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POLL: Best extended release pain pill???

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,671
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:35 AM in Lower Back Pain
I am having great difficulty finding a good 24hour pain killer.... would love to have some input from all of you, so I can recomend one to my doctor. Please base your opinion of 2 main things

1)Pain relief

2)side effects (i.e. lethargy, drowsiness, joint aches..etc)

here is what I found so far:

Ultram ER(tramadol): No relief whatsoever with 400mg
(2 200mg pills)

Ryzolt ER(tramadol): Some MINOR releif but alot of
breakthrough pain (2 200mg pills)

Kadain: Not much pain relief, side effects were
horrible..i.e. out of breath, tired all day,
weight gain and joint pain (20mg/day)

OPANA : Have not tried yet, prescription sitting in cabinet
Afraid to take due to sides from kadain

Thanks for any imput!!!! would love to find one that allows me to stay active during the day (non lethargic) but also actually relieves pain..OXYMORON or not????


  • The only heavy pain med. that works for me is Perocet. Tramadol made me sick, in fact a lot of them do so I am a hard patient. First tried Cymbalta, I wanted to shoot my doctor, It made me really sick. I try not to take anything but have to take Soma for muscle spasms. I haven't taken Perocet in a few weeks and I'm trying to stay away from it because it's habit forming, yet it is the only thing that takes my pain away, yet I get sad on it. I can take a little unhappiness over vomiting. All other pain medicines just make me sick.

    Ifyou do find one you like please let us know and it's a great post, love to hear what people do to get some pain relief.

  • Hey Mavrick77. This is actually the first time I've posted something here but I think I have a good suggestion. Oxycontin may be your best bet for extended pain relief. It doesn't last for 24 hours, but it is a 12 time release drug.

    In February I was almost murdered when I was randomly attacked while hiking. I was stabbed 18 times and fell about 100 off a cliff. I broke my neck(c2-c3), fractured my skull, both my lungs collapsed. I suffered several other injuries but I don't want to make this post too long.

    I've been on Percocet for 6 months and have found it to work very well. I feel great when I'm on it but it only lasts 2-3 hours. A month ago I underwent anterior cervical fusion because my neck wasn't healing. Since then I've been prescribed Oxycontin and took it after I ran out of Percocet and it has worked very well for me. I've heard from so many people that Oxycontin has given them their lives back since they can live relatively pain free.

    Oxycontin can be very addictive, but I'd rather live with that stigma than live with pain. With the exception of minor itching, I haven't noticed any side effects. Everyone reacts differently. Hope this helps.
  • thanks for your replies... I take norco 10mg's for breakthru pain at night and to help me sleep...however still looking for the magic one for the day time.

    To be honest I am a bit terrified of oxy's due to their highly addictive nature, thats why i started this quest with the tramadol...however it seems if you truly want any relief, you have to go with a strong narcotic.

    I wish I was as lucky as the previous poster and be able to go for weeks with out anything, however, my pain is bad enough that a 230lb guy start tearing up even with 2 norco 10's in me...I am just looking for every last option, before I even try a fusion, however at my age, that is a bad option (only 32)

    I am finding that one drug just leads to another.... due to the pain meds, I cant sleep at night...so I have to take a ambien to sleep....due to the pain meds its hard to have sex, so I have to take a viagra for that...christ I just wanna break this damn cycle.
  • there is no such thing there is a 12 hour pill i take the 80mg Oxycontin but i need to take breakthrough meds too after about 6 hours the pain starts to get unbearable 20mg oxynorm for breakthrough pain
  • Hi Maverick,

    I found that Vicodin (hydrocodone) works very well for me, I notice no side effects . Percocets also work well but I found thay made my skin itchy and it gets quite annoying to always be scratching.
    Oxycontin works REALLY well, but it can be highly addictive. For some its worth the risk of addiction to at least live a with the pain relief. If that was the only thing that worked for me I would take that risk, but thats me. It might take you a while to find what works for you, don't give up.
    Also, chronic pain can sap your sex drive. Its physically and mentally draining.
    Hope this helps.
  • thanks for your reply lisa..I am currently on the norco 10's (vicodin 10mg)... they do work well, but my body is very used to them, I am up to 3 a day and not getting much relief

    Straker...if you look up Kadian ER, or Opana ER, Ultram ER, RYZOLT ER...thoose are ALL 12-24 HOUR extended release pain meds, they have not worked for me, too many sides,or too little pain relief.. but some seem to love them. so they do make them, but how effective they are I dont know. my vicodin only last bout 4 hours
  • I am taking Avinza, which is similar to MS-contin but in a 24 hour release tab. It works pretty well, and I have had no side effects.

