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tingling in the thoracic

baffledbbaffled Posts: 375
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:25 AM in Upper Back Pain, Thoracic
I have been having pain for almost 2 years from the base of my head to almost the bottom of my rib cage. Osteoarthritis in cervical, nothing of note on the thoracic. Radiofrequecy in facets c2 to t5. Since the t345 radiofrequency i have had a tingling into my left and right shoulder blades. The thoracic radiofrequencies did nothing for the pain between my shoulder blades wrapping around to my sternum. I was wondering does anyone else have this type of thoracic tingling?


  • I get mild tingling but it must be the DDD for me thoracic or even osteoporosis in the cervcal for me C5 - C7. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • I started with tingling that progressed to full blown ARRRGH, I hope your pain doesnt go there. Mine may be due in part to a rib out of place,and part bulging disc,and ddd. luck to ya and be strong!
  • I have had pain thru my thoracic into my sternum since april 07, the tingling only started this past sept. It feels almost like I have a tens unit on - it will stop when i hold my back straight up - i can do it on command. All i have to do is to bend forward and waalaa...it only takes a matter of seconds. It increases in intesity if my arms are out in front of me or if i hold it for long.

    Also, when i lay down and turn my head to the left I get freakishly dizzy - like I have never experienced and i have to quickly turn my head forward. I don't know if all this is connected but things are just getting worse as time goes on -

  • If this makes sense - just below the area that i feel the tingling like a tens unit on my back is numb to the touch, like novicane. You know like when you have novicane in the mouth, you know you are touching your face, but you don't feel it. Any thoughts?
  • I am sorry I didnt get back to you sooner! everything you describe except for the dizzyness. We have almost exactly the same sensations. Please be strenous in the search for the cause. Its usually my No.1 pain producer.
    try not to agravate the issue as long as you can, sitting for any length of time is murder. I hope you fird the cause, mine almost correlates directly with one of my ribs which is out of place.
    good luck to you,what helps a little is wearing a soft style back brace that wraps around the middle.
  • Ranchhand - just had an appt with a nuro surgeon, but since my mri thoracic is fine and only some bulges in the cervical, he dismissed me. i didn't go to him for surgery, i went to him hoping he could help me find out wht the problem is. i should have tried for a regular nero, but his specialty was the spine and back problems. it was very frustrating to be shot down. i didn't even press him, he merely sent me back to my pain mgt doc. So far no answers to share. The last 3 days I have had such a pain in my left lower shoulder blade. You can't even touch my spine, I did try to roll on ball though to massage, but now it feels worse. I swear I really can't take much more!

    let me know if you make any progress.
  • Were seem top have the same doctor, they tell me that they cant figure what hurts and why, one plausible thing to look at is Faciitis? spelling sorry, it may be an answer.
    please doent give up yet, there is so much more fight left in you yet. adopt the spiny fu position, chin down - hands up- start swinging!
    every day brings new oportunitys K? so dont give in to the sadness just yet, we'll figure this out or be put up against the ropes doing it, either way we'll still be in the fight!
    happy new year.
    if you can, get a muscle relaxor, i take skelaxin and it really helps me to cope the pain
    I hope you find some relief soon
  • I thank you for your reply. I am not sure, but were you referring to Facet Joint. Hate to say it, but been there and done that. I have had the oblagation in my cervical and T345....last year (may Lt cervical, July Rt cervical and September thoracic) The neck is coming back to life, which is adding to the pain. But the pain I feel in my left shoulder blade and middel spine, is really intense. I only take Ultram, but they added the same muscle relaxer that you are taking. Saddly it is not even touching the pain - neither of them. I go to see my pm on Wed. and have a call into him that nothing is touching the pain at all - asking him if i should go to the ER or wait to see him and try some other med.

    I feel ridiculous not having any luck with the pain meds. I have and do tolerate alot of pain and discomfort, but this pain is unreal ..... even laying down flat on my back gives me any relief. I feel like my whole back is being jpulled to the center of my spine. I am seriously condsidering the ER only out of desperation, today (friday) is the 5th day of this.

    thanks again
  • please go to the er, you have every right to get some relief! dont be afraid to go, and also...you have a right to your own preference in docs,at least in the states.
    i hope you find some relief
    My pain will elicite the head drop to the desk and immediate laydown in class. i scare people when this happens, as a matter of course, coz io wait to long.
  • Thanks to all for your input these past months. I just am so confused as to all my problems. Do they come from my cerivial issues (below) or do I have a seperate issue in my T!? I have such tingling and deadspots in line with the lower portion of my ribs and now muscle spasms to add to the pain i feel in my neck and the intense pain between my shoulder blades. To add to this, i have such dizziness - esp. if i turn my head when laying down.

