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AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,671
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:33 AM in Pain Medications
I got a new PM in Orlando and he prescribed me Nucynta for BT vice Percocet, which I've used for years.

Does anyone know about this drug and it's effectivness yet. From what I know, it was just made available in June of this year. Very expensive, my copay for 2 weeks was 60.00 when I paid 4.00 for a month supply for percocet.


  • Its a immediate release opioid/SNRI combo that is supposed to have less negative side effects than if you take, for example, IR Morphine and Cymbalta (opioid, and SNRI). SNRI are selective norepinephrine uptake inhibitors, like cymbalta. Supposedly combining the two in one synthetic molecule is a good thing, but I think it's just the constant cycle of big pharma introducing new drugs that do the same things as the old ones, so they can make more money. In your case, they did just that.

    On the flipside, I sincerely hope you get better relief from this med vs Percocet. Have you been taking cybalta or any other antidepressants or nerve pain meds? If not, just the addition of the SNRI alone may help you out, regardless of the opioid in 'Nucynta'. It's called tapentadol btw and I haven't seen any official charts showing where it stands as far as morphine equivalency (i.e. 5mg oral nucynta = 1mg oral morhpine) but they have stated it's 'between tramadol and morphine', lol, which I have to laugh at because that's a HUGE gap. My guess is it's something like vicodin.

    Oh yes, and don't forget, SNRI's, which your Nucynta has in it, take 2 to 8 weeks until full effect, and only work best if taken regularly. This is fine if you take one or two or whatever a day every day, but if you take just as needed, the SNRI effects could be very, very questionable.

    I'm sorry you got stuck as the lab rat on this one, but you'll have to let us know how it works out for you! Good luck.

    Best wishes,

  • just checked their web site and they did comparison with oxycodone. the oxy was a little better.
  • It's a shame, but in many cases, doctors will prescribe a brand new medication because they can get kickbacks such as paid vacations, paid seminars, free food for their office staff, etc. based on the number of scripts they write.

    I had a ARNP write me a script for sinus problems once. I never heard of the drug, but it was new and cost $60.00 a month co-pay. I told the pharmacy to keep it, I wasn't paying that much. Come to find out, the new drug was nothing more than combining two older drugs to make one. I then had my PM write a script for both cheaper generics and only paid $5.00 a piece for those.

    If you want to find the root of all evil in our broken health care system, start with the drug companies.
    Several Epidurals, L4-S1 360 ALIF, Numerous Facet Joint Injections, RFA x2
  • At this particular point in the month, I can only wish to return to the days when my meds were only $60 a month.. or every 2 weeks, for that matter. 8}
  • My family doctor referred me to a pain management doctor as the Lortab I was taking was no longer efffective. Unfortunately my family doctor would not prescribe anything stronger. I was very clear to my new doctor that I wanted to be very conservative with treatment. I brought a copy of a MRI done five years ago with the radiologist's report. He gave me a prescription for Nucynta and wanted to set up another MRI and a three week series of injections in my spine.He explained Nucynta was a new drug which immediately triggered my brain into thinking the insurance company co-pay (medicare through Humana)was going to be huge, not to mention they may not cover it at all. He said he didn't know anything about that. I advised him that his office may have to send Humana paperwork to get it approved. He said his office didn't do paperwork. At the same time, my husband was seeing his orthopedist in the same clinic and I had to hang around a while after my appointment which gave me time to call Humana to have them tell me Nucynta was not on their list. I called two different pharmacies we do business with and they never heard of it. I was in the exam room with my husband and started to walk down the hall to tell the receptionist I needed a different prescription and the doctor passed me in the hall. I told him I needed something else and he said I had to bring in the handful of Lortab I had left before he wrote something else. I asked why he didn't ask me to do this before he gave me the Nucynta prescription and he babbled something. He got his nurse to talk to me and tried to walk away and I told him I wasn't through talking to him. I told his nurse to forget all of it and I would stay on the Lortab rather then jump through all the expensive, unnecessary hoops they were creating for me. By that time the nurse had my family doctor's office on the phone and they erroneously told her they had called a prescription of NORCO for me a few days ago. Norco is another generic name for Lortab. They now think I have prescriptions for both Lortab and Norco. I get on my phone and call my family doctor at the same time and asked what they were trying to do to me. I asked why would they call in another prescription when I still had 2 refills on my Lortab.They apologized to me and said they would straightened everything out.The nurse hears the conversation and asks me about the Lortab refills and tells my doctor's office to cancel them. About this time I am so exasperated I am ready to say forget the whole thing. The doctor is still standing there and says he will give me percocet but I am not to give them to anyone else or sell them. I walked up to him and said he was talking to an adult not a child. I had also explained to him during my exam that my husband was the victim of recalled MS Contin
    that put him in the hospital on a ventilator. The lot number he filled four days earlier was twice the dose the pill was supposed to be. So taking a new drug is rather scarey to me, particularly when no one knows what it is. We paid our bill, I told the office manager I did not like the doctor and probably would not be back.We use three different doctors associated with this clinic and are in love with all of them. This doc is nnot one of them! I know this is mostly about personal experience. The moral of my story is do not give any more information then you have to!
  • Yup I got this one too for my chronic pain. I got #240 of the 50mg pills for $6.00. the pharmacist said if i didnt have insurance i would be paying over 500 bucks. Doesnt work as god as the oxy ir 30mg's i used to take.
  • Does anyone here know what the overall make-up of this Nucynta is. I know its generic name is Tapetadine or something like that. I was just curious as to what makes this a CII med???
  • It's been a week now that I've been on nucynta, last week morphine sul. and Percocet 10 all the sudden quit working on my pain,
    Pain management put me on nucynta 75mg. every 8 hrs. as needed. It's working for me most of the time,I have to take it every 4 to 5 hrs. unfortunately.
    So far no side effects.
    L-4 to S-1 lami,fusion with rods.
  • It's very hard to find any in-depth info on this new drug. It's been described as 'tramadol on steroids' (it was developed by Grunenthal, the same company that came up with tramadol), and it does seem to have a similar make-up to that drug, what with the dual opioid/non-opioid effect. What puzzles me is why it is Schedule 2? I'm also curious as to whether it shares tramadol's wide range of possible side effects and drug interactions, and to what degree it effects the seizure threshold.
  • BotzBotz Central FloridaPosts: 223
    I was also prescribed Nucynta from my Orlando PM. I have tried most pain meds, Hydrocodone, Kadian, Avinza, MS-IR, Opana, Gabapentin and Lyrica various dosages with no relief. Duragesic gave me relief but with a bad rash. I have an SCS that does not cover my extreme pain. My PM Dr. said he does not know what else to do… we have tried everything……Let’s try this new medicine Nucynta.
    I had to go to a particular CVS pharmacy to get it filled. Then the insurance company denied the meds. My PM said it was on the insurance companies list of acceptable meds. Back and forth between the PM’s office/pharmacy/Insurance company. Finally they filled it. After all that it did nothing for my pain. I thought maybe my body needed to adjust to it for the full benefit. On the third day I had a bad reaction to it. I shook violently, could not be still no matter how hard I tried. I stopped taking it and called my PM. Of course this was on a Friday night. Fortunately I still had some MS-IR to get me thru the weekend. Not that it really ever helped me with the pain. At least I had no withdrawal symptoms. I saw him 1st thing Monday morning. Before he would write me a new script I was required to give him the rest of the Nucynta to dispose. My guess was about 135 pills in the trash. I was switched to Roxicodone 30mg. What a difference this med made. My pain level went from a 8 to a 2 overnight. I can actually function again. The copayment for the Nucynta was $50.00 for the month vs. $10.00 for the Roxicodone. I have been on the Roxicodone for two weeks now and feel much better. I hope this continues……
  • It's almost two months now that i've been on nucynta 75mg and now all it does mostly is messes with my head and not the pain.But i'm glad about how it did not mess with my bowl.My PM has put me on a oxy compound with tramadol and zanaflex twice a day...I really hope it last a lot longer...so far the compound is doing great...no more nucynta five or six times a day.Plus I take my lyrica at night only.

