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AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,671
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:30 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Here is a question that is probably stupid, but I am wondering... Do they put you to sleep before or after you get on the funky table? I would hate to think of 6 people lifting my fat behind and putting me in that position naked...lol When I had my disckectomy, they put me to sleep before the table. This is a whole different ballgame methinks!


  • rest assured, you are asleep BEFORE they put you on the table!
    --i actually had technician refer to it as they were going to "flip me on to the other table" after i was asleep... =))

    --i wanted to know if they recorded the procedure, cuz i would LOVE! to see THAT!...ROFLMAO!!! tech is turning five shades of red from foot in mouth disease, and i can't stop laffing! :D
  • They sure did put me to sleep thank goodness before I mooned the surgical staff for 4 hours :D
  • I saw the table and said boy that's weird looking and then wham recovery.I had a caudal injection and had to climb on the table before I got knocked out and same for a discogram.
  • Aye you will be knocked out. I know I felt bad thinking they had to flop me on there, 6ft 350lbs. At least they know a good back surgeon :D
  • Oh no you didn't.. =))
  • That is funny meydey. Do they stop you eating and drinking hours before surgery?

    Do you think they draw glasses and a moustache on our faces while we are asleep, ensuring to clear it off before we wake up again?

  • They put me under before i was lifted. I did see the table and it was weird looking. i still have bruises in my chest from where they laid me. Mine was from the back so i had to be on stomach. They also put this vice-grip thing on my head that still hurts and was bleeding for a couple of days.
  • I was also asleep before being put on the op table, however, by the time my surgery date came I could have cared less who saw my rear end, I just wanted my life back! Most people I beleive have surgery because they have exausted all other options.

    You will be fine --- good luck!
  • To save time, I showed up to the hospital naked. LOL. I agree, letting some people with masks on see your bare bottom is the least of your problems. After surgery, you'll be flashing people on a daily basis as they look at the surgery site.

    Emergency surgery in March of 2006 for spinal infection of L 2 and L 3. During surgery, discovered I had Cauda Equina Syndrome. Spine became unstable after surgery and had 360 fusion with 10 pedicle screws, plates and rods in April of 2007.

  • I don't mind as long as it's not on my rear :D
  • I was thinking the same thing before my surgery. When I got into the operating room, I was already drugged. I remember seeing an unfamiliar face and saying, "Who are you?" Then, I was gone. Don't remember being put on the operating table.

    You'll be fine.

    Oh...I do remember wanting keep my underwear on, but the nurse said they'll take it off anyways. What was I thinking...that they could operate with my undies on? Well it was blue...it did match my gown.
  • For my 1st surgery, I got on the table myself, and then was sedated.
    For the 2nd surgery, I got on the table but then, they strapped me down to the table with a straightjacket-like corset. Sedation followed.

    Me thinks someone fell off the table at some point.
    On the sunny and mild Central Coast of California

    L4-L5 endoscopic transforaminal microdiscectomy June, 2007
    L5-S1 endoscopic transforaminal microdiscectomy May, 2008
  • after three surgeries, countless injections, and a few trips to the ER for pain flairs, at this point in my pain journey, i could care less who sees my tush! :D
    --after so many years (and four children) modesty is the least of my concerns...course i do hope the sight of my ginormous tush does not make other patients more ill, :sick: , =)) ....
  • You guys crack me up! =))

    I totally agree that modesty is NOT something I was concerned with at all during or after my surgery. I think I could have walked down the halls naked afterwards and not cared. :))(

