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THIS IS GOING TO MAKE YOU MAD! It sure made me angry!

jeauxbertjjeauxbert Posts: 953
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:28 AM in Pain Medications
In my local newspaper this past Sunday was "An Open Letter to Local Physicians". This ad took up about 3/4 of the page, and challenged the doctors prescribing Oxycontin to stop. The argument is that it is "highly addictive" and the youngsters are getting their hands on them. The only difference, the writer said, between this drug and illegal drugs is the source - doctors. The writer was describing the current war on drugs, and wondered if this would pose a different type of war on drugs.

I absolutely went numb. Whatever happened to personal responsibility? WHY is it that the innocent people have to suffer for the transgressions of others? I know it's always been this way, but good grief! And, yes. It was signed by the author with his address...

Anyways, I just wanted to vent.



  • I do believe we still deserve our rights.Maybe this will work out for the best,I mean who knows-it could open up a debate where both sides actually get their voices heard and understood.People will still choose sides and have biased opinions,but maybe some will learn.Education is key-I really believe that.Of course this is IF a real debate ever opens up...it would be great!

    I did hear (read) that there was going to be a shortage of Oxycontin pretty soon-like this week.Rumors were going around,and someone posted it on S~H this am,and now you post this...so maybe something is up? I don't know,just curious.
  • Yes, I saw the posts about the shortage. Criminy! Hopefully, the manufacturers will see this and put a stop to it - it would seriously affect their earnings. Unless, like the banks, the pharmaceutical companies will be the next in line for a bailout!


  • Why is it a few people with hidden political agendas are crusading to eliminate a medication that helps millions of chronic pain patients with their agonizing pain? Once they do away with one, then they will start targeting others. Now that is a scary thought.
  • WTF are WE supposed to do about it? That's why they keep attacking US! and THEM, our doctors! We can not fight it!
    If we dare respond to a paper, The ****** print our name and location in the paper! Same for the doctors! We are then DOOMED! DOOMED I TELL YOU! We will never get treatment for our pain again! The doctors will get their license yanked!
    The papers only print mail from people who send in their info to keep it from getting stupid. Editorials and letters from unknowns would be BAD, on that I agree, but it leaves us high and dry! There is not anyone that I am aware of that has fought this battle and not lost in some form or another. X(

    Our local paper did the same kind of story 5-6 weeks ago. It was B.S. Woman scripted for pain, legitimate pain, but she "needed more" so she started buying it from "friends at the bar where she worked!", stupid scenario to base a story on!

    I talked to a person with legal background about my feelings and their advice was the same as mine. IGNORE it, it is a battle that will only cost us, or me in this case.
  • ..probably some politician image:)" alt=">:)" height="20" />
  • They showed a picture of the author who said someone he was "close to had a problem with the medication". Did not say who that someone was. And yes, it did cost a pretty penny. The ad was $7000.

    He said "This drug is terrorizing and killing the young people of the Baton Rouge area, period."

    However, Purude Pharma LP of Stamford Conn is the maker/marketer of OxyContin (this is according to EIGHT civil suits filed in Baton Rouge Federal court last year alone). In the civil suits filed, plaintiffs allegedly became addicted to the medication. The Sr. Director of Public Affiars for Purdue (James Heins) said the drug has a legitimate medical purpose - relief for people enduring significant pain for days or longer. He said it is a long acting medication, but significant health problems can result if drug abusers or addicts "crush the medication before ingesting it. You're getting a 12-hour dose at once. You can overdose this way and die." He went on to state that the author of the article seems to have a concern about kids overdosing, and Purdue shares that concern.

    Thanks to Rush Limbaugh - remember his admitting he was addicted to this drug several years ago?

    In 2007, Purdue's holding company (Purdue Frederick Co) pleaded guilty in Virginia to the felony offense of minimizing the addictive properties. As a result, the company was fined $500,000 and placed on 5 years probation. According to court records.

