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Dr.s, nerve pain & Narcotics

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,671
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:35 AM in Chronic Pain
In this state it is very, very, difficult to find a doctor who will even treat chronic pain. I wondered if it is that way in other states as well? For years I had an excellent MD, he actually came to my surgery 10 years or so ago and held my hand while they put me out. He always took good care of me afterward cuz he knew I loved to be active, ride my horse, work and garden. He retired at 82, and passed away shortly afterward. I then had no choice but to see another MD, because Pain Mgmt docs were unheard of around here. He cut me down to a lousy 2 lortab 7.5 per day and I was miserable and couldn't do anything but drag my sorry ass in to work and that totally trashed me. I argued, begged, he wouldn't listen. My original doc let me have 4 lortab 7.5 per day, but this one was worried that I might OD, so he said. Finally, about 4 years ago, this Pain Management group of docs moved to Ogden, Utah and I made an appt. She couldn't believe I was dealing with so much pain and I did tell her I was just ready to end it all because I was so damn miserable. She went thru all my MRI's, took new x-rays and was very thorough. She told me that my condition was one that would worsen with time as the arthritis grew and that eventually I would need to change to better medications to keep the pain in check. Right now she lets me have 5 lortab 10/500 and neurontin at night and that does a fairly decent job. Still can't push the ticket and ride and really have to take it easy - which really pisses me off, but it is manageable most of the time. When the rainy season comes, it is still hell because the meds don't work as well for some reason. Do any of you in your states have issues with doctors who do not want to treat pain management patients? It is extremely common around here. I had a friend who worked here and had the same surgery as me, and could not find a doctor to treat her. She ended up getting a choice of quitting or being fired after 30 years at IRS. Unbelievable. Her husband divorced her because she could not ATV, snowmobile or do much of anything anymore, it was so sad... I wondered how many have ahd such trouble in finding a doctor to manage their pain? My current doctor said it is ridiculous and she often wonders how many people do kill theirselves because they cannot find a doctor who will help them manage it. I wonder that too.


  • My pain doc explained that he does not want his patients to be "pain free" - because you will build up tolerance. Doesn't want suffering and 9/10 pain, but its just unrealistic to expect a 0/10 pan without running into other issues - again he wants it to be "manageable". I wish I had less pain too, esp. on those rainy days, but I do understand his logic as well.
  • I see your reference to Ogden, Utah. Are you residing in Utah? I'm assuming that is the state you are speaking of.

    I have had good results with my doctors in both Utah and Idaho (I live close to the Utah border on the Idaho side).

    Surviving chronic pain one day at a time, praying for a reprieve because living another 40 years like this doesn't sound too fun!
  • I live near Ogden, Utah. I have had a helluva time finding a doctor. Can I ask who you see? I think there may be more of them in Salt Lake, which is about 100 miles from where I am and since I have to see her once a month, that would be too far to drive for me.
    I go to Utah Pain & Rehab in Ogden.
  • Your talking about "The Tamarack" and it is a flying J truckstop. About 2 miles from my house.. Hell back in the day, I probably had a dance with you there!
  • I would drive to timbucktoo( spelling) if it would help.
    I drive 70 to Nero now so whats a few more?
    And that's with no meds and suffering all the way for safety reasons I won't drove on meds. Then 70 home. And no freaking cruise control!! Omg!

