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cheaper substitute for Oxycontin

dmoonchilddmoonchild Posts: 383
edited 06/11/2012 - 1:26 PM in Pain Medications
As many of you may have read, I was denied SSD ( got a lawyer working on the appeal) and I lost my job and my health insurance. My husband put us all on his plan at his job but the copays are outrageous and the plan is too. I go to my PM Dr next Tuesday and was going to ask for something similar to oxycontin but cheaper, and I have tried Kadian with really bad side effects so thats out. Any suggestions? I take 40 mg every 12 hours of the oxy right now. Thanks everyone.


  • Have you tried Fentanyl or Methadone? In my current plan, the patches are $10.oo and I get 15 (generic). Methadone is always dirt cheap. Most long acting meds fall under Tier II or III. Call your new plan and they can help you further with that question.
  • hi there i live in Manchester UK and i take genuine oxycontin and oxynorm i was given generic oxycodone once and i was so ill it was untrue! i was sick burning in my chest and i swear that they were not as strong as the genuine tablets .anyway my doctors has make my scrip for the genuine oxys and i have no problems now ..i pay for my drugs with a 3 month pay plan ..it cost me around 10 pounds a month.i don't think that is too bad considering how expensive oxycodone is around 100 pounds a box 80mg
    good luck
  • worked pretty good for me and it was dirt cheap. I used the fentynal patches for 1 fill because after my insurance I still had to pay 75 bucks. With my RX ins I get a discount at the register and then mail in my receipts and get 80% of that back. But for 1 box of patches at 75 bucks it was way too high for me! I would say the next thing would be methadone or the short acting oxycodone without the tylenol. NOT percocet just oxycodone. They are way cheap also. They are short acting but have many different dosage levels.
  • Works great for me and is dirt cheap. I pay $1.98 per month with insurance and full price would be about $10.00 per month. My doc always tells me how foolish it is for people to take oxy and pay about $300.00 per month when they can get the exact same results from Methadone. Some folks just don't like the stigma associated with Methadone. Also, you may want to go to needymeds.com and see if you qualify for medication assistance.
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