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Groin Pain

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,607
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:31 AM in Chronic Pain
I've been dealing with groin pain for almost 5 years and doctors have called me a mystery. My pain came on out of no where...it is VERY sensative to touch and the area & my thigh will go numb when I sit to long. The pain for me is more annoying than anything else. It's a constant stabbing pain. After 2 years of dealing with my groin pain (see signature for treatment details), my lower back began to ache. I have been diagnosed with a tear in my L5 and am considering ADR. Mean while my groin pain remains a mystery and has not improved. I only know of one individual who is experiancing the same groin pain but much more severe and doctors have not been able to help her either. I have had groin injections & radio frequency abilation-waiting for a catscan & MRI testing to come back.

Anyone out there having similar symptoms?



  • I have had simular pain in my groin. I have had fusion L2-S1. I was told that the pain in the groin was from nerve compression coming from my lower back. I remember from one of my ER visits the doctor asked me if I was having groin pain. At the time I wasn't. I asked him what that would mean if I did and he said that pain in the groin when there is back pain is a "Red Flag". I left it at that because like I said at the time I was not experiencing any pain there. I am glad you are going for an MRI. Hopefully there will be some answers for you there.
  • I have had groin pain, too, and never connected it to L5 disc issues. Is it by any chance related to L4 also?

    I know, too that groin pain can be common for other reasons in women, and may even signal endometriosis. But, this has occurred lately with the L5.
  • Missy, it could very well be related to L4 problems as well. You could possibly have nerve compression coming from eihter or both disks. Back in 2006 I had a hysterectomy because of Endometriosis.It has ran in my Family with my Grandmother, Mother and Sisters. Have you had a MRI?
  • Pain in the groin can also result from pelvic floor dysfunction. Sometimes when people think they have low back pain, it is actually caused by pelvic floor dysfunction. All the soft tissue, sacrum, SI joints, etc. are all so closely located that sometimes it is hard to isolate a cause for the pain.

    Biofeedback can be used to treat PFD.

    You all can search on the internet for a dermatome map (sometimes called "dermatome chart") It will show you which spinal nerves innervate which areas of the lower limbs.
  • I had an annular tare at L3/L4 that did cause my groin pain. It felt like what I would imagine a hernia to feel like.
  • Dear Chronic Pain,

    My guess would be it has something to do with one of your laparoscopies or possibly the reason you had them with the timing and the history you left in your sig. I have severe nerve pain following a surgery for endometriosis and it sounds like you're going through the regular treatments so far for nerve pain. Horrible place to have bad pain, isn't it!? Unfortunately, nerve problems, usually more like numbness, are more common than you'd probably think post-laparoscopies. If it's something like endometriosis, you could have scar tissue and/or adhesions on a nerve (pudendal, genital-femoral, or others). People who have had hernia surgery, street bikers, and women who've had children (especially larger or breeched where there's more chance of injury) are another group where you may find this. Of course, people with back problems too, but from your history, the laps stood out to me as that's what happened to me, but upper lumbar problems also can cause this.

  • Thanks for your reply fire fly but the pain start before all of my laparoscopies...they thought i had endo. any other suggestions?
  • I'm not sure what could cause it other than the back although I'm sure there are several things, but since it radiates it seems that it would be nerve pain of some sort. EMG's are not always definitive for nerve pain/damage because it only tests the larger motor nerves and not the smaller sensory nerves. When my back gets really bad, it can radiate to my groin area, but it always radiates down both legs to my feet (worse on left), through both buttocks, yeah, basically my whole lower half. My problem is at L5-S1, but I know that different lumbar nerves radiate to different parts of your legs/feet/lower half. The only way I can describe how it feels when it radiates to my groin is that it feels like it is reaching/wrapping around from my back/buttocks. I partially tore my right hip flexor when I was active in sports, and it didn't radiate but caused a heck-of-a-lot of groin pain. I have a feeling you don't have a torn hip flexor because, if you tear it all the way, your leg dangles and doesn't work at all and it doesn't radiate. I've had endometriosis, which I recently learned having surgery for isn't a cure as it will nearly always come back, but my main symptoms were cramp-like feelings all month and drastically increased pain during my periods. I'm still leaning towards some type of nerve pain for what you are describing, but alas, I am not a doctor! I wish you a quick diagnosis and pain relief!!! I'm sorry I didn't help much, but I hope I at least helped you to rule a few things out.

