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Violent outbursts after surgery...dont wanna go there again! Whys it happen?

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,731
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:25 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Ok this may sound a little weird. In a month there abouts im having my hardware in my lower back removed. When I had the surgery last time, I guess from what I heard I was a handfull...actually WAY worse... I barely remember any of it? All I really do remember is a great amount of pain...worse than i could of ever expected...being very mad..mad at the nurses for any reason...mad at my family...Cursing worse than a sailor..pardon the joke.
Anyways, I was very embarrased and have no reason why thi happened? I sent appology cards to everyone at the hospital...Just wish i knew why I did it? Was it from the meds they put me on...the sheer amount of pain involved...tried Googling it and came up with nothin! I was bad...bad bad...I do have bi-polarism...and do curse more than I should in normal life...but this was just simply nutz...even for me!
I guess i did it one other time too...When i was 14 i was in a VERY bad car wreck...was in acoma for over a week...had some brain trama to my front left eye socket area...mom said this was when i first started doing this sort of thing. I have lost most of my memory from age 13-16...
Dont wanna make an ass out of myself again! Nor have the nurses wanna kill me. :O Has anyone heard of this before and or know how to prevent it...someone let me know...thanks...eren :??


  • I have this problem and it's caused by the anesthesia itself. When I was in my early 20's I had knee surgery (the first time I was ever under) and when I woke up I actually knocked a nurse out cold and fought with anyone who came near me!

    What I do now is tell the anesthesiologist that I have a tendancy to get physical when awaking from anesthesia. They wake me up more slowly and sometimes tie me down to assure that I won't hurt myself or others. I kind of feel like it's because I hate losing control like that and am fighting to wake up and "place" myself.

    I understand, it's a horrible feeling. Just be honest with your docs and there are things that they can do to make it easier on both you and the staff.

  • My guess is that it may be the pain, and the inability to do what you want after the surgery. Sometimes when I am in pain, I said the drastic things in front of my wife, like asking her to chop off my leg. If someone is unjust, I want to be superman to make sure that person learned his lesson. It is weird, I know. Pain, sometimes, occupies our mind so much, that we just get so fed up, and we feel that no one understands how much pain we go through. Have you ever felt that your own doctor may not understand how much pain you are suffering? That is why we come here, because we all know, and get our sanity back.

    Keep in mind that the people around us is trying their best to help us, and not understanding what we are physically, mentally going through.

  • the very first time I had general anesthesia I had a terrible reaction..screaming at everyone, didn't know my husband (he dropped the flowers and ran out of my room!)..docs said it was reaction to anesthesia. I have had many surgeries following that one without that kind of reaction. I do remember the doctors adding something to the medication to help the reaction. I no longer need it...but be sure to tell the doctor and anasethiaologist of your previous reaction. the better prepared they are, the better they can help you. Good luck!
  • I had a different surgery then back surgery and I flipped out because they said I wasn't due for any pain meds. I was so mad pulled out the iv and went home. It was a complete stranger than who I am now. I haven't had any trouble since. They're removing the hardware that's great. It could be the anesthesia and a feeling of helplessness that can cause this. Now you're more in control as you know what's going on. I'm sure you will be fine this time. I've had alot of surgeries since then and it never happened again to me. I know you'll be okay. We're all with you too this time. Take care. Charry >:D<
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • I have never heard of that happening. I have never heard of anyone having any of the reactions to anesthesia that the other members have just shared, either. When I wake up from Anesthesia I am just sleepy and kind of in a good mood. First time I was put under I woke up and was chatting with the nurse in the recovery room and looking at pictures of her dogs with her, LOL. Laughing was slow, but fun. My fusion surgery I was CRYING before I even woke up all the way, but it was from the pain, not being sad or anything. It wasn't like a sobbing type deal, it was like that uncomfortable, trying not to cry but can't help it, half whining sort of thing. Lol. I also am Bi-Polar but I never experience any feelings of violence at all, ever. I just get really happy and then the next day I can get like really depressed and stressed out. I just have highs and lows emotionally. I agree with what the others said, definitely let your doctor know about what happened last time. If it was the pain, then it may be comforting to hear that most people who have had their hardware removed have said it was a lot less painful than the fusion surgery itself.
  • Unfortunately I did it at a hospital that I worked at so I had to go back and face all of these people after my hospital stay. I was so embarassed. I treated every nurse who came near me like crap and even tossed food on the floor after they tried to bring me breakfast. Now looking back I guess it could have been the anesthesia or the pain or both. They didn't act like I was their first patient to act that way and knew how to handle me. Wish I had known that back then what I know now. I had to personally apologize to nearly an entire floor of nurses when I went back to work.
  • Medications coupled with pain can cause reactions like that in some people. When I was pregnant with my daughter I was hospitalized for 2 weeks prior to induction. My BP spiked during labor and they gave me Demerol in the IV and IM for pain and more to get the BP down quickly. I turned into a crazed drugged out person. Throwing things, screaming and swinging at anything and everyone. My hubby had to hold me down, till they got restraints (I guess OB doesnt need them that much,lol). I was told it was not a pretty site. I dont remember anything for the next 2 days, I was told I occasionally opened my eyes and did respond to commands.

