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Foraminal Stenosis C7

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,671
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:34 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
I first posted here to find out about diagnosed FS C&.
After waiting since March I've managed to have my MRI and finally my appointment with Neurosurgeon. Im wondering if anyone can help me with this -

Saw the NS who after examining me agrees with the FS-C7 but is not happy about the pain in my hands as the main sympton.
I've dislocated my little fingers so many times Ive lost count, one of them has just stayed out and theyve said they'll sort it once Im sorted, my ring finger is now starting to come out of joint. No clue why this is happening as Im not doing anything to irritate anything, seems to be first thing in the morning or when I wake up that they appear in spasm, giving serious pain.
My arms now, manly shoulders are killing me, but yet just some stiffness in neck.

NS wants "Nerve conduction" tests now and Im getting them pretty fast, which here in the UK isnt a good sign as we wait for everything health wise.
NS says he'll see me after the tests (and his waiting lists) to clarify and discuss the results with me but he's quite sure its not related to the stenosis.

Apparently FS is quite common when youve had previous surgery, Ive had 3 but in the lumbar region that have left me with disentegrating,degenerative (something else beginning with D)
My lower back is now playing up now too and Im losing control of my legs. Mainly walking but now the problem is control over the actual movements themselves. Im trying to walk and my legs appear to have a mind of their own and go their own way. Crutchs dont help, only grabbing walls or anything to keep me upright works to get to the bathroom.
I never knew my legs could bend in these directions.
I am more or less bed ridden and cant hardly wait until theyve done what theyve got to do. Im the biggest scaredy cat but am happy to embrace anything that will help this pain and give me my half a life back.
Mentally Im on top of it which is the main battle but I must admit Ive lost it a couple of times.
This has been almost a year waiting on lists for MRI's appointments, tests and then another 2 lists to go through (God please no more) and almost the whole time not knowing why Im in his amount of pain.
Not being able to type, write, or even cut up my food.
Not nice and it doesnt help the positive attitude you try to keep and me personally value it greatly. I have to have mind over matter state of mind therwise I wouldnt cope.

Anyone have any idea why my hands are as bad involving my little fingers, ring fingers but pain over the whole hand? If the NS says its not stenosis related, I cant hardly wait to see what else it can be.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

xx Husky xx


  • sorry youre having so much trouble. are both shoulders and hands affected? if so i would be thinking its the FS. if only one hand involved you might check out carpel tunnel syndrone. they should also check for arthritis in shoulders...that can affect hands.
    i hope they can speed up the testing process.....pete
  • Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post Pete.
    Im not sure f your in the US or the UK. Im fortunate to be in the UK and this began last March, Ive more or less been bed ridden since then. Ive had a 16wk waiting list for the MRI
    3 1/2 mths to see the NS
    18 wks for this test that Im dreading but am getting it on Thursday.
    I'll be put on his next app list, then if it is a theatre jo , then I join that one too. Never let it be said our NHS are slow here in the UK.

    To put you in the picture Pete, Ive has 3 previs Lumbar op's The first being a Lamenictamy? which he botched up so Ive had to have another 2 to try and fix his mistake. It was only my mobility that was the problm, I had pains yes but nothing to write home about. I was left with Degeneratice, Disintegrating, something else D. I remember 3 negative words in one sentance LOL

    Last March my shoulder hurt really bad, as I fall quite a bit, I put it down to that. I had it x-rayed but it was ok but the pain never did go away. The main pain occurs in my hands (or rather was) I dont sleep for pain, Ive not eateb in mths. Im just wasting away all because of the pain.
    I eventually must have bitched enough to get the MRI and they told m right away what it was, I looked it up, appears no biggy so I just had to wait on his highness the NS.
    After keeping them still for any time my hands clench up it appears in spasm, certainly sore enough to call it spasm. I did have some tingling patches come and go from various parts of my shoulders and arms, the tingling turned into severe pain, but still only in patches and intermittent.
    All of these symptoms are after my appointment of course.
    So he only knows about the pain in my hands, so I may call his PA tomorrow and see if he can gt informed before I undergo this pain free test (OK THEN!!) ((lol)
    I know this wil sound realy silly but my condition whatever it is gets worse daily. I swear to god theres something else every day.
    My little fingers started to dislocate at will, one permanently out, Im not too fussed due to the pain but they said theyd fix it afterwards.
    Now both my little fingers and my ring fingers pop out all the time. I just twist them back in again, as thats all I can do. I cant lift a cup of coffee as I cant raise my arms at all. I cant write or type (this is taking me ages)
    My shoulders (both) are killing me, more pain in one side more so. Ive continual pain and spasm in the middle of my back, Im just trying to smile and put that down to spasm. Now its similar to another Lumber problem as my hips being stabbed again, exactly over the sciatic nerve, just like before... Ive always kept up and doing some exercises eben if it kept my calf muscles, I was happy. So we've struggled since last March, had the MRI in April this year and still no result. Shocking living in pain, especially when its their fault or for another waiting list.
    The finale - Around 2 weeks agao I got out of bed and attempted to stand and I couldnt. Please forgive me for even using the words but its the only word I can think of that would describe th symptons. My legs went where ever they liked, I never knew my kness could bend to the side. I was floundering about, grabbing the walls, doors, tables just to keep upright. My health issues started in 1992 and I have never had this happen. I have no control over them. When I can stand unsupported, my legs feel ike they are having an orgasim as they tremble from the inside..
    But I walk like a seal and it scary to watch. I have an excellent physio who thinks ts all got to do with the lengthy bed time. Thats not right Pete, you know your own body. My hearts telling me that its going to be something giving way somewhere, but I dont understand how it can affect the Lumbar and the Cervical regions at the same time.
    The NS was adamant that the hands couldnt be that bad with FS. Yes it could be a slight sympton but not to cause as much pain as Im having. This NS knows me quite well and knows Im not back there to bed him to operate, I dont enjoy the attention or drugs, I ust want some kind of life back so I can let my 16yr old daughter, whos the only one left in the family home get a break as shes my main carer. i cant even brush my hair, so i have to ask her - thats a real problem for me, asking people for things.
    ok, If you could answer this Pete id lve you forever.

