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Something new going on/any ideas

HollieSterling38HollieSterling38 Posts: 390
edited 06/11/2012 - 7:35 AM in Chronic Pain
On top of the normal pain and ESI being worn off, with leg pain back with vengence,now in both legs instead of just right leg.The last couple of days I've got this new thing going on and has me baffled.
I've got this numbness in my face that feels like I've had a numbing shot. It's mainly in my lips and cheeks area, more intense on left side than right,but on both and also in both hands and feet. It's numb on the inside not my skin.
I'm going to pcp tomorrow and would like any clue to what it could be. Any ideas what we need to check cuz I'm for throwing ideas to dr to lead him in whatever direction,if he does endup clueless. He's a great listener but I know he doesn't always have answers or clues right off bat.
Thanks for any input!



  • lips face hands feet...could be fluid level high...have you gained weight...how do shoes fit? are you on neurontin?
  • No weight gain or swelling from fluid retension( or whatever it's called) actually been losing weight. Not on nerve pills at all. Unable to take lyrica or neorontin, they don't help
    Nerve pain even after several adjustments.
    The only time I got relief from lyrica was after back surgery and nerves were coming back to life. And neoromtin did nothing but make me sick.
  • could be nerves in neck...hope not
  • I started to get random numbing spots. One in the middle of my back and a larger are behind my right arm/shoulder area- weird- I know.

  • Thank you, also having mild short term memory thing that's new, never had much problem with that either. Like going to get drink and walking straight to restroom or forgetting to do things I planned on doing or going to do something and get there and forget what I was going to do. And doing something and someone talking to me and not able to consentrate on two things at once. Been on same meds for awhile so not sure if it's the culprit.
  • I have had those symptoms from any number of different meds, be they "nerve" meds or "just" narcotics!
  • I had half sided face numbness for over a week. seen 2 different doc's while it was happening.
    It was just like a dentist shot Novocain in mouth.ALOT of Novocain...
    It was there for over week and never went away, in morning it would be a bit better but all it took was a drink and boom bang it was driving me crazy. even if I shut my eyes and opened real quick, it would start a spasm on side of face. At the same time as this was going on I was having more spasm through out body and twitchy, with even a little bit of noise out of the blue would make me jump..
    Neurologist sent me for a emergency Brain MRI..He was very concerned because it was just half side of face.
    I wont go into details about MRI.. except for sum inflamation maybe causing the novocain numbness.
    I was taking 3600mgs of neurontin a day. We lowered that and I'm not sure if lowering the dose is what made things better.. but things did get better.Also alot of the jerkyness went away that was happening in my whole body..(my hubby could not believe what was happening to me during this time, it was strange..) he could do nothing to help me and then he would giggle a bit and call me a jerky turkey which made me smile and that would get my lips and nose a quivering and all I can say is that was the strangest thing I have ever been through..
    My surgeon did tell me he had seen some strange things happen with people on high doses of neurontin..
    I'm not sure if this helps you but thought i would give you a bit of my experience.
    That half sided face novocain feeling numbness is bad enough when we go to the dentist and last for a few hours but to have it numb 10 times as bad and last for a long time was almost worse then my surgery recovery..
    Hugs to all.. and many smiles for miles..Patsy
  • Been on same meds awhile
    10/500 hydracodone
    325 soma
    1/2 my Xanax
    5 mg lexipro
    40mg nexium
    Levsin .125mg
    This numbness just started a couple of days ago.
    My teeth are great shape. No headache.
  • Do you have any drooping of your eye or mouth? I hope it's nothing serious. I was thinking maybe Bell's Palsy or something along those lines but of course I have no medical training. Do you have a bad headache? The sooner you get in with your PCP the better. If things do get worse or you have other strange symptoms, I would go straight to the ER if I were you.

    I had a strange episode like this years ago. It wasn't only the side of my face being numb, it was also weakness on one side of my body. At first they thought it was a TIA but later on it was diagnosed as a complicated migraine. I have a history of getting bad migraines, and one time years ago I had one for 12 days straight. It was hell for me and I couldn't be around my kids who were toddlers the whole time. What finally broke the pain cycle was a compound suppository my family doctor ordered for me. I don't remember the exact ingredients but it did have pain medicine as an ingredient. I think the other half may have been a barbituate, or something along those lines and certainly old school.

