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TurtleTTurtle Posts: 161
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:26 AM in Pain Medications
Anyone using this for pain? Or is it for nerve repair? My doctor gave it to me after I compained about spasms but it doens't seem to be used for that, but for seizures. Which I do not have. What gives?
(And if this post is not premitted let me know why. I wrote about this earlier in another post but it never showed up. Maybe I pressed a wrong buttom instead of submit, but if it happens again please tell me why so I try to pose my third request diffferently-I really want other peoples experience with it. Thx!)


  • I have an excuse from my doctor, lol!
  • But I am not quite certain that it is helping me yet.

    One Love,

  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,726
    is medication to help with nerve pain. Normal pain medications may relief overall pain, but rarely addresses the pain associated with nerves.
    Gabapentin(Neurontin) is one type of medication to help with nerve pain. I've been using it for a while and it has helped a good deal. Started with 300mg a day and now up to 2000mg a day.
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • I only said I was still having spasms and had mentioned that to the surgeon at the time and he said, "oh yes, you would because we touched the never quite a bit due to the compression". Is this drug warranted with such a harmless observations on my part? It's not like I'm having seizures of pain-only spasms. It seems so strong. I can't call them again about it-I think I have worn out my welcome with these kind folks :) Thanks for the replies folks!
  • those drugs that has multiple uses. It is a medication that is used to control seizures but can also be used to treat nerve pain. I think in your instance it is more the nerve pain application rather than the seizures. Unless of course you are having seizures. I take it on a daily basis and I get quite a bit of relief from it.
  • for the replies. I feel better about trying it now.
  • but found lyrica much more effective. If the gabapentin isn't working, maybe ask for lyrica?

    I know a lot of folks have issues with swelling with lyrica, but I've never had any problems.

    Another thing I like about lyrica is that you take much less of it than you do the neurontin for nerve pain relief.
  • The side effects scare me and with all I had to do around Christmas, and now New Years (I'm half Japanese and they do New Years like we do Christmas but for 3 days!) I can't afford to have the side effects. Then I start college back up on Jan 13,,,,I think I rather live with the twitchy nerve pain. At least it is just a burning and tinglging sensation and not the horrific muscle spasms that caused me to almost puke and pass out before the cervical operation :T

    Anyone else felt better NOT take it?
  • I took Gabapentin/Neurontin for about five years, and it is one drug that didn't give me ANY side effects at all. It's been used for a long time, so is probably one of the safer drugs.

    I was originally given it for nerve pain and to help with sleep; it didn't do a lot at the time for nerve pain, but did help with sleep. I just started it again a month or so ago, and this time it IS helping with the nerve issues, but my sleep is still very messed up. It has never helped with muscle spasms, though; I have a hard time finding something that does help, but I think the methotrexate I'm on is finally starting to manage them after many years of suffering!

    I wouldn't hesitate to be on it myself, but that's just my opinion. Good luck, and hope you find some relief.

  • I was started on Gabapentin 400mg 3x daily about 1 month ago along with an NSAID called Indomethacin 50mg 3x daily for severe nerve pain due to L5-S1 central disk protrusion and degenerative disk disease. I had tried physical therapy, spinal injections, tens unit and traction with no relief. The gabapentin and indomethacin has helped take the edge off the pain so that I can walk without tremendous pain for the first time in months. I was very skeptical about it in the beginning but it has helped, not completely without pain but much more manageable as long as I don't overdue things. I have had some side effects like problems with memory and balance at times. Hoping that will improve as time goes on once I get adjusted to the medication, will deal with that, rather than the severe pain. Some people really get bothered by it but for me it has helped and even improved my fibromyalgia and helps me to sleep better.
  • To be honest its quite good for nerve pain :D , it is an anti epileptic drug, but it works.I have to laugh about this now :))( ,but i was not laughing at the time. I had to come off this because i was doing strange things :S (i was on the highest dose though)i would walk out of shops with items in my hand, without paying :SS (this was not my character at all) I would be offensive to people and say exactly what i thought :T . So when it was time to go back to pain clinic to see my doctor, my daughter told him some of the strange things i was doing, he just laughed at me =)) =)) =)) , but he did say it was most likely to be the dose i was on that was making me do the things out of character :? . Since then he has now changed me onto lyrica :D (this is also an anti-epileptic drug) but it does help with the nerve pain. :D I hope this gives you some sort of insight and helps :?

