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pain meds

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,670
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:29 AM in Lower Back Pain
I am new to this site, am am looking for some help. At the present I am on percocet 7.5/325 3x's daily, and it is not even touching my back pain. I am on a contract with my dr for this. I want to ask him for more per day, or something that is time released I don't want to get cut off all together though so how would I approach my dr about this and get results. Also I am worried about the tylenol in the percocet, I know that 325 x's 3=975 well under the daily allowance for tylenol, but when you consider long term how does this affect the body, and is it really necassary to have it at all. I have heard good things about dilaudid and oxy 15-30 ER. hOW SHOULD i APPROACH HIM TO TRY TO GET MY PAIN IN CONTROL? What I am taking now is like whats the point, they are exspensive and not doing much for my back.... looking for relief without a funny look and shrug...

Herniated discl4-s1
degenerative disc disease/arthritis
bulging discl4
narrowing of the central canall4-s1 c3-c4


  • Welcome to Spine-Health,i have just switch over from vicadin ES to Morphine ER,i was just honest with my doctor and told him the vicadin wasnt taking care of my pain anymore,i take 15mg Morphine Er three times a day,plus vicadin for break through pain,i am on a lower dose of vicadin then i was before...
  • If you have siatic pain, thats nerve pain, either a pinched or trapped nerve, you need anti-seizure meds, these are usually used for nerve pain and do help. startby asking your doctor exactly what problems you do have, and ask for the correct medication for the type of pain you do have. keep me posted, PM me anytime1

    Angie x
  • Hello Angie, I was taking nurontin and it made me have no energy and depressed so I stoped taking it. I took elivil and it did the same. Insurance...none so the dr I deal with is primary care. I go back to see him 04/14/09 My visits are quarterly so what he gives me on my next visit is what I will be suck with for the next three months.
    Bigcat90, how did the vicodin es work? I could not imagine being on that med with a time release. I took vicodin7.5/500 before and it didn't do anything thats when they put me on the percocet 7.5/325 at first I was instructed to take two every 4-6 hrs that worked well, then they said one three times daily. Since this it has been a constant struggle to find relief. I am in a position where if I take two three times a day I will be out in two weeks.
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,875

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    My best advice is NEVER to ask a doctor directly for another level of pain medications or a change. Instead ,
    talk to them about how the current medications are not halping you and want problems it is causing you. This way this allows the doctor to make the decisions. Some doctors do not react very well when a patient tells them they want this or that.
    Another thing, I would be thinking is if the pain medication is not helping, which in many spinal patients, it doesnt, is to find out what other things you could be taking or doing to help manage your pain.
    Pain medications are not going to get rid of your pain.
    What you hope to do is have a 'blend' of medications and other treatments (ie Physical Therapy, Aqua Therapy, etc) to help control your situation.
    After over 30 years in dealing with chronic pain and multiple surgeries, I know that the only way I can manage my pain is being using one of those blends.
    For me, its the pain medication, nerve medication, muscle relaxers along with Aqua Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage Therapy and Osteopathic treatments. To this I add my own set of exercises and relaxation therapies. This is the only way I can stay ahead of the game.

    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • Don't be afraid to express to your doctor just how pain you are experiencing. IF he is a good doctor, he will not judge you for doing so and will not make an assumption that you are drug seeking.

    Do you have a history of addiction? Is there any reason the doctor has to be suspicious of you asking for more pain meds (not that that should really matter in how effectively managed your pain should be, but just wondering).

    The other thing is, opiate pain medication is not your only option. I had great success for my nerve pain with nortriptyline which is actually a tricyclic anti-depressant. Why not ask your doc. about all meds?? You could ask about neurontin too. If you are worried that he thinks you are drug seeking, then asking about non-narcotic meds. would indicate to him that you aren't (isn't it so frustrating that patients in pain have to have a "gameplan" to approach their doctor about pain management?! it's ridiculous...).

    Anyway, let me know if you have any questions. I've tried just about every pain med. out there (am now on methadone, MSIR, ativan, tizanidine and I have an SCS).

