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oxycontin - need answers asap pls pls...

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,671
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:30 AM in Chronic Pain
Hi everyone,

I have just been changed from 5mg oxycodone to the slow release 20mg oxycontin and i am very apprehensive as i have been on the 10mg and had major physical withdrawals. The dr has changed me because he thinks i am starting to get addicted, i dont agree but well what can i say. He's obviously going off data-based statistics but im not a number.

I don't want to take these new ones because they remain in my systems 24/7 where as the others i took when i had REALLY bad pain and i felt i was in control of my pain doing it this way.

Please leave a comment if you are on the oxycontin 20mg or if you have been on them.

I have a child and ALOT of responsibility at work and I am scared these may make me behave differently???

Will anyone notice that i am different?

Will i get the shakes and feel faint??

I felt quite judged by the dr, so once again i feel alone in my pain and alone with fears of what the future holds.

I also take 75mg endep (amitriptyline)


  • should feel much better on the oxycontin versus the oxycodone. When taking the short-acting oxycodone, you generally "feel" the medicine quickly, but then it wears off, obviously within 4 to 6 hours. This then often leads to "clock watching", while you wait for the next time you are allowed to take another.

    With the long-acting meds, you are on an even-keel. You don't feel the med kick in, but you don't feel it stop working, either. Your BPL - blood plasma level - should stabilize in a short period of time (days to a few weeks), but when I was switched, I felt amazing. FINALLY, I was bouncing from "dying of pain" - "pain control for 3 hours" back to "dying of pain" until my next dose.

    When you switched to 10mg oxycontin, it probably was too low of a dose. How many 5mg oxycodone's were you taking a day?

    Good luck!

  • Hi there,

    I am new to this site, but your question was one of the first posts I read and it grabbed my attention.

    I too was on the 5mg oxycodone but since the nation-wide shortage, I switched to the 15 mg, which I just cut in half.

    I can understand why you are so apprehensive about switching to the 20mg oxycontin! Last summer, my doctor gave me a prescription to try them. (We had a long discussion regarding trying other types of pain meds.) I absolutely hated them! They made me sick to my stomach, gave me headaches and did not work on my pain the way the oxycodone did. They really didn't seem to work at all! And to top it all off, compared to the oxycodone, they were outrageously expensive!!

    Please remember that this was my experience with them and it won't necessarily happen to you. Every one is different and reacts differently to medications.

    But why would your doctor think you are getting addicted? And, if s/he does, why would s/he up the dosage??? Have you ever had any problems with them before? It doesn't sound as if your doctor is very understanding... Tell her/him the problems you had the last time you took them and why you are so concerned. He should have them in his notes...if he pays attention to little details like that :)

    I hope this helps and good luck! Let me know what happens.
  • Hi...
    I am now on Oxycodone 40mg twice a day for my chronic pain. The 20mg was just not getting the job done. I have to say that it has been a blessing to me. I have did great on this medicine. It does not make me feel "high" or drugged in the least. This is one medicine i feel normal on and i have a lot of trouble with medicines and their side effects. No side effects with this pain meds.
    Now I need to find a pain med i can take for "break through" pain....one that can be taken with Oxycodone.
    I have nerve damage due to scar tissue from having rods placed in my spine. L4 & L5. The pain is in my lower legs and feet plus my lower back. My foot pain is very, very bad.
    I understand what you are saying about your Doctor. I hate it when they treat you like a junkie just because you have to take pain meds. All we want is relief from our pain and if it means taking a drug then so be it. I had to change drug stores because they treated me like a drug addict.
    You aren't alone dear....everyone here is in the same boat. We are all trying to deal with chronic pain and live our lives the best way we can. We understand and prey for you.
    Hugsssssss >:D<
  • Thank you for your reply,

    I was on 10mg of oxycontin and wasn't having much effect. I read that you have had the scs... I qualified for that but recently was told that because i've government cu backs, they are now only looking at offering the system to sufferers over 50 years old. I am 29.

    I was taking oxycodone 5mg about 4-5 a day. My dr says thats too much!! I don't think so. I have had my first 20mg oxycontin at 2 pm today and it is now 9pm (im in Australia) so i'll be asleep when i am to take my next one..
    Quite annoyed at my dr, it seems hard to find one that actually cares!

    I am working tomorrow so i hope i am ok while being on this medication.

    How do yo go with work?
  • i didn't ask about why he up'd the dose, he must know im in alot of pain but thinks the oxycodone is too addictive. I haven't had any problems with the oxycodone, in fact, they made my pain more manageable.

