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Fentanyl How Long?

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,607
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:35 AM in Chronic Pain
I just started the Fentanyl this evening about 5:30 PM 75 mg.

My Dr. told me today that I would notice a big difference within 1 hr.

The only thing I have "noticed" is the 7 trips to the restroom in just 2 hrs of time :jawdrop:

I don't feel well at all. I am very cold - which is very unusual for me. I just feel like crap. I am "hoping" I picked up a bug somewhere and that this is not all from the new patch ( never been on it before ).

How long until your patch started to work for you with your pain please?



  • It takes about 8 hours for mine to "kick in" after a change.

    When you first start them, it can take up to 3-4 patch change cycles (a week to 10 days) before it reaches it's full therapeutic effect. :)))

    What meds were you on prior to starting the patch?
  • What meds were you on before changing to the patch? When was the last time that you took them? It may be that you are experiencing a little withdrawal from your previous meds while the fentanyl patch has been applied and it has not reached it's peak just yet.
    It takes about 18 hours for most to reach it's peak effectiveness, not an hour.
    If you have any more questions, you can PM me.
  • My Thanks to both of you :)

    I was on Opana 20 mg every 12. Which did almost nothing for my pain levels. Opana took my pain levels from a 10 to maybe a 8 but most of the time I did not even get that good of results :(

    Hence the reason for the Fentanyl patch now.

    It has kicked in - a little. I did not wake up in a level of 10 pain, which I normally do. I would say it's about a 7 level. I did finally go and take some Vicdein ( sp ? )as I am greedy and want more relief lol.

    I have read/heard about people chewing on these things and all kinds of weird stuff to get high from them - I don't get the big deal of that. There is no high from this :??

    18 hrs to 10 days huh?? BIG difference from the 1 hr that my Dr told me.......grrrrr. I was setting and watching the time for an hour to pass.

    Thankfully the bathroom trips are settled down.
    I am wearing it on my stomach so maybe that added to the whole bathroom thing - not sure.

    OK so I will just be grateful for the relief I now have and hope more comes as time passes - Thanks again :)

  • I have been on the patch for almost a year. I would like to advise you to watch out for a period of sleepiness. I put mine on and usually within a day I have about 6 hours that I am incredibly sleepy. So sleepy that I do not leave home. I just wanted to warn you that it can happen and I didnt want you in a car driving somewhere or out for the day and have it hit you. It doesnt always do that, but it can. And never using them I just wanted you to be aware. Hope it goes well for you.
  • Oh boy - Thanks ! Last night I did get really tired about 4 hrs into the patch being put on, but assumed it was all stress from the long day and the bathroom trips - ya know ;)

    It still may have been from all that. I will be keeping a CLOSE eye on that - thank you !!!!! ♥
  • You're welcome. But I think the sleepiness last night was probably from being tired. The patch takes quite a while to get into your system. Thus the warning for the next days ahead. It took maybe two days before I really felt the pain releif from the patch and the second and third one worked better. ake sure to change them at close to the same time as when you put it on. It keeps the level the same. I just know it can really knock me out, especially since I have such sleep problems with my pain. If yo have any questions, please feel free to PM me.
  • You know reading your post makes me think back. AFTER the dr. told me 1 hr, then later as I was leaving I said "so how long should I give this before I call you if it is not working"? He said 2 to 3 patches!!!!! grrrrr I was not thinking that 1 hr does not equal 2 to 3 patches lol duhhh :?

    Thanks again !!!
  • I was given the patch two weeks ago by my Dr. for a trip I had to take by car. I usually have a one hr. car limit. The patch was on two days before the trip and it worked wonders for me. I was uncomfortable being a passenger as I will not drive on narcotics. But the whole week away was great, the best week I've had in years. I experienced alot of sleepiness. But it was worth it! I even slept five hrs, straight through the night. Unfortunately now it is not working as well as it did. I have a high tolerance for pain meds, as I am sure we all do. I was also on Morphine prn. The only meds I took before was vicodin. Lots of them. I am very grateful to this site for the info I am getting. I will be starting pain mgt. soon, and now I have some knowledge of different medications. Thank you all...

    Spinal Fusion L4-5 Perm S-1 nerve damage lots of numbness and pain in left leg. Pain level in a.m. 9-10. Just plain tired of it all. A couple of weeks off was heaven!!
  • I am counting ! I sure hope I get something from this patch SOON.

    Will I notice the pain reduce greatly all at once, or will it be gradual?

    It has been 29 hrs since I put it on.... and nothing so far.

    Many here have told me to give it as long as 2 or 3 patch changes before it works fully - I keep hoping I am not one of those who have to wait that long :|

    I am chewing through the vicodin that was given to me for the breakthroughs - not good ! ~X( (sigh )
  • Thanks kyapup :)

    I am sorry your patches did not keep working for you and hope soon you find something that does.

    I agree this site is GREAT!!!!! :D

    I hope at some point I can offer the help I have received here to someone else.
  • Apologies for sounding so negative, but those Fentanyl patches didn't touch my pain at all. Everyone's different though and they clearly work for others!

    Hope something starts to work soon!

  • How are you feeling this morning? I hope you are getting some releif by now. I changed mine yesterday and I think I have to talk to my Dr about changing every 48 hours instead of 72. Not lasting three days anymore, again. Keep me posted how you are doing.
  • How often are you chewing the vicoden? And how often does your doctor allow you to take them?
    The patch should kick in soon but you won't notice a sudden onset like you do with immediate release/short acting pain meds. It is more smooth, which is the purpose of the patch to begin with, to provide consistent, even pain control, without the ups and downs that people get from other meds.
    Be careful with the vicoden. If you are taking more than you should be, you are going to run out early and you may not realize when the patch kicks in.
  • The patch that you are on, should make a great impact on the pain. But remember, all of us have differing chemistry, in our bodies.