    The author of the ad stated his "campaign" is aimed at the "Dr. Feelgoods of the world", adding some physicians prescribe Oxycontin for teens when less-addictive pain medication would suffice and he will consider the $7000 he paid for the ad campaign "a success if one parent goes into his teenager's room and says: 'Let's talk about OxyContin'". Or, if a doctor asks a teenage patient about "why he believes he needs a painkiller".
    Why on earth would a PHYSICIAN allow a TEENAGER to dictate what medication he should be taking? That was just idiotic, in my opinion.

    As far as I know, none of my children (18, 17 and 12) know this medication by name (well, maybe NOW they do because of the article) and none of my pain meds have come up missing. Now, however, they know it's out there and they can get "high" if they crush it up...

    Let's draw attention to it. In print. #o

    Apparently, this man knew some teen (neighbor, relative, etc) who had a problem with this pain medication and perhaps OD'd on it. I can understand his crusade. But, obviously, he's never experienced chronic pain, or had a loved one experience it. In that scenario (the chronic pain) you would want the medical profession to do whatever is possible to alleviate the pain and suffering of a loved one.

    My question is: If it weren't pain killers, then it would have been pot or cocaine or some other substance - maybe alcohol. More teens have easy access to alcohol. Why not crusade against that?

    In his ad on Sunday he ended with something like (and I am paraphrasing) "to the doctors who prescribe this medication: I am watching you. And the DEA is watching you".

    So, I'm not worried. As long as my doc is legit and my condition is legit and well documented, I'm not worried. Neither should any of you. I was just angry as all get out that I saw it in the paper at all. I'm glad there was a follow up story to it. And, I actually agree with him: The Doctor Feelgoods of the world need to take heed. No one should prescribe medication like that to teens.

    When my 18 year old had surgery, broke his wrist and sprained his ankle, he was given Mobic (for the sprain) and Lortab (low dosage) for the shoulder surgery and arthroscopic surgery on his wrist. No refills. Matter of fact, my husband still has left over Lortab (again, low dose) - about half a bottle - left over from his September 2008 ankle surgery. They have been on his nightstand next to his bed for almost 6 months, untouched.

    Fear not, my friends. You'll be fine. As long as there isn't a shortage!

  • I personally think it doesn't matter, say they do get the doctors to stop prescribing oxycotin the kids are gonna find something else to do so it would accualy do more harm to us people that need it then it would help the ones that are abusing it.Besides that take away opiate based painkillers and kids will just do heroin and quite frankly I know more people dieing from heroin than oxycotin.
  • I totally agree with you. If it's not this, it's something else. There will always be "something else" for teens to get a hold of.

    I hope none of you have children and have to worry over this issue. I also don't want any of you worrying over it either.

    There are Dr Feelgood's out there. My doc isn't one of them. And, after reading almost everyone's difficult journey to something resembling pain relief/control, I can tell y'alls doctor isn't one either.

    Take care buddies!

  • Is as previously stated. The fact that the naysayers can print any thing that want slamming these drugs, our doctors, the manufacturers. Doctors are people to and human. They get scared to. It is us in the end that suffers! If that guy and the paper change one doctors mind! Just ONE. How many pain patients does that effect?
    I even understand the people doing the antidrug stuff don't understand! As for the drugs themselves. I have teenage sons with teenage friends. I keep my medicines with me most of the time. Hidden or locked up the rest of the time! I truly believe my sons don't want them. I also believe kids do stupid things. What they can't find, they can't experiment on! I was young too, a long time ago! Or so it seems :(
  • Hey,

    It comes down to a small amount of people cannot control their personal behavior, whether it be drugs, personal finances or drinking hot beverages in their cars THEY want and NEED a government to TAKE CARE OF THEM.

    Because of a few, many will suffer. Sucks big time.
  • EM said:

    It comes down to a small amount of people cannot control their personal behavior, whether it be drugs, personal finances or drinking hot beverages in their cars THEY want and NEED a government to TAKE CARE OF THEM.

