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break out in sweat?

Jim_LJim_L Posts: 189
So yesterday was the 3rd day that i had been sitting at the computer, the weathers not too bad, mostly raining though yesterday was hot.

And for no reason i'd just break into a full body sweat.
Normally I wouldn't think anything of it but 3 days in a row? I'd be sitting here typing or reading and then realize i'm sopping wet! No warning or other symtoms I can think of.

It has only happened when at the computer, I think sitting upright may have something to do with it...?
It lasts for a few minutes, say 5 -10 then not again for the rest of the day. When i'm not doing my typical housecleaning, i either nap or am in my recliner.

My only meds are 5mg of Oxycodone (total per day is anywhere from 25 -40 per day depending on how bad the pain is) along with a 25mg pill of benadril (with each oxy) to head off the intense itching the oxy causes.

I might have had one episode during the night about a week ago as I had to get up in the middle of the night and change my shirt.

Am i going crazy? Anyone else have this happen?


  • i'm a nut for reading side effects of meds. i thought oxycodone had effect on thyroid so i looked it up. side effects do include sweating. you may want to report this to primary care dr.
    youre lucky you don't live down south!!
    ;)) ;)) ;))
  • I've been on oxy for many years (among other 'tryout' meds) so i'm not sure if it's the meds or some new symptom from sitting upright...?
    A nerve being pinched somehow and setting it off...?
  • Sorry, but first thing I thought when I noticed night sweats, and some periodic bouts during the day was "omg, menopause!!!" But, alas, that time has not come for me, and I don't believe it will EVER come for YOU. =))

    So, with that out of the way, I've never discovered the cause of my bouts of the "sweats", but I can't blame it on pain meds, because I've been off narcotics for over a month. Maybe, sometimes, our bodies just HAVE to get those toxins out of our systems, so we sweat... who knows. :/

    Still, if it becomes worse, you should probably call your doctor, just in case. :-C If not, maybe mention it at your next appointment. :?

    Good luck!

  • maybe my wifes starting hers... and I'm having symathy pains...?
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