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Anyone With Herniated Disc and Burning Knee Pain?

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,607
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:25 AM in Chronic Pain
Age 20, diagnosed a bit over a month ago with HD in L4-L5. I have had diff symptoms of it since (the tingling, numbness, etc) however most of my pain now is in my knee.

I have some back stiffness and a bit of pain in my back but all of my pain is really in my knee on the side where my back hurts (the left). It is mostly above and below the knee cap and is just a real burning type of dull pain. No other way to describe it but burning.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? I asked my phys. therapist and she believes its related to my back pain. Considering going back to my Orthopedist, but just want to see if anyone else with a HD has had pain like this. Thanks


  • I have a herniated L5-S1 and nerve compression. I have all types of sensations in both legs but worse in my left. I hate the burning feeling. It feels like I've left a heating pad on for too long, and it's still on BUT THERE'S NO HEATING PAD!!! I was told it's related to the nerves stemming from your back... But as you know, this is not offical medical advice, just what I was told...

    I hope you get better. Remember, surgery isn't always a fix and once you get cut, you're never the same and one surgery could lead to an endless road of surgeries. I was offered surgery but the doc was very honest and said don't do it until you have to, because of my age (22 this weekend! <:P ), he didn't want me to have to go through more serious surgeries this early in life... There's so much more to my story but I'll spare you that for now! Have you seen a pain management doctor?<br />
    I hope you find relief and I do understand!

    Much love,
  • I have that sometimes it's kinda achy burning feeling .I have told my doc about it and he didn't really say anything but I have never had any knee trouble and it's not aggrivated by anything it just comes and goes for no reason .So I just deal with it as just another wonderful pain to deal with.
  • yeah i have a herniated disc going in for surgery on the 11th ( im only 16 btw) and i get the same burning feeling, mine is like on the tendon part in the middle of the knee.
  • After all my back surgeries, my knee did the same thing, went to a very good doctor he did a scope of the knee (an MRI isnt an option when your mostly made in a lab) nothing was physically wrong with my knee, after about 6 months the pain slowly got better and every so often returns for a few days. It is just all the screwed up nerves in my back.

    Life is good.
  • I herniated my disc 9 months ago, 2 months pt, 3 epidural injections, 8 chiropractic sessions and my 0rthopedic doctor has nop clue why the burning in both knee caps. His recent suggestions is too see a neurologist. I am 66 and never had a back issue :O :S
  • A condition that I myself have lived with since a L5/S1 fusion back in 1991, but with the area above my right knee being the issue. The syndrome (called Meralgia Paresthetica) has only gotten worse and now my entire right thigh (midline to the outside of it) feels as though it's entirely numb yet on fire at the same time. The compressed Lateral femoral Cutaneous Nerve is to blame and there's a few different things that can be done about it...conservative and surgical.

    Bring this up to your Doc and see what he/she has to say about it...it's not uncommon and having back issues/surgery are one of the factors leading to it.

    I hope this helps and as for what you can do, there's not much other than to wear light clothing since even the pressure of blue-jeans over the area makes it worse for many people.

    Take care -

  • yes my knee is going on 2 weeks severe pain and no opiates and no sleep,,the doctors here keep thinking its in the knee,,.guess what? they are wrong,,its due to my herniated disc in lower back, due to their misstake i am still in pain,hopefully this week they will finally help me with this with correct diagnosis
  • I have a severly damaged/severed femoral nerve and the burning pain is one of the worst pains I have so I feel for you. I call the pain fire leg. In my case the burning is in my knee,thigh and at times part of my foot. It feels like someone is holding a blow torch on my leg.
    Do you also get a pressure type of pain? This is the worst pain I have. It is a hard pain to describe as it does not resemble anything I ever felt before but the best description I have is that it feels like my thigh and foot is being crushed, but the sensation seems to be down deep in the leg and not originating on the surface.
    Hope you find relief.
  • ~X( My knees fell like someone id sitting on them a lot of pressure I though I was going crazy but now I know I am not alone.