    I'll just have to stick with what i've been given and look at seeking another dr. My dr at the moment is covered by medicare so it's free but there aren't many that still operate on the free system. My file is so big at the hospital too, its embarrassing. Im off on the 24th april back there for a persistant pain clinic appointment. Only positive is that the professor who runs it was the surgeon whom operated. He's not a very nice person, quite rude and abrupt but good at neurology. So over 'this condition', hearts to everyone in similar position x
    And thank you for your post :)
  • Hi Patsy!

    I have scar tissue too, it is on the root where the right L5 nerve comes out of the spine and it constantly rubs on the nerve!! I know exactly the pain you feel! It is awful. I get it on the outer of my calf, REALLY bad in my outer ankle and its numb on the skin, and my big toe is numb most of the time too! And the right side of my back between the L5 and S1 area... It is horrid at times and even the hardest massage doesn't even leave red marks, lack of blood supply. My S1 is damaged too from the ruptured L5 disc at the time of my initial accident 3 and half years ago.

    I thank you for your understanding, it is hard yes when it feels like im being judged, why are doctors doctors if they don't TRY more to understand their patients condition. Loneliness is the hardest part, fear of people thinking you're arne't capable of parenting or working. I am quite effected by my doctors words today, after i asked if i can function as usual as a parent on the oxycontin he said "well how could you have functioned on the other ones". He knows that i have a business too, he knows the work i put in but today decided to be rude and cold. He is helping me with pain but i dont agree on the chipped in comments.

    It will be difficult to find another because then i may look like im dr hunting?? My dr now has been the same since 2004 so it shouldn't look like that, just sick of the whole situation.

    Thank you for your wishes, and good luck to you too Patsy. Would like to keep in contact as meeting someone with a similar condition (scar tissue being a main factor)is a one off..
  • let me advise you as i have done others .some things that you MAY have you may feel a little sick and itchy but this will settle down within a week or so if affected drink some tonic water or/and use anti sea sickness wrist bands .also you will get constipated so ask your doctor for some movicol .take movicol with a little warm water and orange squash {this kills the unpleasant taste} dont drink alcohol ..you will feel very ill if you do.and dont let yourself run out of the drug or you will feel like hell and end up in the ER after and emergency does of oxycontin {i let this happen to me be miscalculating my requirements}.once on the pain killer you should find it helps a lot with the pain {i have found it is the only drug that takes most of the pain away} i am on 320mg per 24 hours
  • addicted?
    you mean you are getting used to the drug. Oxycontin is used for long term usage. People take these for months and years. I have been taking 40mg 4 times a day for 10 years. they are not for short term usage and if dr is stating that you are addicted then he doesn't know his ---from his ---.and if you are then you can be taken down gradually over a long period of time.
    this is a perfect example of the hysteria over these meds. people and drs don't know what they are talking about and they are just promoting the hysteria over oxycontin.
    I have 4 fusions from L5-3, the latest last May '12 where they fixed my disc that broke.They went through my side this time. I take 40 mg of oxycontin 4x a day and 4 fenatyl lollipops 300 micro gms 4x a day.
  • I had scar tissues that enveloped the nerve roots of L5 and S1, and recently had surgery to remove them before they permanently damage my nerves. I was at a point that i can't walk anymore and was taking morphine to ease the pain. I know how you feel. So the surgeon did the surgery. I can walk down - no pain on the legs, but the surgery had developed other complications, which I am still trying to figure what causes it.

    I was on Oxy 20mg after the last surgery 3 times a day. I like that better than oxycodone, because I don't feel too much pain throughout the day. I settled for a pain level 4, which mean, I still feel some pain, but not warrant enough to take a breakthrough pill. The reason why I settle for a pain level instead of no pain at all is because I need the 'pain' to remind me not to overstress my back. I used other forms to relieve pain, like heat / cold treatment, and rubs.

    It is hard to say if you will look different or have shakes until you try it, and see if it is too strong for you. Most of the time, if a person is in a lot of pain, and he takes a strong med, he should feel better, not worse, and he doesn't look like an addict. However, the first week of taking oxy is tough, especially if you haven't taken Extended Release meds before. One may probably get headaches and other feelings, but these side effects usually go away.

    Best of luck to you.
  • I've been dealing with chronic back pain and nerve damage stemming from disc herniations 3 years ago and I also have scar tissue causing additional pain and suffering. I use Fentanyl patches for long acting pain relief and percocets 7.5 for break through pain. I agreee that the long acting will better control your pain because it stays in your system for hours and it doesn't wear off, leaving you to stare at the clock til your next dose. However I do need BT meds and I'm allowed 6 percocets per day.

