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just an update since i started accupuncture

tammycttammyc Posts: 894
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:35 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
Just thought i'd come on and give an update since i started my accupuncture therapy along with the massage and physio.The first session i didn't really notice any difference what so ever but i wasn't really expecting a miracle because my muscles were so very tight.The second time i went she put the needle in my forearm and i had a huge spasm that went from my arm right down the left side of my body into my left hip,it was incredible.We couldn't beleive it had happened.I laughed and she looked at me and said oooh my gosh your muscles are very very tight. :))( I told her yaaaaaah thats why i'm here.I've had three sessions since two of them left me feeling exhausted,all i wanted to do is sleep 24\7.Yesterday i had my forth one and haven't really felt any different with that one.I had difficulty sleeping last night and am very achy since, as i was for all of them.Yesterday at therapy they did my ultra sound at a higher level on my back and the pain level didn't change so something must be changing for the better.I have another massage today and hopefully he can calm down the aching that i'm feeling,i'm not sure if its from everything moving around or just because i'm taking more aggressive action with this.What ever is happening it seems to be helping somewhat.I'll keep use updated,it will be interesting to see if my progression stops again or if it loosens me right up.


  • i've had a few more accupuncture sessions and and massages and although i've been very achy my massage therapist believes that my neck feels better then it has since the accident.I know that i can turn my neck a little farther than i could before.My body is definitely fighting this though,lots of muscle spasms and aching,my massage therapist said that its because the accupuncturist is getting everthing moving around.Not really sure how much more its going to help me ,i'm three quarters of the way through my benefits for it and probably won't be able to afford to do it much longer once they run out,so hopefully i see decent results in the next couple of weeks.
  • That's good news to hear. Finally something is forcing the rain to stop and the sun shine to move in. I hope the weather clears for a while and you get some good relief.

  • Glad you are getting therapy for those muscles. It's hard to believe how tense muscles can get after they have been disturbed, unless it has happened to one. I have been there! After the 4th month, I elected, on my own, to get some therapy. Tens unit, ultra sound, & massages. Whoa, what a dif. now. Like with you, no one could believe the tightness involved here. That's what's causing all the pain. So glad to hear you are getting some relief & back on the road to recovery!!! YAY
  • ok today i was at physical therapy and as usual we put the tens on my neck and the muscle stim on my mid back and covered them with heat.They always do the muscle stim first because its timed and when that shuts off i turn on the tens unit. The past few times i've used it i've had a great deal of trouble getting it to feel comfortable.At first i thought it was the machine thought that the batteries were dying and it wasn't acting right so i told the therapist and he switched the batteries.,but the next time i was in the machine was on and the same thing happened again,he said maybe its just a leed was lose somewhere.Today i turned it on and the same thing happened again on a different machine and it made me so frustrated after five min. i called his assistant over and asked her to take it off me.One side of the machine feels completely normal and the other side i don't feel at all when its at a level that i normally have it and then when i turn it up a bit i feel it but instead of a steady stream it shoots out bursts into my neck and my muscles immediately go into spasms making my shoulders twitch all over the place.Just by the end of five min. i had gotten a headache from my muscles tightening up.So he decided that we're just going to use the stim on my back for a while and leave the tens alone for now and see if that helps.He stretched my upper neck again and did a massage of the muscles in my neck so that my headache doesn't get any worse,as soon as he started massaging my neck my muscles went into complete spasm,i couldn't believe how it felt i tried so hard to relax so that wouldn't happen but as hard as i tried they just clamped right up.I think my therapist is at a point where he's not sure how to help me anymore.It will be a year near the end of october and i'm not much better then i was a few months after my accident.i had my accupuncture tonight and i was telling her about all the muscle spasms i've been having and she put the needles in different places this time so hopefully it will help.
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,858
    There are many that love acupuncture and those that didn't get any positive results.
    I spent close to a year with acupuncture treatment sessions. My doctor used that to help with my Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar problems.
    I remember my first couple of treatments, the sessions sure did feel good, but that comfi feeling did not last long. The longer I had treatments, the longer the good feeling lasted. But as soon as I missed a few sessions, it was like I never had a prior treatment.

    I really didnt have any success with my cervical issues, in fact, I had more problems after the acupuncture sessions. I had limited success with lumbar sessions, but I have to say the most success was in the thoracic area.

