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AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,900
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:25 AM in Spinal Injections

had the steriod epidural a few years ago,i was'nt sure if it was the injection or just my pain but i was really sore for weeks,i didnt notice the siatica being relieved,was it just my leg getting worse at the time i got this and would i have been worse off without it i cant say.

I received an appointment this morning that i am going to be admitted for the steriod epidural on 11th dec,ohh i am afraid because it did hurt and to top it off i have xmas chores ect to carryout. :SS

i hope the injection will help this time,i dont think i can feel any more pain than i have.i know i am home the same day but how long did it take anyone else to feel the benfits,how mobile on your feet did it take,i was very sore to move for weeks??????

i am national health,uk so i am restricted getting info from the doc's,but if you hestitate at all about them treating you i have experienced being left for along time before i can even get another appointment so i am trying to stay positive that this is for me!!!



  • Sorry no one has responded to your post, makes one feel ignored but don't worry you are not being ignored.

    I have had two epidurals recently, one in my cervical spine and one in my thoracic. I had no problem with either one, I was not sore at all from the injections. They do or should give you some "Happy" meds before they do the procedure so I didn't feel a thing and it was over in minutes.

    At first I didn't think the one in the thoracic area worked but after 2 weeks I have noticed less pain and I am eager to have another one. Any relief at all is a blessing.

    Put your fear aside and go for it. My thoughts before having them was I couldn't possibly hurt any more than I was so I didn't have anything to lose.

    Chin up and good luck..Suziee
  • hi suziee,

    i am not feeling ignored but your concerns are thoughtful, you have had a very positive reaction to these injections i do hope you are not waiting to much longer for the next one.

    i did feel i cant hurt anymore than this when the painmanagement consultant put it to me to have this one done,but now receiving the appointment i felt maybe nerves,but your right i should keep positive and keep my chin up.its just what with xmas and other family commitments i feel i love this time of year to so i dont want to hurt any more than this but i will put myself 1st and focus on it helping

    thanks suziee
  • I had 2 epidurals so far. I noticed the sciatica and leg pain is almost gone. I'm going for the 3rd epi this week and facet joint injections first time for these. I hope you get more relief from your 2nd epidural. Take care. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • I hope you get some pain relief from the epidural. I've had three, and only had limited relief. The last one gave me the most relief, and that was only about a week. But some people have great success with them. It's always worth trying.

    It can take up to 2 weeks to get the full effects. So, give it time.

    I wouldn't schedule anything for the day of your appointment. My doctor likes me to take it easy the rest of the day. But by the next day I am fine to go to work. That first day, I am a little stiff and sore, but I ice the injection area and rest.

    Good luck to you.
  • hi treefrog,good name i like it =D>

    thanks for the great advice,i know i get plenty of support here and your account of things does really help me.

    thanks again
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,714
    Hi Karen, epidural injections have received a bad rap.
    A lot depends on what the patients expectations are from the injection.
    They are NOT going to eliminate your pain, but it should help calm down the area it is being done in. By doing that, it gives you body a chance to start to mend itself

    Spine-Health has a good article on injections. Beside the details, Spine-Health also has some videos on the ESI.
    All can be seen from the link below

    Spinal Injections

    Good luck
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • thanks for info ron,
    i am on lyrica 300mgx2,i wonder will that dose be lowered as soon as i have positive result,i could do with losing a fewpounds especially around xmas season with extra helpings of stuffing and turkey YUMMY,means i might lose some weight if dose is lowered or am i kidding myself =)) =))

    hugs karen
  • Not to be a bummer and I do hope your shot goes well but I never had any more than a couple days of relief from my shots I had 4 epidural and 1 caurdal injection and from what i've been through they worked good until I went to work and re-aggrivated it ,they don't always work on everybody but everyone is different .Like I said I hope yours goes well and I just recommened taking it easy as long as possible to let it work.good luck
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,714
    negative experiences using Lyrica. At first I was at 75mg twice a day. My doctor then doubled that. I noticed that I was always tired, couldn't keep track of things and weight gain. It got worse to the point where my knees were swollen, my ankels and toes also swelled a lot. I discussed this with my doctor, and we reduce it back to the 75mg 2x day. Then after a week, I stop using it all together.

    I am now using Neurontin, 1600mg a day and I havent had any bad side effects. It has helped me with a lot of nerve pain. The weight gain was not there as much as it was with Lyrica, but I know I have to work harding to not allow weight gain
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • i too noticed the swelling in my lower limbs,i am on these 3yrs now,and the swelling occurs if i overdo the walking(20mins or more),i noticed the swelling increases in my face and fingers if i eat chinese take away,i have put this down to an induced amount of salt in my diet that i wouldnt necessarly use cooking myself,i have got used to trying to avoid what makes me swell of bloat,put this down to my meds also.

    the weight gain can be frustrating,i was never overweight,i always tried to put weight on and yikes these lyrica increased my weight rapidly,i was half stone over my average weight for a year now,with sensible eating during the summer i managed to lose the half stone(7lb.but increased a ridiculous amount over weeks at the start.all in all i put on stone and a half.i do have to monitor my weight as its so easy to put it on again!!!

    i havent had another offer of an alternate nerve med,uk med may differ ron,but i have noticed if i forgot a dose of lyrica i feel the pain more,i do rely on them for that reason as pain gets to much in my butt and legs
    hugs karen
  • hi degardineer,

    sorry you never had any ease after going through this,i do hope it works for me,i feel i cant hurt anymore than i already do i will stay positive and and give it a go,i will try take it easy afterwards,i hope everyone spoils me,maybe breakfast in bed would be nice to start,i will put those hints out hehe
  • Hello, :H

    I hope it would work for you. Myself it did not. I had them 4 years agao and tried one more time the day befor thanksgiving. I was nervous because the first 2 times i had them 3 years ago i was in severe pain from them! i couldnt move everytime i would move i felt like electrical shocks where going up thru my rear thru my spine, i was in tears.