    As others have said just warn the nurses and anesthesia person before hand that you have had reactions in the past. I opt out for demerol, just incase it was that specific med. that my body cant handle and made me very wacky. I warn them every time.

    I wish you luck with your upcoming surgery.

  • I'm surprised they gave you something like Demerol while pregnant.... I wasn't allowed near anything but Tylenol, no matter the reason. Haha. I was young, so my blood pressure was never high. My cousin's was all the time near the end, but they gave her something else in her IV... I dunno the name. My attention span doesn't allow for the capture of much information when it's not right in front of my face. Lol.

    Sounds like quite the experience!
  • I don't have any experience like that to tell you.

    I agree that you should tell your doctor that you had this effect before. Hopefully they can do something to keep it from happening again.

    And I want to wish you good luck with the hardware removal. I hope that you come out with less pain that going in.
  • I was given demerol IV when I was giving birth to my first child (back in the Dark Ages of Medicine). Evidently I cussed the doctor out...and I NEVER do that! When I went for my 6-week checkup, the doc wanted to know why I was so mad at him in the delivery room. I had no clue!! I've never had this happen again, but I've also never had demerol IV again either.
  • That's funny that he asked you why you were mad at him. I think it's pretty normal for women to yell and be angry and whatnot when in labor.

    I'm just surprised they give anyone Demerol while pregnant... Considering it's a narcotic and in FDA Pregnancy Category C, which means it may harm a fetus.

    Back in the day I don't know that they necessarily knew this, but I can't imagine it's a NEW finding... Ya know? I dunno. I mean, I guess each doctor has his or her own views. I have just never heard of that before. It's interesting information, though. All of the info on this thread is very interesting.
  • Lo said:

    I'm just surprised they give anyone Demerol while pregnant... Considering it's a narcotic and in FDA Pregnancy Category C, which means it may harm a fetus.
    Lo, In my case I was really far along in labor at that momment when the BP went dangerously high, thats when they stuck me, in hopes of just about knocking me out. Kind of like they did it in the old days,lol. Since things were allready in motion, they said it would be OK (but I guess you never know). All I know is that I scared the crap out of my hubby. I will always avoid demerol just incase thats what caused my crazy behavior.
  • I was calling the nurses nazi Bit#%^&...cussing my family...calling em all motherFU#%^&*...trying to swing...trying to take the IV out...FYI...I think the pain pump is a joke! if your sleeping and forget to push the button...you get nothing,the meds once you do take a while to kick in...going to most deff. tell them i want an IV drip. They are gonna take my hardware out as i said. but could possably do a few more things...adding cadaver bone is one of them i do know for sure!
    I have acted bad in hospitals before...child birth..my car wreck before that...but worst was most deff. the back fusion...makes me feel like a looser...I get more violent then most men... L) :T OHH god! :''(
  • Yep

    It was the drugs for me. I was halucinating. The ceiling tiles were breathing, the curtains were shimmering like a waterfall. I'd look at the clock and clocks all over the place for 20 minutes. The lights got bright and dim as my heart beat.

    I accused the consulting doctor of really being the street vendor in Miami who sold me fried dough. So on and so forth.


