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L5-S1 Spondylolisthesis, pars defect...Should I have surgery?

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,900
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:25 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery

I am considering having surgery for the conditions outlined in my MRI report: Degenerative Disk disease, Lumbar Stenosis, Grade 1 anterolisthesis of L5 on S1, disk bulge between L5-S1 with disk space desiccation. Evidence of pars defects.

The pain started 6 months ago with a shocking sharp shooting pain from a spot above my left hip in my back; it wouldn't go away. All summer I could barely move.

That's when I started going to doctors....I've already done physical therapy,cortisone epidural shots,and chiropractor visits... which have helped some. The pain seems to have migrated down and center and I'm now having throbbing lower back pain.

An orthopaedic surgeon suggested doing a laminactomy and spinal fusion with screws and rods.

I've read that the fusion helps alleviate leg pain but I don't really have pain down my legs. Mine is mostly in the left buttock and a deep throb in the lower part of my back. I've also read that this surgery does not necessarily cure lower back pain....

Have you had this surgery - or chose not to have this surgery? Can you tell me anything? Would you recommend that I have this surgery or wait some more time and re-evaluate in a few months?


  • Hi Frenchy, I had PLIF for anterolisthesis L4-5 on August 5th. I had hip pain that radiated down my leg. I have had chronic back pain off and on for 20 years, but I had the surgery for the hip pain because it was making me limp. Also, my spondy was unstable. Have you had flexion/extension xrays to check for instability? This was really the deciding factor with my surgery.

    I had done all the conservative treatments of course first. Surgery is really a last resort. There is no quarantee it will help. Also fusion often leads to adjacent disc problems in the future. I still have back pain when I do active things, like clean house or work, but this is nothing new to me. Fortunately my hip pain and limp is gone, so I am glad I did it.

    Perhaps you should seek a second opinion, just to help you feel more confident in your decision. Make sure your surgeon is a spine specialist as well.

    Good luck with your decision. I know it is terrible hard to make. I was unsure all the way into the OR. Now I know I made the right decision. >:D< Cali-Sue
  • I had a two level PLIF in Feb 2008 and I'm glad I did. Even though I still have pain, it is not nearly as bad as it was before the operation.

    I do suggest getting a second opinion. I did and that is what sealed the decision for me.
  • Hello Miss,

    I had similar condition for ten years and finally gave in to a fusion. I had Isthmic Spondy which is broken pars both sides and DDD. I had a physical job and could endure no longer.
    Now six months on I wish I had done it sooner.
    Find a surgeon you feel confident with. Mine has fixed my back.
    I had a Fusion laminectomy and rhizotomy.
    [The last is when they deaden a few nerves in the area to stop future pain.]
    I am retraining and cant wait to get back to work.
    Do your research and ask yourself how bad is it really,once its fused theres no going back but if thats the way to stop the agony then go for it. Im glad I did.
    All the best
  • Hi Frenchy,

    I had very similiar issues with the pars defect (S1/L5) as well...but had a 2 level fusion w/hw Nov 10.

    My buttocks were always burning and throbbing, I think mostly to the iritation from the PARS. The stenosis and spondy cause L5 to twist and shout! Talk about bone on bone. :O

    A few suggestions:
    1 Give it some time to see if it disapates some..could be 3-9 months (a guess) My LPAR shots and Epid's only lasted 3-6 weeks at best which is a good indication of a real problem. You will know when its time to decide on the surgery

    2 Get a second or third opinion. Docs find different things and angles on the issue.

    3 Get a CAT scan if you haven't already. It clearly found my Pars...that all other docs missed.

    See my recovery thread:


  • Hi, I was wondering if anyone with a Lumbar Pars Fracture, DDD and Spondy, has had their leg give out without warning. I am wearing a Bivalve Brace and experience leg aching in the thigh and calf sometimes in the ankle on the right side. While going up some stairs, on the third step without warning my left leg could not hold my weight and I just puddled on to the step, almost as if I meant to sit there. I am waiting to talk with my Neuro Surgeon but in the meantime I am rather concerned. Any input is really welcomed.
    Newbie here :S
  • I didn't have a Lumbar Pars fracture or Spondy, but I did have a broad based herniation and DDD and my leg gave out of me quite a bit, can't tell you how many times I came really close to falling on my butt or my face.
  • Only you can decide how much pain you are in and how it affects your lifestyle. If you aren't in danger of permanent nerve damage, there is no problem in waiting. You can always have fusion, but there is no turning back once your spine is altered.