    Well my recent try was with an anethesia doctor and they said it wouldnt be that bad due to them being more of a specialist than an orthopedic who did my first round. Well i did have severe pain again electrical shock feeling going thru me and down my leg into my foot. I have an appointment this friday for shot #2. I WILL NOT BE GOING TO THAT APPOINTMENT!!! I tried and it did not work for me and i will never do it again.

    But remember everyone is different. You may be the person it does really work for. I think it depends on the condition and each person varies. I wish you luck. I asked the doctors specifically if i was going to be in pain because i had alot of family i had to cook for the next day for thanksgiving!

    And they knew i had to go straight to the supermarket after.

    Well when my shot was done they told me to go home and rest..rest??? I told you i what i had to do. And then they said not to lift anything over 15 pounds..HELLO BIG TURKEY..lol on my feet for 2 days cooking. I was p***ed. But i took there word.

    Just make sure you make the decision wisely as i would never talk anyone out of something that would help. But you did mention you havve alot of stuff to do before christmas. AAnd what the doctor says about what happens after may not always be the way it goes.

    GOOD LUCK, i wish you a pain free Happy holiday.


  • hi all

    got myyself a kidney infection which was the least of it,but the hospital cancelled my injection,i never have any thing runs accordance with docs and myself.

    i have beed in ER due to injuring myself doing the laundry and wow did i get frightend,i leaned forward and bang the pain gripped me,i couldnt move my legs,.my right leg was cold and paralasis feeling and the heel felt electric sensors when i tried to put my foot down.boy this was scary.but hospital gave me morphine injection and diazapam 10mg,i felt the pain still,they were going to admitt me but beds were limited plus it wasnt there area of specialty so i had to go home and get back if i had any of the usual symptoms progress,bladder,bowels ect.

    so i a am left on meds to control the spasm,i need help to get to the toliet,you know who really cares and loves you at this time of need,thankyou to my hubby and kids and sister-in-law.

    i know you all understand my situation so just thought while i got bit of energy to sit here i would keep you updated in case you all thought i fell of the thread

    look after yourself and do take it easy, i dont want any of you to further your pain as i did,please listen to your bodys limits

    hugs karen
  • Hi all,

    I had an epidural injection for a bulging L4/5 disc and a herniated L5/S1 disc about 4 month ago. That was the most painful experiences I have ever had. I screemed for what seemed an eternity and the pain shot right down my right leg down to my foot. I thought that my leg and foot were going to explode. Now the pain from that injection is still there and may take about a year to calm down. So, what I am saying is I still have the disc problem and now I have the pain from the injection which did nothing to help.
  • thats does nt sound good,im due to get steriod and epidural injections on the 6th of jan and still trying to make my mind up if i should get them.it changes from day to day.i was think of just getting the steriod as it the nerve pain that i can t stand,any advise?
    Karen where are u getting ur jabs? im going to the ulster hospital
  • I had a total of 5, and none of them helped me at all. The last one left me feeling worse, and the nerve pains and muscles spasms were literally to die for. It was a bad experience. I may decide to do it over again because of how bad I've been feeling, in order to get things back in control.
  • hi benji55

    my advice going back a few years ago when i first got the injection was painful,tender for months around the area and no no no and definitely no change in helping with the nerve pain....thats when i got introduced to the lyrica tablets,they had more benefit in aiding and helping me manage my pain along with tramodol....

    Things have progressed to now where my nerve pain scale is unmanageable and dibilating,the lyrica are at there highest dose so the consultant felt that doing the steriod injection was her only other option before i get around to the fusion operation(for reasons i am not going for surgery and consultant understands) i felt i had nothing more to help so i would try this again,maybe i would be more successful.I would have been due for it this morning and all this happened to my back and wham i am at a stand still,think it all happened for my best incase it wasnt meant to be at his time but everyone is different and there is successes.

    I am at EDITED is my ortho,EDITED is my pain consultant,she is amazing,i trust her and she was doing the epidural procedure for me...they have me in the mitre unit there doing the physio,they are going to use the pool to strenghen my core muscles if i ever get this back end into gear after this spasam :( looks like it be after xmas at this rate!!!

    if your considering this procedure you do need to rest and take it easy afterwards when you go home,i had to be helped to even get out of the seat or pulled up of the bed i was tender afterwards,make sure someone is there with you to be on save side,thats my advice but hopefully your one of the sucessful ones and can feel the benfits good luck on your decision.
    keep me posted on how your feeling about your decision
  • hi meydey,

    i know how it feels when you have nothing else helping control pain that you think maybe this time i will be the successful 1,youve tried and must really be feeling it if your at this stage trying to weigh up weither it will work for you this time...

    i hope it does work control it meydey i am thinking about you goodluck
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