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Pulsating Pain in lower left back near butt

AnonymousUserAnonymousUser Posts: 51,513
edited 06/11/2012 - 1:31 PM in Lower Back Pain
I have extreme pulsating pain in my lower left of my back near my butt, in comes around sporadically, every now and again, but it is extreme. I have been diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease, and scoliosis, i haven't seen the doctor yet for this specific problem, does anyone have any ideas of what it could be? FYI: if it helps im 22 years old, female. Thanks!!


  • Hey sorry to hear that you are feeling this. I know exactly what you are talking about because I get it on my left side. I am 25 and hurt my back when I was 17. My PM doctor told me that it is from inflammation around the SI joint. I take daily medications, but I found that for this specific intense pain episode if I take a muscle relaxant or lyrica it subsides. I also make sure that I schedule an SI injection ASAP with my PM doc. I know that too many injections are not good for you, but I have found that for this specific type of pain they really help. I wish I could say the injections helped everything. I hope this helps and that your doctor can do something for you. I'm here if you need anything. Take care!
  • Thank you for your insight and kind words, this helps a lot, i'll talk to my pain mangagement doc pretty soon, and thanks again. :)
  • No problem! Let me know what your pain management doc says. I am fortunate to have an excellent doc who knows what he's doing & talking about. Mind you I've probably seen about 20 doctors lol. I know that injections don't help everyone, myself included, but it does relieve that inflammation that medications can't touch. Best of luck!
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