    I would like to add , my eyes were burrry from Nucynta but now Iv'e been off nucynta three weeks my vision is good again.I'll never take Nucynta agaiin,its not for me.

    L4 to S1 lami,with rods
    reinjured back again...dang!
  • spinalosis, I was reading one of the sales rep boards for Nucynta and it seems like the drug has fallen way short of the target for both effectiveness/patient satisfaction and sales. One of their sales reps actually posted that the original slogan for Nucynta should have been "You probably still hurt, but at least you CAN give a crap!"

    It's kind of sad when that's what the sales reps think of the drug they're selling.

    I hope you find a balance that works for you soon. :)

  • Aw man, I wish I would have seen this before i went to the doctor today. He took me off my Oxycodone IR's (which work great for me) and put me on 1 or 2 tablets of Nucynta every 6 hours for pain.

    I wonder if anyone has found luck with Nucynta? :(
  • ROFL ,that last line was funny...
    I just found this post looking around sh ..I think i posted in the wrong place at first..starting to get more used to how sh works....
    thank you for the laugh...I really hope your doing good and no pain.

    L1-S1 variety of pain
  • Was prescribed in place of Vicoden prior to my surgery. Gave me sweats, slowed my fine motor skills and speech, and made me feel jittery - perhaps an interaction wih Topamax (as it lists intereactions with many seixure medications - not this one which I take for Migraines).

    Did not help my pain after up to the third dose in the same day. Was prescribed PRN.
  • Yes yes and more yes. I have been on it for almost a year. Being allergic to vicadon, percs it has been a life saver. It has been effective on nerve pain, muscle spasms and so-so on the structural pain. I no longer need muscle relaxers or nerve pain meds. Just 2-3 of these a day and I can funtion. The only down side is that it takes about 40 minutes to kick in nd only lasts about 3-4 hours.
    When I wake up in the morning I hurt everywhere.
    So for me it has been my miracle drug.
    No side effects other than some dizziness for the first 2 weeks on it.
    I hope others have the same luck with it, but it looks like most dont get the same benefit as I have.
    NOOO I don't work for them. :)
  • Yes yes and more yes. I have been on it for almost a year. Being allergic to vicadon, percs it has been a life saver. It has been effective on nerve pain, muscle spasms and so-so on the structural pain. I no longer need muscle relaxers or nerve pain meds. Just 2-3 of these a day and I can funtion. The only down side is that it takes about 40 minutes to kick in nd only lasts about 3-4 hours.
    When I wake up in the morning I hurt everywhere.
    So for me it has been my miracle drug.
    No side effects other than some dizziness for the first 2 weeks on it.
    I hope others have the same luck with it, but it looks like most dont get the same benefit as I have.
    NOOO I don't work for them. :)
  • My Pm dr. Prescribed Nucynta for me about 7 months ago, because I informed him Ultram made me drowsy. I was Leary about taking the medication also. It too makes me drowsy if I take a whole 75 mg in the morning. But overall Nucynta does work and I now take a lesser dosage. I take 75 mg at bedtime, then I lessen the dosage during day and afternoon hours. Have not had any other problems with this medication. I have chronic lowerbackpain - and failed back surgery. I also have arthritis in my back and neck. I also take morphine at this time due to a car accident causing whiplash and working in the yard when, I now know some things I have to be careful about doing or not doing.
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