    Keep in mind that surgery will not restore you to the way you were at an earlier point in time. It is primarily performed for pain relief...or in the case of spondy, to protect against further instability.

    It is always a good idea to get several opinions from docs from different medical practices. In addition, I found it useful to consult with both neurosurgeons who specialize in the spine and ortho spinal specialists.

    Fusion usually does very little for back pain. If you don't have leg pain, it sounds like something other than the spondy is causing your back pain.
  • Hi There,
    I am a spondy case, DDD, bilateral pars fractures...my own back got worse and worse, increasing unstable. I could barely walk.
    My surgery came just in time, my spasm's radiated right into my chest like a tight rubber band. The pain insane.
    Sadly, I was troubled with complications but do not regret the decsion at all/ The recovery is slow.
    My own opinion is that, because I had numerous issues that were causing pain problems it has hindered my recovery. I have had to adjust my lifesytle and still hope that in a few years I will be better still.

    Whether to have surgery is always a difficult choice. I would suggest, because of the complications and slow recovery, it must be a "can't cope with this any more" step, unless you have CES or other serious threats going on.

    Good Luck.
  • Hi, I had a 2 level TLIF/Laminectomy on L4-S1 for a recurrent central herniation on L4-5, retrolisthesis L4-5, disc bulge with nerve compression on L5-S1, severe DDD, chronic degenerative endplate changes, and facet arthropathy. I continue to struggle with chronic back pain and nerve damage. Everybody's situation and results can vary, and it's hard to say whether or not one should try surgery. It's a personal decision, but a major one. Read all you can about it and consider the odds of a successful outcome. Whatever you decide to do, I hope that everything turns out in your favor.
  • Kadaro,

    It has been a few months since your surgery how are things going? I am contemplating the same surgery and my biggest concern is how much motion I will lose because of the fusion from s1 to l4. I am 35 years old and used to be very active. I am a cyclists and hiker who used to spend 20 hours a week excercising and competing in events. Does the fusion limit your motion and do you think it would affect my sitting on a racing bike?

  • Bonjour,

    I had spondy grade 1-2. Actually broken pars, both sides. This is called Isthmic spondy.Severe DDD. Compressed ganglion.
    They did a PLIF with screws rods and a cage filled with bone fragments from the laminectomy.

    I have to say that fusion has cured my back pain. Its now 8 months since the surgery and the pain is gone.
    I have very tight hamstrings and try to avoid bending too much, but i can perfectly.

    I am literally half an inch taller than before and I think thats why the hamstrings are tight. The physio said nerves need to stretch too.
    One unpleasant after effect I noticed was that it felt as though all the tiny nerves where ripping out of position if I stretched out my foot from the ankle.But thats fixed itself.

    It is a big surgery and a long rcovery so make an informed descicion. Only you know how much pain your in.
    For me it has improved my quality of live.

    All the best

  • I had the same bilateral pars fractures at L5 which caused instability. This past Sept I had a 1 level PLIF and I can tell you I feel SO much better. After 6 years of pain and worsening problems I can't believe I waited so long. Like Ironman says it's a long recovery, but I've felt it has been worth it. For me it came to a point where I had to look at my quality of life....and it was pretty poor. Best of luck to you on your decision. Do your homework and make sure you are comfortable with the decision you make!

  • Hello everyone!

    I was diagnosed way back in the mid 1980's with Spondylolisthesis after going to a Chiropractor my parents were seeing at that time. He had me have x-rays taken and that is how the diagnosis was made. At this time I Sciatica in my left leg.

