did nothing for me(I still haven't found a pain killer that helps, pills that mess with my head don't help the pain either :B I've tested them all) and the steroids didn't help a bit either. So then I take my mother with me to even out the age difference if ya know what I mean ;) . So we sit and wait, for hours and I think I'll puke from the pain. He still says surgery is the only option. Well I mention how I wanna try everything before surgery and he sets me up for physical therapy and shots(the back kind, scary?) So I go to therapy and leave in tears and an ache that keeps me hunched over. Too scared of shots still to do it, scared they'll hurt me. Well when i noticed i was losing my bladder control and digestion in general, I called my ortho again. His nurse tells me to go to the emergency room, I said "what would they do for me"? She says "...take an x-ray". Well i've got enough x-rays. So I called a neurosurgeon...

...Well he takes me in the next day. He says "You sure are young to have these problems." Taps my back, and tests my reflexes and strength in my feet and from the knee down. He puts up my x-rays and says "everything looks fine" :O . He askes me about my symptoms and says "if there is burning it's an infection, and there's no way you have degenerate discs. :O " I said "my buttochs hurts, my legs are weak, and I have no burning when I urinate." He says "well we can have an MRI done...". I said "I'd like that since my orthopedic surgeon wants to operate". :?? Being rushed around I was feeling confused since I was hurting and I was just told nothing was wrong with me. I then have an MRI done(the table is hard, the room is cold and i'm practicly naked, the noise is so loud it causes me to tense up). By the end of the thing my left side is killing me, from the upper hip through my buttochs and outside of my upper thigh. The MRI lady comes to get me and says "you sure are young to have these problems" :jawdrop: . I was like "?". I told her how I was hoping it was just in my head, the doctor said nothing was wrong. She says "I'm going to take him your old MRI and your new one to compare. And see if he'll meet with you to discuss." I'm like wow what's going on, All I recall is saying my bum hurts to her before I had the MRI. So he calls me back there and says the MRI looks identical to the old one. Shows me some slides clicking the mouse from a side view to frontal veiws of each disc. He says "you see the discs? they look just fine." with a glance to his watch. I responded with "I can't read those things, but yeah." His opinion is a muscular issue is causing my pain and gives me a perscription for physical therapy :? . Since I am in PAIN and confused, I just want to go home. So I pay my copay and get home. I open my envelope thing enclosing my x-rays and MRIs to pull 'em out and study 'em myself... The MRIs are not there!!! Now I'm really confused :S ... Does the doctor have both of my MRI's? Why didn't he show me both? Did he just forget to give them to me? Or did he not get the new one or my old one? seriously?

I know I'm 21 and "I sure am young to have these problems" but I really do. I've had the constant pain consisting of an ache, sharp radiating, to the touch, and absolutely breath taking from deep inside for over 2 months. I have burning in my thighs on the outside above my knee and below my hip joint, sometimes the area itches but I scratch and it's not really an itch(it hurts so I rub it). My feet feel weird, tingling and numb. My legs seem like bricks, heavy. And I weigh 110 pounds at 5'7" and have always been light footed and a speedy walker. I'm so slow and weak now. I'm getting worse... I feel old :O

Anyone know for sure what I've got going on? Time seems precious to me, I just want some help.


  • Welcome to spine-health,you can ask the doctors office for a copy of the mri report....
  • Hello and welcome! It's nice to have you with us, but I'm so sorry that you had to come looking for help!
    It really isn't fair for you to be in so much pain and have surgery as your only option (if I understood you right). I'm sure it isn't something you're looking forward to. If the doctor is saying that the injections might help you, I would certainly give them a try! You want to try all your options before having to have surgery. They aren't that bad! Many people get some relief from them. Also, if surgery is next on your list, go in to it with a positive attitude. It will help your healing process!
    Again, welcome to the forum. I'm certain you will meet many helpful people with similar experiences that can offer you some good advice.
  • I agree, I was thinking ask for copies of both...
  • Thanks, I'm glad I found the site.

