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Shorted at Walmart Pharmacy!

asmithaasmith Posts: 136
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:25 AM in Pain Medications
I am so annoyed.
I always count my meds when I get home. And I normally get them at our big grocery chain in the area. However - Walmart claims to have the cheapest prices so I dropped 4 scripts off this after noon. After it taking them over an hour to fill and my out of pocket was $488 for everything - I get home and realize they gave me 4 too many of my xanax and one short of my oxycontin.

I call the pharmacy and tell them and they said they arent concerned at all about the 4 over - however they dont think that the oxy was shorted. WHAT! You have TWO errors and you think I am lying? So I tell them to do whatever they have to do to figure it out but I paid full price for that OC and I want what I paid for.

So I get a call from someone, leaves a message and says all of their counts are right on and I need to re-count mine.

Whatever. I got home too late to call them back - and we are getting over a foot of snow tonight so I wont be heading out anywhere tomorrow...but its just BS.

I could go on and on...but there is no point. I am interested to hear if anyone else has gone through this and what happened in their situation.
Should I call my PM?

Thanks for reading.



  • There are many stories of that happening and the pharmacy staff being rude and dismissive. You should call and ask to speak to the pharmacy manager. Someone double counted the Oxy and the pharmacist has make sure the count's accurate before it is signed off. I don't know if they use automatic dispensers for their Schedule II drugs; they are adamant that they are right if they did that. There is always a chance of mistakes if when you're trying to be fast and accurate. You are told to count it right there at the counter; how can you if you have 90 pills and a line behind you. I'm paranoid about having it on my person until I safe at home.
    Anyways, give them a call and have that investigated. You are the one suffering the loss financially and physically.

  • If it was nay other med, it would have been dealt with no problem.I had this happen once, except it was 5 ambien(only 30 in script) luckily I counted before leaving.The pharmacist accused me of being a thief and pill junkie(this was while I was staying FL, so it was a random choice).I talked with the store manager, head pharmacist and even offered them to search my dads car.They did a count, it was off on their side and no 2nd count either.Needless to say, it was embarrassing, stressful and resolved with a bit of due diligence/politeness.Which I cannot stress enough, be kind and keep somewhat calm.They are human and sadly these RX's bring out paranoia not what is right sometimes.
  • However, they should bite their tongue and refrain from calling their customers drug seekers. They would lose my business for sure.
  • If they counted always right like they claimed then you would've had the right amount of xanax right? It happened before to me and after umming and awwing they gave me the missing pill. The customer is always right. For them to err twice shows the counting was off twice. It's just hypocritical of them. I'm sure if you call the Pharmacist and explain that they have to give over the estra pill it means nothing to them to give one more pill. Call them tomorrow and you don't have to pick it up right away. Hope things get resolved for you. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • :) i don't know that i would cause any more fuss about 1 oxy. ~X( really, you are causing alot of trouble and may not get the resolution you seek. give it up and just say mistakes happen. your PM does not want to hear about this!!! Jenny :)
  • i would call over and over.
    xanax is a controlled substance also just like valium.
    so they are screwed themself for being 4 over. so i have no idea why they are shrugging that one off.
    you may have a huge fight on your hands with the 1 less oxy.
    but don't give up. also call your PM and let them be aware of the issue because just 1 screws up your dosing schedule.
    hey also if it comes down to a police report today heck i would do it so my butt was covered.
    but of course this is all up to you..
    just telling you what i would do.

    i tend to stick with in town pharmacy. we have a rite aid here that i have gone to for years. with the same 4 people working all the time. they also now have dropped alot of their meds to 4 dollar scripts. i think your going to see that happening more and more.

    i wish you well on this one. its happened over and over..
    terri O:)
  • I was shorted 10 hydrocodones last winter and I called the store as soon as I got home. Ten was quite noticable when I pulled the bottle out of the container. They called me back and said their recount was right on and basically implied that I was lying. I emailed their parent company "Savon" and
    the store manager. I said maybe I should call the police because obviously those 10 went somewhere and that somewhere was not in my bottle. I got immediate results and an apology from the phramacy manager.

    I say, don't let them get away with it.
  • And he just said to come in and get the extra pill no problem. In the end he also said - and there will be no charge for that either...I thought - well duh! Of course not!!!!

    Anyway - I am glad that it didnt turn into a big ol'deal and they were decent about it.

    Thanks again for the responses.