  • I can't post the names online. I will PM you a suggestion of a doctor whom I think is top notch.
    Surviving chronic pain one day at a time, praying for a reprieve because living another 40 years like this doesn't sound too fun!
  • I'm glad you found another doctor to help you manage your pain. Maybe down the road she will consider putting you on an extended release medication like Morphine to better control the pain. I have a lot of arthritis and degeneration too and I know how miserable it is with weather changes and winter. Take care
  • I know after surgery - Morphine doesn't do anything for me. I was afraid it won't work so I told her no. She wasn't too happy about that because she knows the lortab ain't cutting the cookie too well anymore.. But, I couldn't take it if the morphine didn't work at all. It sure doesn't in the hospital, I get heavy doses and nothing, they always end up giving me lortab or percosett. Wierd huh...
    Another thing, the lortab doesn't make me sleepy like it does a lot of people, it really doesn't make me feel any different at all, other than takes away a lot of the nerve pain. My problem is they only last about 4 hours. If I could take one every 4 hours, I'd be good to go, but she won't give me more than 4 a day and a couple extra each month in case - that's it...
  • trying to get treated for chronic pain that is ..our pain clinic's treat you as if you were a drug seeking sieving bum!! and even most doctors don't want to know ..i think that doctors is general are the kind of people that are black or white in their thinking {please no reference to a persons colour is implied here!!!} what i mean is they can get frustrated when they can't fix you so they can tend to be sometimes nasty with you ..that does not help you because all you want it to be out of pain no matter what ..i can see the look on my doctors face when i walk in his surgery ..its the ;oh no its him again:!! how can i fix him ? i have tried everything ! what does he expect me to do ? .and that's a good question what do i want from him ? i know that he can't take my pain away and unlike a car that's had its day ..i can't be sent to the crusher!! that's why i think that chronic pain is a nightmare not just for us but for the doctors that try to treat us .
  • Here anyway, doctors do not want to treat you, they don't want to prescribe narcotics and they don't want to deal with it. It floors me, there are apparantely a lot of people having a helluva time in this world!
    Where I live, there just aren't many doctors willing to take on pain management patients - it's wierd. The place I go too however is jam packed with people. Some in wheelchairs, most limping and gimping like me, it's unbelievable - the place is a gold mine because it's the only one around that deals with pain.
  • Think that's the way it here too
    I've been lucky with my drs they haven't givin up
    On me yet, but maybe cause I'm sure they've gotten a new car or house
    Or 2 With all they've done to me so far LOL
  • HollieSterling38 said:
    Think that's the way it here too
    I've been lucky with my drs they haven't givin up
    On me yet, but maybe cause I'm sure they've gotten a new car or house
    Or 2 With all they've done to me so far LOL
    I used to think that too Hollie. Until I realized that the clinic the doc works for gets a percentage of the pay, the physician's assistant gets a percentage, the nurses have to be paid, the med mal insurances have to be paid, and then the doctors take 40% of what they would normally get paid if you are a medicaid person, 60% if you are medicare. Not to mention people who don't pay their bill. And of course new doctors have hundreds of thousands in student loans they have to pay back. I know some doctors who are closing their practices because it is just too expensive to stay in business. I have a daughter who wants to be a doctor, but she is checking into all of this and may change her mind. Of course there are many docs who are raking in the dough, but it isn't an easy career to get started in. I think they deserve every dime they get.

    Okay, enough of my rant.

    Surviving chronic pain one day at a time, praying for a reprieve because living another 40 years like this doesn't sound too fun!
  • I might of been out of line (I'll admit gracefully) but I know my personal drs are raking it in. I know others are not.
    My new niece in law is in her rotations now and luvs it, she hasn't decided which kind of dr she wants to be yet and still has a while to decide..... I think all drs ( the good and sane ones) deserve all they get.
  • There is a solution for your dilemma. Just tell your doctor that when you had morphine in the ER that it didn't help your pain. That's it. Of course you have to keep in mind that injection form is much different from taking a pill. The shot works right away but it doesn't last long like the pill would. The extended release Morphine releases a certain amount consistently throughout the day and it stays in your system for hours. If you take a short acting form of morphine then it would kick in in about 30 minutes and last up to 4 hours. Just talk to your doctor and I'm sure this will get straightened up. Take care
  • I would have to disagree with you. My PM doctor makes me come in every single month, and all he does is write out my new [prescription. It cost's my insurnace company over $300. for every single visit and I'm only in his office for about 3 minutes.

    Where I live it's hard to find a neuro/PM to treat me for the pain also. I'm going to have to loomout of town to find another one. I do know that anymore doctors are scared to dispense the pain meds due to the fact that they are afraid to go to prison. But as long as they are responsible about it they shouldn't have to worry about that. I read an article where a pm gawas giving his patients enough Oxycontin to knock 100% of their pain, that's way too much, and one of his patients died from an overdose. It's my understand that the meds are supposed to keep us comfortable, not to much pain and not too little. We're supposed to be able to have 'quality of life'. I currently do not!

    Wow Mouse and Disabled, this is getting juicy! What else did the two of you do that night? LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. Please excuse all of the double postings that keep showing up (and if one shows up here) I have no idea why that keeps happening. I only hit 'post comment' once!
    HollieSterling38 said:
    I might of been out of line (I'll admit gracefully) but I know my personal drs are raking it in. I know others are not.
    My new niece in law is in her rotations now and luvs it, she hasn't decided which kind of dr she wants to be yet and still has a while to decide..... I think all drs ( the good and sane ones) deserve all they get.
  • cateyes said:

    Wow Mouse and Disabled, this is getting juicy! What else did the two of you do that night? LOL!!!!!!!!!!

    who needs daytime soaps??!!!
    APROUD CANADIANveteranButNOTa doctor, my thoughts are my own
  • Are set and all physicians must have a DEA license to prescribe all classes of narcotic drugs. If the state has a tighter law on the prescribing of narcotics than the federal law, then the doc must abide by the state law. Federal law allows up to a 90 day supply, however the doc is required to see/examine the patient during that time.

    Some docs will require their patients to come in every 30 days, because if they have to call in an emergency prescription on a patient, they are required to have examined that patient within the past 30 days.

    So if we as patients think we have to jump through hoops to get our medications ...

    Maybe we should cut our docs and the pharmacies a little slack. If you want to see what they have to be concerned with and the guidelines they have to follow in order to help us out. Read up on the rules set by the DEA and the state you reside in.

