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PM wants psch eval. waiting in PAIN for surgery help

ellineellin Posts: 188
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:28 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Many of you know the story of my jumping to pm dr's and getting all them shots them days are OVER!!! ok Made the appt for the spinal cord stim. to be put in Mind you now I am in 10 PLUS Pain I have been to ER for Pain contol My primary gave my oxtcontin taking them like water used to take one it knocked me on my butt not now I am causing my family so much stress crying on the phone telling them I can't live like this. Parents got me some cd's for relaxion because I now have panic attacks and can't breath. I was at my Dr. the primary and had a bad attack and they would not let me drive and called my dad. This is why I have not been on here for a while. I am so scared. My appt. with this hospital pain clinic is April 17th and this is only to go over the implant so more days in pain I am living one hour at a time now praying and praying. The clicic says they have you go to a phcy/ can't spell or type now sorry but, why do they have you go to that kind of Dr. first. WEll, thank you all and I dont' know if I will make this I am worried and so scared this causes me to have panic attacks and that is so scary I feel like I am going out can't get any air to breath. I think of how long is the process to get this spinal cord stinm?? And what if it does not work?? I also just had last month 6 nerves burnt and it did nothing for me but the last time it helped so what does that mean??? Do you think the Dr. did not hit the right nerves?? If he hit the right nerves than I should not know or feel the pain due to the right nerves being burnt should not send my brain signals of pain?? What do you think?? Did or could the Dr. not got the right nerves?? Due to it worked before?? Better go I am with ice pain pills and still crying so, need to calm myself down now. It is a long time it seems for my appt and then the process seems so long. Thanks so much for listening to me.


  • I am sorry that you are going through this. What can I say? Just know that I wish you luck with the implant and hopefully you will find something to calm your pain and nerves until the next appt.

  • ellin, I'm sorry you are going through all this. These are not special steps that have lined up just for you! Nope, they do it to all of us! I don't know anybody that has had a SCS trial without the psych consult.
    You will need to get yourself in control. Any fear or panic will probably cause you to fail the tests! You need to work on this. Focus on what you want. Not what you are afraid of!
    Now, you may be well served to read your post! You seem to be having issues, so maybe now is not even the right time to do this?

    You can read posts on SCS trials and such lower down in the treatment section and I have one under Mind/body in the depression section.

    You will have to figure out a way to do this one.

    My SCS trial is being done starting the 11th.
    I do NOT have any history of narotics abuse!!! I do not know where you got that from. I have not wanted to take any meds and now that I was willing to take some I got them. So, never have I abused drugs in any way nor would I ever. I see what abuse does I worked many year at a rehab center as a therpist for them. Can I ask you how you came to say such a thing?? If anything my post have always said I do not want to take meds because it makes me feel sick and even if I take it at night the next day I feel like poo. WOW never had someone tell me I am a narcotices addict or a seeker of such.
  • Jakptsu

    Just tried to PM you but, it says you do not accept any PM's so this is to you.

    I do not appreciate you saying such a thing of me being a naucotics abuser. Like I said I NEVER had a problem with addiction. I am hoping that you do not post replys like this without having your facts together. Hope you are not on meds feeling like you are in la la land and posting stuff like this. This is not Ok!!!!!!!!! HOW DARE YOU
  • Not going to reply more I should not had posted what I did but a quote from your post:

    "My primary gave my oxtcontin taking them like water"

    Also please re-read, I said narcotics abuse. Does not mean your a junky, just means your in pain and by the above statement take more then you should, hince abuse.

    If my doc orders my lortab 7.5/500 every 6 hours and I take it every 4, I am taking more then ordered thus abusing it.

    You also stated you were jumping from primary doc to primary doc. I just used the proper terminology.

    Sorry for upsetting you and I appologize for posting.
  • Removed as it upset orginal poster. My appologies.
  • Ok I am taking them like water to me but, not more than I am supose to not even close. YOu just do not know my story. I do not jump from primary Dr's to Primary Dr's. I have a PPO ins. so, I go to whatever Dr. I want without a referral. I was trying not to have surgery because of my own fear which I know I did wrong by going to Pm's differnt ones. What I have done is get my injections and wait until I am in pain again than go back and once I was tapped out with that PM and in pain again I would go to another PM for more injections. I know this is bad I was scared and did not want to accept that there is something really wrong and it needs possible surgery. I did not want even meds. I know have come to grips that I cant keep this behavior up and need to face my fear of surgery or whatever else I need for my back. I went to my primary Dr. and told him what I have been doing. It really felt good to let it out. He gave me oxycontin wanted to give me morphine. Mind you I work in hospice so taking these kind of drugs my pt's take is a eye opener. Hope this clears up your thinking.
  • Once again I appologize and understand the pain your going through and hope you get better soon.
  • Jakotsu

    Can't re-read your post because it had been removed
  • I feel so bad for you Ellin -

    It sounds to me like the docs are just looking out for you in the best way they can... in the case of the psych eval.

    I know, NOT fun to hear when you are in so much pain every day! I'm disturbed that they are taking so long to get you helped though. April sounds like it's SO far away.

    In any case, I think the panic attacks could definitely be helped with a professional on board to help you through it all.

    My DH was having panic attacks back before his discectomy - and afterwards too. Unfortunately he was also addicted to that darn oxycontin at the same time, so we had that to deal with at the same time.

    He had to be admitted to a psych ward to both get off the drugs and to control his panic attacks. I do have to credit the hospital - the week-long stint in the ward did the trick. He came off the drugs and has learned to deal with panic attacks. I don't think he has had any attacks for several years now.