    Because of a few, many will suffer. Sucks big time.
    Please dont make this a political topic...
  • I do think that there are doctors that need to be cracked down on. Just a few weeks ago there was a doctor in my area that was running a pain clinic, he was busted for giving out large amounts of pain killer to people who were selling them. He even has a past criminal record, had been convicted of killing his wife and mother-in-law. I also have a neighbor who has fibromyalgia, she "takes" oxycontin, or at least she is prescibed this drug, most of the time she is selling it or giving it away. She also goes to a pain clinic that I believe needs to be investigated. Sometimes doctors hurt us as well as people who abuse prescription drugs.

  • first off i in no way condone the use of drugs by youngsters and believe in drug resistances education (DARE) programa that kids go through in schools.
    but people have a right and dr.s an obligation to treat people in pain. a statement made by pain drs. asoc. of america states that most people in america are under treated for pain for fears of addiction. really what a shame. to walk in the shoes of someone that has chronic pain, that wakes up everyday with bad pain and all the unplessant feelings associated with it is certainly a very tough road indeed. so many of you here know of this feeling. can you imagine if there was no to treat pain, where would we be,.
    dear ladies and gentleman of spine health i sincerely urge you to write to your st. representitives and your representitives in washington, and let our collective voices be heard. so future generations may have a right for there pain to be treated as well. thank you
  • sells his/her pain medication.The fact is-there are going to be people that go to Drs/PM that instead of taking their meds for their pain-they sell them for cash.This is irresponsible,illegal,& dangerous,but it shouldn't be blamed on the Dr.Drs can't babysit their patients and shouldn't be punished for giving the patient the benefit of the doubt.They are taught in med school to trust and believe their patients who say that they are in pain.In some cases they protect themselves (somewhat) by giving the patient random UA's.

    I'm a skeptic.7000 $ is a lot of money for most people.I wonder if the author of the advertisement has a lawsuit or is considering one-perhaps the person he knows who he is close to and had a problem with the medication.
  • It is part of the doctor's fault if he is a part of the buying and selling. There are bad doctor's as well as bad patients. It is also the doctor's responsibilty to prescribe the correct drug for that patients condition. When I see a person that is in no way the amount of pain or a condition that warrants such a strong drug as oxycontin, seeing a doctor that just easily hands this drug out I have to question what that doctor is thinking.

  • Of course if the Dr is giving a patient improper treatment,or the Dr is buying / selling drugs-certainly then the Dr would be at fault.

    Yes there are bad Drs.,but that shouldn't mean taking a medication out of circulation,but maybe the Dr should be.
  • Sounds like letter to the editor time to me. ;)
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,842
    And that means that some legitimate and upstanding physician has to write that prescription for a specific person with a specific medication and dosage.
    The prescription is being written in order to address a problem that that specific patient is having. The doctor must agree and approve to that treatment in order to write the prescription.
    When all that is followed and there is no 'foul' play then everything is fine.
    Only problem, we do not always live in a society where everything is fine and by the books. There will always be some situations in which these things are abused. When that happens, the appropriate actions should be put in place, but I firmly believe those actions should not prevent a person who medically requires a specific pain medication from obtaining it.
    I dont have any answers, I just hear the stories, read the papers, listen to the news and hear about horror stories.
    Like others said here, if those individuals who are trying to illegally obtain a controlled substance, if they can not get Item#1, the will move on to find Item#2, 3, 4 or whatever they need to satisfy their problem.
    I hate reading articles that say that because of the above, they are going to withhold, prevent or stop distribution of a medication that people really do need.
    This does seem like a situation that some one should be able to properly handle so that it does not become a major problem.
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • I wonder what this yay-hoo really thinks he's (or she) is going to acomplish doing this?