    It's just that one doctor says surgery while another says no surgery. So I'm left with a bit of confusion on what to do.

    Maybe I should try the shots(injections). I'm gonna give physical thyrapy another try too and think positive, :D Having a good perspective on things is important.. It's difficult though, when I can't sleep. I'm one of those that has to have my 8 hours.. And last night I got about 4.. I)
  • Hi 'bumhurts' and welcome to spine-health.com Sorry about your pain and at such a young age.I think that your second doctor was saying 'no surgery' before he saw the last mri...

    Sure, you want to exhaust all conservative treatment options before considering surgery, including shots.

    Unfortunately DDD does not just affect older people. DDD caused by age often does not show up until later, but DDD can also be congenital as it was in my case, and show up in some people at quite a young age. Was your mom and/or other blood relatives have conditions also the same as yours?

    All the best and keep us posted... Bruce
    Keep positive!


    ...an old timer here and ex-moderator

  • My mother had a spinal fusion. Her legs and feet had burned since she was very young and never saw medical help for it till her early 40s. She was missing a disc and had one large vertebra, possibly 2 merging to 1. My aunt, mom's sister, had a fushion. Her daughter, my cousin, is having surgery, 2 disc replacements and one rotating for movement. My aunt says I have the same pain as her and her daughter.
  • Have you considered going to a pain doc? Sometimes they can find things that will not show up on an MRI. I went through similar to you for 3 years until I found my PM. He actually found my annular tare (it did not show on MRI or xray). it may be a good option to try. I am sorry that you are being treated like this because of your age. Do not give up there is a doc out there that can and will help you. Good luck and please keep us posted.
  • :H pain in the back is right. there are other options, im not sure if this is the right test but you can google it to make sure and pain management doc do this. i started out with sever lower back pain 5 yrs ago. and did all kinds of test and physical therapy, then i went my first day to pm doc he wanted to do i think its called a discogram whatever it is they inject your painful discs and a few good ones too, to compare with a dye and thru xray they see if the disc is leaking cause it lights up with the dye, sound like the perfect test for you. at the same time you can get the epidural injections , they help somewhat in the lumbar spine. i never had the test cause i got pregnant at the same time. hes 2 now but i recentely got cervical problems that out weight the lower back right now. i have sciatica severely the last few days. dont know why hasnt been this bad in years. but at your age dont rush to surgery, lots of opinions from specialist, i think the test could show if there is something the mri is missing, and the plus side is they fix it the same time they do the test by sealing off the leak. well thats what was explained to me by the pm doc on initial visit a few yrs. ago. but if you dont have a rupture let me please recommend to you from my experiences only, i tried every kind of physical therapy, personal trainers etc. the best thing that healed my lower back was taking private pilates class on the machines,,, not the mat. she was very experienced with back injury, most are. and let me tell you after a few months i got so strong and felt great. i tried to continue during pregnancy but bled early on during a work out and docs orders no exercice, i was 38 yrs. old so considered high risk anyway. did deliver 6 weeks early but hes healthy. im waiting for the ok now from my nuerosurgeon to start again, still waiting on a plan for the neck injuries now. dont know how pilates works for the neck but does wonders for the back. keep in shape and stay healthy.

  • Welcome to the forum.
    Like you I had a lower back problem when I was only in my 20s. My Gp said that I was to young to have a problem with my back. I kept on at him and got an Mri, this was after three yrs of p exercise. Surgery was scheduled, the surgery went ahead. Turns out that they could not do much for me, as my lower back was fused not slipped. Sciatica means the pain that runs down the leg.

    If you can leave surgery as long as possiable,it may get better by other means first. Surgery is a big step, although when it gets real bad I think most of us say yes.