    My PM is still trying to get the right mix, I'm currently taking 60mg of Avinza and 100mg of Tramadol during the day. I'm leaving for PM visit in the next few minutes, we'll be evaluating whether to increase the Avinza. I'd really like to eliminate the Tramadol except for PRN.
  • and as for as i know {i have looked in the BNF} the British national formulary we tend to define extended release medication in the 12 hour mode .but i understand that many of them dont last 12 hours thats why many take breakthrough medication {i do myself}
  • Jay - does the Avinza really last the 24?


    EDIT - after Straker posted;

    That is my understanding, I have been on MSContin for a couple of years. Gives me 9 to 11 hours of relief. I use the BT meds when the peak hits and when I need to fill in a gap.
  • Well, I find that Oxycontin works the best out of all the ER meds I tried, even Fentanyl patches. I know it says that it lasts 12 hours but for a lot of us it's more like 8. I take 80 mg's a day of Oxycontin and it's 1 40mg tablet twice daily. It doesn't make me drowsy and tired like 180mg's of MS Contin and 60mg immediate release morphine. I have no side effects with it either.

    I know that people think it's highly addictive, but as long as you take it as prescribed and only for pain, the chances of addiction is very slim. And I won't let anyone give me any slack about taking it; it's my business and prescribed by my doctor.

    Let us know if you decide to try your Opana. I'm curious to know how it works for you. Take care
  • Whatever pain medicine works for you is what you should use. It doesn't matter what others think, as long as you and your Dr. are in agreement, that should be enough. After my fusion I was on oxycontin for a few weeks due to the incredible pain and I couldn't believe how many comments I got about it, that I would be addicted and its "too strong" - this from people who never had a spine fusion! Yes, it can be addictive, but so can many of the other meds for pain. And you are right about taking the prescribed amount, that is very important. Quite honestly, If I hadn't had the oxy after my fusion I would have been a basket case. Also, I would use it in a heartbeat if the Vicadins didn't work for me, but they do.
    Wishing everyone a good night (or day), Lisa
  • Yes, this one does actually work the full 24 hours. I take it in the evening around 6pm and am not watching the clock for my dose the next evening. I even can wait until 7pm and not suffer.

    That being said, I do take 2x 50mg Tramadol in the morning for an extra punch while I'm at work. But the Avinza does last the whole 24 hours. I function better with less side effects and without watching the clock. It is a winner in my book to be sure!!
  • I appreciate everyones replies...but I already have a feeling I am addicted to the vicoden, because my muscle's get incredibly sore, all my joints hurt, and my eye's water if I dont take it for 20 hours or so......incredible full body pain to say the least.

    I would love to get off it, but so far I have not been able to find anything else that works..thats why I started this poll. I just hate the feeling of not being in controll and being dependent on something to get me thru the day...grrrr

    I wont give anyone slack about taking oxy's....trust me, if they work for you, take it. I am just afraid to take anything stronger then vicodin because I know the symptoms I have with this if i dont take it? make sense??
  • I have Vicodin and Norco, both are hydro- based. At the lowest dose you can get, I take one and will be passed out in 30 minutes. They knock me out every time. The Avinza and Tramadol don't do this, I can function and find some pain relief! I've not tried oxy but if the doc says to take them I would. It absolutely pisses me off when I hear about oxy being bad. That's just like saying someone's car is bad because they killed someone by driving drunk. Absolute BS.

