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What to expect now???

tarheelgirlttarheelgirl Posts: 473
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:32 AM in Health Insurance Issues
Hi everyone who has been awarded their SSD,

I am just wondering what to expect now that I heard I won. My attorney told me that I won my case yesterday and that I should expect a determination letter and then my back pay. If this isn't too much to ask, how much were some of your backpay checks? When I calculate mine out, it's so much that I almost choke...I can't imagine it being right. I am going by my last day worked and multiplying by the amount I got this past year on my statement. I think I'll get even more b/c of all my dependeents (children). If any of you have dependents you are paid for, what is the average you get for your children?

How quickly do they pay the back pay once you find out, and then is it usually deposited in your account every month after teh back pay check? What day is it put in? I have so many questions...I'm so excited, but at the same time cautious. I feel like I'm calculating wrong.

Thanks and God bless!!


  • (|: I have my final interveiw on sep10,09 in front of a judge.I have L4,L5,S1 nerve root.What are my chances of winning?
  • I wish I could give you good news, but I think it's case to case in how they decide. I was told that my agd (only 36) would be against. I'm still shocked that I won. I tol my hubby that it feels surreal. I am one of the ones on here that never had surgery...it mabye in my fuutrue, but I believe it all lies in the fate of who gets your case. For my first app, I had one caseworker, for the appeal, I had 2 different ones and just pyayed taht God would have favor in this perosn and two weeks lsater, after it was supposed to take up to 6 month to hear about it...I won. I never went to the level of seeing a judge. Pretty inredible I was alos told by my attorneys that most cases win at the hearing stage.

    So, best wishes to you and I hope you find out soon!
  • I appreciate you sharing that number with me. I was wondering about how much a child gets and I know what my statement says for total family income. I'm sure I wouldn't get that much per child...that seems like a lot, but it would be a lot closer to my salary than me getting it alone. I used to make 50-70k a year, have a 4 year nursing degree and I'm only 36...so I am still in utter shock and I'm scared to "wake up", if you know what I mean. I was just plain honest on all my paperwork and my doctor's reports were all good (documenting I couldn't pull up meds from a syringe, couldn't stand or sit more than one hour at a time and showed he made home visits when I couldn't get out of my home). Although, I deserve this, it's still hard to believe. I honestly think I screwed up and should have been getting LTD all this time while being out of work. I paid in to get short term, but the company paid LTD insurance. I just never thought about it, and I see so many on here getting it. Maybe if I'd done that all along, we wouldn't be so unstable now. I am calling the bank tomorrow too about my house. We do have it listed on the market b/c we want to decrease our monthly payment and donm't need this much house...but at least it will buy us some time to try to sell it in this market instead of foreclosing.

    Being unable to work is such a tough road to travel...I feel so inadequate all the time...I'm sure it's worse being a man and having to stop work. So many men are tied to their careers. It's all I can do to unload the dishwasher or do one load of laundry....usually my husband loads the washer and I can switch to the dryer and fold b/c there is no bending over.

    Another question, my caseworker said I'd get a "determination" letter, then would get the money...but it may be reversed. Do they really send a big lump sum in the mail, or will they need my bank info first to deposit it?

    Sorry for all the questions. And thank you for all the answers. Btw, I read back thru old posts where you got your SSD awarded quickly as well. I also saw where NOT having surgery yet, could have helped my case...I thought for sure I'd have to have surgery to get approved, but I guess they see that as "you should get better now that it's 'fixed' ". Even if the pain never goes away....
  • sorry....I just figured out the picture posting...thanks
  • Paul, I appreciate all your input. I just have so many questions right now. I can't imagine what you must have felt when you had money hit your bank account. Did you have any clue what it was for or did you think it was a big mistake??? You are right, I feel the bitter-sweetness that I've read many post being happy about winning and then sad at the same time that it's reality...that others see us as "disabled"....it's a very hard word to say. I usually say I'm unable to work and not the big "D" word.