    Back in March 2010 my sciatica in my left leg suddenly stopped. Then month later it reappeared on my right side. Then June 2010 it suddenly stopped. Then in late July 2010 I get this pain in my lower back & across my buttocks that feels like a pulled muscle. A week later the pain gets a little worse. A week later it gets worse yet, and a week later I cannot stand the pain! i go to my Primary Care Physician. I was sent for a MRI and low and behold what shows up on the MRI? A Bulging disc, My Spondylolisthesis, Epidural Lipomatosis, Spinal Stenosis and Arthritis!

    Here is what the report says:

    "There is a grade 2 anterolisthesis of L5 on S1. There is bilateral L5 spondylolysis. There is Modic type fatty degeneration at the endplates. There is broad-based posterior pseudo-disc protrusion with bilaterial foraminal components resulting in severe bilateral foraminal narrowing.

    There is abundant fat in the epidural space from L4 through the sacrum suggestive of a component of epidural lipomatosis.

    At L4-L5, posterior disc bulge and mild facet arthrosis without significant spinal stenosis or foraminal narrowing.

    Impression: grade 2 anterolisthesis of L5 on S1 with bilateral L5 spondylolysis. Severe bilateral foraminal narrowing. Epidural lipomatosis."

    I went to a specialist - Neurosurgeon who specializes in spine and brain surgery. The Doctor normally would recommend surgery, but with my weight 353lbs and being obese and other health conditions that pose a risk for that type of surgery. She recommended Physical Therapy and pain management.

    Well, with my insurance there are no pain management specialist that are in network within 50 miles! So no pain management. I started Physical Therapy doing great, but then one early morning about 2:00am, BAM!! I got this sharp stabbing pain in my back and it went done my back and into my left leg, and up my back into my left shoulder. Then about a minuter later both arms went numb and tingly! After about 3 minutes it cleared up. Then a minute later both legs went numb and tingly! A few minutes later it cleared up. Ever since then I have been in pain in my lower back, across my right buttocks, right hip down my right leg to my foot. I can barely stand for a couple minutes, walk for couple minutes, or sit for a couple minutes with out having pain! It steadily gets worse until I lie down or do the stretches I was shown to do to help ease the pain.

    I have a hard time exercising to loose the weight, because of the pain. And to fix my back and get rid of the pain I have surgery. To have surgery I have to exercise to loose weight. So I am stuck between a rock and a hard place!

    Yes, I have done research on my conditions. I did it before I went to the Specialist.

  • is what led me to a L5-S1 fusion almost four weeks ago. I had been doing everything possible to avoid surgery, PT, injections, etc but when my leg started giving out without much warning, the decision was easy to make. Stairs were easy places, but sometimes all it took was a cough or a sneeze and bam, my leg was gone out from under me. The hard part I am dealing with now is how my back hurts at almost 4 weeks post PLIF - my leg is definitely slowly getting better but since I had never really had much back pain before, it is very frustrating to have it now.
    Good Luck to you whatever you decide to do..
  • Hello everyone,

    Well, I have loss weight, which is a good thing, but I have to loose more. So far I am down to about 337lbs! Which is about 40lbs less than I was in May/June of 2010, when I weighed around 376lbs or 378lbs. I have lost the weight by drinking more water and less soda. Drinking more Zero Calorie soda instead of the regular cola. Eating smaller the sandwiches instead of the BIG ones when eating at Burger places and also eating grilled chicken with my salads and no salad dressing! Eating more cereal for breakfast instead of eggs everyday.

    The Pain did get worse though in my lower back, right butt cheek, and radiating down my right leg. I started getting numbness in my lower right leg below my knee and in my right foot. I get a sharp stabbing pain like I am sitting on a stone, in my right butt cheek and right hip. The only way to ease the pain is to lie down for a few minutes to about 30 minutes.