  • something after i got into my robe when they were wheeling me into the OR. Something for my nerves? When I woke and was cussing everyone they did nothing! I had to rely on my BF to give me my Xanax every few hours or so...mostly it just knocked me out. Guess I will call the doctor tomorrow and have one last apt. before my surgery...35 more days. Cant express how much I am NOT looking forward to this...dont have pics of my back on here...cant figure it out...but if anyone myspaces I do have multiple Xrays there...check the dates to find most recent ones. U can kinda tell...the newer ones i got a couple screws broke...and everything is moved around.. http://www.myspace.com/erenzcherrybomb
    link to my Xrays and pics...i must add u to friends for you to see em...add note of you being from here... :)
  • boy after reading these I think i'm goinn request they restrain me before I wake up. I'm a bear already from 8 mos of exhaustion and drugs. I would hate to see me fly off the handle and not know it :-(
  • I am so afraid of this happening to me :''( :''( :''( .

    I am also BP, I take all different meds, and this is kinda scarey. I hope that you get everything in order before the surgery >:D< >:D< >:D< .

    I also sent a request to you on myspace. :)
  • Dont be worried about the medication aspect, just be prepared and honest with your docs.! Medical professionals are accustomed to these types of occurances. Believe me, I have been grabbed, hit, hair pulled, cursed at and punched while getting people up out of bed in the ICU after major surgeries. We dont take it personally,lol.

    I have to say with my back surgery I was nothing but sweet for the most part,lol. My only problem I had was on my second night after surgery the air conditioning in the hospital shut down for some reason and I was getting the heat flashes and vasovagal reaction. I was crying because I was so hot and dizzy.

    I am sure you will do fine!

  • Apparently, I did something similar when waking up from a nose surgery. I don't remember any of it.

    BTW, very nice of you to send the cards afterward.
    On the sunny and mild Central Coast of California

    L4-L5 endoscopic transforaminal microdiscectomy June, 2007
    L5-S1 endoscopic transforaminal microdiscectomy May, 2008
  • I felt like an ass after everything...hope i dont have to send anymore this time! lol...just kinda hurt my back doing leg lifts...Ugh...most anything seems useless...why my screws started to break...doing too much stuff I shouldnt...from going to concerts...still smoke...couldnt imagine not! I would be way worse to deal with...dont wanna gain weight..ive lost a bunch..carrying laundry bask. up to 30lbs! tried ridding a bike with my kid...tailbone always bugs me so couldnt...man..im starting to be a grouch alot more as time continues...starting to take morphine reg. again...I quit as much as i could for nausia. Back on again and feeling sick and grouchy :& :jawdrop: :''(
  • Ohh, okay. Well, I think then what they must have done was weighed the pros and cons... If your blood pressure was dangerously high and your life was at risk, then it would make sense to do that... If anything happened to you, the baby wouldn't have been okay... Makes more sense to take the small risk to neutralize the situation. I'm glad it worked out alright for you :)
  • patients often come out fighting - like a fight or flight thing.

    Embarressing but not unusual. All you can do is apologise up front and smile!

    I was sedated for my discogram so much i don't remember a thing. Needless to say, I caused a few smiles with my florid language. Ah well.
  • I wish I didn't remember my discogram. only got enough sedation so they could get the needles in without me jumping. remember the whole thing :-(
  • nurses pretty much kicked me out...they were done...but the pain was so great...i dont know if it was that or whatever else? Yes i got the demerol. before. but i think thats what helped my BP to drop to 60/40?...nothing went smooth...when i woke up i was screaming at top of my lungs as if i were still being cut into! I generally do ok with most pain.was bad bad :S :(
  • that there are many people that react this way and the docs and nurses do deal with this alot and they also know that most people dont remember it. I didn't react this way thank goodness. When my daughter was about 4months away from turning 3 she had to have her tonsils removed due to severe sleep apnia. She kept waking up in the middle of the night a few times every night. I thought at first that she just wanted to sleep in bed with my hubby and I. I knew htat she snored and snored loud but I too was a snorer. Anyway she stayed the night at a friends house and they were listening to her sleep, cuz it was hard for them to sleep with her snoring, LOL yah it was that loud. Reminded me of my dad when I was young. Anyway she kept waking because she would stop breathing. I actually reversed my schedule for a few days and stay up most of the night to listen to her. Man talk about scary!!! She would stop breathing for about 30 secs or so, which felt like minutes-hours. So anyway she had to have them removed and she reacted horribly when she woke up. So everyone is different and just bring it up to the doc and again to the anasthsiologist pre surgery. I think at times they will give you an anti-anxiety med before they start waking you up to make you more mellow. I hope you dont go through that again. Just let everyone know about it though. Even the nurses why they are getting you ready for surgery. That way they are prepared. Dont assume they all talk and all know about the reaction if you tell 1-2 people tell everyone!!!!!
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