    I don't know your history - but what procedures have you had done? What tests? MRI's? Discograms? How long have you been dealing with all this?

    Sorry I have to ask, but I've not seen any of your posts but this one.

    Wishing you the best...

  • Forgot to mention -

    My DH was with a PM dr. for several years prior to discectomy. On major drugs the whole time (this was before it was known that oxycontin was addictive - we won that lawsuit)

    He had -seriously- like 20 radio-nerve thingy's where they burned the nerves. They were ready to do a spinal implant to block the pain when he finally went to the ER in excruciating pain.

    The neurosurgeon who was in the ER told him he needed emregency surgery. It took 2 weeks to get it scheduled but he got it done and is SO much better now you would not know it was the same person.

  • Saltzworks
    I have been dealing with this back pain for many years not in too much pain. Pain I can deal with. I started to get worse at least 2 years ago and went for the MRI I have herniated disc L3 L4 with stenosis L4, L5 annular disc with central and LT neuroforaminal stenosis and in thoracic DJD facets l3 l4 L5 S1 The disc protrusion is displacing the adjacent S1 nerve root the L3 L4 is flattening the ventral thecal sac and annular tear at L4 L5 I have gone threw lots of facet injections, epiderals, S1 injections and RF twice to lower back and the neck has 3 herniated discs had injections once and than RF. The nerve burn 6 months ago worked great for my back 3 months no major pain than the pain came back after being in the hospital for 15 days in a bad bed for my apendix. THey had me so doped up I did not think of the bad bed. Came home got clear headed and the pain was back. My Pm Dr. did the RF again on the 13th of Feb. and it did not work called today his office just to ask some questions because if the nerves are burned why the pain? Maybe he did not get the right nerves. My Pm Dr. wanted me to go to another PM Dr. because he wanted me to take meds and he does not do med. management. I said no I do not want to be nor take any meds because I get to sick even with lower dose. Someone on here even told me to take something for the nausa with the meds and I just did not want to do that. Never went to the med management Dr. and now holly cow I am in such pain ended up in ER twice in 3 weeks. I went to a nuro surgon and he said due to so much arth. the cage and rods will not do it for me and the surgery is only a 50% sucess rate he suggested the spinal cord stim. for me. Said he thought it would work great. Well, still the thought of cutting on my back freaked me out until now. I am ready for anything to get rid of this pain even 50% so made the appt. and the first opening at mayo is the 17th of april. I am on a waiting list for any cancelations. I went to my primary and he gave me oxycontin was going to give me morphine I had oxycntin before and the Dr gave me 40 mg and 5mg for break threw. I took one pill and thought I would have to call 911 my heart was racing so, the Dr. gave me lower dose of 20mg I was scared to take it due to what happend well had that med for over a year and barely used it. Expired date if that tells you how much I used it. I threw it away. This was over a year ago. Now I took the 20mg my primary gave me and it did nothing because I am in 10 plus pain range he wants me to take 2 every 4 hours because of the pain he also told me to take percot for break threw this is what the ER gave me that I told him. But he told me I can't take too much of that due to too much tyl. in it. I am with ice and doing what my Dr. said with the meds but I am not taking 2 of the 20 mg yet. That is most of my story.
  • Oh forgot to tell you my leg went numb when this really all started to get bad. No feeling in my leg scared me to death. Went to a nuro Dr. and he told me I need surgery and the shots will not work for me. ( how he was so right)Totally differnt story with this Dr. at mayo who says surgery will not help me. I just need to get threw these days to get this s.c.s and hope to G-D it works. The first nuro Dr. I went to was not a surgon because I thought if I went to a surgon he would just want to cut. So, he could not have did the back surgery. Funny how 2 Dr's give you 2 differnt opnions. That sure makes me feel uneasy. Not like I am scared already.
  • Anyone that has had these types of issues over a long period of time had tried everything to momentarily try to do anything to relieve their pain, even for a short period of time. I have never had to have any type of psych evaluation. I was in an unbelievable amount of pain right before my second surgery, and I would not have wanted to have any type of evaluation before that surgery. I reread your post several times before posting, and I did not find anything pointing to drug abuse or doctor shopping. I wish you luck on everything that you have to go through to get your pain eliminated.
  • Thank you all for your thoughts and I feel in my heart that you all do care. It is a process for all of us and not a pain free one. Wish it was. I wish you all a pain free day. G-D Bless
  • Ellin,

    Thanks for the back-story -pun intended :)

    Sorry that it really sounds like a bad back problem :(

    In my situation, I too refused to take meds and also deliberately chose non-cutting dr.'s - at least for the first 2 years.

    After 2 years of denial I went to a Neurosurgeon. From there it still took me over a year to be convinced that I needed to be cut.

    Now - in retrospect, after the discogram (scary scary test, but VERY worth it) after the surgery, even after my complications - I would get the surgery again in a heartbeat.

    But - that said - only YOU can decide if you are willing to take the risks that come with a spine surgery. PARTICULARLY since you've only got a 50/50 chance of feeling better with all your arthritis in there.

    I too really hope that the stimulator will work for you. It sounds like it's normal procedure to have the psych eval. done before the stimulator - so try not to stress - and I for one will be praying for you to get in sooner than 4/17!

    Wish there was more to do than wait - just know that you've got friends here when you need us.

    oh - p.s. I do horribly on pain meds myself - the instant throwing up - convulsively! So much so that I too get scared to take them. I'm also a pain-med trasher (well, mostly I refuse to even fill the rx's due to my DH's former problems - don't want to throw temptation in his face)
  • Thanks again for your support> Will let you know if I get into my appt. sooner than tha 17th of April. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed.
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