    Oh and forgot to say, they did not believe me either at that age and was made to feel stupid or that it was all in my head. What ever you do dont believe them. Am shocked that in 2008 they still treat people like this. You are not too young, you should be treated no matter your age.

    Good Luck!

  • I am a retired physician, pain specialist. Your complaint sounds to me like it might be bilateral sacroiliac joint pain. That can send pain clear to the feet.

    I strongly suggest you go see a pain specialist for a better diagnosis and treatment.

    Your young age does NOT rule out serious pain problems! The severity of your pain is unusual at your age.

    I wish you well.

    Ken Noel
  • How are you feeling? Imglad to see so many people trying to help you. I was told the same thing about my age even at 30 years old, but that was for my knee's,cartlidge wearing down and my first shoulder injury from when i was in my 20's.
    Pain is pain it can come at any age. I sent you a reply yesterday here on this thread, i was just wondering if you feel any relief at all or talked to your doctors since?

    feel better

  • I was actually surfing the web today for other reasons than discs for my pain, in case my MRIs show nothing. 2 got sent off to a radiologist to compare(a year apart)

    What I found was the bilateral sacroilic joint or piriformis muscle maybe.

    A pain specialist, I'll look into that for sure. I was wondering, is it really possible enough pain can cause you to get sick. Out of no where one morning I sat and just about threw-up, then the gagging went away when i stood to go to the restroom. seriously, I can't think of any other reason why I did that. :&
  • I'm feeling better than yesterday, last night was a bad one. It was too painful to eat, sit, walk, laydown. I actually about went to the emergency room...

    I made myself get in a jet bath, bubble-deal, if that's understandable. I couldn't sit, had to lift my bum with my arms. If I didn't do that I probably wouldn't have gone upstairs or even changed my clothes.

    You were pregnant with back pain! how? that's one of my main worries, I want to have children so bad but can't imagine how it would feel along with this.

    The contrast MRI sounds interesting, from what I understand they'll do that if the symptoms are exactly pointing to certain discs? When I get my MRIs back, I may ask the doctors about it.

    I took the oswestry test for % of pain, I got 72%= crippled: Back pain impinges on all aspects of the patient's life. Positive intervention is required.
    :S I double checked and no mistakes. it was on chirogeek.com Interesting site by the way
  • I've been hoping I'd get better on my own, I quit my job and even school,by slowing down a bit. But it seems like I'm still getting worse, If I do just a little too much my pain flares up(i call it a spell). Each time I get a spell it's worse than the one before and I can't recover like before either...

    I've heard the docs say I'm to young. I'll think for a sec, then know the pain is not in my head... /:) I just wish it was

  • I am not gonna lie, it was tough with back pain, Bu worth every second. I was 38 so being young i think you will be great. You seem like a fighter so dont worry about that. The main thing that acted up the most being pregnant was the sciatica. And my obgyn and pc doc agreed to let me take my usual medicine's including vicodane. I know it sounds scary with risk's but Believe it or not the main drug with the most severe effects where the anti deppressant zolof not the vicodan. My son was born early due to my age and cervical surgery i had done years ago... NOT from the pain meds. I swear by pumping milk, i couldnt breast feed due to the meds and lost all my wieght in 5 weeks from pumping the milk. and i dont know what it does but my back felt great after delivery, it was a big load taking off, so much i only had to take a half of vicodan a day for a while. maybe because of the weight change though. losing the pregnancy weight took a load off im sure.

    Then came lugging the baby carrying carseats and strapping them in and out and the baby gets heavier and then my back pain came back with a vengeance. and now the terrible 2's ouch...

    but honey believe me its worth it.. your gonna have back pain no matter what you do. so you should enjoy it with a child. You will be fine, they take away alot of your lonelyness even though your in pain, i say you will be fine.

    Talk to your doctors about your concerns about pregnancy, because sometimes if you need surgery, they may want you to put it off to after pregnacy.

