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Fusion bone-stimulator vs portable (deep heat) Ultrasound

lynnsylynnsy Posts: 197
edited 06/11/2012 - 1:29 PM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
OK, I'm here again... Whats the difference between the "Bone Stimulator" as opposed to the Ultrasonic deep massager, (besides the obvious) Does one work better than the other?

I am looking into purchasing one of these two for home for my 3 level fusion. (I am 1 year post-op and still have that aggrivating deep throbbing 24-7, I want to get rid of it!!)I already know the effects of the Ultrasound one and how great it makes my fusion area feel. But does one promote faster healing than the other?


  • What would a bone stim do for throbbing back pain? I use one daily (or suppose to :) ) and I feel no change.
  • Are you not fused? Usually bone stimulators are used within a few weeks after having surgery for up to 9 months is my impression.
  • Yeah, I just received an e-mail from my Neurosurgeon, and he said the same thing, "that when he last saw me I was fusing great" so not to get the bone stimulator, but did suggest to get the Ultrasound massager, that it will get rid of the deep throbbing pain. That goes on 24-7... I don't think it's ever going to go away... My surgery was 1 year ago!!
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