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this time its the real deal !!

strakerstraker Posts: 1,851
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:30 AM in Stop Smoking
sunday 19 April 2009 time to stop again ....wish me luck


  • i started smoking at school 16 .and smoked a few on and off until i was 18.then i met my first wife and she hated smoking so i stopped .when we broke up i was 28 .i was upset at loosing her my home and daughter and i was having the start of back pain ..like a fool i started again! .anyway i met kath {my present and last wife!}she smokes even thou she is a medical professional.!so because she smokes and there was no pressure to quit i carried on for another 5 years .then out of the blue i decided to quit.this time it lasted for 5 years ..then my back went again and i started smoking again !! this takes us to the present ....back to your original question {i wanted to give you the back story}i dont get to see my daughter much as she lives in the isle of man and she and her mum came to visit me over Easter and one of the things she said to me was why do you smoke dad? i told her that i was going to give up and i could see by the look on her face that she did not believe me .anyway she is back home now and unless i go and visit her i won't see her for months and this cost money so do cigarettes .so what do i want the most cigarettes of my daughter?? well she is 13 tall well educated and very attractive and does not smell like and ashtray .that's one reason .{the main one } money of course .and health .i am in my early 40s over weight and take strong drugs and dont sleep ..to me this is a resipie for disaster i need to do something about it .so as well as the stopping smoking i have started to swim as much as my knackered body will allow .my ambition is to stay of the cigs and loose at least 2 stone and keep swimming .it helps with the back pain ..but this bits me back when i am resting as the pain come back and drives me mad.{like now } i normaly manage 3 hours asleep but due to more than normal activity and the fact that i have not smoked for 24 hours my brain and back are fried.and i am awake on here again..so Paul i hope that i have answered your question .i know that i have gone on a bit ! but like i say not much sleep and changes in habit ..not easy but well worth it .i will keep this thread updated
  • More power to you!!!

  • i wondered how many of the regulars on here smoke and would you admit it? and would you consider quitting with me ? i know its only been just over a day ..but for me that's amazing .as i only sleep for 3 hours .and i am awake in the night .there is a huge temptation to go out to the garage and smoke ..but i did not do it and i love a smoke after breakfast but again not on Sunday and not this morning .so things on the right track hopefully as the nicotine leaves my body over the next 24 hours the craving and fried brain should calm down a bit.
  • Hi straker,

    I've smoked almost my whole life - 30 years - with just a couple of short quits in there. My longest was 2 years, but I started back about a year ago. I'm taking Chantix right now and it's working wonders for me. Well, I say that, but according to the directions I was suppose to totally quit last week and I have not done that yet, so it's not been a MIRACLE or anything, but it is really helping. I've gone from over a pack a day to about 4 or 5 a day and I don't enjoy those at all - they are just "habit" smokes. First thing in the morning, driving back & forth from work, after dinner and right before bed. But like I said - I don't like smoking them. I used to smoke at least 2 with my morning coffee - now I only smoke about 1/2 one. And I noticed on this mornings drive to the office I only smoked 1/2 one and haven't gone out for any breaks and it feels ok. It makes me nauseous - that really helps. Like when I got to my desk this morning all I could smell on my clothes was smoke (even though I sprayed perfume) and I could taste it in my mouth more than I ever had before. These are all good things for me because it makes me more nauseous and I really don't want one.

    I give you a lot credit for quitting cold turkey - I could never do it for more than a few hours. They say to drink a ton of water and keep busy. I used to read posts on quitnet.com to pass the time and get some good information. I really had wanted to quit last fall because I don't like smoking in the winter, but do in the summer so this is an even harder time for me to quit. I'm having some breathing issues, so I don't have choice anymore. Does your wife smoke in the house?

    Good Luck!

