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Internal Vibrations : Am I going insane?

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,671
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:36 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical

For the past 6 months I have had this HORRIBLE internal vibrating feeling that is making me nuts. At first it was in my chest so I assumed it was heart related. Similar to charly horses. My cardio, also my internal for 10 years did an ekg, echo, 24 hr. holter, stress test and all were normal. I went to an endo who ran extensive blood work, all normal. I went to a neuro who sent me for mri of the brain, mra of the brain, thoracic and lumbar mri , eeg, emg, 48 hr eeg and all seemed somewhat normal except I had a tiny lesion in my cervical spine and an increased signal intensity in my cervical and thoracic spine. I went to see a great neurosurgeon who assured me I was fine and did not need any surgery. I went to physical therapy and accupunture. I have checked out every possible cause, thyroid, diabetis etc.
As months progressed it shifting to my stomach,like a forcefal heartbeat. This is not painful. Its simply nerve wracking. Its as if you swallowed a cell phone on vibrate and you just want it to shut off. I noticed its worse when I am tired. I rumble all night long. Sometimes it wakes me up and I have learned to flip over so it stops or to rock myself to sleep to ignore it. I now have High BP too after all this nonsense started. My heart rate can be 74 and jump to 120 without exertion. I am also perimenopausal , my periods come once every few months and I have read online its from hormonal fluctuations. My gyn took a bunch of blood work, all fine. I would believe that but I have done my research and men also experience this problem. I do not know anyone personally who feels what I feel. Everyone tells me i am nuts but have found many case histories online so I know I am not the only one. My doctors are baffled. I just want it to stop.
Sometimes its a few hours. Sometimes it comes and goes for days but lately its ALL the time. Its as if my body was having an internal seizure. You do not see anything on the outside. No shaking. No tremor but my husband has felt it at night as I sleep. He will ask me if I am shivering but I am not. I am trembling inside.
This all started after I took Cymbalta once. Wound up six for three days and then my doc suggesed Lexpro which I took years ago. Once dose did me in and I have been like this ever since.
Any ideas? Similar stories? Now its primarily in my upper back and neck.
Any imput? I just want this vibrating to end!
I am exhausted. Sometimes


  • I have had similoar experiences, finally got the nerve to tell a doc and was told it was probably just muscle twitches, nothing to worry about. I get them different places throughout my body. Someimes they are "big" enough to be seen externally, but usually are "invisible". It used to scare the heck out of me when I got them in my chest. I have been getting them since i was a kid. Back then I would tell my mom it felt like bubbles going through my body,(pre-cellphones), bur your vibration comparison works well. Anyway, like I said been going on for over 35 years now, dont know of any major problems because of it. It is just very annoying at times. Let me know if you get any other diagnosis.
  • Your not alone.
    My experience...
    I get the vibration from waist down..mostly in groin area..and only if I'm sitting..when this first started i would think for sure i had cell phone in front pocket on vibrate.
    I have muscle spasms all over my body and the vibrations are nothing like my spasms.
    My neurologist says the vibrations are completely different symptom then the spasms.
    My suggestion for you would just be sure and let your doctor know all your different symptoms and experiences this way they can keep note of all the different symptoms you are having.
    Hugs to all...Patsy
  • Please note that this post was quadrupled when created. Here is the main thread http://www.spine-health.com/forum/neck-pain-cervical/internal-vibrations-am-i-going-insane the others have been deleted.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • And I thought I was the only one, and that I was crazy!!! I, too, feel like my cell phone is going nuts and attached to my body!!! I have the buzzing like Patsy does. I'd really like to know what it is caused from, so if anyone knows, please post!!!
    APROUD CANADIANveteranButNOTa doctor, my thoughts are my own
  • Kelly,
    I will p.m. you in the morning
    hugs to all...patsy
  • I also had them in the groin area, and just the lower area in general. I had a compressed nerve at L5 S1, with S1 having a piece of bone on it. After my surgery, the vibrating went away. I was told it was nerve related, and just the nerve sending errant signals because of the irritation. Mine is gone, "FINALLY"!!!! It was just awful. Check with your Dr. Have you had a EMG to see if there is any compressions or nerve damage going on? I took Cymbalta just once, and I mean just once! I almost died from the reaction I got. But, I did have the vibrations before that. Hope you get some answers! Ask for a EMG, as MRI's don't always show everything. In my case, it did not show how serious the problem was, and I has 3 MRI's. The EMG picked it up. sweetpotatoe57
  • Hi...I too have had the internal vibrations for 7 months now. I too have described it to doctors as a cell phone being implanted into my chest...You are not insane! I have had every test under the sun and thank God they have all come back normal...however, they can't figure out what is going on. I would love to talk with you further to see if we could help each other out...please reply and maybe we could exchange email addresses. I just want the vibrating to end also! Has anyone else had any success figuring out or treating these internal vibrations? Please help...Thanks T
  • Hi everybody,
    Ive had the exact same problem in my jaw after that my wisdom-tooth broke the jawbone, leaving a pointy looking bone-shape. It´s sending vibrations through my head and body in a very very very annoying way. In the beginning I was in the hospital for 3 weeks due to the intensity of the vibrations. I believe the vibrations is due to that the bone cant hold the pressure of the muscles, it becomes a bit unstable and start to vobble. With time, the frequency has changed as the bone had changed - the pointy shape is now almost gone (its like the body is breaking it down). However I have still alot of problems from the vibrations, and it´s been 4.5 months now.