    L4L5 Bulging disk L3L2 mild bulging disc l1 little..center canal stenosis. not sure of all the details doctor went on vacation when my results came back going an seeing 3 neurosurgeon for consultation. I think that's how you spell it.
  • Sue 1965SSue 1965 United KingdomPosts: 115
    :S :S

    Hi-Hope i'm posting this in the right place!

    Im from the UK and have had my disc bulge since 2007.It has caused me various problems over the years-back pain-neck pain-sciatica-and severe right arm pain in 2009.

    I started again in April of this year with severe neck and back pain and pain in my right arm.

    The pain in my neck and back has abated a little but the pain in my right arm-from the area around my elbow sometimes into my right hand and thumb and index finger is excrutiating-some differnt movements of my arm making this worse.

    I also have horrendous pain around my right knee which sometimes spreads down my leg-particularly when driving.

    The pain is sometimes being mirrored-to a lesser degree-in my left side.

    I had a further MRI a couple of weeks ago and was told by my consultant that my nerve compression was worse on my left side which really did not explain why the pain was so bad on my right. He did say he could do ADR surgery but this would only give me a 30% chance of curing my arm pain-nothing about my knee! He has now referred me to an arm surgeon-so I am on a further waiting list.

    I have been taking high doses of pregagabin-225mg in a morning and 225mg at night which has affected my short term memory-my ability to formulate words and has generally left me feeling drugged for want of a better word-it hasn't really helped with my pain.

    On reading up about this tablet-I have found that some people have experienced pain caused by it-and have therefore asked my GP to be weaned off it to see if my pain is being caused by the tablets and not by my disc. My GP was very doubtful about this although he is supporting my decision-stating that this tablet hasn't usually caused joint pain in someone of my age-I'm 45-usually affects older people.

    Is anyone else in the same predicament?! I'm so fed up of the pain and the grogginess-I really don't know what to do for the best.

    I'm about 4 days into the weaning process as I type this-the pain feels exactly the same! So not sure if it will get worse by the end of the 2 weeks.

    Just to mention I have also experienced blurred vision-think this may be the tablets also?! :S :S :S :S :S
  • I did start off with knee pain (i.e. after herniated disc) but then the pain is less now. However I permanently feel as if am wearing a knee bandage plus sometimes my knee feels very wet (when it is not). In the morning the 'knee bandage' seems to go all up my thigh; by the end of the day it seems more localised to the knee cap.

    All very odd
  • After my surgery, instructions was to sleep on back with pillow or on side (left side) had surgery on right side. My knees hurts so bad and also my upper back, as well as my right arm all the way down. At one point before the surgery I was walking crooked, now straight, but the pain remains in my right leg, muscle spasm under my right thigh, and the complete numbness in my foot and sometime my right leg. I am currently still taking pain medication and muscle spasm meds. I have the pain 24, 7. When I attempt to do normal household duties, believe me I suffer for it later. It only makes it worse. I miss the life I had.
    Sandra jean bassett
  • tnvol46ttnvol46 Posts: 1
    edited 09/11/2015 - 6:40 AM
    I have experienced the sensation that my right thigh was on fire,before the onset it was a numb feeling.I have a herniated disc also and attribute it to the pain.I have found that a medium dose of gabapentin absolutely controls and rids me of this.It definitely works for me.Good luck to you,I hope you get relief from it as it is quite debilitating at times

