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SCS implanted 8/24/09...my story

wdwgrannywwdwgranny Posts: 63
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:35 AM in Pain Management
Well its in and i am back home they kept me over night.Thye did a lamenectomy to plcae in my spine just along the bra strap line , put the battery pack in my left buttocks.
The numbing shots were the worst. the Nero Dr. said to put her under deep , but the anisteolist would not because i was a tiney weeny bit wezzy from asthma,kept telling him it was normal..any way at about the last half hour they changed anistologist and he put me down enogh to sleep.so was awake the whole time except for the close.incisions are aprox 4 inches both areas. I have been on 10/325 norco for the past 1 and 1/2 yrs up to 4 in a twenty four hour period , when they gave it to me after in recovery didnt touch the pian finally in the middle of the night about 3 am they swirched to oxcodone 10 mil barley touched itnever slept all night, sent me home with oxcodone 10 every 4 hours and valuim for muscle relaxer, every 8 hours. finally 3 dr day feeling more stable sill sore . but bearable..they turned the stim on asap in recovery so now i am on my way to my new life!!!i had the worst experence with a nurse and a nurse tec that i am repoting them they had me in tears.Glad it is over .. i the implant was much less painful than the trial implant as he went above the scar tissue, hiher in the spine .. have coverage in both legs and my back!! YAHOOOOO!!!


  • I am glad to hear of your relief. I certainly hope you report any violations.

    Friday afternoon is my day, I'm glad to hear that after three days you are feeling better, I thought it was about 2 weeks!!!
  • Sorry to hear about being awake for most of it, but so glad you are doing well now and you feel the SCS working!! Keep it very easy for 4 to 6 weeks, but then have at it!!

    Thanks for updating,

  • Fantastic to hear from you! That really stinks about your anesthesia experience, but glad they were able to take care of things finally.

    Splendid that they were able to turn your SCS on right away. Like Cheri said, take it easy. Take it easy physically as well as easy on the juice with the SCS. If they used staples to close up the IPG pocket, you won't be able to charge until they are removed. Monitor your battery status closely. I had to turn mine down or off at night for a few days before they pulled the staples out so that I could preserve the battery charge.

    The first couple of times I charged, I had to go in increments since the pocket was sensitive, so I wouldn't let the battery get below 50% for the first month or so. Now I charge once a week for about 3 hours and get a full charge from about 20% status on my battery.

    Ice was also my friend when healing from the implant. The chem type ice packs work great.

  • Welcome to the club, wdwgranny! =D>
  • Sorry to hear you were awake! yuck!

    They used some of the good stuff on me, always do. Forget what it is called, but it stops your mind from storing memories. I was told they woke me up to make sure coverage was good etc, I remember NOTHING.

    I'm quite happy with that.

    I did not get much pain control afterward either, not fun at all.

    Hope all goes well, don't try to do much of anything for a while unless doctor tells you to. It was between the 2 and 3 week point when I started to feel somewhat "ok" again.
  • Remember to take it easy. It takes time to heal. Follow all the restrictions to the letter. I hope you have a nice smooth recovery!!
  • well here i am a wek later , from my perm implant.8/24.09 One week makes some difference.Pinching is there still in mid back where laminectomy implant was made is still sore , pulling and burning at times,oh and itchy.. i can sleep thru pain meds at night, so not waking up for more . But when i wake in "am" i am ready.Stll on oxycodone 10mg every 4 hours except for night havent been needed the 2 am one.ot the 6 am . 10mg Valuim for muscle relaxer. spacing out was 3 times a day now at two times in 24 hours..happy about that. As med's make me nervous. have been on them way to long for chronic pain. my stim is working well i tell ya i get coverage in both legs down to foot and in back up to mid region.still need some adjustments , but i under stand that is part of tweeking it.as of so far i am very pleased with my choice to go thru with this.Hoping this is not a honeymoon effect and is the sulution to many years of surgery and on going chronic pain , my hope to be off all meds, one day and go back to work i know i have to give up on my old job which i did a yearago, but know i know i wont be going back ever..., hard but true.Lifting bending twisting and long 14 hour days are over so is the big money.. but hopeful i will find something that makes me feel useful again, tired of being a wasted piece of flesh..time to move on. new life here i come!!!
  • yay...victory at last :-C =D> :-C =D> :O)
  • thank'S Pete !!I dreamed the impossable dream and so far GREAT!!!
  • I'm thrilled to hear that you are doing so well. Is it possible that the pinching you feel over the laminectomy area is from the bandage? I've had some put on where I would have sworn I was being pulled apart, and once the bandage came off, that feeling was gone.

    Keep dreaming the dream and good things will come from it!

  • I am so happy the SCS is working well. =D> What is the manufacturer? Where did your doc put the IPG?

  • Hello,
    i have the Metronic, i twas implated in in my upper thotiac spine spellin i think T7 with a lamenctomy.It covers all the way down to my toes from my mid line back just under bra strap if you don mind me saying that.I am very pleased.
    The battery pack is in the left buttocks, just below belt Doc asked to show him where my belt went , firts i though right side , but then being right handed i decieded left and the antena wire reachs around so it is perfect, fyi . my site where they put the battery has no discomfort i am 11 days post op and have slept on my back , my right and my lseft side since i cam home with no problem.remember that is just my story others may have differnt
    good luck!! i feel once i recovery from this i will have most of my life back minus the lifting heavy things.. but i can handle that!!!
  • With your continuing recovery. I'm so glad your having good results and hope you can start wheening back on your meds here soon, too.
    Tweek,tweek,tweek....as needed so you can continue to have good coverage!