    Angie xx
  • Hi Everyone

    Hope someone can help. I had an ACDF on C6-C7 3 months ago and am no better than before the op although the movement is better. The disc herniated in January leaving me unable to move my head and with severe muscle spasms in my neck and spine and electric shocks in my hand etc, but as I wasn't scanned until the end of April it took 14 weeks to diagnose. The operation took place 2 weeks later to remove part of the disc, replace with a carbon fibre box and fuse.
    I am currently on 600mg of gabapentin, 60mg of dihydrocodeine and 100mg of diclofenic a day for the pain. I am still getting electric shocks in my left hand, shooting pains up my neck and now into my ears (?!) and a continual burning pain down my spine which is really getting me down.
    I expected to be back at work after 6 weeks of the op but am still off sick and its now 3 month.
    At my first MRI which identified the C6-C7 disc herniation (the surgeon described it as a huge piece of disc having broken off), the neurosurgeon also commented on C5-C6 bulging but decided to leave it as he didn't know how long it had been like that.
    The pain increased between the time I had the MRI and the operation and after the operation I was told a massive piece of disc had shot off and lodged itself in the fibre surrounding the spinal cord and had dented the spinal cord. The surgeon said that it had been far worse than he thought at scan stage. After physio that has not helped, I had the results of another MRI today which showed C6-C7 op ok, a vertical fracture in C5-C6 and C4-C5 bulging but with nothing actually touching the spinal cord, although I understand the dent is still there at C6-C7. The surgeon has signed me off for a further 6 weeks and referred me to another neurosurgeon for a second opinion.
    I expected to be told I needed another op as all the symptoms have come back so was not expecting to be referred for a second opinion and left the hospital without asking anything other than about pain relief - the consultant has increased the gabapentin to 900mg.
    Has anyone else experienced anything like this?? I'm hoping someone might be able to give me an idea as to what might be going on???
    Thanks for your help and support.

    Sue xxx
  • Guess I should have read this post first. In regards to the increase in Gabapentin ... I started out at 300mg twice a day and continued to increase it until a therapeutic level was reached. It is amazing what this drug can do for me. It can help with everything from your shooting pain in your head and the burning in your shoulders.

    Best wishes,

  • My medical issues: secondary lymphadema in lower limbs, peripheral neuropathy, spinal stenosis.

    I was on Lyrica a few years ago but it did nothing for my pain; there were side effects but I don't remember what they. Several months ago my Internist prescribed Neurontin but I refused to take it without Neurologist consultation. My Internist prescribed doses of 300mg beginning with one dose the first week, two doses the second week building to 3 doses, 3x daily over a nine week period.

    I have since seen a Neurologist who prescribed 300mg daily, building 3x daily over a three week period I have stopped there until I see him after 6 months. I am not pain free (I don't think I will ever be) but it is much more manageable than in the past. It also cause drowsiness, so I do not drive within the first few hours after taking it.

    I still have concerns. I have always been of the opinion that medication work because they are often supplanting or supplementing a normal body function which over time shuts down. So in this case will I have seizures if I stop taking the medication? TracyLynne what was your experience when you stopped taking Gabapentin?

  • I was on Lyrica after my second surgery and I do believe that it helped but after about three months, All it did for me was give me weird jolts almost like electric pulses when I was laying down...Very bothersome. I had a three month post op MRI and my right side nerve root was still very swollen, about twice the size of the left. My doctor recommended Gabapentin as apposed to Lyrica for a nerve anti-imflamitory. I cant say I have had much different relief that I can tell but at least I dont have those weird jolts anymore. Lyrica is much more potent than Gaba, therefore, more serious side effects. Lyrica is actually for the diagnosis of Fybromyialga but also works to calm down nerve that say were moved during a surgery.
  • It helps my "burning" pain in my hips and thighs. Otherwise I feel "sunburned" in those areas alot. The down side for me is that it makes me "goofy." I don't seem to remember things as well as I used to. (or could it be that I'm nearing 60???) I think it has been used for years so it has a pretty good track record. I certainly hopes it helps you.
  • My Internist prescribed a regimen beginning with 300mg daily for 1st week and progressing to 3x300mg 3xdaily (2700mg daily) in the 9th week.
    Subsequently, a Neurologist prescribed a regimen of 300mg daily to 300mg 3xdaily in the 3rd week until I make a return visit in Nov. I have experienced some relief of all sympthoms of nerve damage but I am still not comfortable with the idea of an increased dosage.
    What if any negative effects have you experienced as you have increased your dosage?
  • ObstetrixOObstetrix Posts: 2
    edited 04/14/2014 - 6:12 AM
    Currently on my 7th week after operation. I used 300 mg a day immediatly after surgery along with ketoprofen for about 10 days, after that.I used Celecoxib for another 10 days and kept neurontin at the same dosage. I very seldom use nsaids and am only taking neurontin. Almost no pain whatsoever. On weekends. I take 600 mg in the afternoon to sleep better since some drowsiness wont be a problem since. I will not have to perform surgeries. The thing is I wake up with no hangover and fully functional. I am I pilot too and have flown without any inconveniences after such a dose. This is my second lumbar operation (first was not effective, I got a Maverick disk that caused more vertebral motion and progressive pain). This time I am doing better and comparing Lyrica to Neurontin a can say that the last is better tolerated than the former in terms of drowsiness and pain control. You will laugh at this, in my country 20 caps cost 0.25USD, yes a Quarter. I am waiting the 90 days post op line to begin exercising, real exercise. One xtra: check out** Edited to remove product name ** back exercises

    Post edited by Sandi- Please see the forum rules at the link below for more information.
    You agree not to post specific physician names or health care facilities , devices or product names on Spine-Health.com.