    Did you see that Al Roker's doing a 3-part segment on the illegal drug use? Segment #1 is about the illegal narcotic "Oxycontin", and how people obtain it, and how it should be taken off the market, etc etc? I've seen two different ads for it...one on the Today show, that showed a "teaser", about how the pharmacies are being robbed, and it's a HUGE problem in Seattle. But then Al said it's a problem everywhere else too, just that it started in Seattle. (totally wierd)

    Then my local news advertised it saying that it was showcasing "why Oxycontin needs to be taken off the shelf, along with all the other 'high dose' narcotics, because no one is really using them as they are prescribed, but only abusing them". Huh? This makes NO sense!! I know I take my medication AS prescribed...if I didn't, I'd run out and be miserable for days on end!

    It stuff like this BS that gives the medications that WE pain patients NEED to exist outside of our beds!!

    And it's totally true...the MORE the news makes of it, the MORE it's going to BE a problem!! Heck, I didn't know that people sold their prescription pain meds on the streets until I had to sign a form saying I wouldn't do that with the medications my pain dr prescribed!! Okay, I'll be the first to admit it...I'm not always up on this kind of stuff. When I married my husband I didn't know what "pot" meant. He still teases me about that!!! I thought the "chill out pill" I was given on my wedding day was from one of those joke bottles. No *sighs* I'm not kidding about that. (trust me..I STILL get teased about it at family holidays!! It was valium I think? Whatever it was...knocked me stupid!) Heck, I was a child of the 80's, and until 2002 thought that "coke" meant just that....a coca-cola.

    It's the whole "it's forbidden, so I want to do it/try it" theory at work! All these people hear about the "fantastic high" from oxy, and they want it. Especially teenagers. I mean, every time you turn around there's something on TV about sex, drugs, or alcohol....is it any wonder there's a huge problem with these things? *sighs*

    I just keep things in my house locked up, very few friends know the true story as to why I don't get out like I used too, and I leave it at that. I just pray that the idiots who abuse the meds we all NEED don't ruin it for us. If that happens...my husband and I have already decided we will move from the US. It's worth it to us for me to have some type of quality of life.

    I'm just hoping the hoopla dies down. *crosses fingers* (although I fear we are in the calm before the storm...especially with the new health care stuff. *sigh*)
  • with all due respect hun, it IS a political topic...that's the problem! And the ONLY "fair" solution to it is accountability-something that unfortunately, many children aren't taught anymore.

    No matter what happens with OxyContin, there will ALWAYS be people misusing meds. You can't stop it by just eliminating the "evil" meds, and/or the Dr's that prescribe them! Until people take responsibility for their own actions and/or are held accountable for them, there will ALWAYS be those that blame someone else who will pay dearly for something they couldn't possibly have controlled.

    Sure is frustrating, isnt it?
  • It was on MSNBC.

    I can't get into specifics because I'll screw it up for sure,but one thing I do remember clearly hearing was that more overdoses on OXYCONTIN in 2006 than on heroin and cocaine combined.

    My personal opinion on that is that this might be because the prescription medications are easier to get,but certainly not because they are more UNSAFE.Kids or people getting their hands on prescription medications and have no tolerance to opiates are likely to OD.

    The first time I took a lortab 5/500 I vomited,can you imagine if I had chosen to take an oxycontin illegally? I don't think these people are thinking about this though.
  • Sounds as if the lawyer, al roker and the media is creating controversy.
    The abuse of meds has always been there, its a persons PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to regulate the use and misuse of prescription drugs, too bad there are people in positions of influence who can and do use their money to damage peoples lives.
    there are far bigger issues to be reporting on than creating controversy. look at the whole issue of steroids,
    its hard to get them, not many people use them, but they are the demon to the unwashed masses who trust and take the news,truthfulness and infallability of the reporters at face value.
    do you know anyone on roids? have you seen roid rage? is it always a body builder who is on artificial testosterone?
    what would al roker know about oxy?
    unless he were being paid to "know" by special interest groups?
    has he had experience with chronic debilitating pain?
    has he had to try to decide to get out of bed every morning?
    who would benefit from oxycontin being off the market?
    which company has a competing brand to offer?
    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

    Welcome to Spine-Health

  • Tanya, Ranch, Shoelover, Robin, etc.