    I am finally going for pain management! I go for an epidural injection on Wednesday March 30, 2011. Hopefully that will take away the pain and will last for a while!

  • I'm a 58 year old male. I slipped and fell in November 2010 and since then have had lower back pain with numbness and tingling down my left leg. I went to the MD in January and they did 3 x-rays (AP and Lateral views). The impression was small chronic Schmorl node in L2, L1, & T12 with suble chronic anterior wedging. There was also "likely" chronic bilateral pars defects at L5. L5 also shows anterolisthesis on S1. My MD says these are all "standard degenerative" findings for people my age.

    I took a course of corticosteroids w/little to no improvement. NSAIDS seem to be of no help. I went to PT and was given core strengthening exercises with no improvement at all in 30 plus days.

    Anybody else in this boat? I want to get back to my normal life of hiking, playing tennis. Am I hoping for too much? Any suggestions?
  • mrossomx2mmrossomx2 Coal center Posts: 42
    I have suffered from a Bi-lateral Pars Fracture and ddd for 10 years. I saw every dr available to try to help diagnose me and help me but they would always shrug me off, finally 10 years after the original pain started I was referred to the OS that the Pgh Steelers use. He was a godsend he found the problem and sent me to another OS at Presbyterian Hospital (due to his schedule and being oot soon) I had my appt and he could see that I could not even get up out of a chair by myself that was how bad it had gotten, I also had the hip (area) pain, I had pain down both legs and in general could not function. He told me what he could do for me but said it had to be my decision I had to be at the point of no return. I was ready I had tried injections, PT, Chiro nothing worked. I scheduled TLIF l5-s1 fusion for 2 weeks later. I am now 17 days post of and other than a few muscle spasms I have no residual pain from the original problem, if it stays this way I will be the happiest woman alive.

    It has to be your decision!! But as my Dr said you will know when you can take no more.
  • Hello everyone!

    Well, the shot only lasted until early May. I am getting the pain again in my lower back, right buttocks, and down my right leg. My right leg also goes numb on me. At least for now I can ease the pain a little bit by sitting down and leaning forward a little bit or like usual; lying down on my back.

    I had gone back to my Doctor and I was told; I am on my own for now, until I lose more weight or until my condition gets worse! Gee, Thanks A lot! Just what I wanted to hear, NOT!

    Now I have to go back to the Pain management doctor, but the only problem I have there is they are still waiting for the pre-authorization from my insurance for my first set of shots! Ugh!
  • Hello everyone!

    It is now august and I am in agony again! I can barely sit, stand or walk with out having moderate to severe pain! I can hardly drive with out having the pain get to the moderate level. I am now starting to get the pain in my left leg as well at times. At least I go back for the shots/injections on Wednesday August 24, 2011. I hope this time they will last longer than 4-6 weeks.

    Also, I am not sure if the bulging disc pressing on the nerves is starting to affect my bladder control and bowel movements or not. Around the beginning of July, I started to notice a change when I would go to the bathroom. When I would get a sensation like I would have to urinate I would go to the bathroom and then try to go. sometimes I would be able to urinate right away, but other times it would take several minutes. Now, sometimes it takes up to over an half hour before I can urinate and other times I just cannot urinate at all.

    As for the Bowel movements, I first noticed a slight change at the end of June. I would have a bowel movement then wipe and then have to go again right away. But it would not happen again until 2 or 3 more bowel movement later. But now, it is every time I have a bowel movement and I have 2 or even 3 bowel movements in a row with wiping in between, in one bathroom visit. I have not changed my diet, so it is not that.

    My doctor wants me to lose weight before considering surgery. But my problem is I cannot exercise to lose the weight, due to the pain. I am concerned that my back is getting worse and if I do not take care of it soon, it may be too late to prevent permanent nerve damage!