  • I would like to thank all who have replied to my post. For me my options are limited because I have no medical insurance and am in college. It will be years before I get insurance and when I do the pre existing condition aspect of this will take even more time to become covered for that. I have tried "nurontin" "elivil" "flexiril" all of those I had reactions that were unpleasent. The flexiril made me suicidal, this is something I have NEVER felt in my life so I stoped them on the spot. I am aware of the physical dependence that comes with narcotic pain meds, and the way I see it if it helps with the pain then when its time I will deal with the latter when the time comes for that, right now controling my pain so I can have a life and not have on the "FACE OF AGONY" all the time is #1. I try to hide my pain to my family and friends, but they all know something is wrong. When they ask me whats bothering me, I just say "I AM NOT FEELING WELL". I have started avoiding alot of things because I can't do them. Like going to the GYM. I have some exercisees My doc gave me to do at home, but often times they make it worse. All my life I was refered to as an athlete, that is slowly fading as time goes by. Basicaly what I am trying to receive is around the clock control so I can live as normal or as close as possible as I did before.
    Danimal, you said that it sucks to have to use a game plan for the dr visit, I agree with that I have a good dr that listens to what you are saying and makes decisions based on your needs, but coming out and saying I would like dilaudid may be trouble...lol...TTYL...
  • You have to start telling people and your doc EXACTLY whats wrong, where it hurts and how it affects your everyday life.

    Feeling guilty is probably stopping you from doing this but you have to realize it's not your fault and you did nothing wrong.

    Your a victim of a bad back and the debilitating pain that comes from it. Everyone here is in the same boat (too bad it's not a cruise ship!) - the band plays terrible music, the bar is closed and we've come aground on a reef in a never ending storm...

    Just a typical day in the life... oh, and there's no cell phone reception either...!
  • I was trying to remember that tv commercial where montel Williams talks about medication assistance and found these 2 (for starters). maybe they can help or provide some direction to look into...?
  • I can relate with the feeling guilty, for example when I go to have my meds filled at my pharmacy the young high school girl that works there is very rude and acts like I have a disease that I asked for. When my rx's are ready she will just set them down on the counter and walk away, to me just the way she does this is so unconsiderate to me. Maybe I am over reacting to this but I have always had problems with her, my wife gets her meds there as well and she said she was going to tell the head pharmacist, because this girl is basically out of high school and so rude with the customers, it's amazing how she has worked there this long without some type of action to get her attitude in check.
  • I have my opinion on chain pharmacies. For many years I used the same pharmacy in my hometown and depending on the phamacist on duty that day I would have either a pleasant respectful experience picking up my scripts or a real bad one getting the sour suspicious looks. 6 years ago my wife and I moved to a small Minnesota town and they have a Thrifty White Pharmacy and they are fantastic each and every one from the pharmacist to the counter girls. Make being in pain much more accepting. Jim
  • I don't know what her problem is at my pharmacy. I take all my meds as prescribed and only go to one pharmacy for them, although when this young girl is on the front desk she just really gets on my nerves, the next time I go I may talk to her superior just to let him know how I feel she is treating me, if he has no concern for the customers feelings. I know aht the pharmacy personnel go through because my moms best friend in Florida worked at one years ago. At times the customer can get irrational and demanding, with me this has never been the case, I am always polite, patient, and listen to the staff with an open mind about any suggestions they may have. There is a point where you get tired of being treated like you or your business is not welcome....
  • Yah we all know how some customers can be difficult with the pharm staff but I can see your point with a young member of the pharm staff that can have an attitude as well. I always try to be cheerful and pleasent with the staff and yes I will admit some days when I am in a pain flare-up I may be not as cheerful as they have seen me but I don't get pushey or beligerent. But I have seen some pretty shocking behavior at the counter at my previous pharmacy. Good Luck JoJomuffintoe
  • What really bothers me is how much money I spend at the pharmacy each month, and when I pick up my meds I pay, sign and this girl just drops my meds on the counter and walks away, she will not even put them in my hand, as if to say "take your drugs and go.."
  • I'm sorry about your predicament at the pharmacy; I have low tolerance for that and I would have told the pharmacist to tell the tech to PLACE my medicine in my hand because I'm not some damn animal that you throw something at. I would also contact the pharmacy manager or the store manager and ask them to take care of Ms. Attitude Problem or my business would go elsewhere. Never put up with that crap. She needs to be taught some manners and I would be more than willing to do it. =;