    As a mind set - do you think that the patch will help you? Or are you sceptical? I ask because research shows that our attitude to it [the med] affects how meds work in our bodies.

    It took me 18 to 24 hours for the first patch to come "online" as I describe it. Also - I found that if I placed it on a fat layer - the effect was slowed and pain level was not reduced as quick as when I placed it in a low-fat place on my body. I have some pounds on me - and on my high chest, the meds worked quickly and dropped quickly. On my belly - it was much slower! Fent does run through and get stored in the fat layer, its in the drug monograph -If I remember correctly. This in part is why it takes so long to work and why it is suppose to last so long.

    On my arms - it was fast too. - high chest was the best place for me - but it all depends how much room you have to place these things!

    I do trust the you are getting relief.
  • I am starting to feel less pain - YIPPEE! Nothing earth shattering but any thing less is good! :)

    I am due to change it in about 5 hrs to go on to my 2ed patch..

    Vicoden - I guess I should not have posted that as such. I am staying within my prescribed amounts. I had hoped to use NONE or at least much less then I am. I am taking on average 3 to 4 daily of the 500 mg. I am allowed up to 8 ( max )daily. The Dr. did tell me as the patch works more and more I should be able to take less and less.

    My thanks to all who have responded >:D<

  • I have seen the same doctor since I was 14 and he was a pediatric PA-c. But now he's in a walk in clinic he owns. So he could only wright Tylenol 4. That's 300 acetaminophen and 60mg codeine. So I've taken 240 sometimes more in a month 2x4 daily. He also gave me Lyrica and when the pain got bad would send me to his brothers clinic to get norco or Percocet. That did not happen often. Now I have always had herniated discs in my lumbar L2-L5 with L5-S1 ok. I have Klipple Fiel syndrome so as to be expected I would one day injure my neck. Well I did about a year ago and had to get a new doctor cause he cannot perscibe CII or any Narcotic Opiate medication above Tylenol with codeine. Even before Hydrocodone was switched October 2014. So I got referred to someone he knows well. He gave me 50mg ultram and I knew that was a joke. But he also gave me 50MCG/HR patches. Now I had never geared of those. When I had surgury they gave me IV fentanyl. So I assumed it would be like that and was scared to use it. But my experience was that the side effects of topical was mundane compared to the IV kind after surgury. Even weaker than the 100mch citrate sublungals.  Now it took about 8hours to work for me. After hour 9 all negative effects were gone. I felt stones I guess for about a hour. The tired feeling I was getting was from the muscle relaxer and I called the doctors office complaining about how tired I was and asked to change meds. I'm so glad I did not change meds. It's so nice to not have to remember to take a pill before the pain comes. I also like the relief I get. Ultram never worked before. With the patch it works. When I get those roller coaster pains on like day two of the patch cycle. But I think anyone with nerve compression pain should look into Lyrica. I was able to drop down to 25mcg patch and no ultram with it. At first it was 25mg Lyrica. Then following month was 50 then 75mg. That's when the relief started was 75mg. 6 months in I'm still at 75 2x daily. I know the meds is expensive without insurance and as long as you don't start at 75 I felt no side effects. However most insurance companies are starting to pay for it. My Medicare does. Just had a QL of 60 a month 2X daily. Most people need 3X daily. But call your insurance company. If it's covered it's a great way to rid yourself of heavy opiate medications and risk a doctor leaving practice and the withdrawals that come with it. This medication is a C4 but most doctors don't have a problem with it compared to narcotic pain management. But the patch. It did take until patch two to fully give me relief. But that's because you have to catch the pain before it starts with opiates. Unlike GABA Anologs. Aka Lyrica. But I found out it on before bed and you will wake up in less pain to get quicker results. Unless you have ankyloseing spondylosis and you would wake up in more pain. But always talk to your doctor about it if you go three weeks with no relief time to change something. I would recommend only going to 50 cause the highest FDA approved is 100 and sometimes they will give you like 10 100's and 10 25's ect but most insurance companies won't pay for the extra. Like mine will only pay for ten patches a crossed all strengths. So I don't wanna reach the 100's until I'm like 80 and I'm only 28 now so. So anyone wanting relief from a patch. I recommend giving it some time. It does build up in your skin and fat cells. So if your heavy. It will take a little longer. I also don't recommend the abdomen. Thou you can as long as it's not your heart but the best results I've got is either my upper arm or my scapula area. The lower back always seems to fall off so I avoid that. Also Tagaderm works great to keep the patch in place. Just put it in a area you don't move a lot. 

    Remember this this is my advice. Not medical advice. Always consult your physician for advice and don't self diagnose on the Internet. I mean Valium works great for anxiety but why create it in the first place. I'm sure Mylan labs has enough money. They don't need your money too. So let's keep the anxiety and worry with your doctor and not make it worse searching for what's wrong with you. There maybe something wrong. But worry about it when your given a real diagnosis. 

    Hope me your able to control your pain with this medication and I'm glad to hear your side effects were not as bad as some report. And yes people do eat them. And they die horribly. So I suggest you keep it on your skin and lock them up. The most trustworthy of people have been known to steal them. Some people hide drug problems and you wouldn't suspect them. But it happens. My own brother has stolen mine. Then a friend from high school did. He is in the military so no one would have thought he would. So I lock mine up now. I also put mine in locations no one can see. So no one even knows I am on them. 
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