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A Question For Anyone Who Has or Does Take Neurontin

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,671
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:26 AM in Pain Medications
Afternoon all. I have a quick question about Neurontin. My doc started me on this over a month ago, 300mg's 3 times per day. Ever since starting it, I have been running into walls and stumbling around because of the dizziness I feel. I mentioned this to my "doctor" (who I have lost complete faith in) and he waived it off and said "it will pass". Has anyone else ever had this effect from the Neurontin, and if so, did it "pass"? I just feel like after over a month on it, whatever side effects I was having would have passed by now???

Any info anyone could share on the subject would be much appreciated. I hope this finds all in as little pain as possible today, with a smile and the sun shining on your face! >:D<

Take care and thanks,



  • They had me on the for about 2 weeks. I couldn't sleep that well and I was so sick and got a rash on my chest. My doctor took me off it. I got other meds from my doctor. THose side effects are not good or fun. Sorry you are not doing well.
  • I've taken it before and I never cared for it. I felt like a robot, disconnected and dizzy/drowsy. Yes, it's supposed to lessen in time. I really hated taking it in the day because I felt like in a daze and out of it. I rather take Cymbalta or Lyrica; those work better in my opinion.
  • I appreciate the input. I don't think this is a good med for me but I didn't want to be premature in making that decision. I think that a month and a half is long enough to give it a fair day in court.

    Thanks again,

  • daily and the dizzyness did go away eventually. I don't think it took a month and a half though. Mine was gone in about 2-3 weeks. I still get bouts of it now and again, but nothing to bad. Short term memory loss is another thing altogether. We took a flight for the holidays and I got to the counter and the lady asked me my name and I had to pull out my drivers license. I can't remember phone numbers at all. My wife has had to program my phone with her name and (wife) beside it along with (mom), (dad), (son), ect. because I just get scatterbrained.
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,859
    Started out with only 300mg once a day and now about a year later I am taking 2000mg a day.
    Never really got tired or looped with it. I do think it has had some impact on my memory. My long term memory has always been good and my short term memory, lets just say has always been poor. But I have noticed from time to time I will have a short memory lapse.
    Buts it hard to pinpoint it to Neurontin, or a combination of Zanaflex and Oxycodone.

    But for my nerve pain, Neurontin has been great
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • I have taken Neurontin for many years with great success. Initially it made me a little drowsy, but that passed after a couple of days. I take it as a concomitant medication with Carbamazepine. The combination of the two works great. It may be possibly interacting with some other medication you are on. Have you called the pharmacist to review all you meds for interactions?

  • C,

    Hi there stranger!! No, I hadn't thought of that. I will call my pharmacy and see what they have to say about the stew of medications I take.... to see if something is interacting. All I know is I don't like the way I feel right now, being spacy, forgetful, and just unstable on my feet. Sometimes I feel like the world is on a tilt and I am trying to stand up straight, you know what I mean??? Not a good feeling when you have to go up and down a set of stairs a hundred times a day. I have bitten it once before on the stairs and it was from the 3rd step from the bottom.... I cannot imagine taking a header from the top of the stairs. I hold on and walk slowly as it is, but I just feel funky.... and not in a good way at all.

    Thanks for the suggestion.... as always, a great one. I hope you are well!! Hugs.

  • When your doc started you on THIS med did he have you slowly increase if? My new PM doc wanted me to try this med again. So starting friday night I am going to take 300mgs before bed for 1 week, then 300mgs before be and again in the am for 1 week, THEN 300mg's 3x's per day from there on. He told me that this should help reduce the drunk, dizzy feeling that I had before. I know my mother couldn't take this med at all. She said that she felt too dizzy, sleepy and drunk and in the AM's she would have the hangover feeling.
    Don't just STOP taking this med either! I am not possitive but I think you have to taper off. Now if your doc is not listening to you and your concerns I would look for someone else. Or possibly tell his nurse your concerns about your side effects and that you feel that your doc isn't listening to you. I know when I had complained about this I started seeing my old PM's nurse practitioner instead and all was well.
    So please do call the nurse and let her know ASAP! IF you are still having these side effects after all this time it is not the med for you (In my opinion). I also tried Lyrica and it was no good for me. Side effects were pretty bad. Also depression set in big time with lyrica. I have heard of MANY people on lyrica that had severe depression and sucidal thoughts. My friend had chronic back pain and major back and neck issues. She was on a lot of short and long acting meds. After about 2-3 months of Lyrica she started to get extremely depressed and she actually commited suicide. I am not saying that her sucide was from the lyrica alone but it did play a role. BUT there are a lot of people on here that it works WONDERS for. I hope you find a nerve pain med that works out for you. There are along anti depressents like, nortyptilene and amitryptilene that help with nerve pain. I have taken both at different times and they did seem to help a little. so those 2 are also different options IF your doc thinks that they would help you.
    Good luck and keep us posted.
    Have a wonderful day. MJ :)
  • I was on Neurontin for about 3 months 5 years ago. It made me dizzy and paranoid.
    I have been on Lyrica since and it works great for me. No depression, just fluid retention. Take Lasix and Potassium if that gets bad.
    Lyrica is a lifesaver for me - I can barely walk without it.
  • I take neurontin, for about a year now, and I think it works for me. My doctor also had me taper onto it, just like MJ described (one a day for a week, then 2 a day for a week, then 3 a day). And she also told me to taper off of it, if I ever decided to go off of it, to see if it was working for me (which I did a couple of times early on).