  • My name is Sharon (Warmjuly) and today is my first time here. I was injuried in a slip and fall accident which left me with a low back injury including my sacram, tailbone, pelvic area, legs and feet. Also hit my head pretty hard. On Jan. 22, 2010 it will be my thrid year. I have had chronic pain since, Most if the pain is in the buttocks, pelvis, vaginal area -feels like a red hot brick is in there...., and burning down both legs and my feet burn like fire if I stand too long. I also can not sit at all. Any sitting causes so much pain that I avoid it at all costs. I gave up driving this spring as I felt the pain was creating such a distraction that it became too dangerous. I had a change in doctors last week and he mentioned SCS. I came home and done my research.... ummm... wow... that is really close to my spinal cord and my first thought was NO WAY. I feel lucky to be able to stand and walk. Although I am in constant pain I am scared to death that something will take that away and what happens if it goes wild will it shock you to death. I know most of you may be laughing, but I came to realize that even tho I am bad off.... I can still walk,not very good I'm all hunched over but I can creep around and manage most things by myself. I don't want that taken away. It scares me. But, what if... what if... it came out ok and I get my life back..... I was a hiker prior to this accident. Now I can hardly walk out doors and I know I am getting worse. If this SCS worked I could go back to my life. Is there any stories in which the SCS injuried anyone? Any advice would be wonderful. ~Sharon
  • good to meet you. my name is pete. sorry you are in pain. have you had any surgery yet. the scs is considered a last resort procedure for those people where nothing else has worked. please tell us a little more about your injury and what treatment you have had....pete
  • Welcome to Spine Health. There are quite a number of us here who have spinal cord stimulators. Most are happy with then, some are not. (As one would expect.) Being totally intimidated by the quality of the posts here, I can only say simply that most problems with SCS are infection or the usual complications of surgery. There are extremely few incidences of any other serious problems that should cause you that kind of worry. That being said, this is a thread started by WDWGranny re: her SCS experience. Why don't you start your own thread expressing exactly what you did here. Also, you can search Spine Health for SCS and you will get loads of info. Again, welcome from a grateful SCS beneficiary. Susan
  • welcome warmjuly . i am wdw granny as you see i am the biggest worrer in the world .. i lived thru this with many many many fears. so far so good , but let us know you injury details and what have you done so far to date to relive pain . good luck
  • well here we are , went last week for my tune up if you will quite a long day 5 hours in all at the
    u of m hosp. the tweeking tune up went well i now have sit sleep walk as my places to use was told never mind about the numbers just use what feels best. some are up in the high 4 to 5 but hey it works still having some discomfort in the front upper abdomin. much better , but not perfect. i dont want to loose the coverage in my lower back as i depend on this for daily duties such as standing at the sink doing dishes (no dishwasher here after 26 plus yrs of being married ) HINT HINT LOL..
    Any way.. I WALKED AND ARE STILL WALKING 1 MILE AND 1/4 with no disomfort only been 4 times but i am so pleased.my back lumbar went out one day , i know i still have my concerns and the SCS wont fix but it was a day and i waqs back to where i was before it happened over use my own fault.I think i am hoping for more . And it is still early in the game. aug 24 was my implant.medtronic laminecomy 16 paddle
    The WIRE still causes discomfort under garmets are not fun.but some things need to be under control when you are in the public..lol
    i am going to my sons college graduation Sept 22 and am looking foward to sitting pain free. still working on the lowering of drugs..
    well hope all are having pain free days . if you got this far in the note ;; have a good day i pray for you all .. HERES TO LIFE!!!
  • Great News!!! I'm so happy for you. Susan
  • RECOVERY going a little slower now on predizone for severe asthma.. most of all my wire aches go back to Dr.Nero the 10/6 ..and a few more adjustments few pains in leg again had to turn up high for a while still on pain meds kinda sad about that..but still better than before. wonder if i will ever get back to work??? or we are checking inti disability.. i hate to give in , but am relizing maybe no choice.next time around i am NOT getting old
  • I hope the prednisone helps soon. One thing that I know, is that when I'm not feeling good (if I'm sick or have a cold), my pain seems to be a lot worse. Hopefully once you get the asthma back under control you will feel better and the SCS will becoming more of a comfort.

    Don't sweat the pain meds issue. That all comes in due time. Just do what you need to do in order to live your life.

    One day at a time.

  • Hope things change for the best! Meds still may always be a part of your life but hope the scs keeps getting better for you.
    And just don't over do it, as you know your body will tell you the same.
    Good luck to you in your continuing recovery!
  • Wdwgranny,

    I have a question; you said you have wire pain, can you tell me what you are talking about? I had SCS implanted on 9/17/2009 and I feel great other than this weird pain on the left side of my mid/upper back. Like over my ribs. This is a new pain for me. All of my pain has been in my lower extremities. I am a school teacher and I went back to work already. When I am standing for longer than about 30 minutes, I get this severe pulling pain in my left mid/upper back (rib region). I was just wondering if this is similar to what you are dealing with. If so, what has your doctor said. I keep telling myself that this pain is just surgical pain and it will get better soon, but it hasn't improved at all in the 2 weeks since surgery.

    Hope you are feeling well,
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