    I was knocked out on the gurney & they moved me to the operating table. I did have a small bruise on my RT wrist & my left hip though a day or two later so I'm kinda curious what happened...but maybe it's best not to know LOL.
  • I had PLIF L4, L5 & S1 eleven weeks ago. OUT LIKE A LIGHT! In fact I dont even remember the "journey" down to hall to the OR. Good luck!
  • before hitting the table. Its okay, when they give you the pre-op drugs you have some time to flirt like mad with the cute guys! When I was getting the epidural injections (5) I referred to the nurses as "the butt crack brigade. I agree, worrying about your weight or you nakey butt is the least of it...you'll be fine!
  • I have always been self conscious about that, even with the pain... I know thats silly, but lifelong teasing does that to a person. ACtually, after the surgery is when there will be trouble... I will probably be asking for my mommy... And Hubby thinks that I should be asking for him. lol My poor guy... He is so wonderful. I thank God for him and my cats everyday. I can always count on a smile when I am with them. Actually, one of my cats is rather silly looking (buck teeth). All I have to do is see that confused look on his face and I bust out laughing. BTW< my chair just snapped at work. Not good for my back... Thank goodness I took that Vico this morning, or I would be crying right now.
  • I'm impressed that you're still working! Good for you, you're stronger than I was.
  • Hey at least you didnt have to use the hole to let your stuff hang free for all to see dangling about :D
  • on the hospital. I had barely had my hind end on the operating table and the anesthesiologist walked in along with two nurses. They both held my hands, I started to cry and the next thing I knew, bam I was in the recovery room! @) I think they know how stressful it is in there - I was literally in there less than a minute before they knocked me out! I did get a chance to see some of the surgical instruments in that brief moment - ech! :SS :S #:S They have seen lots of rear-ends, so don't worry! =))
  • I remember being in the pre-op room and they were busy as could be with first one then another coming in telling me what they would be doing during surgery. Nurses were filling out paperwork, the called my husband in, several drs. came in to introduce theirselves, then the main Neuro came in, a second anetheiologist came in and said he was going to start an IV. I asked him if that would knock me out and he said no....he lied. LOL I don't remember the ride out of that preop room and on to the surgery. My husband said that I was talking like crazy. I don't remember any of it. I don't remember recovery room. Don't remember much for a couple days. But....I did apparently phone every friend that I could remember their phone nos. after 9 each night (after my hubby left). Don't remember
    that either.

    I had a few cuts near the bottome of my eyes and one in particular above my cheek. Don't know how that happened.

    My incision is like a very slim red pen line 7" from crack to waist.....just so I heal well.....that is the most important.

  • My surgery was scheduled for the afternoon and they asked me to have nothing after midnight, the hospital is one and half hours from home so by the time I got there and waited 2 hours + to get in pre-op room (they were running behind....no pun intended! LOL) I was out of my mind in excruciating pain. So by the time they took me back to put the gown on (and I am usually modest) I could have mooned the world and not cared by then....LOL! They helped me on the table in pre-op then everyone started doing things at once, they called my husband in, started IV knowing the pain was bad and I was gone before I blinked! I never saw the op table, the dr., nada! I'm happy about that! I try not to think about what the poor staff had to indure seeing when they had me on that table! LOL! But hey, all we should care about is feeling better soon!

    Good Luck and don't worry about the small stuff!
  • Well for hand surgery I remember them asking me if they were operating on my right hand at least 5 times and then the doc said you're a heavy weight, you're not out cold yet? I remember saying nope and that was it. I am petite and thin so it couldn't have taken much to knock me out. It was my hand so I don't think I could give them much of a show, but then again when you're out....who knows?????? Truthfully, I don't care, just get me better! :)