  • My friend from work takes something for her blood pressure. When she went to pick it up at Wal-Mart the other day she picked up 40 tablets of Lortab instead. :jawdrop: It was even on the label. I've worked in a pharmacy as a tech and there is absolutely NO excuse for pharmacists to get it wrong when it comes to narcotics. They count and triple count and then have someone else count too and check the labels on the bottle and your bottle. So if they are doing their jobs right there is no room for error. Sounds like this particular chain is not doing their job. I told her they needed to be reported. If she hadn't read the label or weren't familiar with her medication she could have taken it and may have had some very adverse side effects. But here's an FYI for all of you. At the end of the month they have to do an inventory of all narcotics and report their counts. If they are off by even one they better have a DARN good reason for it and be ready to explain. They then have to go back through every prescription and find their error. Enough errors and they are out of business. That's why they accomodated you. They probably went back and did a count and found out they were wrong. But they will never tell you that part.
  • Pharmacies aren't allowed to use automatic pill counters for narcotics. So if you see one doing it they could very well be breaking the law in the state you live in. They have to be counted by hand. That's why it's always at least an hour wait for your presciption when others are filled in a matter of minutes.
  • I just hate it when I have to plead my case. It just tires me out.

    Who is to say this missing oxy was an accident? If you have 30 people coming in who take oxy, and the pharmacy teck take just one from each script (because not everyone counts....) then the tech (or pharmacist, whomever) would have 30 at the end of the day.

    That's just me being paranoid, so don't listen to me and all you pharmacy people out there, I am not trying to insult you... Butbthere's always that ONE bad apple in the bunch. Just the one. Thank God for all the GOOD apples!

    But - Alina - I am happy it all worked out for you.

  • All too familiar.. Just got shorted 12 on one of my scripts not two weeks ago.

    Worse one was a flexeril script at R.A. about a year ago; little brown circular tablets; the count was off by one, AND I noticed one pill seemed odd.. It was the same color, but a different pill! It was about 5% bigger and with different imprints. I looked it up online and it was some drug used in the ER for emergency heart situations of some sort, and just one of them could have killed me! Some pharmacy tech dumped a bunch of them in the flexeril bottle as they looked identical, and they were dispensing them! Scary. Needless to say they were very apologetic and actually quite freaked out.
  • I was shorted 1 oxycodone last week. I didnt even notice because I usually don't count my pills but I will from now on. The pharmacy actually were the ones to call me and said their count was over by 1. How does it work at pharmacies? How did they find their error? Was it left in a tray somewhere?
  • That SOME pharmacists are stealing patients drugs,and they specifically said NARCOTICS.This was on last weeks MSNBC or FOX.I watch both so not sure.

    It seems to be pretty common.They said COUNT all pills as soon as you get home,and report any shortages immediately.
  • Yes,I've been shorted.I called and told them,but I took it no further.
  • you did not have to call and get a police report. :T your PM did not need to get involved. it was solved simply and cordially. >:D< glad it worked out for you without a lot of hoopla!! by the way, here the narcotics are counted by hand and the number is recorded. they are then counted again and a pharmacist puts their initials over the recorded count. pretty hard to argue with two hand counts. :T Jenny :)
  • signatures....however..a wrong count is a wrong count. I'm not lying nor trying to argue their fault. The fact of the matter is (and by far most) I paid nearly $500 for this medicine. And I dont care who or what is counting it - but with two wrongly filled scripts, I am afraid to trust this place again. And it stinks because this is a brand new Super Huge Walmart and is in a great part of this area.
    Now what am I going to have to do is go back to the over priced pharmacy which treated me like an druggie - but never once messed up a count.

    It just puts me in a terrible position especially with my husbands lay off. Its just been hard and I needed to find a reasonable pharmacy.

  • I don't understand why I was one short..and it was only a 7.5 lortab(lol),..I know they count them twice and I just assumed someone dropped the ball...BUT,I don't even count my meds,and for some reason I did that month..oh yeah,I remember it was the first month I had them put my meds into 2 bottles and I wanted them to be equal amounts in both.. =))
  • When I was working as a pharmacy tech we would print out the lables, count out the med, then put the meds in the bottle. THEN we would put the patients RX bottle with the meds in it, the original bottle of meds and the paper work all together, then the pharmacist re-counts and signs off. I can see how things would be shorted IF they were busy! HOWEVER there still is no excuse.
    There is a MAJOR Wholesale store which I think we all have around our houses somewhere that is the best to get RX's filled in my opinion. You can go to their online website and get pricing (cash price) on your meds. You DO NOT have to have a membership to use their pharmacy. Just let the person at the main door know you are going to the Pharmacy. They are quick and efficent and cost less. For my oxycodone (after insurance) it usually runs me about 65 bucks, but at the warehouse store it is only 55 bucks. so 10 buck savings on that and with winter coming every dollar counts! The cool part is if you are a member and need ot get shopping done they give you a pager, so if there is an issue OR your RX is ready, instead of calling your name over the store intercom they page you! Which is great for privacy! I will go nowhere else but the wholesale store.

