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why is it so painful

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,671
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:31 AM in Fibromyalgia
:''( why does fibromyalgia hurt so much? i have fibro pain and along with my pain i have a burning feeling on my skin and hurts terrible does anyone else have this burning sensation along with there pain from fibromyalgia? and have a sick feeling like u have a really bad flu in ur bones???

please let me know im new here thank u


  • So sorry to hear about your fibro pain. How long ago were you diagnosed? When mine is at it's worst I have burning pain and transient stabbing pain. And yes, it feels I like I got hit with a Mac truck in the morning, just putting my feet on the floor is painful. A good pain management program and light yoga has helped me a great deal. Some days it is hour by hour. You have my deepest empathy!
  • Yes I have the burning pain and the feeling like I just got run over by a Mac truck. At the moment I keep feeling like someone is taking a rubber band and snapping my tendons in my foot. Actually it DOES feel like someone is literally snapping my tendons. Pleasant, huh?

    There are times that I have other burning, but my worst feeling is that I've done a million calf raises...it's like the pain is like that in all the muscles. So I guess I have more muscle pain than what you seem to be experiencing is like nerve pain.

    I also cannot hold a thought for the life of me lately either. Those days, I am scared to drive b/c I am afraid of hurting someone! So I stay home and keep myself occupied that way!

    Hope you start feeling better soon! This is NO FUN, but it's almost better than an injury b/c at least you know it will never go away. With an injury, you never know how much pain you will be in!
  • I am so sorry you are having such a trail right now. Just wondering how long you have been living with this and are you working with a physician/health team that understands fibromyalgia?

    For me, the pain was rough but the fibro fog was far more difficult to handle emotionally. The loss of short-term memory and the word finding problems were so embarrassing and frustrating.

    It never ceases to amaze me how many people I know that have fibromyalgia yet hide it for fear of being stigmatized!

    Please know that you are not alone in your struggles.
  • Hi there,

    I feel the same way too. Pain all the time - like a bad flu. Also tingling/stabbing pain - often my skin actually hurts to touch.

    It's been so so hard lately for some reason, and I'm SO tired of dealing with this. I've had this for 15 years or so - maybe more, I've lost track. Lately I feel like I just can't hack it anymore and I get so depressed. ~X(

    So I feel for you, hope you feel a bit better sometimes - hang in there.
  • "Like flu in your bones" - I like that description.

  • Fibro is very dialibating disease to have. I have it along with peripheral neuropathy,B12 definency,central spinal stenosis,lumbar radiculopathy,cauda equine syndrome and other things going on with my body also osteoporosis. I have been fighting for SSDI since March of 2007, and guess what got a letter from ALJ saying I was approved and that they were going back to Sept. 30-2006. Got my letter from ALJ on July 31-2009, got paper from SSA about helping me with scripts and such today Aug.21 and should get my award letter tomorrow. They told me they sent it out Aug. 19th. Well let me know how all is handling all the pain that we are going through.If you know of anyone who needs help with SSDI tell them to go through Allsup and tell them that to say Wanda "Sue" Brown referred them. thanks so much. Hugs Sue Brown
  • So sorry you have to deal with this horrid disease. I too have the burning sensation on my skin, oddly mostly when I'm doing dishes. If I rest my arms on the edge of the sink without a towel there, it burns for hours afterward.

    Hoping you have some pain free (or pain light) days in the near future!
  • I have the horrid burning feeling on my skin as well. Fibro is not an easy thing to live with, nor is it easy for those nearest to you to understand. I really hate "But you don't LOOK sick", but it comes with the illness.

    The best thing I have ever done for myself with Fibro is to get up and move every so often to help ward off the nagging stiffness. Doing gentle stretches, and range of motion in my joints. Living with FMS is hard enough, but having all the little add ons (burning skin, soreness etc...) is like a double whammy.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • I was on a Fibro message board for years. Left it for personal reasons. so far, the Spine-Health forum seems OK.

    The neuropathy..I do think sometimes it is worse that the nagging aching "flu in the bones" (I liked that one too) stiffness, brain fog and the infamous "But you don't LOOK sick!!!" (YUP, heard it all before.)
    GRRRRRRRRRR...I really connected with the description of the burning in lower arms after doing dishes! It felt like I was being shocked! Now I have proof that there is a reason why I can't do dishes! My B.F. does them. I refuse.

    Does anyone ever feel like their hair hurts? Or even their eyelashes? I have seen this expressed by others also. I know I have felt it. And Neurontin only briefly touched on the pain. Lyrica? What a joke! They have touted it on commercials as the wonder drug for Fibro to the point it makes me wanna hurl :sick: NOTHING really helps fibromyalgia, except, as some of you said, stretching, mild exercise and for me, soaking in the hot tub. It's an old one we picked up for a song, but it sure does help.

    There were some other weird phenomena we discussed that I may ask about here, later. It had to do with our "hardwiring". It sure seems different from others.