    Welcome to Spine-Health
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    ~ spine-health moderator, savage
  • It has been 4 months since I h ad my surgery and this condition very serious. At least I don't have to try to sleep on my elbows and knees or sleep with my leg hanging out of the bed, but the pain is still on my right side starting from back all the way down to my foot. The foot is always numb and some days are worst than others. I do believe that sitting for long periods of time or standing only makes the pain worse. I am now dealing wit both of my knees hurting only to add insult to Injury and right arm hurting, I know this is a terrible pain for anyone to have. It you work sitting all day this can be very damaging for your leg or back pain, this will only make it worse. Believe me. This is how my pain started. I hadn't injury myself, but the all of my jobs have been sitting or standing, mostly sitting all day. Beware of this. It gradually got worse and worse .I am still taking pain, muscle spasm and other med for my pain.
    Sandra jean bassett
  • I had an l4l5 microdiscectomy about 5 weeks ago. I think I reherniated at the 2 week mark and am going for an mri next week. I have my pain down my left leg and since it's been so bad the past few weeks I've been in bed a lot. I have 2 young boys (almost 2 and 4 yrs) and have to have a babysitter with me during the day now...I was so excited to finally have the surgery and get back to doing all the normal "mom" things after almost a year of pain. I'm trying so hard not to get too depressed so yesterday I said "screw it!" and went out for 2 long walks to spend more time with my boys in the sunshine and try and feel human again.
    I paid for it last night. Woke up at midnight with horrendous burning pain down my leg. Even my arm was sore) This is totally new to me. After some ice, ibuprofen, a sleeping pill (and some tears ;)) I got back to sleep.
    I feel for all of you that get this burning pain. It's really so debilitating.
    Another weird thing I've noticed is sore lower teeth. I think it started months ago when I must have been grinding my teeth through the night (because of the dress of this whole disc and nerve pain). I seems to correspond to my my sciatica too. The 2 weeks I felt myself healing after my discectomy my tooth pain finally settled too. Now it's back. The human body is just so strange (and frustrating! ).
  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 6,279
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    Spine-Health Moderator
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  • I cannot believe i found this site! Herniated L3 L4 L5 with L3 being the most extreme, bed ridden i received one spinal epidural and it got me out of bed but my right knee felt like it was in a vice and on fire, my right thigh is hard as a rock radiating down the front inner side of my right leg to the inner side of my right knee and it feels like i have a charlie horse left side of my knee cap with burning and stiffness radiating into the inner side of my right calf feels like im having nerve conductivity studies i get jolts and shocks down my leg also my thigh and knee are very swollen i explained this to my pain management doctor and they performed another spinal epidural and it helped with the throbbing and pain in my right side lower back but did nothing for my leg and knee, i explained this to him again and he looked at me like i was crazy he does not believe i am still having problems he told me to go see an orthopedist and i guess he dropped me from his mailing list, thats ok now that i found this site i know im not crazy and i can move forward with support. I AM NOT ALONE !!!!!
  • dstreeterddstreeter Posts: 1
    edited 12/01/2015 - 6:45 AM
    Last Feb (2014) suffered back injury due to flooding (lifting heavy sandbags ). MRI showed L4 L5 S1 bulging disc(s) (right side of back) - think this had been present for sometime. Physio and weight loss has brought the back to a manageable level. However recently suffering from burning feeling in upper right thigh to outside and also hip, neurologist diagnosed as meralgia paresthetica. Seemed to indicate the two were not linked, but seems to be plenty of people with combination of issues. Also suffering with pins and needles during sleep mainly in right arm, fingers. Would just like to get a decent nights sleep, but usually wake with burning thigh, worse if I wake whilst sleeping on that side. Any recommendations for comfortable sleeping positions, or exercises that help? To top it all also suffer with tinnitus. Feel like I'm failing apart...
  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 6,279

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    Spine-Health Moderator
    Please read my medical history at: Medical History

  • jrizjjriz Ft. LauderdalePosts: 1
    In 2/15 I woke up in the middle of the night with severe pain and hot iron like burning sensation in my right thigh. A few hours before I went to sleep I noticed a numbing sensation in my thigh, but shrugged it off. The ER couldn't do anything to alleviate the pain, including morphine. An MRI confirmed a bulge in my L2. After a couple of epidural injections the pain subsided, however, still have some numbness. Last week I started getting a dull ache, sometimes sharp, under my right knee cap and outer calf when I sleep on my right side or sit for prolong periods of time. Looks like I'm headed back to the Dr for a new MRI and injection. In my experience, the injections work if utilized with a fleuroscope. (sp?)
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