    I believe it will stop once the bone is "stable" enough to hold the muscles.

    The only cure for this, if my assumtations are correct, is probably.
    1. Make a surgery to make the bone "stable".
    2. Make the bone stronger (eat Kalcium and Vitamin D)
    3. Wait until the body has smoothen out the bone so it stops to vobble.

    Hugs to all of you, you are not alone!
  • was my imagination but it happens frequently. I get them in my tummy down. I will mention it to my NS- mine are different from muscle spasms. I though my cell phone was in my sweatshirt then i realized i was using my cell when it happened. Could that be the cause with all this metal inside of me??????

  • I saw something on TV once about high voltage power lines causing a constant buzzing or vibration in some people. Some of them heard it and I think some felt it in thier bodies too. Did anyone move to a new place before the buzzing began? Just thought I'd mention it. I don't know if it's worth looking into or not. My heart goes out to you all!

    Faith M
  • I'm sure i answered a post on this subject not to long ago.I also have vibrations of my nerves.I'm sure its due to the lesion on my spinal cord.It started quite a long time ago when my neck first started to bother me badly, about six years ago.I had the vibration everywhere from my brain right down to my feet.It was horrible,i felt like my brain was constantly being shook.I kept telling all my doctor but they never responded to it ,until i told my one neurologist she did a test on my nerves and put in her report that i had hyper nerves.No one ever did anything for it,but it slowly got better,i think for a while no one would beleive what i was feeling not even my family but every once in a while i'd have a child come and lay beside me and they'd ask me why i was shaking so badly and i'd tell them that i wasn't shaking it was the vibrating in my nerves.My husband said the same thing when he's lay beside me and hug me.Why are you shaking.My son touch my foot the one day and told me that the nerves in my foot were going nuts. LOL =)) Well like i said no one wanted to be bothered trying to get rid of it and to this day i still have some vibrations from my waist down.The rest of my body seems to have stopped but i still have it in my legs and feet.Your definitely not alone and it really sucks to have it but i have no idea how to get rid of it or i'd share the secret. :))(
  • :jawdrop: I thought that the floorboards in my house were loose, my air conditioner was faulty, the fridge was on the fritz.. little did I know that it was me! I has epidural scar tissue strangling my L4-5 L5 S1 and this vibration thing seemed to start after they tried a neuro stimulator trial and it only made me hurt worse. I am trying to get Doctors to help me but they just seem to want to give me drugs and tell me to go away..I do not want to take high doses of Methadone or Morphine for the rest of my life.. I am only 39 years old! Any advice on trying to get them to listen would be great.
  • I am fused with bone plugs from L4 L5 and S1 and told I have failed back surgery syndrome have to use a walker and cane to get around and fall alot. Diabled Army vet and not sure what to do..
  • I was contracted with RSD in 2005 from a neurectomy in my left leg. In May 2012 I had a Spinal Column Stimulator implanted which improved my symptoms. In November while reclining in my LaZBoy I noticed a mild vibration in my spine and thought it was just a symptom of the stimulator. By December the vibration was extremely strong in the core of my body. I described it as putting your hands on the counter while the dishwasher was running, or lying on a vibrating bed on max but all internally. Its was so strong it made me nauseous and i vomited 7x over a 3 hour period. Its seems to get strongest after sitting for a period of time and i would have to pace around until the energy had an outlet. When its in my chest my heart flutters like a reel to reel movie that has run out. My blood pressure is getting higher and higher and they cant take it with an auto reader, it has to be done manually. At its strongest It then progresses to Parkinson like tremors on my right arm, lower legs and feet, and head and I have numbness in my face and head. I turned off the Spinal Column Stimulator, had an MRI of my back and the ER performed a head CatScan, all negative.The ER didnt know what was causing my symptoms and just gave me morphine for the pain associated with the RSD and nausea medicine and told me to follow up with a neurologist. My pain management doctor assures me the Spinal Column Stimulator is not the cause but if i do elect to remove it I will never be able to install a new one if the problem resolves itself by some other means. My primary physician is leaving the desision up to me. He has prescribed Namenda to calm the nerves and Klonopin for antiseizures. I am trying to get referred to Barrows Neurological Institute. I will keep you posted with any new developments or diagnosis.
    Peace and Light,
  • LindaMLLindaM Posts: 1
    edited 07/27/2013 - 10:34 PM
    I've been reading everyone's comments and concerns. I have also been expeierencing the vibrations for many months. It started with the hip, then moved on to the whole body. I have diagnosed my own problem on my own because the lack of compassion and knowledge of my previous doctors. I literally had to do my own research of every single symptom I was having. I'm not stating everyone has the same issues as me, but definently something to look into for yourselves. I will put them in categories of symptoms and misdiagnosis. The last category is the best, the real source of the problem.