    But I would suspect that after a month and a half, if you are having side effects like this, that the drug is not good for you. I would make sure that your doctor listens to you, or find someone else who will. Sometimes the doctor may not recall exactly how long you have been taking it, I would make sure you that you make it clear how long you have been on it. Severe side effects should be taken seriously. And I would try to taper off of it, even if the doctor doesn't specifically tell you to do so.
  • I tapered onto Neurontin, but stopped it cold at 900mg a day. I started taking that drug and I swear my IQ dropped by about 90%. I couldn't hold a straight thought in my head and my memory.. oh lordy the memory.. I couldn't even remember things long enough to write them down so I wouldn't forget! =P~

    I've noticed when I've talked to people, it seems like there's no middle ground on that memory thing - it either blows people out of the water or it doesn't bother them a bit.
  • Yup, no middle ground is right! I've always had a low IQ, regardless whether I am on Neurontin or not. =))

    Seriously, I've been on high doses of it for years and it has not had an effect on my ability to think or process thought or memory. Thank goodness!
  • I was unable to tolerate it at all.

    I was warned that side effects may last up to a few weeks and then pass as my body got used to it, but sadly I was so spaced out it was not happening.
    Dizzy, sick, spaced.

    I await a trail of Lyrica. Less side effects I am told.
    Fingers crossed.
  • I've had some success with Gabapentin (Neurontin). At first I had a lot of side effects, but now I have absolutely none. It helps me a lot, takes the edge off the nerve pain. I've been taking it for a little over a year, and haven't had to increase the dose of 1500 mgs a day for about 6 months.
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,859

    1- It has done a great job in handling my nerve pain, must better than Lyrica has done
    2- Has not resulted in the quick weight gain that I did have with Lyrica
    3- Has not had any physical impacts (leg/feet swelling) like Lyrica did
    4- It has changed my short term memory which has always been bad to more like a 10 minute span!
    5- Talking about IQs, Mine varies... Talk about Food, Wine and Spirits, and my IQ is soaring. Other than that borderline, and neurontin has resulted in a droppage.. Maybe like 150 points wise!
    6- At times my verbal communications goes from Duh, what was I saying, where are my car keys, while my written communications has not suffered (atleastnotthatiknowof)

    Seriously, Neurontin is something I will stay with a bit longer...

    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • I had trouble with the spacey fuzzy feeling from the beginning, but I actually decided to stop the Neurontin based on one single occurrence.

    When I was still working, I had a daily team meeting at 8:30am. I would usually get to work around 8:15am, take my meds, then go to my meeting and we'd all eat breakfast during the meeting. After the meeting, I'd go back to my office and take about 20 minutes to organize the rest of my day. That was the only part of my day that was absolutely predictable.

    One morning, I remember absolutely - I got to work, took my meds, went to my meeting, ate my breakfast, and then went back to my office to plan out the rest of my day. The next thing I remember was the security guard coming into my office, checking the offices to make sure they were locked for the night.

    Apparently I sat down at my desk around 9:30am that morning and just zoned out, for approximately 10 hours. When I "came to," it was dark outside, my phone said I had missed about 30 calls, and there were several messages/emails from people who thought I was out of the office for the day because I hadn't answered phone calls/door knocks.

