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Refill for med's will be late, need help & info?

cateyesccateyes Posts: 123
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:36 AM in Chronic Pain
I was afraid this would happen and it did. I'm out of state right now to be with my husband while he's working out of town. To be able to set this up my PM doctor said that I could have a family member pick up my presciption, have it filled,, then send it to me. Well that sounded just fine, finally I could be with my husband.

Here's where the trouble comes in. I tried to contact my doctor for my prescription only to learn that he's been out of town so I just got my new refill this morning and my brother in law sent it up to me, it won't arrive until Monday after 4pm. My last prescription will run out tomorrow if I take them as ordered. What do I do? That would mean that I would have to go for at least 36 hours without any med's. Withdrawal and severe pain is just too much for me at this point. I have other health issues also on top of my chronic pain with my back. Going through this is not an option.

Here's what I take. Oxycontin, 120 mg's twice a day. I don't have anything else, nothing for breakthrough pain, no valium, nothing. I can take a smaller dosage and try to make them last through the weekend, by cutting my dosage to less than half per day. What will happen to me? I can handle the additional pain but will I go through withdrawal also? I've been on this dosage for well over 7 years and I don't know if by having at least a small amount in my system will help to prevent withdrawal or not.

If anybody knows anything about this I would deeply appreciate your input. The only other option is to go to the ER, I'm not too sure if they will give me the med's that need to get me through until my new ones arrive. I'm not from here and I'm unfamiliar with this hospital. I'm really scared and don't know what to do. Please, please help ASAP!



  • I don't know the withdrawal answer. With that being said, I would do 1 of 2 things.

    1.) Cut the pills in half and extend them
    2.) Cut the pills in half but try to skip the night time dose and replace it with OTC Sleep aid or Benadryl.

  • What I said in my pm to you!
  • Can you supplement with over-the-counter meds, like Advil, Aleve or Tylenol Arthritis (it's a stronger dosage than x-strength and it's ER) to help with making your meds last longer?
    APROUD CANADIANveteranButNOTa doctor, my thoughts are my own
  • Why can't you split it in half?would you mind elaborating on that?
    Just curious for future reference.
  • Most oxycontin is ER (extended release) meant to be delivered over a 12 hour period. Cut it in half and you get the whole dose right now and you can easily overdose.
    A policeman friend of mine said the addicts crush them up and snort them and the instance of deadly overdose is astronomical.
    I hope this explains it Hollie.

  • I'm already so scared of the withdrawal (possible?) that I'm already getting sick to my stomache from nerves alone. My husband brought me a yummy dinner and I can't eat it. I'm mentally prepared for the pain to come but I can't get past the fear of having withdrawal. I've already been in that situation before, I went for 2 entire days without any med's, and it was positively horrible. And that was when I was on a tiny dose, 10 mg's twice a day. I'm wondering if as long as I keep some of the oxy in me (even at a much smaller amount) if it will prevent the withdrawals? If anyone knows the answer to this I would be sooooooo appreciative. What an awful position to find myself in!!!!!!!!!!!

    I AM PETRIFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Wasn't paying attention. Here is my revised suggestion:

    Try to skip the night time dose and replace it with OTC Sleep aid or Benadryl.

  • No sense in being petrified. You need to think positive and everything will be fine.
  • I agree with Dave! Calm down... Take a deep breathe, take a good hot shower.... U can get over the counter nasea meds to calm your tummy some. You can do this and just think, going low then back to normal dose may help boost the relief factor. I have run out
    Early when my dr upped my dose, and I could feel a difference in pain levels when I started back up. I would take one a day and something OTC to get you by, and even though they aren't as strong, it's better than 'nothing'!!!!
    Goodluck to you, you're gonna be okay!
    Think happy to be there with your hubby thoughts!
    You're in my prayers!

  • I'm not on any oxy now, but have been in the past and may be again in the future. But that is something I'd never thunk could happen. Thanks for the info. Don't mean to go off on thread, but that was good info for those of us not knowing that, but now we do! Thanks again!!!
  • Cutting, crushing or doing anything other than taking an ER med whole is very dangerous and potentially deadly, as the amount of med it contains is meant to be slowly released and absorbed. Any "mutilation" to the pill can release the med too quickly and have adverse effects. And yes, this is what the "junkies" do to get their high, making it a bad name for the rest of us, who actually need it...


