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MBB and Radiofrequency

maset22maset22 Posts: 32
edited 06/11/2012 - 1:29 PM in Chronic Pain
Yesterday I had an MBB on my right L3/4/5. Now I am schedule for radiofrequency in two weeks. Any concern I should know about? Dan


  • Just know that once the branch block wears off, the nerve may be highly ticked off that they were messed with. Also when it comes to RF, some people experience immediate relief and others experience relief over a period of about 2 weeks. So keep an open mind, everyone is different.

  • I will try and see if this procedure do me better than previous injections. I hope gladly for some relief in one area at a time. Dan
  • It usually takes about 4-6 weeks for myself and most people that I have talked to before relief actually sets in from RF. I have had this done 8 times now and each time just when I think that it has not worked, it has. Also, the pain usually gets worse before it gets better.
  • JJ is right, the pain is worse before it improves, and it could take up to 8 weeks for that. One common side effect is muscle spasms and your doctor will most likely prescribe a muscle relaxer to help with that. One of the MBB injections worked for me, about 4 days of bliss! The RF didn't work though, I'm in more pain now than I was before the procedure. (I had mine back in October.) I can say that it felt no different than my epidural injections although as part of the process you have to tell the doctor when he is stimulating the nerve. That's how they verify the placement of the probe.
    Hope you get better relief than I did!
  • I was thinking in and out no problem with the RF. Now I just don't know what to expect. I don't want more pain while I'm waiting to see if the pain goes away. At this time the MBB is working some. The pain is like a 3 were before I was living between a 5-7. My trust is in the LORD. We will see. Dan
  • It is truely your decision - but pain is a great motivator.I have received this in my c234567 both sides and t 345 both sides - the neck was given more range of motion, but the t produced major muscle spasms and didn't improve things in the end.

    The procdure itself can be strange. I have had 2 different doc's perform this on me and they each had a different approach. with the neck the 1st doc had me lay on my side - and the procedure took @ an hour - that was tough to lay still for. The next doc had me on my stomach for my neck, it went quicker and was less pain afterwards.

    My advise to you would be to ask your doc in what position you will be in....how long....etc. And take the sedative - anyone messing around my spine, i take the sedative to help relax - but you will be awake during this of course.

    I would have it performed in my c again, because i did get some good results, the t i am glad i tried, but it did not improve anything for my thoracic.

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