    You all bring up excellent points.

    First and foremost is PERSONAL RESPONSIBLITY

    Kids will manage to get their hands on anything.

    The sins of the few are screwing things up for the legitimate patients.

    I got a bit lightheaded the first few times I took the oxy, but then my system got used to it, and I don't get that feeling anymore (thank goodness). In fact, if I take Advil, I get extremely sleepy (not sleepy enough to go to sleep, but the yawning and yawning drives me crazy).

    There is a sign in the elevator at my PM's office that says something to the effect that anyone caught selling their medication will be dropped as a patient and "prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law".

    While we are removing the narcotics from the shelves, let's remove cigarettes, beer, liquor, girlie magazines, red bull and other drinks like that, the diet pills and other pills they sell at the counters at the local gas stations... Surely, someone somewhere is abusing all of those as well?

    I hope Mr. Al Roker (he's such a goofball) is doing a fair and balanced report - interviewing the abusers as well as the legitimate patients who will be affected negatively by pulling this off the shelves.

  • It's more than likely he WON'T interview legitimate chronic pain patients, the media hardly ever does. I wish they would and not make this issue a one sided affair. There are misconceptions in the public that only schedule II's should be prescribed for malignant pain (cancer). Doctors of course don't go by that, but I feel that people should be educated about narcotic use and be made aware of the slim chance of addiction by chronic pain patients. Everybody seems to think that once you use it, you're automatically addicted. Some have seen this perception when they present their scripts at the pharmacy. You get the feeling you're being eyeballed and scrutinized. Others have been called addicts outright. All of this is going on because of the few who decide to abuse and/or distribute their pain pills.
  • Of course it's a political topic, because that's where the laws come from - like the one that resulted in requiring my ID at Walmart to buy a can of compressed air to clean my keyboard. It's AIR and people have found a way to abuse it.

    I'd love to meet the first person that thought "gee, maybe I'll suck on this can of air and see what happens!" and then managed to talk other people into trying it too.

  • shar51 said:
    When I see a person that is in no way the amount of pain or a condition that warrants such a strong drug as oxycontin, seeing a doctor that just easily hands this drug out I have to question what that doctor is thinking.
    The irony of that statement is overwhelming to me.

    If it were as simple as seeing how much pain people are really in, so many of us wouldn't struggle to prove our pain is real.

  • but one voice is lost in a crowd.
    but many voices make a rather obvious statement!
    why not get a spiney with connections and or a degree in journalism(come on now, dont be bashful) and get some media attention?
    I'll go on tv, i aint skeert!
    but seriously, I think a way to get all of the sufferers to speak up, last time i checked it was a nation of laws and we have a voice, I just know if we find a voice it would make a difference.
    what do you think?
    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

    Welcome to Spine-Health

  • Yeah, okay- go on with your bad self! B) That would be so cool. We'd all watch for sure :H
  • and as soon as the liddle red light goes on i'll forget. so... i need all my spiney friends and spineys ive yet to meet to hold my hand!
    kidding, preparation is key,but real life people showing real life spine issues, speak volumes.
    I would tell Al that this is who your story is damaging, and how his actions as a public person, should be more beholden to the public.
    thats what i was taught, to think before i act, any wrongly placed word or thoughtless act can and does damage!
    someone find the address to send a letter or e-mail to start a campaign?
    Jeaux, ime not trying to hijack this wonderful....uhhh, well bad news thread actually, but its great your watching our backs!!!
    wonder how many thousands of the silent readers and members of S-H are going to be affected?
    thank you Mrs. Jeaux, for watching MY back!
    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

    Welcome to Spine-Health

  • Because of the oxycontin fiasco/hype, I am left in pain because my doctor/hospital do not believe in RX'ing these meds.Its an actual policy.I have my norco, but a long acting med would be beneficial for me, a statement backed up even by my rheumy(who is part of this hospital, yet won't either???

    Being in chronic pain is almost a curse, when you read of these people/doc's who abuse the system.
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