  • They had me check into the hospital at 8AM expecting surgery at 11:30. They give me my fashion gown (the Barry Seemore Butt) and I lay there for 3 1/2 hours and then they come and say the doctor is running behind. I ran laps around the nurses station several times because my back was hurting and I probably flashed everyone but don't care. At 3:00, I was stressed beyond belief and I started crying and the surgeon actually came to see me. Anethesiologist, \ finally put something in my IV and after that I don't remember anything They told that at 4:00 they wheeled me to surgery. By that time, I probably would have streaked down the hall if it meant I was getting my surgery done. You will do fine. So don't worry
  • Sounds like we could all write a book! For my initial surgery, I woke up a bit while they were positioning me & said "Hey! Take it easy w/ my knee!" (They must have been moving it into the bent-kneeling position) Then ZONK until recovery. For the 2nd one, I asked for extra padding under my clavicle & hips, as I was all bruised after my 1st bout--that must have been a rough team. They used extra gel-pads & I was sore, but not black/blue. For the 3rd, my fusion, a long ordeal, I insisted on MORE pads & extra blosters under the hip area, as I'm reallyl thin & have no natural padding...they were very gentle & caring & altho I saw the OR & the Jackson table I'd be moved to, I was in la-la land b4 they moved & flipped me over.
    By the fusion, after 2 priors, I cared not at all who saw me or what they saw...the pain was so bad I contempated doing it myself....I wore my PJ's to the hospital for the fusion & took advantage of the "gowns" (I love that concept--so glamourous sounding, huh!) & then wore my PJ's home again. Forget underwear---it just gets in the way & they take it off anyhow. I had more lines & tubes coming out of me than an old John Deere tractor..glad for the airy gown, believe me!
    Good luck--you'll be fine!~ It's an adventure, that's for sure! Relax, let them take good care of you..they are all professionals & when you're in the OR, you are in the safest place in the world...all the attention is on YOU. It's totally YOU then, both b4, during & after.

    Heal well!

  • Believe me, I am not strong... I am at work because without it we are in deep financial trouble. Thanks to being laid off several times, we have had to go into a significant amound of credit card debt. My salary pays our debt, while my husband's pays for everthing else. I am also a temp at my job, and my agency does not supply sick or vacation days. I will not be paid for my time recovering from my fusion and there is no promise that my job will be there when I get back if my leave takes longer than a month. I am basically screwed either way... either live with the pain and get fired for not giving a dang what happens around me because I am in so much pain I can't stand it or to be fired for taking 3 months off...I am basically at my wits end here. I hate my life right now.
  • In 1991, I had an L5/S1 fusion at the very hospital that I had been employed at for 8 years already. Not only did I know the O.R. staff well, but I had actually suffered the injury that precipitated the surgery AT THE SAME hospital!

    Needless to say, the O.R. staff and floor nurses had a blast with me during my 6 day stay there...and for a solid 2 years afterwards. I don't know if half of the things they told me were true, but comments were made about taking pictures of me knocked-out on the table, my behavior when given Versed, etc.

    The worst part would have been when a a floor nurse that I'd known for years came in on my 4th day post-op with a tray in her hand and a big SINISTER smile on her face..."time to take that catheter out now Jeff, and we all drew straws to see who the lucky nurse would be".

    I'm just glad that I'd never made her mad at me for anything...she could have changed my life from that day on! :)
  • Well, my family and I got to surgery check in about 5:30 am and we were led to a private waiting room. While I got into that offending gown, I heard my husband and kids cracking up and having fun. I'm like, hey I'm having surgery and you all are LAUGHING?

    I know I was nervous as hell, and snapped out out of sheer anxiety. I usually join in but the thought of having a FUSION was overwhelming and it was hard to joke around. Besides, that's how my family rolls- we're happy go lucky people. I did however manage to chill out.

    Anyway, the nurse came in and started my IV and asked me a bunch of questions. The anesthesiologist repeated the same things, and then I had to sign some paperwork. By then I was really really nervous. They gave me something that sedated me, I guess it was for me not to jump up and escape half naked out of there. I started feeling drowsy and fought not to knock out.

    Then I was wheeled back to the OR and of course my anxiety shot through the rook seeing all the equipment and monitors. It was cold in there too. Everyone was very nice; they put something else in the IV and put that mask thing over my nose and mouth and had me count backwards from 100...I don't remember even saying 99.

    Then all of a sudden I opened my eyes in recovery and couldn't focus at all, but I sure felt the PAIN. Waking up from surgery is like coming up from under water and then you gasp, and your eyes fly open. I think at that time is when you feel the most vunerable in your entire life. Scary, huh?
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