    I stopped only because both the Acupuncture sessions and my Deep Tissue Massages were not covered by my Insurance carrier. So I decided that the Deep Tissue Massage helped me better in the long run

    Tammy, Im wishing you the best in the long run for acupuncture treatments
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • HI Tammy

    At work we have a 6 sigma analyst. His job is to find the "root cause" of a problem and make the necessary changes to get rid of it. We tease him terribly. ie root cause of the bad coffee is the water - lol.

    But it makes sense. You can do any kind of therapy but if you don't fix the problem (root cause) the relief will only be temporary.

    My neurologist thinks my tense muscle are actually nerve based. So I'm taking skelaxin to relax muscles and neurontin to relax nerves. He thinks that with time the meds will allow the nerves to calm down and heal. I'm in this for the long haul. He warned me that it will be months before I see any progress.

    After a year it sounds like you still don't have a root cause for your pain. I would ask the doc for specifics before your benefits run out. I was shocked to find that the docs don't have any idea what benefit coverage the patient has. It's easy for them to say go to therapy for months, they aren't worrying about coverage. They think I am nuts when I tell them at 5 months into this that I am worried about my benefits that will only run 3 years. He isn't the one who will be worrying in another 2 1/2 years, I will !!
  • I know exactly what you mean! My husbands car insurance is covering my physical therapy right now which is great but my massages that i get every week i pay for out of pocket,my accupuncture is only covered for ten sessions thats only five weeks or therapy and i'm already half way through.Once thats done i'll have to pay for that too.I decided to try it again because i had great success with it for my nerve pain but this time i'm not sure how its going to work out for me.I am seeing some positive changes happening but i have a long way to go to say yes its definitely working for me this time. So far my diagnosis has been whiplash that they thought was causing the tight muscles and pain caused by the accident,but its been so long since the accident and i'v e had so much therapy my muscles don't seem to want to loosen up that they now think that i may have herniated a disc in my thoracic spine so they booked an mri to see what happened to my spine in that area.I go for that next tues. and i see my doc. the week after it to go over the results.If nothing shows on the mri i'm not sure what else they can do for me or what other tests could be done or doc. to see to find out why my muscles are so tight.the accupuncture was my last ditch attempt to loosen everything up.When i ask the professionals what else i can do they don't seem to know because the standard treatment for whiplash is physical therapy and massage.
  • Has the doc prescribed any muscle relaxers? Mine gave me some Zanaflex to take at bedtime, because I could NOT relax either. This is a strong muscle relaxer (for parkinsons, i believe). My muscles too took months to relax, about 4-5 mos. I wonder why they didn't prescribe something I could take during the day, like valium! Muscle pain was killing me on a 10+ level, 24/7. I didn't have too much problem falling asleep from being so tired from the nights before waking every hour in pain! After 3 wks of PT here, I decided to give it a break & see how it goes. The PT will relieve you at some point, just takes time & it also will make you sore too, remember that they are manually moving your muscles. They busted up that tense muscle in my shoulder area on the first visit! Hurt but feels so good now! Hang in there girl!
    >:D< big hug
  • I've been on muscle relaxers since the accident happened last october,i take half of one in the morning and a whole one at night and depending on how my day is going i take one in the afternoon as well.They are strong pills,there's no way my husband could take one but most of the time if i take them during the day i really don't feel any effects.The one i take at bedtime does help me to fall asleep but usually only for a couple of hours then i'm up again.Most nights since the accident consists of three or four hours sleep.
    I'm staying with the physio because i do get some relief from it,although it doesn't last a long time at this point i'll take anything i can get.I just got back from a massage and am feeling much more relaxed then i did when i woke up,i know its not going to last long so i'm going to enjoy this feeling while it lasts. :D
  • Hi Tammy

    Two things. First is the car insurance nofault? I have that in NY from my accident. They should not be limiting your treatment, at least not without an independant review. You may need to get a lawyer. THe good part is the lawyer works on a portion of your settlement. So it won't cost you anything more than a 1/3 of what you would be entitled to and usually they can get you more than you would get on your own so its still not taking money out of your pocket.

