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nerve burn

dgardineerdgardineer Posts: 158
edited 06/11/2012 - 1:29 PM in Spinal Injections
Has anyone had or heard of IDET or a Biacuplasty . The pain management Dr. that did my discogram said it might help out with pain a little bit. Any info would be much appreciated.Thankyou


  • thankyou for the link ,but i was wondering if i could get some input from people who had this done and hoe it did or didn't work for them.but like I said thankyou
  • Is not covered by many/most insurance companies. There was a thread here recently about it and the information I read stated that they do not consider it to be a viable treatment.

    I have no personal experience with either procedure you mention.

    If you run a search you should see that post it was not long ago that it appeared on here.
  • Please check out my post; I had a biacuplasty on March 6, and am doing well.
    I started physical therapy two weeks after, and am being very diligent about the exercises. I wore the surgical corset for three months, and now only wear it when I'm sitting (which I try to not do for long periods of time), and sometimes wen I sleep.
    My pain level is down to one on most days, and I take half of the amount of Tramadol I used to take (I was taking three a day; now I take 1-1/2). So this appears to have worked. I still have some anxiety about hurting myself, but that will most likely go away with time, and as my back gets stronger. My physical therapist said it should take about a year to get back to my previous strength levels, so I try to not get discouraged about the slow progress.
    Biacuplasty requires that the patient be VERY compliant -- for some people, this may be difficult. But when you think of the possibility of not living in pain, the lifestyle change for a few months is definitely worth it.
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