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Just got the weirdest call

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,671
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:26 AM in Pain Medications
from my pharmacist. I recently switched my pharmacy, I had a really bad experience with my last one, long story and not for this topic. So I have this new pharmacy and I get a call a few minutes ago from one of the techs and she tells me, "I'm sorry sir, we can't refill your hydrocodone right now, we called the Doctor and he didn't want to change your dosage." I tell her "well thats ok, my refill isn't due until the 15th, why would you want to refill it now?" She then tells me, "well sir you called this morning to get your Hydrocodone refilled!"

The problem with all of that is that I didn't call in for a refill this morning. Which means that someone called in trying to get my meds. I let her know in no uncertain terms that it wasn't me and I would never call a refill in I would come by.

This is scary as hell. I just switched my pharmacy. Who would know to call them? Either someone fished a pill bottle out of the trash or it is someone that is close to me, and that really scares me. What if they had filled it and then I came in a couple of weeks later for my meds.


  • I have empty pill bottles in my bedroom and teenagers in and out all the time. I never gave a second thought about the empty bottles but I keep my meds on me at all times. (Don't get me wrong here. I have good kids but they have friends and occasionally one I've never met just shows up. So I just don't tempt them.) Now I have to worry about throwing them away too?? Scary! I'll be removing labels from now on before they go in the trash. And I'll be having a conversation with my pharmacist about where their empty labeled bottles go.
  • I too scrape the info off my pill bottles before I put out recycle. I also shred anything with my name on it. Walmart has cheap paper shredders. That's good they didn't refill it. It would be awful for you not to have meds.
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • for the good info. I will surely scrape the labels off my bottles from now on. I never thought of doing that. I live in a good area but there are always teenagers playing in the alley. As we have been talking about this yet another thing occured to me, when i get my refills the pharmacy always staples a drug information sheet to the front of the badg that has my name on it, I have always just thrown those away, never thinking about it. I don't have an empty pill bottle from this pharmacy yet so that is the only thing I can think of that they could have stolen that has any information on it. I can't remember if your dosage or refill information is on that sheet or not. Short of that it has to be someone I know, could be anyone from someone at work, to friends, family. Just a bad situtation.

    I used to keep my meds in the glove box of my truck while I was at work because I didn't want to tempt anyone, and wouldn't you know it, my truck was stolen. They recovered it 4 days later, but as you can guess, meds were long gone. I had to take the police report to the pharmacy and to the doc. No problem with the doc but you would think I was trying to score a dime bag from a nun when I took it to the pharmacy. I can't imagine what I would have had to go through had they refilled the meds and I ran out in a week.
  • :? Are you the one that had old pharmacy say something about you taking certain meds and some kind of conflict with privacy? I vaguely remember. I am so glad you shared this with us. I never take my label off or rip up the inserts that come with the rx's but seriously thinking of getting a shredder after hearing that. It is people that that imposter who tried to get your meds that give us people that suffer from chronic pain and rely on narc pain meds the stigma that we don't deserve. It really burns me up to hear of people taking advantage of us spineys like that! X( I am so glad the pharmacy called you. Luckily, I live in a small town so the people working at the pharmacy would know if it was me coming to get my meds or not. I don't even have to say my name anymore. They see me walk in the door and they have my meds waiting for me at the register lol. I don't know if that's a good thing or bad :?
  • me, I had a pharmacy tech just blurt out what I was taking and questioned the amount while I was in line in front of 5 people. Crazy, crazy.

    Here is the part thats bad, they weren't calling me to verify they tried to fill it, they even went as far as contacting my doctor to get him to change the dosage so they could fill it almost 10 days early. My only saving grace is that they wouldn't just fill it that early.

    This has me thinking. There really are no safeguards against this kind of thing. I have never been asked for ID unless I am filling my Percocet. Everything else they just ask me to verify my address. Had they filled it, anyone could have come in and picked it up as long as they know my address. My wife picks up my narcotic medication all the time.

    Well from now on, I will be pulling all the labels, shredding the drug information sheets.