  • Jaclee46JJaclee46 Posts: 28
    edited 04/24/2014 - 12:24 PM
    I am currently taking Gabapentin 300 mg, i in the morining, afternoon, supper time and 900 mg at bedtime, 1800 mg daily it was prescribed to me after my spinal fusion/ laminectomy L4, L5 & S1, when I got foot drop has a result, I had decompression
    exploratory surgery to release the entrapped nerves, still suffering with the foot drop a long slow recovery still wearing AFO brace no guarantees, it helps very little with the pain and I don't sleep much either, my Dr. tells me it is the best thing for the
    nerve pain I am dealing with, I think I will ask about increasing the dosage, I am walking 2 x a day 2 miles each time and my legs and foot hurt badly by the end of the day. Good luck I hope it works for you. I have had no side effects from it
  • I take 300mg 3xdaily and it helps a lot with the leg pain and it does make me a little tired that's why I usually take it at night. It helps me sleep.
    Female 44 survivor of thyroid cancer...just had two surgeries for breast cancer and chronic back pain. Live in upstate ny. On 8mg dilaudid 6 a day and 60mg morphine sulf er 2x day
  • 100 mg to 3600 mg per day, so there is a lot of room for dosage adjustment. If the current dosage is not working for you, talk to your doctor about slowly increasing the dosage
  • My pain DR prescribed this for me yesterday. 300MG day one, 2X300 day 2, 3x300 day 3 and stay that way. My husband woke me this morning because I had an appointment for blood work. I felt very dazed & confused. Luckily he was around to drive me. Slept really well which I don't as a rule. I was just starting to feel normal and have taken my first dose of 2 for today.
    Hoping I don't get that feeling back again. Too soon to know if it will work.
    How long does it usually take to feel results and side effects calm down?
    Take Care.
  • josbornejjosborne Posts: 86
    edited 05/21/2014 - 9:04 AM
    I currently use 1800 mg a day and gabapentin works wonders for my nerve pain. makes me a bit drowsy. but thats all :)
    (12.24.13) L2-L3 Laminectomy, Discectomy and Coflex insertion. DX'ed with Ankylosing Spondylitis on 5/13/14
  • I had a bad reaction. I took on 300mg pill at bedtime like prescribed and went to sleep. When it kicked in a half hour later I was literally torn out of sleep because of the insane dreams I was having. Then as I lay in bed I felt strange, like I had taken a small dose of laughing gas and I couldn't stop smiling. I forced myself back to sleep, when I woke in the morning I felt normal and have never taken it again.
  • I've had a variety of side effects from different medications. The most common being drowsiness. I find most of these go away pretty fast...a couple of weeks for muscle relaxers & up to a month for nerve meds. The only ones I really couldn't handle were Lyrica & Savella which both made me feel terrible, heart rate, memory issues, nausea, depression etc. If your reactions aren't too bad it's worth sticking with new medications until you see how well they work (usually a month at the very least) & if the side effects will go away.
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
  • PinkellaPPinkella Posts: 211
    edited 05/21/2014 - 2:42 PM
    Ive been on gabapentin for five weeks now and I did have some side effects, which is why im not going to increase it again,i mainly had tremors in my hands, increased anxiety,and feeling very fatigued,After a couple of weeks the side effects went,apart from the fatigue that has remained.I had 85% improvement of pain and spasms in my thigns but this week most of my back pain has returned and the leg spasms!.So im not impressed so far.
    but that doesn't mean it wont work for you....
    Facet joint Arthritis L3,L4,L5,DDD.
  • I'm on the max of this- 3600mg per day. I began low, and my doctor did slow increases. I felt like it wasn't helping- I didn't feel better, and that's what I told the doctor. He said I could wean off of it, so I did. Why take meds if you don't need them, right? Anyway, after I stopped, there was a deep ache everywhere in my body. My hip and leg became more numb, I just felt really awful. Started it again, worked back up to the old dose, felt more like my old self.
    I also tried lyrica and cymbolta. Neither of these were successful for me- gabapentin has really been good for me. As far as side affects go, the only one I probably have is drowsiness, but it seems like that is a possible side affect for most drugs. Good luck!
    2000- spinal fusion, complete spine due to scoliosis
    2012- pain began, started treatment for chronic pain
    2013- install of pain pump, procedures to address complications
    2014-blood patch, spinal fluid leak
  • Is this drug supposed to alleviate the pain right away or is there supposed to be a delay, like weeks or so? I am slowly increasing the dosage. I'm up to 800mg/day so far, 900 tomorrow.
  • I'm slowly working my way up with Gaba too. Up to 1,500 mg a day so far. It takes a while for it to take effect, doesn't it?
  • I started and have maxed at 2 caps three times daily. I really thought it wasn't doing anything..then I missed a dose. Oh My. leg was ON FIRE. I did have side effects when I started. I had ataxic movements, and some drowsiness. Most of it has faded. I'm on my 3rd week of the medication. Getting an epidural space injection and hoping to be able to stop it....
    We'll see. But I gotta admit, I'm a fan of the Neurontin. Is it the solution, probably not for everything, but it has made things bearable.
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