    Hope all works out. hey make sure you stretch that lower back to help with your sciatica pain. It really does help. Have someone help you lay on your stomache flat and have help you. bend your knees and have someone push your gfeet to your bum you adjust to your pain if you can stretch all the way to the bum though. and try both legs and then one at a time. it works for my sciatica but someone needs to hild your feet up though.


  • I need to get 2 appointments, 2 times the time so i'll have enough time to voice all my symptoms and concerns. I just need to remember everything.. which is quite a problem for me.

    And oh let me say I'm having a great day. I slept last night with no sleeping pills. Woke up about every hour to change from side to back, but I actually got some rest.

    Stretching is good for the sciatic. I stretch in the tub, and even when I eat lunch at work. Desk job, I find that standing with one leg on a chair while I eat lunch tends to help the discomfort in my bum and legs a bit.

    Oh and I did do yoga last year, but I don't think I could manage to bare it right now. The lower back pain, is a great hinder to movement.

    I just got my clearance after 4 months that the cervical spine compression [lesion] absorbed most of it self] so i can finally take physical therapy. i talked to my insurance company already and i told them how much better i felt with pilates than with physical therapy, so they said im covered if i find a physical therapist specializing in pilates they will pay, i bought a reformer pilates machine [ the real deal not a home model]and they said i get 40 physcial therapy visits at home a year.

    so right now im looking for a pt who specialize in pilates and i can use my own machine. Its been tough for the home thing, but found a few places pt to go for pilates. IF NOT ITS WORTH EVERY CENT TO TAKE THE LESSONS. Anything to get strong and get out of pain. It works fast it works the core so a strong core makes a strong back. i tried videos with a mat not good to do with back pain. look it up and tell me what you think.

  • hi,
    i have horrid pain in my bum and hip as well. it's been getting worse for the past 11 years. i was in so much pain 8 years ago, that even though i wanted a kid, i had a hysterectomy as my gyn said that my uterus was pressing against the nerve.
    my mri's don't show much except some minor degenerative disc, but i know that's not what's causing the pain.

    i had a shot--don't be afraid of the shots, they don't hurt and usually doctors, especially pain mgt. centers will give you an option whether to do in a surgical center wherein they'll put you under slight sedation and you won't feel a thing. anyway, the steroid shots didn't do anything for me.

    i was put on heavy narcotics which i thought at the time would save me. i still remember the first day that i had no pain. but i gradually built up tolerance and 8 years later, i moved, lost my pain doctor and no other doctor watned me since i was on such a high dose of opiates.

    now, i think i finally found a doctor that might help. you might have nerve pain--that's what it sounds like. unfortunately, there is not much that helps. non opiates like neurontin do. i tried neurontin several years ago, but it made me so stupid and i work as an editor. but now the pain is so bad as i'm on half the opiates i was on 2 months ago that i'm desperate.

    i tried again and have experienced hair loss, extreme brain fog and forgetfulness and boils. lovely. now i'm trying lyrica which isn't supposed to have such bad side effects.

    it's sad. i feel as if i need to make a choice between going crazy from being in a torture chamber of a body or going crazy from being on medications that make fireworks go off in my brain, amongst other things. i just want my self back.

    i'm so sorry that you're so young. my pain started when i was 36 and i was very active, a yoga teacher, jogged, hiked, etc. first the running stopped, then the yoga, then i lost my job, my ability to have children, my husband, and just recently my fiance. all due to pain.

    the only thing i want to share is be careful of pain mgt. doctors who put you on a high dose of opiates before trying other methods. i was taking opiates only when needed and never more than 30 mg. a day of hydrocodone. the pain clinic started me at 30 mg. methadone and it was like a 10 x increase and after 2 months, i was dependent and the pain when i tried to cut down was literally unbearable.

    i was doing fine on a huge dose of oxycontin and dilaudid, but i moved and was turned away by doctors due to the amt. of medications i was on. they are frightened to prescribe that much, even if you'd been on it for 4 years.