    I have been struggling with whether to go back to my doctor and see what they say, get a second opinion (Find another doctor to determine whether go ahead with surgery now), or keep getting the injections to "tough it out" a little longer. Any other options that might be available or advice that anyone can give me will be appreciated.
  • 42 year old, mother of 3 and high stress/long hour job

    My chiropractor just diagnosed me with DDD and 25% anterolisthesis. I've been experiencing low back pain on and off for years, but this last "episode" has been going on since May and only getting worse-- shooting pains down both legs, lots of instability in standing up from sitting position, constant pain, no sleep. I'm going in next week to get the additional xrays to determine if it's stable or unstable.

    Since I've only been seeing my chiropractor (I'm not very good with regular MD methods of pain medication and laying flat which is what I was told last time I had a flair up), but think I should check in with my primary care. My chiropractor said if we get to the point of talking surgery, he likes to use a neurosurgeon instead of an osteo. Thoughts?

    A few folks mentioned the "long recovery" of such a surgery. Can you tell me more? I haven't been able to find too much on the internet about the recovery time.
  • Hello Chicalica,

    As far as recovery time goes, it is hard to say, because everyone is different. Some people may recover faster than others, while other people may take longer to recover than others. Also it depends on how bad each person's situation is regarding their back problems are. If the back problems are not as bad as expected when the surgery is performed, then recovery may be faster. If the back problems end up being a little worse then expected, then recovery may be slower. People have different tolerance to pain and that can affect recovery time as well. If you have a higher pain tolerance then you might work through some of the pain with PT, while others might not be able to tolerate as much pain and therefor not be able to do as much. That is why it is difficult to find recovery times for surgeries like these. Doctors may only be able to give a generalized time frame based on how other patients have done in the past.

    I hope I was of some help.
  • I was diagnosed with spondy grade 1 at L5/S1 this past winter. My l5/s1 was bulging and I had foraminal stenosis as well. My lumbar spine was also deformed in that my L5/S1 disc space was not horizontal but was almost vertical. When diagnosed, I had right calf pain, my first two toes and bottom of my right foot were numb. My back hurt so bad that I could only sleep on my left side. I couldn't stand or walk for more than a couple of minutes. It took almost 2 months to recover from that flare up.

    My chiro told me that there was no way a surgeon would touch me since there was also evidence of arthritis. He told me this by only reading the report and never saw the MRI pictures. He wanted me to just keep up with the PT exercises, see him once in a while for adjustments, and take meds.

    I saw my family doctor. He just kept putting things off and giving me prescriptions. When he saw the MRI report, he just gave me a referral to an ortho surgeon.

    The ortho surgeon just treated me like I was a nuseance. He said I should get shots and wait until I couldn't function to have any surgery.

    I then met my current neurosurgeon. He said I would need surgeon sooner or later. Well, I chose sooner. I wanted to have surgery while I was feeling well. I also didn't want to risk nerve damage.

    I had my surgery on March 18, 2011. I had PLIF at L5/S1. I had 2 cages put in with BMP and my own bone. Due to the in stability, there was a lot of grit and cleaning up to do. It was planned to take 4 hours but took 5. I was in the OR for 6 hours and in recovery for 2. The one thing I was grateful for was that my surgeon is one of the few to use the spine-assist robotic assistant. The surgeon used my CT scarn and a computer program to decide where and what position to put the screws. On surgery day, he took x-rays while I was surgery position. The x-rays and previous computer program were combined for a final review. The little robot was then attached to my back and an arm moved around to a designated point that was decided on by the surgeon. The surgen then used this guide to insert the instruments to insert the screws. The surgeon was in complete control of everything. The robot was just used to guide the surgeon on the angle and direction of the instruments. I was thankful for this because I carry extra weight around my midsection and the floroscope images were not the greatest for him due to this. I think if he would have had to rely totally on the floroscope images that there was a good change of the screws not going where they should have. I hope this all made sense.