    Maverick, I hope you can find a combination of meds that work for you, unfortunately it is a time consuming process to be sure!
  • Hi guy, sorry to hear about your conundrum. I think we're all familiar with your plight. Right now I take Oramorph 30mg ER twice a day. It hasn't made me ill at all. The problem with ER meds is that when you try to come off them, its a nightmare. It seems PM docs turn us all into junkies of some form or another and then treat us as such, through no fault of ours. I can't be the only one to feel this way, right? I am also taking an anti-depressant, named Pamelor, that's been on the market for many, many years. It is tried and true without all the nasty side effects ( I have only experienced tiredness and cotton-mouth). No jitters or upset stomach at all. 99% of docs won't write a script for it because there are no kickbacks in it for them. I am also taking an anti-anxiety med called Vistaril (it is an anti-histimine such as benadryl). Again, the only side effects are tiredness and cotton-mouth. Neither of these meds are scheduled as narcotics or controlled substances. You couldn't OD on them if you wanted to. As a matter of fact, Vistaril will help with the side effects the pain meds and other drugs will give you. Its a win-win situation with these two. Since I began these two drugs, my body has begun to relax back to normal. My muscle spasms are significantly reduced which help with my stenosis, sciatic pain, fibromyalgia and restless leg syndrome. I can also now think about more than just my pain and how I'm to plan my day around it. Your doc may be happy that you are interested in pursuing non-scheduled meds. The effects are noticed within just a few hours of taking them, not 2 months or more. As a matter of fact, I am given free reign as to dosing myself with these two meds, because they are, in fact, that safe. Of course, I cannot do that with my morphine! But I no longer need muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory meds. These meds won't take away your pain, just some of the negativity brought on by your pain. Does that make sense? Best of luck to you. BTW the names again are: anti-depressant Pamelor (nortryptiline) and anti-anxiety Vistaril (hydroxyzine).
  • I certainly understand your concerns about these pain meds, but all I can say is that you won't know how you'll do unless you give the Opana in your medicine cabinet a try. If the side effects are intolerable, then you can always contact your doctor about it. The thing is, you have to give it an honest try first. Yes, you may have side effects at first but in time it should get better or even go away. Constipation can be taken care of by eating lots of foods with fiber or taking OTC laxatives like Miralax or Senokot. Try hard candy for dry mouth. Your doctor will help you figure out when it's best to take your meds to minimize drowsiness. For nausea there is Phenergan suppositories, or OTC treatment like Emetriol syrup, or ginger ale, and taking meds with food.

    There is a way to deal with these issues. Yes, a lot of us have to deal with these things because without meds we couldn't even roll over or get out of bed. I know there is something that will work for you and you may have to go through trials and errors to find the right meds. Take care O:)
  • Wow I had no clue hydroxyzine was a anti-anxiety....and now that you say something about it, I remember now that I was doing better when I was taking this drug.... the funny part is I was taking this drug as a anti-histamine to control my itching from "dermographism"...I then switched to generic zyrtec and seemed to be working for the itching, but didn't feel as good. I may need to see my allergist to have him refill my hydrozyzine... I used to take 6 a day, is that the dose your on?

    PAMELOR--I have to admitt the pain meds have made me a bit depressed, along with watching my physique go to crap. have you noticed any sides from this at all? is weight gain a factor with this anti-depressent?

    Thanks for all your help!!!!!
  • Just a Update for everyone..... I decided to try and take the Opana (oxymorphone) today... so far, very mild tiredness...but the other nasty sides I got from Kadian (morphine sulfate ER) are non existent (so far)... actually getting mild pain relief, this may be a winner, we will see how the next couple of days pan out.
  • I have been on Methadone for about 2 years now and actually do get extended relief. The side effects have been minimal and the other good part is that it is dirt cheap. Good luck finding something that works well for you.

    now if anyone can tell me where to get a discount card for this stuff, that would be awesome. I have emailed the company, but so far no reply. If no one else has any ideas, I just might have to call..... I man in pain calling you, you dont want that. LOL j/k

    now if anyone can tell me where to get a discount card for this stuff, that would be awesome. I have emailed the company, but so far no reply. If no one else has any ideas, I just might have to call..... I man in pain calling you, you dont want that. LOL j/k
  • Hi there! Yes, hydroxyzine is an anti-histimine. I take 25mg in the AM and 25mg in the PM. I take 25mg of the Pamelor in the evening only. I just started taking these two a couple of weeks ago, but I used to take them on a regular basis for years. If I remember correctly, back then, I would take 100mg of the hydroxyzine and 150mg of the Pamelor. These were gradually increased, as are most of our meds of course. BTW the Pamelor is actually used for heart problems! A LOT of psychiatric meds usually leave you with dyskinesia, if used for any extended period. These two, however, do not. They are now finding that drugs such as Lyrica & Cymbalta will cause dyskinesia (uncontrollable muscle spasms that will never, ever go away). Be very careful, you guys! I won't even consider taking the next best drug. If your doc won't work with you on this stuff, keep on walking. Doctors are here for us, we are not here for them.
  • I was on most of the other stuff mentioned here. The oxycontin seemed to gradually reduce the number of hours of effectiveness fairly quickly (12 hrs to 10 to 8 to 6) causing me to move up the "ladder" too quickly for my taste so my doctor was actually going to switch me to Avinza but a snafu at the pharm (and a day from H%$#) led me to methadone about 4 months ago and combined with my new love, my tens unit, I am on 20 mg of meth 2x a day with no BT, just using the tens...I hate taking meds so it works great for me. Good luck.
  • SawansleySSawansley Posts: 1
    edited 06/14/2014 - 3:24 AM
    I recently had back surgery, it was on a friday. I went to get my pain meds, insurance would not pay for them without the dr calling and stating why they were needed..well the dr was unavailable..i had to turn to the streets for pain pills for the weekend..