    so now i'm tapering and trying the epileptic drugs--neurontin and lyrica are actually for seizures but work for nerve pain.

    i know how frustrating it can be in horrid pain and not find a doctor willing to help find out what's wrong.

    my mistake was that the pain killers did work enough to keep me functional enough to not really work hard to find out what was wrong with me. until ... i lost my job and had to get on medicaid. my current doctor actually said that many doctors don't want patients with medicaid because they hardly get paid anything.

    i'm going for an epidural in 2 weeks and i'm happy. it's a shot, yes, but if it helps, i will be thrilled. i had an injection of marcaine, an anesthetic once. i was able to direct the radiologist to the exact nerve that hurt in my left sacral area. i did more in 18 hours than i do in six months. i started a painting, made lotion, soup, etc.

    being in pain is a vicious cycle. it's better to get the shot than get your brain used to the pain. once pain becomes chronic and daily, the brain gets used to it. it's not that it's in your head, but as one doctor explained, the body in chronic pain sends pain signals to your brain because, like all pain, it is supposed to protect you. like when you touch a hot oven, you pull away.

    in chronic pain, this doctor said, you need to figure out a way to teach the brain to not react. easier said than done. he said that the pain screams fire and you have to make it scream fur instead. that's one reason that t.e.n.s units work.

    anyway, my point is if you're still having 'spells' of pain, you want to catch it in the bud before the spells become daily. i used to have spells as well. i wish i had found boards like these before starting pain mgt., but at the time it worked and i could work.

    now i have to start from the beginning and have a large opiate dependency to deal with as well.

    please post and try a shot. if you're scared, tell the doctor to give you a sedative. just tell him you're scared.

    hard to diagnose pain is the worst. i didn't have any degenerative disc damage when the pain first started. i do now, probably because it happens with age. my ex-husband had degenerative disc damage when he was 27, though, but it went away when he started taking medications for bi-polar disorder.

    the cycle is that pain usually causes depression and depression causes more pain, as well as stress. stress and depression cause chemicals to be released in your body that causes more pain.

    and it's really hard to not be depressed when you're in pain. this is why pain doctors who prescribe opiates give you breakthrough medications, as if the pain gets to a certain level--8 or 10 on the chart--it takes days to get back down due to the stress it causes.

    i hope you feel better.

    you might want to try a pain clinic rather than neurosurgeons, etc. i tried a neurosurgeon and they really only do surgery. a lot of it is financial with doctors these days, sad as it sounds. i just want to be fixed....

    i want to enjoy the things i used to enjoy. when i look at myself in the mirror, i cannot even believe that i once had enough self-esteem to teach college, hold dinner parties, and publish writings. at this point, i'd be happy to work at walgreen's, even though i have a master's degree.

    the pain is so bad that i cannot concentrate or focus anymore. the meds that really work also cause a lack of concentration and plain stupidity--i can't remember synonyms for words which makes it quite difficult to work as an editor or finish the last draft of my novel and screenplay. but... if i don't do something, i will put myself to sleep forever.

    one doctor also told me that i needed to grieve for the things that i no longer can do. i'm sorry. i don't want to grieve that i cannot do anything that i used to.