    Taking a lower dosage for the weekend would not give the same withdrawal symptoms as stopping "cold turkey". So, I agree, if you can supplement OTC meds this weekend, do it, as long as you don't go over recommended daily doses. As an example, I take Tylenol arthritis, that I mentioned before. It's ER, I take two tabs, twice daily, which is 2600 mg a day. My pharmacist told me that if I take my oxycodone, which includes acetamenophen (which I use for bt, not every day) to make sure that my total daily intake of acetamenophen is not over 4000 mg, and the oxycodone is 1000 mg. So I have to keep count, and make appropriate adjustments, when I do need the xtra help from the oxycodone. Just something to keep in mind.
    APROUD CANADIANveteranButNOTa doctor, my thoughts are my own
  • I'm sorry you're in this predicament. I went without my daily dose of 80mg of Oxycontin for 2 days and it wasn't cool. By the end of the first day my stomach was cramping and I had a couple bouts of diarrhea. I felt nervous all day long and was beginning to have body aches already.

    I would also take 1 60mg tablet a day until Monday afternoon. Supplement it like everyone mentioned with tylenol and naproxen. Get you some Immodium AD, the formula for stomach cramps. If you have any sedative like Klonopin or Xanax it would be great, or even Valium. It can also help with sleep.You may feel sick to your stomach so you'll also need some Pepto or Tums, or try Emetriol OTC for nausea.

    That's all I can think of for now. You are on a high dose of Oxycontin so if things get really bad, you may need to go to the ER if your blood pressure gets too high or you experience problems like arrhythmia or palpitations. Take care

    PS Dave, see..it's okay to make a boo boo sometimes. We'll forgive you O:)
  • As I was reading this I was FREAKING out!!! Thankfully as I read down the list I see that someone already told you the dangers of cutting the pill in 1/2.

    I agree - try to skip your night dose and use Benadrylr or nightquil or something that will help you sleep.
    The effects of skipping the night dose should be low enough that as soon as you take your AM does, you'll be good to go again.

    PLEASE keep us posted how you are doing.

    You are & will remain in my thoughts & prayers :)

  • I've been given some very good ideas and will put them to use. Thank you all so much! I don't have anything for nerves such as valium, klonipin or xanax, I sure wish I did. I'll take my Benedryl that I'm already taking for an allergic reaction that I'm having, that's been helping me sleep. OK, here goes my way too long weekend and I'll let ya'll know how I'm doing. There was one more thing I wanted to address but I've forgotten what it was, I'll post again when I remember.

    Thanks again and your support will surely help me through this!
  • >:D<

    IF things do get out of control - please go to ER with as much "proof" as you have to explain this situation.
    The worst thing they can say is "no". Which would be upsetting of course, however they may understand and help you out.
  • if you aren't well enough to drive get a taxi you wont last the week end without meds ..you are on a high dose like me ..and after about 12/18 hours without medication your life will be 5417! and you will feel lousy ..i am telling you now ..you won't be able to cope ..withdrawal is worse than the pain !! get yourself to the emergency doctor and get an emergency script ..do you have a copy of what you are taking? over here we have a copy to reorder from .you could take that to the doctor so he knows that you aren't trying to pull a fast one ..and like paul says don't cut Oxycontin or any other time release drug ..you don't know how much is going into your body and my over dose!! how things get sorted out
  • :D Just throwing some support your way -- PM me if things get dicey and you need to chat.

    I'm sure it will be okay -- the spineys have given you some good advice.

    Take care,

  • what about calling your pain Dr and see if he can call hospital ER and tell them that they can percribe you some pain meds. That he did send perscription and you will be out for a couple days. I was going to run out of my meds over the weekend and my percription has to be mailed and has not arrived. I called my personal Dr and he percribed 24 oxycodone for the weekend to get by. I would think the ER would call your pain Dr as well to Ok a script for you. Just worth a try in my opinion. Good Luck
  • Good idea Robin !

    Stopping in to see how your doing Cat...
  • DO NOT CUT OXYCONTIN TABLETS IN HALF!! If you do, you will release all of the oxycontin in the tablets and may wind up overdosing!
    As far as taking half of your normal dosage goes, I am not sure but think that you will probably experience some withdrawal but not as much as you would if you were to not take any of your normal medication. Half is better than nothing.
  • First I want to thank everyone for your support, it really helps me to get through the tougher times. having support from others who know what it's like is an amzing thing, there's not enough money on earth to replace this.