    Anyways, I am 5 months out now from my surgery. I was really surprised at how long the recovery has been. I am pretty much back to normal now. I still have some issues with nerve pain but it is more annoying than anything else. I still have soreness in my back and some swelling at times. I have some pain at times in my buttocks too but this varies also. All in all, I am happy with my results so far. I don't have back pain when I walk anymore which is great. I am very glad I had this surgery. I was also glad I had it done early before any more damamge had been done. I am glad I didn't just listen to my chiro. I was glad I got differing opinions between an ortho and neuro. I did a ton of homework and reading on the web.

    Best of luck to everyone and I hope things turn out okay.
  • Hi all, I am new here.. is grade 2 Anter. and grade 2 spondylolisthesis the same? I have those both on reports? any ways.. here is what I all have:the following : Grade 2 Antero. of L5 on S1 with bi-pars defect.,Severe disc height loss, bi-foram-narrowing & flattening of both L5 nerve roots, both S1 nerve are also encroached, Bulging discs at L1-2, L2-3, L3-4, L4-5 At T11-12 a 5mm ds protrusion w/mildly deform ventral cord. Along with DDD thru out whole spine, Disc Narrowing at C5-6, C6-7 due to uncovertebral osteophytosis (report from Nov-08 on C-spine) Had another MRI on neck.. but can not find it, requested a new copy.
    I hve went thru 1 round of lumbar injections..with no change.. still severe pain all the way acrossed my back, into buttocks, sometimes feels like my bone is going come out my.. crack, lol (gotta laugh and keep some kind of humor)
    Still deciding if surgery is the way to go? My Pain spec. says to wait.. my Nuero Dr. says it is up to me..to wait as long as possible.. but it was up to me. I know that surgery is risky..and you can't go back.... I just don't know... for now... heating pad and pain meds I guess... also said therapy would not help.

  • and welcome to Spine Health >:D<

    We are not allowed to diagnose from other people's MRI reports, but I would say that yes, an anterolisthesis is a forward slip of a vertebra, so it is the same as spondylolisthesis (or a type of spondylolisthesis).

    I find it very interesting to read of all your degeneration of discs and bone throughout your spine. I also have problems throughout my spine and have often wondered what has caused it. I will find out quite how much degeneration I have next week when I have a full spine MRI scan.

    My Grade 2 spondylolisthesis of L4/L5 was also caused by bilateral pars defect. I wonder how old you are. I am 56, but I didn't discover my diagnosis until summer 2008, after a sight seeing visit to Madrid in Spain for a Valentine weekend, and by the end of the weekend I could hardly walk without having to sit down. My doctor was amazed that I had carried 3 pregnancies and hadn't been diagnosed as the weight of the baby is known to pull the slip forward causing great pain. I just thought that pregnant ladies did have back ache and sciatica!

    I was determined to not have surgery (very scared!!) and did every and any thing that people told me would help. I saw a Chiropractor for over 50 visits! Exercised like a mad woman and walked every day. Changed my diet, lost weight, drank loads of water, took vitamins and other supplements.

    Eventually the pain got worse and the MRI scan showed things were much worse that they had thought and I was almost bone on bone and my vertebra was tipping forward and I had very severe stenosis of my central cord and nerve roots.

    My orthopedic surgeon told me that if I didn't have surgery, I would end up in wheelchair and eventually incontinent. That made surgery seem an easy decision!!

    I think that my recovery after fusion surgery with decompression was made easier due to all the walking and exercising that I had been doing to avoid surgery.

    I am very much better than before my surgery, and the awful sciatica that I had been getting in both legs was gone after surgery.

    Unfortunately, I am still having problems with my spine, especially in my neck now, where I have 2 discs compressing my spinal cord. I was warned before surgery that I would always have pain in my back.

    If I had to choose again, I would definately go ahead with the surgery. It is a difficult surgery and the recovery is long but, for me, it has been worth it.

    I notice that you are trusting in God O:)
    I found that trusting in God gave me amazing peace and strength to face this enormous surgery.

    Looking forward to getting to know you better. :-)

  • Hello Everyone,

    So far this this time around the Pain shots have been working great! At least a lot better than last time! It has been just over a year since I found out what was causing all the pain in my back. I was hoping to have had my back fixed and been either all better and healed up by now or at least on the road to recovery.