  • I see her once a month for about 5 minutes, same deal, insurance pays a boatload, I pay a co-pay, it's crazy!
  • Every six months, I have to be tested for about 20 other drugs, from meth to whatever - at a cost of about 800 bucks a pop! It is like you are some drug freak or something, and it costs a fortune but if you want to continue treatment with them, that is what you have to do.
  • a pre pay card for your medication? i buy one every 3 months its less than 30 pounds a month and i can have as many items as i want .there is even one for 12 months and again you can have as many items as you want and that cost just over 100 pounds
  • What we have is a Health Savings Account and money is deposited into that account according to your pay schedule. They issued a card that works like a credit card with a VISA or Mastercard logo, and it can only be used for medical expenses such as copays, prescriptions, and even over the counter meds. It sure has come in handy and we know it will always be replenished regularly.
  • I think we're in the same state (UT. I had similar issues when I first moved here but - the ER gave me 20mg of oxycodone - enough to last 24 hours this is after running out of my remaining 60mg oxycodone rx from my old Doctor out of state, they even suggested I go into METHADONE MAINTAINCE until a pain clinic could see me (yeah right) - but after some leg work I found a great PCP willing to treat me better than my old pain doc... but eventually, he wanted me out of his practice to move into pain management where I belonged as he put it.

    And now, things are doing well.. the doctor really seems to like me, isn't very strict about things within reason and really seems to care about how I'm doing but is very straight forward which I like but others don't but his nurse assistant is real strict and doesn't seem to like me - but can't win 'em all.

    If you want to know where I go, PM me and chat for a bit - I just don't wanna give out my doc's name too freely... there are some individuals looking to abuse, etc. and I don't want to refer anyone that could reflect on me badly. Not saying that you would, but I hope you get my point.

  • I totally disagree with you If you go to a pain management doctor then you will get what you ask for. You can look in the newtimes magazine under the alternative medicine section, and it will have all kinds of ads coupons, and free intiail visits, and ect. you just have to go to pain management, and stick with that doctor. he will understand you pain. they know how too tell if your lieing or if your really in pain. thats why they go to school for 8 yrs. there human lie detectors as well as pain management doctors. but i suggest that you find yourself a good one that you like, and stick with him. he will do what ever it takes to lower your pain, so that it is manageable. thats what pain management is. they are there to prescribe medications. but it is your choose to take them. they will tell you the side effects, and the long term effects. some meds you might not want to take for a long period of time. I know my doctor had me on high dosages of xanax, somas, and roxicodes, and i choose myself to quit taking the xanax, and not to take the somas every day, and try to use them only to sleep. and I cut the roxicodone dosage like %75. i was getting 180 roxicodone 30mg, 90 350mg somas, 90 2 mg xanax, and 120 roxicodone 15mg for breakthrough pain. Now i dont even fill the roxicodone 30s. and most of the time i dont fill the others either. if you go to PM then you will get what you ask for but i highly recomend that you watch yourself. most those doctors are out there for one thing, and that is $$$. thats why alot of insurance companies wont accept PM. you dont want your kindneys, and liver to go out at such a young age. thats why most of the time i will rip up the prescriptions. or i will build up a supply and skip a month. just watch your self. meds for pain and anxiety are highly addictive. I had to go to a out patient rehab program for the roxicodone at one point. thats when i decided to lower my dose. I went a whole 30 days without it. but i had they gave me a choose of methadone or subboxone. I tried the suboxone, but it would not take away the pain, so i had to use the methadone. and now i went from 7200mg a month to 1800. ask many questions about what the long term effects are. Im not sure if your pain is unbearable like mine, but watch yourself when you go to pain management.
  • What state does your doc live in? I can't believe $300 - I can believe them billing $300 but that is to get paid about $85-95. They might get another 25 for a urine drug test. But paid $300 for an office visit- no way!!
  • Mouse - I live in a pretty big city, Indianapolis, and we have a lot of PM docs here. But like anything else u still have to find a good one and one u can build a good relationship with, trust, and feel comfortable with; it would be worth a long drive to get tht if u can. And I have to agree with the post above, injectable morphine is very different than slow release. I don't normally tolerate it well when injected but this patch has been. Life saver, literally. It has taken me about a year to find a good one. My first one would not do anything for me even tho he knew I was in serious pain he even told me he knows how bad I was hurting. I also know that if they are good they are goin to give u what u need and are not afraid to. And what makes things had for us and docs is that thre are a LOT of people out their that do abuse the system to get meds. My current doc even told me he knows he has 10-15% of abuser coming to the clinic but until he has proof he can't do nething or they will just shop around to someone else. And yes good ones, or ones that give a damn, r human lie detectors. My dic said he can spot an abuser/liar whatever u want to call em, 100 miles away.

    Good luck n u will find a good one. Sometimes it takes time.
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