    Much love and understanding,

    Much love,
  • I had L4/5 fusion last July and have had left groin pain both before and after - though it is better since my surgery. Sitting makes it worse (long car rides are really bad) - but so does standing for very long. It has been attributed to adhesions, nerve pain, my back, my hip flexors, psoas, inflammation, etc. However, it is always connected to pain in my left buttocks, piriformis area, and hip. After having a cortisone injection in my left hip the groin pain disappeared along with the hip pain - for a couple of weeks. Then - I did I don't know what - my hip/buttocks started to hurt and within an hour the groin pain was back.

    I wish you the best of luck finding an answer to this mystery - and please let us know!
  • I would say it felt like my whole hip was in pain. But I had groin pain and low back pain. I think it all started when I had a pinched nerve in my hip. A year later I started getting these pains, in which I could barely walk. I would crouch down to pick up my 15 lbs dog and try and get back up and I couldn't. It felt piercing and stuck. I'd had this problem for 5 Years! I've been to Chiropractors, gotten x-rays, and an MRI. Nobody could find anything wrong with me. It was my sister who told me to go to a massage therapist, and I was really sceptical. It was a technique that she did on me Called SRT's (*Structural Relief Therapy). It only took me one session. One session!! It was right after the session and I was walking to my car.... the pain was gone, I felt I was walking on clouds and moving freely. It was not until 7 months later that I felt the pain come back and to get rid of the pain I just saw her again. I gotta say it is so worth it. I mean being in pain for 5 yrs. then no pain at all for 7 months to me is a miracle.

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  • I underwent posterior lumbar interbody fusion andposterior instrumentation 4 months ago. Since then I get pain in my left groin when I move my leg outwards. It restricts my movements in my left leg. The doctor does not seem to know why this is now occuring. I did not have the problem pre op. Cananyone help to explain. Mzny thanks.
  • I had a spinal fusion at l-4-5 in 1993 they nicked a nerve in that area when i woke very bad left groin pain,the morphine would not stop it,next day i tried to walk my left leg would not streighten out.nurse would not help me so i jumped on 1 leg to the wall that had railing.i got my leg moving but i think thats what broke my fusion IT FAILED.i still have groin pain when standing,walking,i get shots in 4-5 facets that helps for a while but it comes back. Rick ncpa
  • I just recently had x-rays on pelvis and both hips. They showed a lot of bone spurs, broken off piece, and degeneration of the pubic symphysis. My PCP said this is what is causing my groin pain. Mine happens when I am sitting for awhile, then get up. My groin feels like it is on fire, my leg is weak, and have to walk bent over. Very painful. I also have a bulging disc at L4-5. Seems like that area of the spine is the culprit for causing this, along with the hips & pelvis. PCP recommended arthroscopic surgery to remove the bone spurs, with the view of putting off hip replacment. Gee, such good choices :D MRI's next, but have to get ins co approval. My company is switching ins on Jan 1, so have to wait. No way to get approval for MRI and get it done before first of year.

    I hope you can isolate the cause of your pain, and get treatment for it.

  • I take EDITED and oxycodone for the treatment of this disease because the doctor prescribed me after a thorough examination, seek information and findrxonline logically points out that these medicines should be tightly controlled by its high content of codeine and this makes one induces these opioids the use of these pain medications without a prescription.

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  • Yep, I have the same pain, I had an MRI 2 weeks ago and the results were central disk protrusion at L4-L5 with mild indentation of the thecal sac, mild left neural foraminal narrowing, unchanged from a year ago.

    L5-S1 There is a right paracentral disk extrusion displacing the traversing right S-1 nerve root and contacting the S1 nerve root. There is a narrowing of the lateral recess. There is mild to moderate bilateral foraminal narrowing. Can anyone translate?