  • good luck hun hope ya makes it , :*
    and yes i do smoke, in the house and 20 a day =))
  • its been hell for the last few days and i nearly fell off the wagon,but still keeping off them {yay me} the first day was easy but its got harder and harder as the few days have gone by.the worst bit is in the middle of the night and there's no one about and you get board{tyring to keep out of the refrigerate!m is another risk {i am fat enough} no kath smokes out doors {in the garage} dont want a smokey house.i think if i were more active it wold be a lot easier but as most of you know i am not very active due to pain and sleep problems .{i have started swimming on a regular basis} i will keep you up to date
  • it dose seem to get harder dosent it , i think we are so pumped up for it we think we can beet it this time , then old nic comes a knocking, image:)" alt=">:)" height="20" /> }:) ive been told its all in our mind set @) , why miss it if your a non smoker already?? next time old nic turns up just tell him he,s knocking on the wrong door coz there are no smokers here ;) :*
  • o dear .could not hold back any longer and i am so pixxxd off with me self ..i had one last night then another in the early hours ..so i have to start to stop again ...i will STOP again this saturday ....{i hope}
  • I quit 15 years ago and gained 30 pounds. It is a hard addiction to quite but keep on trying you can do it! If you take one step back don't get discouraged, pick yourself up and try again. I think the thing that helped me the most was I could not smoke at work anymore and was not allowed to smoke outside so I had to wait until I went home so I decided that if I could go that long, I could do all day. Good luck, we are cheering you on!
  • Saturday time to try again .i have my swimming stuff ready to go as soon as i come round from my crap nights sleep!
  • Glad you are starting right back with the quitting again after your slip. It's got to be so hard going cold turkey when there are cigaretts around that you can sneak. My husband somehow did it years ago - but he was a bear to live with a few weeks.

    I had my last smoke at 9:00 last night. It's going pretty good. Didn't quite know what to do with myself when I first woke up this morning. Usually I grab a cup of coffee and go out and smoke 1 or 2 while I wake up. Today I just drank the coffee at the table - and it was ok. Maybe tomorrow I'll turn on the news or something to take my mind off of it. That's the key, I think. Keeping my mind busy.

    Good luck today!

  • on wed i have an appointment with the stop smoking nurse as i am really struggling to stop with out any help .i thought i could do it but i carnt .good luck summer !!
  • Straker-I really admire your honesty.It tells so much about a persons character.

    Listen-Don't feel bad for blowing it.You are bound to make mistakes in life and you are smart enough that you already know all the things I might say..but you are being accountable,so in my opinion you are already winning this battle.

    Someone VERY close to me has told me that to quit smoking is harder than quitting heroin.He should know,as he is in recovery for heroin abuse but he has not quit smoking.

    I am a smoker.
  • So....how did your meeting with stop-smoking nurse go yesterday? Did you come up with a new plan to quit?

    Over the years I have tried:

    The Gum - made my jaw hurt

    The Patch - thought it made quitting very hard and I started back up as soon as I went off the patch

    Hypnosis - very cool thing to do, only worked until I got really stressed one day, don't think I was really READY to quit back then though

    Zyban - Again, was ok for awhile and then I went right back

    Quest Cigs - these are the ones have 3 levels of nicotine - starting low and going down to zero nicotine. I actually had my longest quit with those. Every heath professional will tell you that is NOT the correct way to quit - but it worked for me - I quit for 2 years.

    Chantix - what I'm on now. Day 4 of no smokes and I'm hanging in there pretty good.

    Let us know when you quit again, Ok?


  • hi summer i carnt use the patches because i have sensitive skin and they dont make a sensitive patch [like the TENS electrode} she wants me to start chantix? but she carnt prescribe it and because i am on so many tablets she was not sure weather i could have it of r not .so Friday i see my doctor..
  • Hi Straker

    I sure would love to have someone on this site be quitting with me right now - and it would be great if it were you - but I completely understand you wanting a little extra "help" to do it and taking your time to make sure you do it right. It is so, so hard. Even with the Chantix!

    The weekend was especially tough for me because that is when I do all my housework, yardwork and errands. I would always do a chore then have a smoke break. I'm going to have to re-learn how to take breaks without smoking. Especially when I'm working outside.

    The good thing is - and I think it's because of the Chantix - that I just seem to be so totally sure now that no matter how bad I crave or how much I try to convince myself to go ahead and smoke - actually going and getting cigaretts just isn't going to happen. Ever. That's pretty cool. And it is getting easier - I actually go HOURS without thinking about smoking now, lol.

    Again, good luck with everything and I hope to see you back in here soon (and maybe a few more people too!)!!

  • went to the doctors today ..carnt do chantix because of contraindications so they have put me on the NRT patches and inhaler so here goes again !
  • Way to keep trying, Straker! I never tried to inhaler, but the nurse at my doctor's office once told they had a lot of patients there who had quit that way and she really praised it - so hopefully you'll have good luck with it.

    Yesterday was my 2 week date. My kids were all over for Mom's Day and told me how proud they were of me. I'm feeling pretty proud too! Seriously....I NEVER thought I could do it. I really thought I was the MOST addicted person on the planet, with the LEAST amount of willpower. But here I am - quit.

    You've quit before - you know you can do it. Let me know how it goes - especially if that inhaler works for you!