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    Post Edited by Liz The Spine-Health Moderator Team
  • How recently was this surgery? The doctors office could have confirmed to the pharmacy that you just had surgery, if the script was from the surgeon.
    NO ONE has to go to the streets for drugs. One chooses to.
    Medications are written by a doctor, drugs are gotten off the street. Streets are not a local pharmacy.
  • I am 68 and have had back problems since I was 14. For the past 10 years I have been able to manage my pain via mind over pain processing and minimal medications. This may not work for everyone but it works for me. The mind over pain is something I learned about 20 years ago and have continued ever since. It's a form of self hypnosis in which you train your brain to suppress pain. Now what's going on. I had back surgery 15 years ago which didn't do much form me. I went on pain management soon after using hydrocodone 10/350 3x a day for 3 years. I moved and started with a new pain management doctor and he would only Rx 7.5/325 3x a day with an added narcotic pain killer. I tried the patch and almost stopped breathing. I tried several pills and ended up on Opana 5mg 3x a day with hydrocodone 7.5/325 3 x a day and Gabapinton 4x a day. I am managing my pain on a day to day basis. Some days are good and some are bad but I keep a positive attitude as best as I can. Four months ago I went to a Nuro surgeon and was told there was nothing that could be done. I was reviewed for laser treatment and was told the same. I have "extreme" degenerative disc disease ( not my words) and there was little that could be done other than pain management - narcotics. I am here, I am well, I am happy, and living with pain 24/7 What else can I do? Can anyone tell me what the progression is for this condition? What does my future hold for me? Thanks for reading, Kelly
  • My Dad's 76 (just had his birthday) He took up golf as a hobby & to make friends. He's obsessive & buying him a book about a guy who went for a really low handicap in 1 year probably wasn't the best idea in hind site! He plays senior golf competitively. He's usually out there walking (no carts) with his bag full of clubs 5 times a week. He has a single didgit handicap!

    He spent a lot of his time in bed when he was my age 43. His spine looks like a scenic railway. He only has muscle tone on one side. If you are lucky & have a good attitude the futures not pretty but it can be very bright. We've toured Italy & Florida & I have trouble keeping up with him. No one can tell you where spine degeneration will end Kelly. Best of luck! ;-)
    Osteoarthritis & DDD.
  • I just need to know what could be in my future so I can prepare for it. I am a person who plans, prepares, and looks forward to the next day, week, month, year. The rest of my story is I have congestive heart failure and 10 stents now. I have degenerative joint disease effecting all joints. I have early stage Alzhimers and stable at this time. I just had cancer surgery 2 months ago and they think they got it all. You see I have a lot on my plate but I still love life and live every day one day at a time. I have tooooo many medications with some conflicts an side effects but I have little choice in what I can do. As I said pain is an every day part of my life but I cope. I can not increase my narcotic meds due to respiratory problems. I blacked out and stopped breathing about 5 months ago but help was at hand and I made it. Life is still worth living, even thou I question that at times, and I will keep going. I just need to plan and be prepared. Thanks again, Kelly
  • The question you asked about how this is going to progress can not be answered, not by us and not by your doctor. Some times, it takes decades before there is any progression and in others, it may be months.
    The best thing that we can suggest is to take each day as it comes and hope for the best. Use over the counter remedies that might help to ease some of the discomfort, the medications you are prescribed when needed, and try to get some regular walking excercise and mild stretches in. Believe it or not, the best thing you can do to help yourself is to be as physically active as you can be.....
  • The only "semi" non-drowsy pain relief combination I have found for my DDD in the C5-C6 is Meloxicam 15mg with Equate Arthritis Pain extended relief 650mg (generic Tylenol). Like you, I can't stand that feeling of being groggy all day, especially after I wake up and have to get moving. Norco, Oxy, Perc, etc..they are all good pain relief in their own way, but they always put me out of the game. Hope this helps you.

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