    I just get scared sometimes...what is going on....everything has become worse....thanks for listening
  • ive a bulging disc among other things c4 c5 and the thoracic issues as well, havent found my med records yet but one of my ribs is out of place, whice all the docs say is impossible...till i let them feel the depression where the rib is sunk in.
    the dizziness ive not had too bad for a while, Mr Dilauro one of the Mods here has thoracic issues as well.
    were not too common as far as these types of issues go, there isnt very much info as Ide like on this.
    be sure and communicate your hurts and concerns to your healthcare provider, i have cervical facet syndrome,blown rotator cuff, bulging and degenerating discs in all three areas,thoracic issues, L5S1 going who knows where, a piece of loose bone floating round in my neck..ahh a few more items gone south here and there...bummer.
    keeping informed is the best, and often hardest part of dealing with these issues,but keeping the peace within is the hardest. avoid as much as possible the agravating circumstances
    good luck to ya and we'll see this through!
  • I have to admit, I never would have believed it....but, I saw a new PM doc, and after an 1 1/2 consult (WOW), his theory at this point is that I must have had a significant muscle tear 4/07, and my history since then (at least at the thoracic level) is a result. He did give me a trigger pt inj. which I have had in the past, but this one actually gave me relief, almost immediately.

    Not sure if he has a better touch or dif med in the shot, but it has lessened the tingling (amazing a muscle could do that). I am going for Botox this thurs. to get long relief ( shot only lasted @48 hrs), it did nothing for the neck, but my back never has felt that good in a long time. He did the lt only and it was a weird sensation: Rt felt puffy and the lt felt 'flat' -

    It is good to be wrong sometimes
  • you doin fine tday? hope your t-spine is not acting up like mine is these last few days
    happy day to ya!
  • What has been going on with your t-spine lately. I haven't had the crazy muscle spasms since for @ 2 wks, still tingles, numb spots along the t-spine and of course it hurts. After those muscle spasms, i am glad for what the relief.

    The doc. completely changed my plan, saw for the botox on thurs and he did a few physical tests with my ranges and says, do the radiofrequency again and then we'll talk botox. i sent an email to him to explain why - since i was so stunned i did not ask him at appt.

    do you have pain into your sternum? Man, it is unbelievable the pain that goes all the way around into the sternum.

    thanks for asking - we shall all keep trudging along
  • maybe try a massage and osteopath for some ligament release. I have the same sort of pain, it started when I hoisted myself on the hanging bar thing after having my first c section (no one told me how to correctly use it to move my heavy self around off the bed)anyway, it felt like a tear and has not recovered. I get pins and needles in the rhombiod. When we massage it there is some pretty hard rock like knots. I have been told that the only way to get rid of a knot like that or the crunchy crepitus is to use an ultrasound. Another reason this area can hurt like has been mentioned is ribs out of place. posterior or anterior ribs can be put back into place by doing ligament and cartlige release. I do these all the time on people. I have my osteopath do them on me but he says I have some cartlige problems which make it hard to treat and if the muscle knots do not go away then they pull it back out soon after treatment.

    Thorasic pain is crazy and anoying cause its hard to give the area a rub your self. I lie on the floor and slowly rise up like in a crunch letting the floor put pressure on each individual vertabra it feels good, sometimes gets a crack but is not long lasting.

    When I find the cure ill let you know if you do the same :-)
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,739
    is to put two tennis balls into a sock. Tie the sock and then lay on the floor and start to move your upper back over the tennis balls. You will find as you move around, you hit some pressure points just as massage therapist do. This can really relieve some pain if only for a while.
    Another super device is the "Theracane" Just look it up on the Internet and you will how much it can help
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • Yes the canes are awesome, also a tennis ball and lean up against a wall and move around same as the floor moves.
  • my pt 2007 tried to show me how to pop my facet joints back, with the tennis ball. And i did this recently at the end of dec for some muscle spasms. I must have done something wrong because i put my back into a rage, that went on for 11 days - i am too scared to do this again, until i learn how to do it right.
  • I tryed the tennis ball trick, there feels like ropes back there, bummer, most uncomfortable. My rib is out of place and ive tried to get it back in plac a few times in the past,and I tell ya, I wont try it again! I hope your doing well today and not in too much pain!
    heat from a pad or a NIIIICE bed of hot sand at the beach helps me, but thats a few weeks away... you know you just wriggle around and get a comfortable liddle patch of sand just fitted right and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh,
    yup its good, but til then hang in there K?
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