    That scared the crap out of me. All I could think was what if that had happened when I got in my car to drive home? Or after I put dinner on the stove? Or any other number of things I do in a day that could be absolutely dangerous, to me and to other people. :O

  • I have been on it for a few months maybe little more.
    It helps very much with my nerve pain in arm hand ans arm
    I take my meds 4 times a day it works better for me that way

    I haven't been really on board to much lately do to few things i wont get into but I am taking 2700mg of neurontin a day seems to be the dose that works for me. was taking 3000 but went back to 2700
    600mg around 6am than 4 hour later 600 more 4 hour later 600 more 4 hours later 900. works for me.
    maybe that will help sumone else because it truly does help with the nerve pain
    I have myeolpathy biggest issues at c6-7
    in July i had no nerve damage and after inflammation went down seems may have caused some of nerve damage anyone ever had that?
    I have appt in Madison Wisconsin Jan 22 pray he can help i have seen many doc but i have big risk in my surgery that im in need for cord damage is getting worse.
    Bless all the people with our problems life has changed and sometimes we need a friend someone that understands even if just a little.
    if anyone needs a friend to talk too i would do my best to talk.
  • did not tolerate any of these meds at all. Tried Neurontin, Lyrica and Cymbalta. More like a walking coma, and it scared my husband to death!! I don't remember a thing I did, we were in the process of buying a car, and I was sitting at the dealership practically drooling, eyes rolling in my head. I can only imagine what the employees there thought.

    Doc pulled me off immediately (all of them, as I tried them). His wife also has many meds she cannot tolerate, so he did not give me any grief.

    Good luck - a month and a half seems like a long time.

  • I would be in hospital if not for my neurontin because patsy who can tolerate pain like the best of them.could not live with the nerve pain im having, after about first 3 days of being on neurontin side effects got better I still get some drowsy but it takes away pain like nothing else.
    I don't take nothing to contract side effects of neuro but I know they do have meds that do take away them.
    I also don't work and could not work while taking it at the dose i do 2700mg, my memories was not 100percent before the neurontin, and that hasn't really gotten any worse.
    they dont tell you but food has alot to do with side effects of neuro
    I only have four meds I take and one is a prn
    vit are very important to me.
    If any one interested in talking about my experiences or there issues. im gonna try and help people the best i can with the things i have been throu.
    Best of wishes for all Patsy
  • sunny1966ssunny1966 VIRGINIAPosts: 1,385
    I just accidently stumbled across this topic and it's strange because I was just this minute thinking about stopping taking the neurontin. I feel like I'm in a fog and disconnected or something. I was driving home earlier and I couldn't remember how I even got here. I also forget what I'm talking about in the middle of conversations. It does seem to help take the edge of the pain. It doesn't help my headaches but it helps my foot where I had a neuroma removed and the nerves were cut. I kind of hate to stop it but I can't go on feeling like this. It's like I don't care for anything. I only take 900mgs a day and my dr wanted me to increase it but I told him no because I forget to pay the bills now! I think I'll taper off.....
  • if this has been said already. But the docs (I was on this at 2 different times, once with my OLD PM and Now with my NEW PM)But BOTH of them started me at 300MG's at night for a week or until the side effects wore off. Then I took 300MG's at bedtime and 300MG's in the AM. As soon as the side effects from that wore off, which were not as bad as when I first started taking the med, then I added the 300MG's at lunch time. So I don't know if this is the way you started or if your doc started you off with the 300mg's 3x's a day right away. Possibly talk to your doc and maybe you need a lower dosage, as far as what the capsule contains, OR maybe stop the middle dose. I dont PERSONALLY know anyone that started right away with 3x's a day. I am sure there are some that have but not too sure. LOL Anyway hope this helps a little. MJ
  • Now you know someone that started off at 3X's a day. No problems.

  • sunny1966ssunny1966 VIRGINIAPosts: 1,385
    Then went to three a day after one week. I've been taking it for about four months I guess and I think my side effects get worse instead of better. It has been worse since he started me on flexeril. I'm on wellbutrin xl also so maybe these combined are causing this. Everyone is different as to what meds they can tolerate. I'm sure it's a great help to some people. Maybe after taking the flexeril for a while these side effects will lessen.
  • I have seen people on here talk about starting at 3 per day! I dont know anyone personally. As far as I knew generally they slowly add the extra as I had stated before.
  • boy i can relate. my dr. put started me on neurotin, started out gradually 1 per day 300mg. , then increased it , got up to 900mg. i could not stay awake, it was terrible, after 1 dose in morn., slept a couple hrs. , got up took second dose , went back to bed again, , and so on. i was dizzy, walked sideways sometimes, i was worried about driving with my kids in car. talk about forgetting things, i would also stop mid sentence, couldn't remember things. it also messed with my bowels, not good. i told my husband what kind of life is this, so i gradually weaned myself off , have been off now about 2 wks. have not tried nothing else yet. the burning pain is there, but at least i can think. i am not sure what they put me on instead. which is better to live with pain and alert, or sleeping , and foggy for the rest of my life.. i say no to NEUROTIN! :SS I) (|: good luck for anyone who can take it, hope it makes you feel better.
  • I tapered up to 1200mg, at that point I stayed for 3 weeks. After talking to my doctor I tapered back down to simply taking either 300 or 600mg at bedtime. Taking it during the day leaves me unable to function. At 1200 I would forget most anything told me and was out of it all day. Now I sometimes get a hangover, but it helps my sleep and I pretend it helps the pain, though I suspect it does not realy do that.
    I am so very tired of begging doctors for help if I have anything at home I can get by on I do that!
    In fact when I went to get a second, or is it fourth? opinon on my pain the doctor after listening to my story of Neurontin and Lyrica plus my other trials agreed that I would likely not find a med that works for my pain. He has recomended we move on to a SCS. I hope that is approved soon and it works!