    May I ask, to anyone, how do you upload a picture to the site? It sure helps for me to see all the people like me...who look completely normal, but are unable to work at all. I don't know exactly what I expected a "disabled" person to look like, but everyone is so normal looking...we just all live in pain and if you are like me...very gimpy when I walk...hoping I'm years and years away from a wheelchair. But, sitting is worse to me than standing a lot of times...depending on the day and flair up mode. Well, blessings to you all...and I so appreciate all the help and answeers.

    Where is Jeauxbert? I miss her input! I hope she is doing ok!
  • Hi, just wanted to add that you should call your local S.S. office and give them your bank information. Many times your back pay will be in your account before you get your determination letter. my sister got her backpay in her account before she even knew she was approved at all! You can imagine the surprise she got!!LOL
    I just recently received my SSDI also and it only took about 2 weeks to get my letter.

    Good Luck!
  • Paul's information is totally correct in reply #10. Your children will receive benefits until they turn 18. Like Paul, I've never heard of the children actually going to SSA for proof of life! Birth certificates and custody awards are generally all that's needed. BUT if they say bring them all... I'd tell them to misbehave if you find yourself waiting too long in the lobby for your appt; that way if they are unruly you MIGHT be seen on time!

    Nah. Just kidding...

    A disabled child can receive benefits until they reach the age of 22 - as long as they are disabled; if they suffer a long-term disabling condition, they will file their own claim after the childhood benefits cease (age 22) on their own disabilities.

    Your earnings statement will have what you will receive, and what your kids will receive; this amount cannot exceed the "family benefit" amount. Your presumptive benefit amount is determined by what you paid into Social Security each year you were disabled. As your earnings statement changes each year (because of the money you paid in) so does the benefit amount. SSA calculates this amount for you - it's called your "PIA". Your attorney has this ifnormation.

    It's not uncommon for the retro pay to be staggering - tens of thousands of dollars. Take my advice on this: do not spend all of it (paying bills, etc) because IF SSA is incorrect, and accidentally pay you too much, you WILL have to repay it. So, take some, pay the bills you are most overdue on (home, car, insurances, etc) and save the rest. Not trying to scare you, but it's always best to err on the side of caution; it only takes a phone call or a letter to verify things that obviously seem to be wrong.

    I remember a claim where this guy was awarded like $20,000 in back pay; his SON was awarded like $45,000 for backpay. The man thought that was odd; but went ahead and bought his son an expensive car, paid for college, text books, etc for his son... All the while thinking "that must be a mistake". Well, it was a mistake and he tried hiring an attorney to keep from having to repay the son's benefits. No attorney would touch it. He kept saying "I wasn't the one who made the mistake!!" The child was only due $4500 - not $45,000. So, yes SSA makes mistakes (and this one was so obvious - if for no other reason than the fact the child's backpay exceeded the claimant's!) and yes, you will have to repay.

    Usually, the time it takes for a decision to be made and the time you actually see money is about 3 months. Sometimes sooner; sometimes later. But once a decision is made, your claim goes back to your local SSA. Once it's logged in, they review the decision and send it to the main office for payment issues which is in Baltimore MD. They do the figuring, then send your claim BACK to your local office. See? Lots of eyes have to see it and do their thing before money is actually paid.

    I'm so happy for you Tarheel!
  • You always have such good info and I so appreciate it. What a blessing to have you on this site, having worked with an SSD attorney. And thank you to Paul and the others who have replied to me so warmly.

    I would not spend all of it...I want some cushion in my life...I need some money in the bank for these hard times! My husband's business is just so slow. What a touching story above with the guy spending all that money!

    You mentioned custody orders...Mine are a split custody order (my 3) and my husband's kis...I have not adopted them but they live with us full time. What do you think will happen in this case? will I get half the benefit in my case? The caseworker did say I'd have to go in to the SSA office locally with all the kids. Do you think they want to get a look at me? I hate the thought of taking them and them asking questions...I don't say I'm disabled to them. They just know waht they see and that mommy has a hard time walking and I can't run and jump and play with them. That's hard enough without being labeled "disabled".

    Also, is this a separate issue? But we have 2 autistic boys and a girl who has several developmental delays...she is going to have genenic testing this week. But, I had thought about applying for them...is this somehitng I should wait to do until they are older so they can live on their own (God willing).?? They are 10, 8, and 6. I don't know if this is a separate issue or what.