    But so far all that has happened is I have gone to Physical Therapy with minor pain relief and I was finally able to get Pain management started in February of this year.

    I have been unable to continue the exercises to strengthen my core muscles to try and help ease the pain, because of the pain! I also need to lose weight to try and help ease the pain and also the Neurosurgeon wants me to lose weight before She will even consider surgery as an option. But again, I cannot exercise due to the pain when I stand, walk, and sit for even short periods of time. So trying to exercise is more painful. But everyone keeps telling me: "Work through the pain." Easy for them to say, because they are not the one experiencing the pain!

    I want to get my back taken care of so I can get it healed and then start working on exercising to lose the weight to so I can be healthy! But I need to lose the weight before my doctor will operate! What the heck should I do?

    Before you say I should go to another doctor, take into account that my insurance is "medical assistance" which is provided by the State. Yes, there is an Insurance company that provides the coverage, but I have to use a doctor that is in their "network". At least one good thing is with the Primary Care Physician that I have, I do not need a referral to see a specialist.

    The Question I have is: Should I go to another Neurosurgeon or See an Orthopedic Surgeon?

  • A physical therapist should be able to recommend some exercises that will focus on weightloss, preferably with a ball, a stationary bike would be good too.

    You should also consider a nutritionist to balance your diet for better results, still eating smaller portions at fast food joints and drinking zero calorie sodas isn't good for you either
  • Jenny hall, thanks for the info.. I kinda thougth they were the same thing... I guess it depends on who is writting the report, lol Well for now.. I am and not going to have surgery... I am just not ready for it, I have issues with my shoulder (have had 2 surgeries on it already) just got over a hysterectomy (march) so just not ready to deal with all that..and more. Also have a hip that has significate arth.. I am only 45 (46 in Dec) Like I said I was diagnosed in 08. Progressing rather rapidly..Yes if my legs go out and the pain starts in the legs and such..I guess I will have no choice.. but for now..I am just dealing with it... and praying for relief and thanking god for the things he has given me. Like they say..it could be worse... Thanks..and I asked you to be a buddy :)
  • hello everyone, my name is kris and im 20 years old. i am about to finish my intro class into a nursing school and am a very athletic kid who plays soccer and surfs. I had fractured my L5 vertebrae (both sides) sometime in april. Bilateral par fractures have been observed in my MRIs and CT scans. i have been to an orthopedic and spinal surgeon and a neuro-surgeon. the orthopedic/spinal surgeon both put me in a thoracic brace for months. the neuro-surgeon had told me it could be a congenital pars defect (which i was very befuddled about). i am unsure on what i would like to do and my family is uncertain as well. from those who have gotten the surgery or for those who found an optional route please reply.
    -thank you,
  • This is very informative and the best application of Google Earth that I\'ve seen. Thanks for taking the time to develop this. I think I\'ll include this URL in one of the next updates I send out for TA. I bet people will enjoy using the technology.
  • Hello everyone!

    Well, here it is April of 2012 and it has been 18 months since I had found out what has been wrong with my back. And still the only thing that has been done for it has been Physical Therapy and Epidural injections. Neither have worked to fully ease or relieve the pain. If anything the Physical Therapy has made it worse, during the physical therapy session. My Neuro-Surgeon still does not want to operate until I either get much worse or I lose a lot more weight. Now, I am back at Aqua Therapy again. The therapists keep trying to tell me "the pain you are feeling is muscle pain from the lack of use." lmao

    I guess they do not know how to read, because I have a bulging disc in my lower back pressing on the nerves which is causing the pain across my buttocks and radiating down both legs. Plus i know the difference between muscle pain and nerve pain! Because i have had a pinched nerve before and also experienced muscle pain plenty of times! Those Idiots.

    Well at least I go to see an Orthopedic Surgeon on Monday April 16, 2012 for a second opinion. So I will see what they have to say.
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