  • Great news, I am glad they came through.We are often bound by our pill counts with our doctors so its imperative that the pharmacy be a part of this team.
  • Have you used this pharmacy before? I use the Walmart pharmacy all the time and they are wonderful. That's my store though.

    If you've used them successfully in the past, I would give it another try. They did make it right. And I doubt that with all the scripts they fill every day that they will remember this unless you mention it. If they act unprofessional to you, by all means go and get a store manager or call the company to complain about being treated poorly. But I think it would be a shame to write off everyone there over a mistake that was corrected. KWIM
  • But they split my pills into two bottles,and of course there is not 120 pills in each bottle.My script is for 120/30 days,and I could see that there were more in one bottle than the other.It was only that little OCD part of me that wanted them even ;))
  • I was shorted alot of pain meds once. 90 pills..I was too ill to get the prescription so my husband picked 'em up and did not know what to look for.
    As soon as I saw the bottle I knew there was not enough pills in there. I had to deal with the pharmacy telling me they double-count and it was not an error and blah, blah, blah.. I ended up talking to the manager who said he would investigate. Later on I got a call that yes, they did make a mistake...jade
  • To my knowledge, I have never been shorted, but I don't always check behind them. But, I did have a Rite Aid pharmacy save my life once. The dr. prescribed a med for a nail fungus and I went to pick it up. The pharmacist held the bag and asked if I was still taking another med that I had used in the past. I said "yes" and she immediately pulled the bag away from me and wouldn't give it to me. If I had taken this anti-fungal med, it could have killed me! God Bless'em every one!
  • My sister works at an HEB pharmacy and she told me class II drugs are counted by hand and double counted by another person. Other drugs like vicodin or zanax are dispensed using a pill counter but double counted by another person as well. So it could be a human error, an oversight, an individual skimming off the top. You will never know but every pharmacy will triple count in front of you at your request. I equate the possibility of the error like buying a car without looking under the hood, you assume it has all the parts but once you take it home to examine you realize it's missing a few parts or something’s broken. As many prescriptions that are filled these days, there is to be a certain amount that is incorrect. It sucks, but buyer beware. ~X(

  • i've never counted my meds, but i remember when i was young--30 years back-- and i had a couple friends that were pharmicists and they always had drugs.
    i hate to be so untrusting, but oxys go for 80 bucks on the street and there are people with less ethics than they should have.

    i would call the police as pain mgt. doctors rarely believe patients who run short and you don't want your doctor to think that you ran out.

    i think i've been shorted a couple of times. i remember running out early and i always put my pills in a 7 day box so i won't forget and over the last 8 years, i've run short 3x. once it was my fault as i had 3 in my pocket because i was going to be gone for the night and didn't want to bring the pill box, but i ended up not going and forgot and washed my jeans. i found the partially dissolved pills in the washing machine. i was surprised that an entire washing cycle didn't dissolve an 80 mg. oxy. there was still abotu 3/4 left of each. lol
  • I have been shorted many times, but I have never complained about it because I was told that once you leave the pharmacy, that's it. You can't come back in and get it all squared away. I thought that was nonsense because we dropped a bottle of cough syrup in the parking lot and it broke. This was before there were plastic bottles. Went back inside with the mess and they gave us a new one. Anyway, I've always learned to count them before I leave the store. One time I went to a CVS and they owed me 18 Hydro 10/325. When I went back to get what they owed me, I ended up with a sealed bottle of 100- hydro 10/325. I didn't complain about that either.
  • but I wanted to chime in..I am a previous Manager of a well known Pharmacy and also am nationally certified as a Pharmacy tech...I can't tell you how many times we would go home to find unidentified pills in our uniform pockets because they had fallen in throughout the day.

  • I have been on Oxy ER 40mg for quite a while. I have recently in the past 2 months changed to a new pharmacy as it is closer. I never count my pills, my fault. I am 2 weeks into a 30 day script and noticed the bottle looked pretty empty? I did a count and was 12 pills short out of 60!! It made me sick to my stomach. I called the pharmacy and asked if they made a mistake? I was told no mistake. The more I think about it, the madder it makes me. The tech there is really rude and they are always busy. I do not feel I have any recourse here now as I have had this script over 2 weeks. I have my new script but cannot get it filled until the 2nd of Jan and now have to ration my pills.
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