  • Right before my 1st surgery. I stopped. It lasted a year. This past November I started up again. Got back on Chantix again a month ago. I'm now 3 weeks smoke free. Get some urges to smoke but not a problem so far.

    Same issues as last time on the Chantix. Lower GI issues. Cramps and stuff. Fair trade-off for the results. I only took 1 pill/day. Now down to 1/2 pill then next week I'm probably done with the Chantix.

    You have to stick with fighting off the urges. Just one more is not an acceptable answer.

    Good luck with the inhaler straker. My buddy quit that way.

    Summer if you are taking Chantix. Then stay away from inhalers, patches, and the gum. You want to put no nicotine in your body. That process is for people who want to wean themselves off cigarettes. Chantix blocks the whole desire/enjoyment. If you've gone 2 weeks then you should have the nicotine withdrawal done or close to it. Good luck.

  • hi all ..today is my birthday and another reason to stay of the ciggys .i have been on nicopatch for 3 day now and i have not had the desire to smoke .i am very impressed because when i tried to quit cold turkey .all i could think of was ciggys!! but i am amazes at just how well theaes patched are working.i know its early days but it looks good so far. the nurse would not give me an inhaler and nicopatch as nicopatch is a new strong patch she did not want me overdosing on nicotine ..good luck to anyone giving up ..its a life style change and that's a big thing to do but well worth it
  • happy birthday
    good luck with the ciggys!!

    LOVE P
  • Happy Birthday!

    Are you doing anything fun today?

    I have been reading Allen Carr's book The Easy Way to Stop Smoking. I don't feel like a really need it because this quit has been so easy, but I'm trying to get through it anyway. He does have a lot of really good ideas and advice in the book. A very interesting way to look at smoking, nicotine and quitting.

    Congrats on your 3 days - I always thought those were the hardest!

  • since quitting this time i have got a bad chest {strange because i did not have a bad chest when i smoked!} after doing some research i believe that its a common thing when you quit due to your lungs trying to rid themselves of all the crap that we have put on them during the smoking years.
  • What kind of patch is that? Is it actually working? Yes..I smoke.

    Jackie :)
  • its called nicopatch and yes it works!!
  • You made it through the weekend ok?

    Saturday night I went to my first party and drank beer for the first time since I quit. I was a little nervous about it, but it was SO easy. It was chilly out so everyone stayed inside and there was only 1 person there who had to step outside to smoke now & then. I was really happy that 1 person wasn't me! It's getting to be that kind of world, ya know?
  • i quit drinking over 10 years ago .when my gran got ill and i was on 24 hours stand by..after she passed away i kept of the booze ..yes i am still of the smokes too!! .and i will keep of them this time ..since i reached 43 a switch has been tripped and there's no going back now,,wednesday will be one week..i have saved 30 pounds already!!!
  • I might have to give that patch a try. Is it stupid that Im actually a little scared to quit. Been Smoking for 17 years and the thought of never having a smoke again actually makes me a bit nervous. :SS

  • Hi Jackie,

    I mentioned a quit smoking book I'm reading a few posts up. I'm taking Chantix, so I don't really feel I "need" to read this book - my quit is super strong right now. But still, it's a pretty interesting book. It teaches you to see the whole process as a reason to rejoice instead of feeling like you are giving something up that you love. It shows how much you actually HATE smoking and only fool yourself into thinking you like it. I know what you mean about thinking it's sad that you can never have another one, but the book teaches you to view it all differently.

    Not trying to push it or anything, but it's a really cool book you can probably get at your library.

    Congrats on the Almost One Week Quit, Straker!!!!

  • its not been easy but the first week is very hard ..will power is a must ..if you want to smoke ..dont bother tyring to give up as you are setting yourself up for a fall..i have noticed that my hands are smoother and my eyes are brighter and my teeth are cleaner ..every time i had a smoke i washed my hands because i could not stand the smell on my fingers {so my hands got chapped by over washing} i have nice teeth and i hated making them dirty from smoking now they look better and people always comment on my blue eyes now they are standing out even more!..and i have saved 40 pounds..i can get myself an mp3 player!..i am going to keep this up as i am very pleased with myself i did not think that i could stop .but i can .an i have
    keep up the good work summer and Jackie i understand what you mean about being scared about stopping as the thought of not smoking ever again can be a bit doughting just tell yourself that you have not smoked today keep a few in a box but keep pitting off lighting up ..when you are stronger snap them up!! but for the moment put almost anything in your mouth other than a cigarette just to get over the first week or so ..good luck to anyone that is trying to stop .and remember if you fail dont beat yourself up be honest tell us that you failed and then try again {like i did}/
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