    Well, gotta go. I cannot type any longer. I'm curling up into a ball from stiffness ;)

    (sorry 'bout the gross 'smiley') But it is how I feel about Lyrica.
  • I have always wondered if I had fibro but from reading these posts I am now sure of it. I have had flu like symptoms for years but lab work never shows infection. I just had my potassium checked last week thinking that may be the reason my back, hips, thighs, calves and feet hurt so bad. Again, lab was normal. Thought I may have early dementia or alzheimers due to not being able to verbalize words or thoughts as quickly as I should. Thank you so much for your posts, I am going back to my PCP and demand a referral for a rheumatologist appt. I should have known....I went 12 years with debilitating migraines only to find out I had 3 bad discs in my neck with cord compression and severe spinal stenosis. Thanks again!!!
  • ~X( My pain was so bad that my Significant other thought I had bone cancer. I am not a sissy when it comes to pain, 2 c-sections, sinus surgery, spinal fusion, and perm nerve damage. But this fibro is the worse. I actually cannot flip on a light switch when it is at it's worse. I am 50 and have always exercised faithfully, but with this I am afraid I will drop a weight on my foot.

    I wake up at night curled into a tight ball, my fists are clenched and my legs are stiff. The house could burn down before I got myself out of bed.

    I was diagnosed 3 yrs. ago with this and have been in remission for the past year but this past week it is starting to return. If I didn't have children I would off myself.

    Thanks for letting me vent, it's nice to know I'm not alone.

    Donna ~X(
  • I'm also sorry you feel this way, when I read your post and all the others, I feel all pain mentioned in everyones post. Your stood out a little more because I have been feeling like what you said if you did not have children that you would off yourself. I found myself saying that to my sister lately.
    I also have Ankylosing Spondylitis (hla-b27 positive)along with the fibro, I know what you meant trying to get across how bad the pain is, I'am also a strong person.... I so understand your pain! Pain for years at least 20 years now everyday and somedays I can barly walk. I can barley write this tonight because my hands are so swollen and they feel so fat my fingers won't bend! My legs feel like someone started a fire inside of them along with I can barly get up and walk like I'm 1,000 thousand years old. If you ever want to talk any of you I'm here. Thanks for letting me vent also, no one seems to care at my end, except my sister. poor thing I bet she's tired of hearing it O:) I'm also glad I came aross this site, I really need to talk to others whom understand these diseases. >:D<
  • Hello :H ..I know your suppose to keep moving,... so you feel better, but...Does anyone here have the opposite effect and just get worst if they do normal everyday things?
    I make myself move and try to clean, It's like my whole body will get more and more stiffer, It's kind of like your muscles start to go into paralize mode. Does anyone here experience this???? "Paralisis" ? -
    ( did I spell that right )from just moving and doing things in the house or out in the yard just doing a little gardening? Thanks for any responce.
  • hi
    yeah thats why i don't clean..and my garden i always loved to plant veggie yrly...but i believe i will try some raised beds..
    if i can get up and my son off to school..i have accomplished something..
    so today i did that and with his help loaded dishwasher..
    my hubby and kids do most tasks
    i fold clothes if they put them on my bed..and even that hurts..
    but i drag my fibro butt to the indoor pool and either use kickboard of just waterwalk...
    the getting out of pool with the gravity and driving are not so hot.
    but i make myself do it and for that brief time in water i feel like my old self...and its so worth going...
    i can't do most stuff so just do little things..
    so go at your pace...just small walks..forget the cleaning..
    take care
    neck,bone spurs pain started 04, back issues and fusion l4,l5 06~hardware removed.
    good few yrs. 09 pain sharp, numbness feet,legs, diagnosed fibro, neurop. legs.lung issues.
    daily goal do good thing for someone.
  • When you're in the water, does the pressure from the water make your chest hurt? The last time I went swimming, I could only go in up to my waste. The pressure from the water on my chest made it hurt so bad. I wish I could go more, I heard it really helps.
    I don't swim but I'd like to do some kind of water exercises.
  • Spam link not allowed. Removed by authority member, Cath111. 7/12/2010

  • I was just told here bout 3wks ago I had Fibro, and yes it felt like my bones had the flu also thats how I kept telling the docs. They ruled out MS when my legs would give out and I would fall flat on my back and took 3-4 days to get the right leg to work again. Today both my feet hurt that wearing shoes are killing me and my left foot drags when I walk. I have good days and really bad ones just knowing I am 37 and still got 2 young kids to raise and that this will never go away kills me I coached and played sports and enjoyed being outside so much that I feel cheated!!! I too have spine probs that sometimes I can't tell if its fibro or my arthritis or my disc probs. It's nice to know there are Titanic full of us that have the same probs and issues lets just hope sometime in near future we can find a cure for it.
  • I wish I would have thought about getting a kickboard to use at the indoor pool when the summer stuff was on clearance. I think that would have been great.
    Being in constant pain is horrible. It is so hard to deal with.
    It takes me all day to do things that use to only take a couple of hours.
  • I know this post is old, I just saw it. You should try some indoor, or outdoor, raised bed hydroponic farming. You could get your son or husband to fill your reservoirs (the heavy stuff) and then just have a good time caring for your garden, without ever bending over, or picking up heavy things like bags of soil, or fertilizer. Just a thought. ;)
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