    Well, I hope your doctor figures out what's going on and treat it right away. Take care
  • Never get migraines, going to dr when daughter gets out of school. This is my whole face.
    Thank you, I'll let you know what happens.
  • Never get migraines, going to dr when daughter gets out of school. This is my whole face. Getting lightheaded and stiffness I'm neck too in just last couple of hours.
    Thank you, I'll let you know what happens.
  • Just came online for a while and read your post. Sure hope it is nothing serious.
    You have enough problems...do not need to have more added to the mix.
    Keep us updated.OK

    Hugssssssssssss >:D<
    Patsy W
  • Going back to dr again today, appointment at 10am, yeah besides my back problems I have other issues going on and dr wanted me to come back today.
    Yeah, other health issues going on and dr yesterday just squeezed me in so he didn't have alot of time,but thought it might be allergic reaction to a test I had done for other problems and wanted me to come back so he had more time,cuz he's a talker. Dont find many like him these days... Lol. Numbness is gone now and that's good. Don't want to jump the gun til we figure it out! But I will update all this later. Yeah I have alot going on, but I will go in more detail after I see him again. Really worried bout my health. But I have faith, we'll get to the bottom of it.
    I had the strangest dream lastnite... Woke up way early with low back real stiff but meds are kicking in... Thank goodness. I woke up on my stomach and that's a no no.
    Anyhoo.....I will update in a bit.
    Luv and hugs!
  • Thank you.... How bout we just leave the dancing out though.. LOL
    That might hurt...haven't been able to do that in forever.
    But we'll celebrate somehow.
    Your support has been a heaven send to me,though.
    I really appreciate you alot. You have put more smiles on my face than you could ever imagine and you have a special place in my heart.
    Big hugs and luv!!!!
  • I have been having severe pain in the last 2 weeks or so. It is different than my usual pain. I can usually tell whether its muscle or spine pain. I have had 2 back surgeries with the last being a 360 fusion. I am on meds but they are not really helping this. I can hardly bend. Sleep is not happening. Any suggestions? I see a doc for pain management. This is different pain tho. Like when I first had my problem. The fusion was L4 to S1.
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 10,047
    You may even be aware of this, but there some standards on forum/posting etiquette. One of those are not to let a thread discussion just bounce back and forth between two people. When two or more people start to consume a thread, that essentially forces other people to look elsewhere.

    Pat and Hollie, I would really appreciate that the discussions between yourselves be handled via Private messages.

    Thank you
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • So glad the numbness is gone.
    Wish the other problems were too.
    Never give up hope my friend....ne
    Please keep us updated Okie Dokie
    Hugsssssssss >:D<
    Patsy W
  • I'm gonna live... It was an allergic reaction cuz benedryl made it go away.
    It was the contrast dye I was injected with.
    My other ailments were different side effects from different meds all bashing each other.
    He put me back on lyrica and he has new pm dr that is coming to his office on Tuesdays so I met her and gotta call and make appointment..yeah
    He had me laughing... Told him I come to the dr to get better not sick!
    It was all his fault!!! LOL ... He's great!

    Jessica... Did a cold front come through your way too...
    Cuz the one that came through here knocked me on my booty.
    If that's not the culprit your pm would be the best to give you advice on what it may be
    Sorry you're hurting, what meds do you take?
    How soon til you see the pm dr?
  • And this couldn't have been sent in a private message?
  • And this couldn't have been sent in a private message?
  • I take norco(vicodin), ultram, baclofen. I think a small front blew in but u know here in tx its still 96 degrees. But there are some storms out in the atlantic and pacific. 2 new storms have formed in the atlantic. I had severe pain this time last yr when Ike blew into galveston. I had it for a week or so before it turned up to the gulf. I know it sounds crazy to some people but thats why I am holding out some to see if thats the culprit. I am trying to get my Doc on the phone but they are not answering today. He may be out til next week. I am stubborn so I just suck it up and go on but I do think I need to consult with him as soon as I can. I use alot of heat on my back and try to exercise some and also use a TENS unit. Lots of praying and lots of faith!
  • I'm here just south of Ft Worth.
    Yea.. Some cold front,but it's still a cold front!
    I'm exactly the same way this time of year.
    And bout November it gets worse.
    Hope you get in to see him.
    I know a hot bath feels great, I feel like all my joints need a lube job!
    I always get extra pain I usually don't have this time of year and lord help me when
    It does get cold. I can't stay warm enough!

  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 10,047
    This is a type of information posts that I have done dozens of times in the past. Most people have always appreciated the information so that they would not continue that type of posting. It is simple constructive criticism. That was the only objective.
    I am sorry that you look at it differently.
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • I'm glad you're going to be okay and that the benadryl helped you. You guys can try using heating pads on your back during weather changes and cold fronts because the titanium hardware can cause additional pain when it gets cold. Take care
  • You make it sound as if no one was welcome to come in and share.
    I love the company and everyone that wants to come on in and join in is more than welcome to do so is all I'm saying,Ron. I wasn't limiting myself to one person. Didn't see anyone else here to talk to, and talking to myself ain't much fun,LOL.
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