    I don't understand why your doctor treats you like you are addicted. It is normal to build up a physical tolerance ANY medication over time, possibly requiring higher doses. As long as you take it as prescribed for what your doctor intended it for, you shouldn't have a problem with addiction (the chances of it are slim).

    Most doctors prefer you to be on a long acting medication instead of keeping you on short acting ones like oxycodone. Just give it a try- I never get altered or spaced out on Fentanyl patches, and it's 80 times stronger than morphine. I don't feel anything at all while on it, and when it wears off the pain goes up and it's time to put a new one on (I'm on a 2 day schedule). After you acclimate to the Oxycontin you should be comfortable performing your daily activities.
  • 10mg BD {twice daily] brake through pain killers are not usually prescribed until the patient is on at least 20mg BD .then the doctor may give 5mg of oxynorm up to QDS four times daily .i started on 10mg BD and over they years i am now on 80mg TDS three times daily with 20mg QDS 4 times daily .i have been on this dose since my last operation .i have been to see my doctor today {he is also my CD pain manager too .we talked about mu high dose of oxycodone but since there has not been any reason to up the does in the last 18 months and i am stable on the dose he was happy to continue prescribing as my condition is one that will only degenerate and not get any better .also i have not reached the ceiling standard dose which is 400mg within a 24 hours period ..this is the not terminal dose .NOTE a terminal patient can be prescribed anything up to and above 2 grams a day .CD medication is a complex business and need to be managed by an experienced doctor .please note all my information if for me and me only please dont use my dose as the ok for you to up your own dose .this could prove fatal.if you need to increase your medication please seek medical advice before taking even one extra tablet
  • Yes I do understand your pain and your problems with your Doctor.
    I went to a pain clinic a couple of weeks ago. My first visit and the Doctor made a remark about what I am taking now for pain. He said if I was coming thare for that kind of pain meds that i would not be getting it from hem!! That did not set well with me at all. Already he was treating me like a junkie before he even ask why i was thare!
    All we want is a Doctor who understand our pain. My primary care Dr. is now saying he is afraid I will be an addict and he is the one who put me on Oxycodone. Didn't he understand that I will have to be on pain meds the rest of my life? Are we seeing the same Dr? :?
    Do what is best for you and if you feel better finding another Dr. go ahead and shop around. Most Doctors hate treating pain but thare are some who understands and will treat you with compashion(hope I spelled that right) :P Please e-mail me and let me know how your day is going. I would like that.We can support each other.
    Please do not feel alone because you aren't. I understand you pain from the scar tissue. Everyone on here understands. This is a wonderful site and i am so happy i found it.
    Hugsssssssss >:D<
  • I had to go to Calif. for my dad's funeral. Boo hoo. I checked with my pharmacy, a national chain, and they said I could get a refill in Calif. without a problem (hydro-codone). When I called to get the scrip filled, the pharmacist said he wasn't comfortable filling an out of state scrip! I was so mad..."you want uncomfortable? Live in my body!". I told him it would probably be easier to drive into L.A. and score some heroin, right? He laughed and agreed with me...and gave me the number for a pharm that would fill anything. Wow...I hate being looked at as a junky when I'm using these meds for legitimate purposes.
  • Birdie, Take the Dilaudid! It's much better and stronger than the Oxys. If I were you I'd go right to the Doc for the Dilaudid. I'm on both Oxycontin 80mg and Dilaudid 8mg for pain. I wish I had a Doctor who was that understanding. Usually if you lose your pain meds they treat you like a lying junkie and let you suffer 'til your next scrip. Good luck! Cam
  • i dont think that putting your home phone number on the Internet for all the world to is is the safest of ideas my friend .if i were you i would edit it out and replace it with an email {you never know what nutters go on even a good site like this one }
  • I was resistant at first too. but the extended release work so much better for me. NO withdraws! I sleep better at night. I am on 80mg ER and breakthrough percocet. I have one child still at home and find that the ER make my mind clearer no ups and downs steady pain relief. Now I do take mine three times a day. studies have shown that that don't last 12hours but start to fade at about 7 or 8 hours but most doctors don't like to give it that way. I have one of the best pain management doctors in the area now and i've had several. good luck Jessica
  • Hi!!

    How are you?

    You mentioned that after they removed the scar tissue you have further complications? Has the neuro said to you anything about neuropathy??

    This is what i have i have just found out. It is incurable damage to the nerve and the nerve has changed so it responds and acts differently.

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