    I am amazed at the fact someone would have the guts to try and get someone elses prescription filled. The thought never even occured to me that someone might try this.
  • There are some benefits to living in a small town. The pharmacist knows me and my mother and we don't ever have to worry about him giving our prescriptions to anyone else. Between the two of us we're pretty enticing to anyone who likes opiates LOL.

    Seriously though, I will tear the labels off the bottles from now on anyway. Thank you for making us aware of this and I'm glad that you didn't have to suffer for us to learn the lesson.

  • I guess I am distrusting. Kids are just kids - whether they take the meds or sell them, the temptation is there. I shred the medical info sheets and pull the labels before throwing bottles out. We have a locked cabinet in our closet where all meds go, and the only keys are on our body's at all times. Overkill? Maybe. But worth it.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Hey,
    I was just curious, you said that someone called to refill your pain meds? I thought they passed a law or something saying that doctors can not put actual refills on the bottle anymore, they can just put authorization required or something like that? Maybe its a state thing? I live in Maryland and a few years ago, my doctor put refills on my vicodin when i had migranes. And now, they arnt allowed to put refills anymore. I am just wondering if thats not the case everywhere? 8>

  • I live in MD and docs actually can refill Vicoden. Just not Schedule 3 drugs (Percocet/oxycontin,etc)...

    They can give you refills for Schedule 2 (hydrocodone, vicoden, lortab, lorcet) for up to 6 months.

    KAI- I SURE HOPE YOU CALLED your DOC and told him you werent the one asking for the refill!!!
    I also hope you find out WHO IN THE WORLD did this! You are certainly right in saying its "scary". THAT IS SCARY!
    I had that happen to me once quite a few years ago. And the strange thing is that the person wasnt one of MY FRIENDS but one of MY SISTERS friends. She was sooo mad. Of course they werent friends any longer. He tried to refill a prescription for SOMA, which seemed an odd choice to me, considering the scripts I had at the time lol.. To each their own, I guess! I had the pharmacy request I.D. for almost a year until I was sure it wasnt going to happen anymore (they also knew the description of the guy).
    In fact, they said if he called back in they would act as if they were refilling, but they would have an officer waiting for him when HE GOT THERE. So, not sure if he got tipped off or not, but he didnt go back in.
    Anyway, make sure that DOC knows it wasnt you!
  • I can't get the lables off of my bottles so I had to melt them,and I only did that once after reading a post similar to this one.Also,I never take my old bottles into the pharmacy for a refill b/c they cannot use the same bottle twice.I think it's a wasteful law,but there it is.

    Heather~I heard that about the refills too,but my Dr refills my norco-so I don't know what's up with that :??

    Wow~This was a bad thing to have happen to you or to anyone..wondering who might have called it in,and the paranoia that must come along with that kinda makes me have a little vomit come up in the back of my throat-lol.Maybe you should talk to your Dr and explain? I don't know the appropriate protocol in a situation like this,but I know that if it were me that I would want to clarify(with my Dr) that it was not me that called the pharmacy trying to get an early refill.That's terrible!

  • Wow that is scary.....Now I can tell my wife I'm not just being paranoid ,as she so kindly put it.
    I have alway either burnt the med. info sheets or shred them.

    Robin.....when you have a few Med bottles and you want to get rid of the labels .Fill a pot of hot water and soak them for 30 minutes or so ,and they come right off.

    All of my meds stay in my safe.....it was the best 1200 bucks I have ever spent.
    A good safe can be bought for as little as $300 well worth the headaches of worrying about my wifes jewelery or personal documents when we are away from the house.

    Money well spent.....if you have any firearms in your home the cost of replacing just on of them would cover the cost of a decent safe.It could save the life of a kid whether it was a weapon or bottles of meds left out for them too get into.
    Buy a safe !!!!
  • When mine are filled I also keep them in a safe. Ive read too many horror stories online to not keep them locked up. I also have children, so leaving them unlocked is not an option for me, at all.

