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Could I still be sick from Fentanyl?

dmoonchildddmoonchild Posts: 383
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:25 AM in Pain Medications
I had an EPI injection last Wed ( 19th). They used IV Fentanyl for sedation. I started to vomit within hours of getting home that day and was really sick for about 3 days. The Dr said they gave me alot of the drug during the proceedure and said keep hydrated, youll be ok. Im still not feeling well. Then I thought, well maybe I got a bug or something. But that be be gone too. I feel good in the morning but right about now it comes over me in waves of sickness. I start to sweat, get real hot then I feel sick to my stomach. Maybe like morning sickness, and no Im not pregnant. Could this still be the fentayl getting out of my system?


  • I have had Fentynal for sedation and I have never been sick from it. But then again there really is no med out there that makes me sick. So it could be but I would think that it would be gone by now. I wonder if it is from the injection and not the IV meds?!?!!?
    Sorry I am not much help here.
  • Maybe the seroids? I didnt get sick like this last time. Maybe I did catch some kind of bug. Or maybe it menapaus kicking in. I am 40. Who knows.
  • I doubt that it has anything to do with the fentanyl at all at this point. There is no way that it would still be the cause of your being nauseated 6 days later.
    What other meds are you taking ? Are you eating before you take them? Or soon there after?
    It may be some bug, but it's really unlikely that it has anything to do with the injection or the fentanyl.

  • Steroids used in those shots can wreck havoc on our bodies.Maybe ask your doctor if it might be the case.They do raise blood sugars temporarily, which would explain hot flashes, dehydration, nd general worn out feelings.

    My diabetes goes nutso and my moods ever weirder, I refuse to take these shots anymore for that reason.
  • Oh and another thing, even tho Im feeling sick, Im so hungry! When I do eat I eating everything thats not nailed down.
  • Are you getting a regular BMovement? Are you having a formed stool or watery? If you're still getting hot flashes it could have something to do with your sugars from the epi as 101 mentioned. Some people are unable to drink gatorade but pedialyte is also a good hydrating drink. If you're still sick you should go to your gp. Take care. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • It's hard to tell. I had Iv Fentanyl for a stim trial and the medicine itself didn't make me sick, it was a spinal headache I developed the next morning. I don't think you have that, because you wouldn't be able to raise your head and the sickness and pain would be severe. Maybe it was lingering effects from all the Fentanyl you had, you said they gave you a lot. I would call the doctor and let them know what's going on.
  • IV fentanyl is out of your system FAST, because it's not stored in the subcutaneous fat like when you use a 3-day patch. That's why they use it, because the ESIs only take a couple minutes usually. Everyone is different though..

    It actually COULD be the spinal headache, except that it manifests itself differently in different people. Sometimes there is no headache, but nausea/vomiting, or both. If you haven't called your doc yet, please do, and make sure you talk to them before the holiday.

    It is the flu season again isn't it? Could be that as well. Maybe the sheer volume of the injection, being more than before, is causing this?.. I hope you are in a position where you can spend most of your time relaxing, lying down.

    We can only speculate, please call your doc!
  • did you ever have stomache ulcers? google it. there is some ulcers that cause nausea/vomiting and feel better after you eat.i dont know if you take alot of antiflam meds. just a thought.Some of these meds we take can really put a hurting on our stomache lining. you should call your doctor, turkey day is coming and you never know if there is something else going on.

    There is always that tiny, tiny risk of infection with these injections.[rare] but... Do you have a fever? any other symptoms at all?







  • Steroids have this as a side effect even for non diabetics-

    Common symptoms can include:

    * Dry mouth

    * Thirst

    * Frequent urination

    * Urination during the night

    * Blurry vision

    * Dry, itchy skin

    * Fatigue or drowsiness

    * Weight loss

    * Increased appetite

    If hyperglycemia persists for several hours and leads to dehydration, other symptoms may develop, such as:

    * Difficulty breathing

    * Dizziness upon standing

    * Rapid weight loss

    * Increased drowsiness and confusion
  • I have some of those symptoms of high blood sugar. Ill ask my husband to check me tonight. Now, yesterday I was feeling ok. I ate dinner and all of a sudden puked my guts up, then I was starving again. Honestly it is like being pregnant. And the nightmares are horrendous! I woke up crying a few times last night. Satan stuff too. Its basically the way I felt when I was taking Kadian. Same thing. I feel really bloated too, my pants are tight and shoes. Again I dfeel a bit better today. I didnt drink any coffee, thats been upsetting my stomach too. I see my Dr in a week. I'm writing down all my symptoms for him.

  • WOW, your symptoms are a like like mine were, the crying-dreams-I had out of body depersonalization that was downright frightening.So sorry your having such a rough time.

    I honestly could never do one again.That is my opinion only and a decision made by you and your doctor.
  • =( wow sounds like it got worse; sorry. Hope it fades away in a week or two, those are harsh symptoms.
  • try to get in and see your doctor sooner! He/she could at least give you some meds to help the tummy! Keep us posted and glad that you feel a bit better today. I wish for you it was over though! :(
  • If you haven't been under general anaesthetic very often, some people have a very violent reaction. I'd definitely be talking to your doc; if you can't keep anything down, maybe you can try Gravol (anti nausea) suppositories or have someone give you an injection of anti nausea meds.