    i want my life back.
  • I feel your pain literally. My low back problems started when I was pretty young. I was told I had an injury to my back at birth and started chiro at 5 days old. I don't ever remember not being in pain and my family just thought I was trying to get attention or growing pains. They never took me serious. Finally when I was in my 20's and on my own with my own insurance I started going to a chiro. I would have "flare ups" about once a year and would be ok after a couple of months of chiro treatment. Then a couple of years ago the chiro treatment wasn't doing any good. I don't think I was taken serious by the doctor's because of my age. I never had any chiro's (I've seen many over my lifetime) take Xrays, MRI's CT scans or anything. I finally couldn't take it anymore and broke down in tears to my primary doctor. He sent me to ortho surgeon who couldn't beleive I never had an MRI done so he ordered one immediately. The results came back that I only had mild bulge and shouldn't be in that much pain. He thought I was just seeking pain meds. He sent me to PT with no success after 4 months then pain mgmt with no success to any injections so he finally did a discogram. This is an injection to see if your discs are bad or not. If they are bad you will know it instantly because it hurts worse than anything I have ever experienced. I had a bad disc then had surgery 5 months ago. Well, here I am still in pain. He is sending me back to pm for more injections and if this doesn't work then I have talked to him about doing a nerve conduction test because my father has peripheral neuropathy and is in a wheelchair at 54. I think he is finally taking me serious after seeing him for over 1 year. I've tried to tell him about my family history before...mother, father, brother and grandparents on both sides all have back issues. He never took me serious and seemed liked I was just trying to get more pain meds.

    Sorry for the long post but I wanted to let you know that I know what you are going through. The best thing you did was join this site. I wish I had done so years ago. I also suggest you do as much research as you can and consider all other methods before surgery. You are entitled to all of your tests results. Always ask for a copy of the the written results of any tests they give you when the doctor reviews them. It helps when you do your research because you can google your results and see what comes up. Please don't take everything you read on the internet as being 100% and always check with your physician before trying anything. It does help to get a 2nd opinion. Try and orthopedic Dr, a neuro dr, pain management dr and physical therapist (hoping you have good insurance).

    I pray that you find that root of your pain and a solution.
  • I too had a baby while having back pain. At the time I was only having my flare ups about once a year but once I packed on the pounds I had a lot of low back pain, sciatic, hips and groin area. I was going to chiro 2-3 times per week and wore a special maternity back brace and was taking codeine. I felt the same as you, I was going to have the back pain anyway and my husband and I just got married and already planned on having a baby right away. I got pregnant 2 months after the wedding <:P It didn't want to put my life on hold due to the pain. Now my pain is so intense that I had to take time off from school and I haven't been able to work since Feb 08. I was working full time, going to school part time and raising 2 kids.

    FYI I scored 56% on the disability test.
  • I'm 21 for another 4 days, and I've been dealing with this for 6 years. I've read everything you wrote and I have been through it all. I just want to feel my age too, but I've learned that I am feeling exactly what I am to be feeling with the conditions I have, my condition just sucks! I hate hearing things like, "You're too young to have this pain." Um, duh, obviously not because I have this pain!!! I like what you said in you original post about bringing your mom with to even out the age. I see a pain management doc, and because of my age, I have had more problems than most in getting meds, but that's not to say people of all ages don't have problems with it because they do. I've seen too many docs to count. But I stuck with the same PM doc for 6 months and now have more relief than I've had in 6 years. As far as doing things 'normal' people do our age, we just have to get the pain under control then be extra careful to make sure we have things like a chair with a back rather than a bar stool and so on. Much easier said than done! I have so much I want to say, but I'm going to stop here for now. Please send me a private message if you wish to talk because, like I said, I have so much more to say!!!

    I care and I'm here for you...

    Much love and understanding,
  • Just let me say that you should get you PT to set you up with a T.E.N.S unit. I find it works very well with nerve pain. Good luck to you!
  • I started having buttock pain on one side several years ago
    and have since then moved to other side also. I have
    been treated by every Dr. and every specialty and am
    no better, years later and much money spent later. I
    can barely stand to sit my buttocks hurt so bad.
    Now the docs have decided I have localized fibromyalgia.