    Now, to the bad part. I'm not going to make it through the weekend. I tried so hard to lower my dosage and the pain became so intense that it started to make me crazt, moaning, screaming, etc., and once it spread to my tummy I was doubled over and hurled. As you all know 'hurling' while your in severe pain is so very hard on us. I was starting to go out of my mind from the pain. I stay around a 7 on good days and an 8 on my bad days. Today the pain increased to almost a 10, which is something I haven't felt since my last surgery which made me delirious.I had to break down and take the rest of what I had and it still wasn't enough to get my pain fully under control. I can barely think well enough right now to write this.

    So my husband and I decided that I will have to go to the ER come morning, early morning probably before the sun rises. I'm going to take my prescription bottle with me, I have nothing else to prove any documentaion since I'm out of town. I do have plenty of scars though, on both my back on all the way down the front of my tummy. It should be rather obvious that I've had a LOT of work done.

    As for calling my doctor that won't work. The Er may be able to contact him through his answering service but I can't, he leaves instructions for all patients to go to the ER if they need any help. I was afraid that it would be withdrawal that would bring me down but I was wrong, the pain is just too out of control. I've taken so many things to help get by, Aleve, a couple of Xanax that someone gave me, and even Benedryl to help me sleep. I haven't slept a wink yet today. So it's off to the ER, I may even have to call an ambulance to get me there as the hospital is about 40 miles away and I'm not sure if I could handle that drive in our 4WD pickup. What a position to find myself in, I should have known that the first time I leave the house in over 5 years that something would go wrong.

    Time to try and get comfortable again so I'll be going for the night. Thanks again everyone for your advice and support. It means so very much to me. I gave it my best try!

    May you all have a good and 'Hopefully' as painless a weekend possible.
  • SO VERY SORRY to hear your weekend away has gone like this :(

    PLEASE let us know what happens in the ER.

    My prayers/thoughts remain with you :)
  • Sweetie....I have NEVER had a problem with withdrawls. Only a return of my pain...that is all.
    From what I have read on here others have no problem either.
    If you are worried luv...just take one every 24 hours. That will keep it in your system.
    I am so sorry you have to go through this.
    When my legs swell really bad I have to stop my pain meds until the swelling goes down. The only ill effects is the return of my pain.
    This last time I had to stop taking my pain meds my pain had spiked and it was sooooo painfull but that was all...just a return of my pain.
    Good luck sweeite. I will be thinking of you.
    Sending a hug.... >:D<
    Patsy W
  • i had terrible withdrawal after 12 hours .i was ready for sawing my leg off! the pain was insane but the withdrawal was just as bad .it took about 36 hours for me to get over it .i wont let my supply run out again!!
  • hello
    I saw on another thread that it was warning not to cut oxys in half. I was hoping to get a clarification on this. I know that you NEVER cut ER of anything in half. BUT, you can cut other pain meds in half correct? I take Roxicodone in half sometimes, its not ER. It is Roxi 15 mg and sometimes I will cut it in half but I also take Avinza 45 mg and I know not to cut that in half, plus is warns right on the bottle. But the Roxicodone 15 mg is okay to cut in half, I think. LOL
  • oops my bad that was suppose to go on a new thread, sorry to the orginal poster, I did not mean to hijack your thread.

  • How did the trip to the ER go? R U o.k. now? It is monday and you haven't said anything. I know we are all hoping things went well and you feel better!!! Let us know - Marion
  • we are worried are you OK did you get some pain killers ??? please contact me via any means
  • I guess i can consider myself lucky not to go into withdrawal when I stop taking my pain meds. But no....I do not have a problem...just the return of my pain...but actually I am always in pain.....my pain just gets worse which is understandiable. A couple of others have said they have no problems either....so we are the lucky ones...HUH?

    Do hope you are OK Cateyes. We are all worried about you.
    Hugsssssss >:D<
    Patsy W
  • Please answer soon.... Worried bout you!!!
    Pat and straker, I have had withdrawals on certain drugs and others I did not, go figure!
    It's not fun either way cuz the pain is always worse.
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