    Anyway, everybody has written good advice about how to talk to your PM doctor about medicine issues. As long as you tell him exactly what you have been going through I don't think there should be a problem. Both your goals are to keep the pain under control and keep the lines of communications open. My doctor always asks me how I'm doing on my meds and this is an excellent way of opening this type of dialogue. Remember that the one medication will not take all the pain away and you need a combination of other meds to do the trick. If you can't tolerate Neurontin ( I didn't) then there are alternatives like Lyrica, Cymbalta, Topamax, Celexa, and others to help with nerve pain.
  • I thought that the putting the meds down on the counter "with me right in front of her" and walking away was not a normal way to handle the transaction. I can remember one time about 2 months ago she did this and I had a question, well she was on the other desk of the pharmacy desk, I just stood there looking stupid for about five minutes while she talked to another employee about non work related things, I can remember her looking back at me evry few seconds and continuing her conversation with the other employee. Finally she came back and just stared at me, there was no can I help you, or did you have a question about the meds, just a blank stare. So I had to take thye initiative to ask my question which only took 2 seconds. She made me feel like I was waisting her time and pulling her away from her conversation with the other employee. I think next month when I go to have my meds filled I will talk to her superior and tell them the behavior and me being a good, polite, and patient customer. Then I will tell them I just want to be treated like all the other customers, maybe even if I have no questions to be asked "do you have any questions or concerns" and a "thank you have a nice day" would be great. I have NEVER heard that from this girl, sometimes this can make a persons day brighter, just a greeting and a have a nice day...

    Thanks for the advice, I will just be open with my dr, I feel like thats the best way to approach it as well, honest and open relationships 1are the best bet...
  • I for one did not like taking meds and they just make me sick to my tummie but, now I have not much of a choice. My PM does not give meds so, I had got some percoets from the er and they were not working went to my primary and he say the pain and the tears. He told me to much percoect is not good for the liver. He gave me oxycontin and told me to use the percocet for breakthrew pain. I works better. I am not afraid to ask for anything I need. When you are dealing with 10 plus pain level you need meds. If I did not get something to help the edge I would have been in the hospital for pain mang. because I would have gone off the deep end in that kind of pain I was in. I still am in a great deal of pain and cry everyday I am just waiting for my spinal cord stim. appt with this clinic to see what is the plan. I wish you luck this is no fun road. Just be honest and if you do not get help which you should go somewhere else.
  • I get alot of relief from the percocet, they just don't last long, for example I am prescribed one tab 3x's daily. I will take one before work around 6 am, then at lunch 11:30-1200 and one when I get home around 6 pm, for me the relief only last about 2-3 hrs so the pain is decreased for that time but after the 2-3 hrs I have the face of agony back on. This is a daily event and I know I will get 2-3 hrs of relief three times a day but there is a big gap in between. Another thing is my day does not stop when I get off work, I am also taking online college for business, on average I spend 4-6 hrs every night working on my assignments for school. This is also very painful because I take my classes online I spend alot of time in a chair in front of my computer after working 8-9 hrs installing glass windows for businesses and homes. My employer is very understanding and a christian so he has assigned me with installing all of the vinal trim that holds the window in place, this is a big break from actully installing the windows that can weigh up to 350 pounds, but I do still have to bend and reach, climb ladders etc. By the end of the day my back is on fire and throbbing. The meds I get work they are just so short acting and wear off so fast, everyday I am on a "roller coaster of pain."

    Any suggestions on how to talk to my doc about something that will fill in all the gaps throughout the day and night?

    Thanks, jody
  • I have been reading about Opana, does anyone know anything about this med? According to the studies it is long lasting with good pain relief. Would this be a good med for chronic back pain.
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