    As for Fentanyl, I was on the patch for several months, and I did have one day where I was sick with it....I made the mistake of sitting on a heating pad, which forces a MUCH higher dose into your body. Big mistake, as I basically overdosed on it. We were in the car, and by the time I got to where I was going (I was a passenger, by the way, NOT the driver! :D ), I was totally looped. Afterwards I was extremely nauseous.

    I'd be taking myself to the doc pretty quick to see what he/she thinks...you don't want to be getting totally dehydrated.

  • besides drinking gatorade eat bananas!!! I was sick and vomitted for 3 days straight. OF course I was vomitting ever 45 minutes to an hour! When I finally went to the ER they almost admitted me because my potassium levels were too low and effecting my heart. So eat some bananas to help keep those levels up. And if you get sick afterwords it is not that hard on the throat! Hope you are feeling better today!! MJ
  • I threw up again today! I felt pretty good this morning, took my meds a unusual. I had a cream doughnut at work around 9am and within 20 min regretted every bite. Thank goodness we got out early. I came home and got so sick. I felt better afterward. Its 11 now and I just ate some dinner. I hope Im ok for turkey tomorrow
  • sugar crash.. If a cream doughnut did that to you, wow. Please don't eat too much carb heavy stuff for thanksgiving! And honestly I know I'm being over paranoid or whatever, but you did say you are seeing your doc soon right? I just hope for you that you find the answers.. I'd mention the food/vomit connection. Happy holidays

  • I was on the Fentenayl patch recently, and was violently sick on it. After about three months on it, I couldn't take it any more. I had what sounds exactly like what you're describing - I would vomit (completely randomly) but then feel fine again after that. I would get my appetite back shortly after vomiting, and then eat something else, then about 50% of the time puke that up too. I actually posted on this site about it when it was happening because I wasn't sure if it could be the Fentenyl or not. I weaned off the Fentenyl, but still got sick for probably two-three weeks afterwards as it got out of my system
    I know the patch is different than IV, but I did want to tell you that I had EXACTLY the same experience as you, with EXACTLY the same symptoms. And it did continue even after I stopped using the patch and felt like it should be out of my body. The reaction I had was so extreme I landed in the hospital twice for uncontrollable vomiting.
    But I haven't thrown up since September or so, and feel fine now. Hopefully it just needs some time to completely process through your body, because for me it seemed like every last drop had to be out before I was feeling any better!
    Good luck - if you're not feeling better soon go to the doctor because they can Rx some nausea medicine that will work better than Pepto (trust me - I ate so much pepto when that was going on with me that my tongue turned black! A little side effect of too much Pepto Bismal conspumption that I had never known before! @) )
  • Ive vomited at least once everyday since my injection last wed. Hopefully I can get in to see my Dr this week. Im just not feeling like myself. All this vomiting, I havent been eating that much at all and I feel like ive gained weight. My denims were so tight today when I put them on. Something is definetley not right. I am NOT pregnant. thats a fact.
  • Because that was my next question, but I didn't want to appear rude!! I would let your clinic know it's an emergency OR go to the E.R.; at this rate, your jeans should be falling off you, not getting tighter....

  • lucky you i have had many epi and no sedation at all just a wipe of some kind of numbing solution but nothing else at all painfull yep got that right ill bet in the last three yrs ive had to endure 15 injections ,facet blocks ,tru epidurals ive had injections at many levels under the real time x-ray dr does a dye shot then a steroid shot on both side of my back left and right with nothing for sedation its got to where ill now take two 15 mg oxycodone to help relax but its not near enough i dont know why dr dont sedate anyone haveing them shots id like to give him one as he is one dam good needle JOCKY he even likes to be called needle jocky i bring him some venison (deer meat) which he likes very much oh by the way i tell him to think of me as a (nine year old little girl and to use the smallest needle he has in store he sometimes sharpens them on the side walk to get the burrs sharp at least seems that way to me once i moved from the pain he bumped the bone in there some how i almost passed out from that i did feel the needle hit and have not moved any in the last 4-5 injections learned my lesson
  • my doctor is giving me an epidural injection and he asked whether i wanted to go to the outpatient or have it in his office.
    i've never had one. i've been on pain meds for 7 years and was actually doing well until i moved and then when i returned, my pain mgt. doctor didn't want to see me anymore as there was a big med scare in the papers.
    so after several doctors literally throwing me out of their office, i managed to get some neurontin from my psych and that helped me get down the pain meds so now i'm on almost 1/2 of what i took. alas, i am also so suicidal from the neurontin and was having horrible side effects--boils and cysts and hair loss--and i was changed to lyrica and the pain relief is non-existent.
    so i will stay in bed and hope the epidural works.
    but i didn't know they were painful.
    i don't think i can tolerate any more pain. i know i should go to a hospital but all i have is my cats and i don't want to leave them and i'm scared of hospitals.
    i think if i went into one they would notice that i'm suicidal and keep me in forever and my parents would give away my cats. i don't have anything else in my life.
    but my question is should i have asked the doctor to do procedure in outpatient?
    i had steroid injections 7 years ago--didn't work on nerve pain--but i was slightly sedated and did those in hte outpatient.
    the doctor did tell me that i needed to have someone drive me.
    does that mean he will sedate me.

    i guess i'm scared now.

    anything is better than pain, although my experience with doctors the past 4 months and feeling like a criminal due to being on 240 mg. oxy at the time has made me too afraid to ask anymore. i'd rather die to be honest. i'm just in too much pain and tomorrow i go off the oxycontin and onto 50 mg. of fentynal which i think is about 1/4 of the dose i'm on. i'm scared.
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