    Does anyone relate to this problem and does anyone have
    any advice. I am at the end of my rope. Please help!!!
  • I just have to pass on this bit of information, what happened to me after I had them. If it's the epidurals that are steroids? I ended up having so many health problems for over 5 years after I had 4 shots in one year. BTW, they didn't help me but they have helped others. All of my hair fell out, on my arms, legs, half of my eyebrows, etc., luckily I still kept some on my head during all of this. I also had problems with my skin, especially my face. It turned to a leathery feel, it looked like a leather croc purse. It had huge patches and cracks all over it. My face also turned round, like a moon face. My hormones also were so off that I had to see a specialist for that alone. The shots really screwed me up. For almost 5 years my hair would completely fall out and then grow back in again. It has finally stopped, but it was difficult to go through. My face returned to normal, thank God, but I now have little bumby spots on my upper arms that I can't get rid of. My husbands arms are sofer than mine! I happened to talk with a female radiologist about 18 months after my last shot and she was dumbfounded that I had had them. She said that no woman in her child bearing years should ever get these. Well, that made a lot of sense to me at that point but it was too late for that information. Many women on this board has had them, so I can't speak for everyone. I haven't heard of the same complaints from them. I just wanted to let you know what happened to me since you are indeed so young, I was in my early 30's at the time. Just one more thing, I too have itchy feelings along my legs but scratching doesn't help. I think mine is nerve damage. I wish you the best of luck and want to tell you that you need to find the very best surgeons that you can before you ever have surgery. You need a good PM also. I hope things are getting better for you.
    Merry Christmas,
  • Well I got so fustrated with all the doctors and pain, that i seriously just kept my mouth shut about it. I figured why talk about it, my family didn't even believe me.

    So I tried to be "normal". Went to school, and stopped searching for an explination of my back pain. Everyone else believed the neurosurgeon who said there was nothing wrong and it must be muscles, so I made myself think it could be true(but of course I didn't, it's my body!). Then last Wednesday, I was sitting in class and the pain was horrible! The blurred vision, loss of breath, and attempts to sit just right in hopes of making the sick feeling in my stomach to go away took over the hour of the Fluid Mechanics lecture.

    So... then I decided it was time for the epideral steroid spinal injection. The orthopedic surgeon scheduled me the following monday. It's been 2 days since I got the injection in my L4-L5. The sciatic pain in my bum, hips, and thighs has ended. Just a slight pain in my right bum cheek if I move out of my range of motion. Sitting is uncomfortable but not painful. Well I guess it's more like the pain is there but I can't feel it. And I can drive now with no pain!!! the first time in months!!! I pray the injection helps the pain as long as possible!

    I can't thank my orthopedic surgeon enough, he is the only doctor that actually listened, believed, and helped me!
  • Hey bumhurts...I was wondering where you went. I haven't heard from you in awhile. I am glad to see the injections worked for you and I pray you will continue to feel pain relief for a long time.
  • Hi,
    I'm sorry you're on this awful roller-coaster. The shots are not at all hard to deal with and most docs will give you a mild sedative prior to it if you request it. They sound much scarier than they are, and although they didn't help me they helped a friend of mine and he's been without pain for over a year. There is hope!
  • The injection has moved or something.. My pain is back and worse! I got a copy of my MRI, and that L4-L5 disc is on the nerve(I can see that and i'm not a doctor, what was that neurosurgeon thinking?). So i've got a follow-up visit for the injection next week, kinda nervous. Yeah really nervous.. Oh and i have finals next week, sheeshy weeshy!Pray for me?
  • I've had numerous injections at the L-4 level since the L-5/S-1 fusion I had done in 1991, and from what I was told you can expect anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months relief from each...before their effectiveness fades away.

    Everyone's response is different and there are other variables having to do with how long they last...with no real rhyme or reason as to why. Sounds as though you're just going through the paces right now and they'll try a plethora of different things (non-invasively) before opting for surgery...so just follow along with the program and be as patient as possible.

    You've got age on your side right now, so hopefully any surgical intervention can wait, cuz once you go down that road you're dealing with an entirely new set of circumstances...and it's not a walk through the park by any means.

    Best wishes to ya and hang in there, there's alot of people here that can provide insight, advice, support and prayer for you!

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