    When I pitch them I either peel off the labels, sometimes its a pain because they are very hard to get off! OR scratch them up and write over them w/permanent black ink. I also scratch out everything on the receipts and script instructions w/permanent ink.
    Its amazing HOW MANY TIMES our addresses and names are printed on ONE pick-up of meds! Mine is on the bottle, and often three MORE times on the receipt and instructions. A lot of stuff to BLACK OUT!

    I actually read a thread about hydrocodone refills not too long ago. And it was the common belief from everyone writing that a doctor sometimes tells you he "cant" refill scripts just so he doesnt feel bad for "not wanting to". (not saying thats my belief lol, but by the end of the thread, most agreed w/that)...

    But I am positive that in MD, you can refill Sced 2 meds.

  • by the disapearing comments again. I wrote out a big long reply to have it vanish into cyberspace. Oh well.

    My doc always gives me two refills on each of my meds except for the oxy's. Those I have to pick up a written script each time.

    I have never had a problem pulling the labels. Mine just come off in one piece. I filled my neurontin on friday and took a look at the drug information sheet and you would be amazed at all the information on that sheet. Thats all you would need to get all the info you need to try and pull this off.

    When I switched to this pharmacy it was because of the HIPAA concern I had from my last chain pharmacy. The one I go to now is owned by the pharmacist and has a total of 4 employees. I talked with them and they will not fill my scripts over the phone. It will have to be me in person from now on. It was so nice to go in and have the pharmacist say he was sorry for the misunderstanding and have him promise he would do his best to ensure nothing like this happens to anyone. They have already started asking for ID from anyone that they don't know picking up any narcotic medication. How refreshing.
  • I got one of those phone calls from the pharmacy yesterday telling me my prescription was ready for pick up. I was like huh? I didn't know if the doctor had called in something I didn't know about or what or somebody was trying to get one of my prescriptions filled. So I called the pharmacy and found out that they just went ahead and filled the two prescriptions that I had dropped off last week which I had told them to hold because I didn't need them right now. I am now seriously considering going back and getting them because they have a bottle of Soma with my name on it and I would hate to think that they had not returned it like I asked them to and it is now sitting in a bin.
  • Heyy,

    I know the doctor can call in a refill for certain drugs, like vicodin. But i was actually talking about on the bottle, having refills on that,so you could get it filled without calling the doctor. oh well, i hope all is well to everyone!

  • We live in a small town. My husband always wants me to remove the labels before I throw out the bottle. (I accused him of being a little paranoid since his reason for removing the labels was just that he didn't want the "nosy" folks in the small town to know what drugs we're taking, especially My drugs. I always went along. Now I'm glad I "humored him" since he was right (as usual). I usually burn the labels and package inserts in the fireplace. For those hard to get off labels, I recommend Goo-Gone a product found at most hardware stores (you'll use it on many other things I promise). It get the sticky gunk off of all kinds of things, including clothes and even candle wax off your faborite table cloth. Susan
  • :) i live with an alley right behind my home and i can see the results of the trash digging almost every morning. :O for this reason, i remove all labels to my meds and throw the naked bottles away at different times. you never know who would be desperate enough to not only try and refill the meds but kick in your door for the narcotics as well. :T sorry about this kind of thinking but it is necessary in my city!! :? Jenny :)
  • Yes~My Dr gives me refills & it is on the bottle,but I don't use my bottles for the refills.That is really only to let ME know..or remind me.A person could keep those bottles around and THINK that they have 2 or 3 refills when they have none though,if the bottles are several months old and the script wouldn't get filled if some stranger tried calling it in.

    Lately I've been saving all of my bottles until my script has been changed.Imagine someone finding an old hydrocodone 10/500 120 count with 2 refills and thinking it could get refilled-or wondering why I threw it out( :))( ),and if they DID try to call it in well,I've already used up those refills and don't take that medication anymore so...

    I DO worry that someone might break in trying to find pills,but my address is not on the bottles & my phone # is unlisted,so I think I'm relatively safe,but I imagine if a person wants something bad enough that they will find a way.I just hope they decide my way is not THE way.
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