    Bascially the pain in my left groin is intensified after getting up after laying down on my back or stomach. The pain is so intense, that I can barley walk or put any pressure on the left side. Feels like bone contacting bone, but after a few steps, it gradually goes away until I lay down again, Do anyone have any guesses?
  • Well, of course you need to see your spinal specialist for an accurate interpretation of your imaging studies. That being said, it would appear to this art major that your l5-S1 is now the segment that is causing you problems. The disc is extruded, which is another way of saying ruptured, and the contents that are seeping out are pressing against the spinal nerve root at that level. A disc extrusion occurs when the outer part of the spinal disc ruptures, allowing the inner, gel part of the disc to squeeze out.

    This can cause pain in two ways: the gel-like gunk that spills out in and of itself can cause a chemical reaction that is irritating to the nerve, and, it is now taking up space that the nerve requires to exist happily. The MRI report states the S1 nerve is being displaced as it leaves the central canal and goes across the right side. So the extrusion is causing the nerve root to be displaced and it is also in contact with it. Both make for an unhappy nerve.

    Now, why your pain is on the left side in your groin I cannot say! You should avoid lying on your stomach unless you have a small, somewhat flat pillow under your mid-section. Otherwise you are putting your spine in a position that just exaggerates the lumbar curve in a way that makes the disc rupture and herniation more stressed.

    You can read about herniated discs here:

    One caveat: at this lumbar level you need to be aware of a condition called cauda equina syndrome. If you should suddenly develop bladder or bowel problems, or develop foot drop you should call your surgeon immediately. The nerves in this area control those functions as well as genital sensation, etc. If they are compressed for a short period of time, the nerves can become damaged permanently. So everyone with lower lumbar and sacral problems needs to be aware of the symptoms so they do not delay in getting treatment.

  • My husband was having pains in the groin for years, had trouble walking distances. He saw a neurologist, he had a mri, and some other tests. He was operated on having a laminectory. Was ok for about a week then the pain started up again.

    He was referred to an ortho doc. Everyone seemsed to feel that it was in his back.

    Finally he did some research on his problem, found a doctor in Galveston, had another mri and and found that it was his hips and not his back. He had bone rubbing on bone. He has had two hip resurfacing surgeries and that was over 5 years ago. He still gets an occasional day when he is stiff for a while but other than that he is fine.

    If you are having pains in the groin, maybe you should have your hips checked out.
  • I had a discectomy and laminectomy 5 days ago to relieve the intense pain in my right groin and right buttock. On a scale of 1-worst to 10-best, I was a 10 before surgery and am now a 5 to 6. Will I get more relief with time, is this as good as I can expect it to get?
  • I have been suffering from groin and hip pain radiating to my upper and mid thigh for several months. I also have herniated discs at L4/L5 and L5/S1 with nerve root compression and spondylolithesis at both levels. My Neuro Dr referred me to an Ortho who ordered an MRA ( MRI with contrast) which revealed a torn labrum in my hip. The pain is a burning pain and is worse while sitting for long periods or when on my feet for extended time...which is most of the time as I work in retail. Ortho Dr prescribed 6 wks of PT and if no improvement will discuss arthroscopic hip surgery to repair tear. I get the feeling that he doesn't think the tear should be causing as much pain as I am having. I relayed this to my Neuro and he feels the thigh pain is from my arthritic facet joints...so 2 days ago I had facet injections at 4 levels, from L3- S1. Hoping this provides some relief as neither Dr will prescribe any pain meds other than anti inflammatories which do nothing but irritate my stomach.
    Sorry for the long post..but you may want to ask about a labral tear in the hip being the source of your groin pain.
  • I too have had this unexplained groin pain. Scans, MRI's, medications, nothing is helping. Very painful to sit or actually do anything else. Too early in age for my life to have been put on pause or at a stand still due to all the pain I'm experiencing. Docs just say they can't do a thing if they can't see what's wrong
  • I just had my 3 rd surgery on a L5S1 and after this surgery my doc thinks my groin and leg pain which all feel like a massive tooth ache with stabbing pain could be caused from scar tissue , We already know that my nerve is surrounded my scar tissue to the point at certain times like stretching etc it will lock right up.But after my 3rd surgery I am experiencing the groin pain like it's torn to the point it's like your trying to tear a drumstick of a turkey with stabbing pain sometimes to the knee cap . I'm male 46yrs old 6ft 198lbs i've been dieting was 237 to see if the weight loss would help no luck so far but i;m sure it didn't hurt for the future lol
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