    Thank you! thank you! blessings to all
  • I too have an Autistic son, and applied for SSI for him within weeks of having a diagnosis. We applied in July, and he was approved in September. I got the back pay and first check in Ocotber. For us, it was easy. I was scared after reading all the stuff about it online, but I'm glad I just went ahead and did it. I've heard that it will save him trouble when he gets older and applies for SSDI.
  • Thanks Amanda! Do they quilify off our low incomoe or their own income, whcih would be none at this time b/c they are young and do not have income? Thanks and I'll look into it.
  • It does not cost a dime to apply for SSI for your children. I've said this a thousand times (not to you, but at least that many times here on this website) that the worst thing that could happen would be that the claim is denied. No lawsuits, or anything drastic like that (unless SSA feels they are intentionally being duped; they will pursue a fraudulent claim - complete with private investigators adept at using cameras). If you feel you have a legitimate claim with your children, by all means file claims. You could do this when you go in to provide information your dependent claims. The SSA representative could give you guidance. All of the questions you raise here (other than the LTD and STD questions) are excellent ones to write down and bring with you when you go in.

    If you tend to forget everything, remember this: Ignorance and stupidity are two totally different animals. Just because you have never had reason to experience certain things or situations, don't feel like you are stupid. Now, if you've experienced situations and certain things time and time again and have learned nothing..... that's a different story! That is known as "Live and Learn"


  • Jeaux, as always thank you again. Of my two autistic children, one truly is recognizable and the other is not. The one with a higher score, also has CP in his legs, which he has been given handicapped parking and a wheelchair for, but isn't wheelchair bound. I think he truly needs some help...but my other two that may qualify...the only reason I'd want assistance is for special tutoring...b/c they all 3 have learning disabilities. I donm't quite understand all of this, but know that I plan to ask what I should do wehn I go to my local SS office. I still have not received my "determination letter" from SSA...I'd feel alot better if I had that, rather going by my caseworker just saying I was approved.

    May I ask? Is the SSD insurance and SSI for disabled kids the same thing or two totally different things? Thank you...and I hope you guys donm't think I'm ignorant...I was pretty sharp at one point in life, but kind of slowed these days. :)

    God bless you all...
  • SSD is actually the money you've paid into your Retirement account. Actually, it's not YOUR account. The money I pay today for Social Security is used to pay Social Security benefits for some complete stranger who is currently receiving Social Security (retirement or disability...). These are FEDERAL funds.

    SSI (Supplemental Security Income) comes from a state's general tax fund. There are SSI Adult claims, and there's SSI Children's benefit claims (or DC claim - disabled child).

    There's also a claim that disabled children file once they reach 19 or 20 and have been receiving disability benefits their whole lives. Generally, people who file this type of claim fall into different categories: either they have been limited their whole life but thought nothing of it, until they actually tried to work, or have been receiving the DC benefits and are now too old to continue receiving Disabled Child's benefits.

    Everyone is covered some how or other.

    Sadly, there are some very seriously disabled adults who do not fit the cookie mold....

    When you go to your local office for your interview (after you receive your award letter - someone from your local office will contact you to schedule an appointment). Or, your attorney can arrange this for you (I used to contact the Soc Sec Admin on behalf of our clients and supply this information so the client did not have to).

    My Daddy always said - "It's better to aim for the stars than shoot down a well. At least you hit higher". Some states may not volunteer information on eligible resources unless you know the right questions to ask. So ask what you are eligible for and what your children are eligible for (don't use the word "entitled".... "eligible" sounds more humble)
  • Thank you for your comments. I still havent' gotten my determination letter yet, but gave my bank info to my attorney's caseworker, so I'm getting a little nervous now. It's been a week since I heard I was awarded SSD, but nothing is happenting. It's not official b/c I only heard thru my caseworker.