    For others I say, always go into these trials with an open mind. Please tell your doctor when it is time to move on! I have been lucky as my doctors have for the most part understood when I tell them a med is not for me.
  • sunny1966ssunny1966 VIRGINIAPosts: 1,385
    At least now I know I'm not just lazy! Well, really I am but the neurontin just zaps my energy. I still do my normal routine but I have to force myself. I too plan on stopping it soon. I've slacked off to 600mgs. a day and that's somewhat better but not enough. If they can figure out what to do for my problems I'll stop altogether. I wonder if the 15 lbs. I've gained will stay with me even after quitting it? Probably so. Take care and feel better.
  • sunny1966ssunny1966 VIRGINIAPosts: 1,385
    It seems that neurontin affects you the same as me also. It's hard to believe some people take 2700 or 3000 mgs a day without side effects. Just goes to show how we are each different in what we can tolerate. I don't tolerate a lot of drugs well. I don't feel like it's helped a whole lot anyway. I've tried to convince myself it helps too....maybe it takes the edge off. Still, I can't afford to forget to pay the bills! I've given it four to five months so you'd think I'd be used to it by now. Truthfully it isn't as bad as it was to start with. Just the weight gain and tired feeling and brain fog...well, maybe it is almost as bad. My doctor doesn't want to even talk about me quitting this med. He still wants to increase my dosage...Did you have any weight gain? Hope your new treatment helps you. Feel better.
  • Debbie, I did not really gain any weight. Well, maybe some, not a lot. I have a checkered past with weight. I was 240 for years, then did Atkins, started mountainbiking regulary, lost a BUNCH! I was pretty happy. I weighed about 200lbs, up 10-12 from my low, when I broke my nexk and back, uh ridng the mountainbike... I now wiegh 250 and have the muscle tone of a new born :(
    Not good. I would think with a bad shoulder I would still be able to walk etc, but , everything I do makes it hurt! Even walking, the vibration of movement sets it off!

    I have been fooling trying to fid a means of using the neurontin to help me sleep and not be stupid. Right now I am going to try taking it about 7:00 pm. I want to try and get it to work in the evening and for sleep, but be long gone by morning. I do so hope my trial of a SCS gets approved soon! I did the psych eval testing today :) The psychologist said he sees no problem at all, I am still very aware of the pitfalls that may occur, so I ma a candidate! Oh, I so hope this all works!
  • Not going to work this time either! On Saturday night I did 600mg at bedtime, Sunday morning I felt better than I had for while! I had dreamed a strange dream and realy felt like I had slept for the first time in months! On Sunday night I took 600 again. Monday morning was still pretty darn good for a change, dream was little stranger and the aches and pains where creeping in. I should have just taken 300 Monday night, but, I wanted to be sure. Of what? I'm not sure! Anyway every morning it gets worse. This morning, Thursday, I am in that "bubble"! You know where it's like your inside a bubble staring out. Your zoned about half a beer away from a BAD buzz! So, It appears, that even only taking it at bedtime I do not flush it out fast enough to take 600mg at bedtime every night and function!
    With the SCS trial coming up, I hope. I will reduce to 300mg tonight and consider perhaps rotating the dose after I feel better.
    I'm not about to go to a doctor and get something else to try. My PCP has told me we would not try anything else at this point. My neurologist said there was on one more to try and my Psycheatricalistic guy said the same.
    I'm just going to cross my fingers and hope the SCS trial is soon!
    As for staying on it for a month or two to see if the side effects break. I would, but, I can not work under this bubble! I have been off work for two four month stretches in the last 2.5 years. I expect if I do it again I will not be able to return to work unless I am 100%. I'm not sure that will happen and I'm not about to take that chance! Finding job would not be easy I expect if I'm not "better"...
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