    My problem sounds very similar. I was hit very hard from behind. WHen I went to the orthopedist he diagnosed a torn rotator cuff (MRI) as the cause of my pain in my shoulder. I had surgery for that and the pain didn't go away. I have bulging disks at the base of my neck and in my lower back (prob age in the lower back). Surgeon says that the disk in my neck is not bad enough to cause pain so he sent me to a neurologist.

    I don't know what the neurologist really thinks but he put me on Skelaxin to relax my muscles and Neurontin to relax my nerves. He says that often the nerves are in shock from the accident and the muscles tense to protect the nerves or vice versa.

    I find that the drugs don't effect me much. I do take them at different times (hour or more apart) and I try not to take them right before I will be driving just in case. My theory is that if you need them they don't make you sleepy etc. In the past I found that if I took Codeine or percocet just to get to sleep it gave me all the side effects like spins.

    I have been in PT for almost 5 months now. Docs and PT both say that this will take alot longer than I want it to. I asked neurologist when I would be able to come off drugs. He said when you are pain free for a full month we can start decreasing. If no pain then you continue. If pain then go back up. I am expecting that this will continue for at least a year if not longer.

    THe MRIs will show alot but don't expect them to be miracle answers. Also if you are older than 30 they will blame alot on age. SUpposedly we all have bulging and even herniated disks due to normal living.

    Good Luck and let me know about that insurance.

  • Yes we have no fault insurance.My accident was a hit and run,never caught the car that hit us. I was also hit from behind caused me to be thrown forward ,my seatbelt kicked in and threw me back to the seat.As soon as it happened i felt the pain in my back.I was only six months post fusion on my neck.
    I haven't been back to the neurologist since the accident,i was to see the surgeon three times and they said my neck was healing fine that i just had whiplash and it would take longer for my neck to heal because of it and they referred me back to my own doctor.
    As fare as the mri goes i was lucky that i did have an mri on my thoracic spine before my surgery,they wanted to see if my stenosis was in the rest of my spine as well so i have a fairly new look at my spine to compare this one too.
    My massage therapist doesn't understand why my muscles tighten up so soon after my massage,he said that with all the therapy that i've had since the accident i should be a lot better then i am.Hopefully i'll have some idea of what is going on soon.Yesterday he did alot of stretching and massaging on my shoulders and underarm area because they were so very tight.i wasn't even out of the massage place when the muscle spasms had started again,he said that he's going to spend much more time trying to loosen up that area ,it aches very badly most of the time.
  • Hi Tammy

    I've learned alot that i never knew about car insurance. Since your's was a hit and run you have to rely on your policy. First thing you really have to do is find a lawyer. They will represent you to your insurance company. The lawyer will make sure that you get what you are entitled to.

    ALso pull out your policy and look at it again. THe Personal Injury Protection will tell you what you are entitled to. Usually toward the bottom is the uninsured motorist (nofault) coverage section.

    ANy lawyer should give you a free consult. If you show them your policy they can tell you what your benefits really are. You can also call your agent. THey are required by law to explain your policy coverage.

    I've done this on my own for my daughter and now through a lawyer for myself. I was very lucky with my daughter and the amounts were very small so they didn't give me a hard time. Also children are protected by the courts so the insurance companies are very careful.

    Bottom line is that the insurance company should be paying for all of the treatments and medications that your doctors prescribe. You deserve to be able to concentrate on getting better without worrying about bills. THats why we pay for insurance.

    Let me know how it goes.
  • My insurance agent has been very forth coming with me since the accident.She's trying to get me as much help as possible,so far has paid for alot of my therapies.They paid for gym equipment that i needed for home to help with my muscles and a membership at the Y to continue to build my strength.They haven't paid for my massages because my therapist doesn't deal with automobile accidents and i won't switch massage therapist.Mine is very good and i've had bad massages before to compare.So i choose to stay with him because i think in the long run he will help me.I know i need to talk to my accupuncturist and see if she will deal with the insurance co. after my benefits run out on that.If so then i'll continue with it.She is chinese and has some trouble speaking english,but i'm sure that she's been asked about that before.Next tues. is coming fast now and i'm sure the mri will be over before i know it.Thanks for your imput,please let me know how your doing,your right our problems seem to be very similar.I've been very down today and talking to you has really helped.
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