    These secondary symptoms that have appeared, are they signs of FS? As its obvioulsy not hands only, his words wre "No Im not convinced thats coing from yur neck, lets gets a nerve conduction test to see what ELSE is wrong" Of course it assured me no end, but left me clueless as to the other symptoms. I know the spastic gait is not caused by spasm or extended bed rest, Been there, done that and it never has done it before. If Im being honest hun, Im scared sh@tless as I detest needles so this will be an instant heart attack. What else can it be? bearing in mind its added all these more issues and even more pain.
    its horrid not knowing... I think thats the worst part, the not knowing. I get the most pain relief from meditation but whoah this pain is off the scale. Its not even a 10+ In fact its so high I cant even count that much.
    My arms scream out for me to be massaging them quite firmly, it only appears to change what type of feeling I feel. It maybe just th change of feeling, I dont know..
    Cant move my eck much mow either.
    Any ideas you can dig up from the old memory bank would be very much appreciated. I apolgise if appear like i am only interested in the getting batter bit, which technically is half true, but I think mainly for my adughetr as there only is the 2 of us.

    Thank you for your words of Wisdom (well if you have any)


    Take Care

    xx Husky xx
  • I've been down the same road as you,not with my fingers going out of joint but the leg issues and having difficulty walking.I was using a cane for a long time to help me.Its very important that you keep moving around.Your muscle will get very weak even after a couple days of non movement and the spasms are quite normal i would say with stenosis.I believe that most people with stenosis do have them.Constant stretching will help a bit but until the pressure in your neck is released it won't go away completely.I used to go for walks when i was really bad to just keep moving and i would get half way around my block and my legs would just quit on me,didn't matter how much i wanted to move they just wouldn't go anywhere.I would have to sit or just stand there for a period of time and wait for them to move again.My physio told me that i was just exhausting them,but it was only a five min. walk at that time and i couldn't believe they could get that tired in such a short period of time,but they did.Also try hot baths to relax your muscles,at one point i was taking three a day ,it was the only thing that would take the nerve pain away,only temperarily of course until i would get out of it.
    I had many doc. tell me that they didn't think all my problems were coming strictly from my neck,but i finally found a great surgeon that said he thought everything was.The day of my surgery i woke up after it was over and the surgeon had me out of bed and standing up and it was the first time in six years that my hips and legs didn't hurt.I thought i had witnessed a miracle ,it was such a relief to be pain free.
    I really hope that you find some answers sooner then later and keep moving its very important!!!!
  • i just read all your other posts so now have better picture of your situation. i agree with tammy on possible diagnosis. obviously though we arent drs so you have to get them moving to give you help. you said ns thought you had bad disc at c7. has he looked at mri?.....was mri of your neck in april? when my neck was very bad my hands tighten up too....just like your fingers do. are you using any ice?
    thank god your daughter is there to help. i know you are a strong person. you can keep fighting this. keep calling for help...dont give up. bug the dr...hound the govt. scheduler.keep talking to us at sm. pm me any time. i just lay here on the floor anyway waiting to talk...
  • Hi Tammy and Pete,

    Wished I could come on and say that Id found a miracle or I had the op done (If thats whats needed). But I cant - Im still waiting.

    I have had the Nerve Conduction Study done in August, although havent even had the test results through.
    My physio (my lifesaver) says shes had a quick look at them and that it appears they have came back as normal? Which I dont understand as I dont know if it should be normal or not.

    I've put in a complaint now due to the fact Ive been worsening since Jan, got referred in March, Saw NS in June, waitied around 10 weeks for Merve Study and Im still waiting and nobodys talking to me. Theres nothing worse than being ignored and kept out of the loop (your own!)
    We've also had a new leislation called "referral to treatment" which in essence means they have a total amount of 18wks to acheive what they say. Well its been a lot more than 18 weeks for me.

    I dont think my condition has worsened any furter which is a good thing but it hasnt went anywhere either.
    Think ts mentally bringing me down now, Im feeling like - Im done now. I had more than my share of spinal problems, I dont need anymore and Im finding myself slipping back into the frame of thinking - " "woo is me" "Poor old me" "Me Me Me"
    Now im getting fed up of it. I dont deal with pain that way, it doesnt do anyone any good farless me or anyone within earshot. I wished I culd kick my own rear end. Im hoping that by just typing this it will be enough for to begin the shake up required.

    Thank you for your concerns and advice.
    I do leg exercises as my physio keeps me ay that.. Certainly dont have the set of pins I used to have and there is more muscle wastage but not as bad as it could be.

    Many thanks

    xx Husky xx
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