    On a good note, I looked into SSD thru my company and I should have received it for 90 days, so I am filing a "retro claim" and they said once they got what they needed from my doctors office (a form filled out and signed), it only takes 5 days to process. So, that is good...I did not want to mess with LTD, since I "heard" I won my SSD case and mess up my pay somehow. I hope it all works out. I really can't do anything with my house at the present until I get my funds....so it's a waiting game. :(
  • I followed your story and I'm so excited for you.
    Even though you have to do some extra waiting, you
    know it's coming! That is so great, when it all comes through to the bank, you can relax a little.
    You did great! Susie
  • I know you won't believe it's real until you get that letter. Waiting is no fun. Let us know when you get it so we can celebrate! When I won SSD it was a blessing but it made me so sad at the same time. I've known I was disabled for several years, but to have it confirmed was hard for me. I hope you get your letter and a big fat check soon.
    Faith M
  • So did many of you find out the same as me? Thru an attorney and then get your letter later?? I hope I'm not alone! When can I expect my letter and money?

    Thank you Faith and Susie for answering and I too followed both of your stories!!! God bless each of you!!

    And, yes, it's hard to have "disabled" labeled to you!
  • My lawyer contacted me first then I got the letter. He said it would be up to 90 days before I got a check. I got my back pay in 2 weeks! My 1st monthly check should be here next week. It took so long o get it but once I did, things have moved quickly. I hope things speed up for you too!
    Faith M
  • that makes me feel better. I even contacted my attorney and "checked" to see if I had been dreaming! :) lol They assured me I was fine and we werr just "waiting". I keep checking the mail or my account every day, but nothing. I have no idea how much I should be getting either. It's less than what I thought b/c I did not know about the 5 month wait, and then it could be more b/c it could possible be my "family maximum" with 5 kids under 18, but then I don't know how they fit my 2 step-boys in there in which we have all the time, and my 3 are joint custody...so who knows? Well, hopefully it will come soon and be able to stop my house from going anywhere. We notified the bank that "its coming and we'll get caught up. We'd like to modify the morgage and not have to "catch up" with the money...but my hubby's ex will not sign the papers (she is still on the loan) and she wants to see us fail...very vengeful...and she is the one who left my husband! He didn't leave her, she left for her high school sweetheart, but she is just MEAN, EVIL...anything you can think of!

    She is coming to help her mom move out this morning (shows the character of my husband...the ex has lived with us after her daughter left for the past 3 years)...but its time to go now (I feel sorry for her having to move in with the daughter...she is so abusive to her). My husband and I prayed and he put crosses in oil over the doors she'd be walking thru...we hate that evil has to enter our house. Last week when she was here moving boxes, she was acting "happy", trying to show off until my husband started to play worship music while we began our dinner and things changed so dramatically...we had to ask her to stop slamming all the doors before she knocked things off the wall!That just made it get louder! I'm glad her mom, although nice, will not be able to "spy" anymore.
  • I have not yet recieved a letter that states the monthly ammount for my son. I called SS to confirm that my son's application was filed(when I filed) they said it was. They said they needed to determine his monetary ammount and I should hear in a few weeks. My lawyer said it can be up to half of your pay! They go by the age your child was at the date they determined you were disabled. I was also told we will recieve back pay for him too! Good news. My lawyer was the one that told me to call SS to confirm my son's application. Maybe you should call and make sure everythings in order? I'm so glad you got it, I know it's a downer but it sure makes life easier!
    Faith M
  • Well, it certainly will make me feel that I'm not as much of a burden on my husband, whose job is sufferingn due to the economy.

    My two step children are not adopted, although we have full custody of them...there is a mother and they visit her once or twice a month. I am thinking if I recall, that I didn't put them on my application when filing for my kids. Then, my 3 are with me a little more than half the time b/c it's joint custody, although it may not forever be that way. My ex is short of a deadbeat and I get about $30/month per child from him b/c of what he thinks and should pay a two separate things. I used to make more than him in salary b/c he got fired and quit and laid off more than he worked. Both me and my current husband were left for other people so...that is why it's so confusing.

    So far, B&B hasn't told me to contact SS, so I'll wait until I at least get my letter and then see what to do...seems that this process can go quite slow. So, it definately sounds that the kids will come after. I was really wondering what to expect. I asked B&B if I'd have to file to SS about my kids and they said "no, it's already done", but said I may have to take them in to be "physically seen".

    Thanks to you all for your input!
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