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Yoga for Back Pain

gwennie17gwennie17 Posts: 3,009
edited 06/11/2012 - 1:36 PM in Exercise and Rehab
From time to time, this topic comes up. I ran across the following article today and thought some of you might be interested in reading about the recent study:



  • thank you, :D very interesting! Jenny :)
  • I practiced Hatha Yoga for 15 years.I started in 1986 after a car wreck that resulted in a laminectomy.It was a life saver and was the start that got me back to a normal exercise level.I continued after my cervical fusion-with a little modification to avoid positions that put pressure on my neck.Tried it for the first time a month ago, 2 years post lumbar fusion and have been in pain ever since.No more yoga for me.I think all of us have different levels of fitness and conditions.Working on getting out of this pain cycle as I"awoke the sleeping lion"that resides in my lumbar spine.Hoping there is no permanent damage.My PT clearly said ANYTHING that involves twisting in contraindicated after lumbar fusion.Wish I would have called him first.Still learning the hard way.A myelogram was suggested-not ready to go there yet-praying this settles down with time.Always ask your PT or Surgeon before undertaking anything new.What is good for the goose,might not be good for the gander.
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