    Numbness in right side of face, lack of taste of food, lack of sense of smell, swollen neck(periodically), pins and needles sensation in both feet, migraines, vertigo, fatigue, brain fog, conginative problems (memory block), back of the eye pain, vision problems, dizzy, walking as if drunk, weakness in legs and arms, hearing loss, chest pains, hard to breath properly, digestive issues, IBS, leg jerking, body vibrations, anxiety, depression, irritable, lower back pain, lack of coordination, hand writing changed, numbness in the right thumb and right arm.
    CT scan, MRI, lumbar puncture, neck and body X-ray.
    Severe B12 deficiency, depression, and the big whopper after the ruled all of those out they diagnosed me with Multiple Scrosis.
    I did not feel right about the MS diagnosis. We are a spiritual family and the good Lord told us NO I did not have MS. I trust faith. If my family wasn't spiritual as they are I would be taking injections of unnessisary medications in my stomach daily.
    After trying every vitamin from probiotics, B12, and cutting gluten out of my diet and without any changes. I did more research, research, research, and more research. I crossed an image that shows which nerve cause facial numbness, it showed the trimgerl nerve that connects from the steam of the brain, all the way down my spinal cord. I said, "Thank You Jesus"! I scheduled an appointment with a CHIROPRACTOR the very next morning. The X-ray showed my neck being to far forward by almost 3 inches. Every single problem is was experiencing was due to my neck hitting nerves on my spinal cord. The day after one visit, relieved a lot of my issues. I have a long journey ahead to get my neck and spine corrected. However, this has lifted my spirit. The only thing I suggest is visit a chiropractor to eliminate possible neck or spine issues that can be corrected, and hopefully not to take unnessisary medications or procedures. My treatment with the chiropractor will last about 10 months with 3 times a week visits. Then proper every two weeks or once a month maintenance after that. I feel very blessed to know my issues can be reversed, instead of a disease without a cure.
    I hope my post helps all of you and future people. YES, PLEASE see a chiropractor before any dramatic decisions. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU!
  • I'm 28 and my body from head to toes feels like I have a phone on vibrate and never stops this has been going on since 2009 I thought I was crazy but as yrs pass it's gets stronger to we're u can see it but if u touch me u feel it this is starting to get a lil scary be cuz it is so bad I wind up not sleeping in tell I finally pass out from exhaustion after 4 days and only get 3or 4 hrs sleep be cuz it is so strong it wakes me up I can't keep going through this my body is getting so weak from it cuz I can't sleep I have gone to doc ran test on litarily everything EKG MRI cat scan no luck
  • Weeks after injuring neck i reported with visual fasiculations in mid/lower back, phone vibrating feeling over legs and parts of body, and many other symptoms. The one thing they cannot place is the pulsing feeling from my brain to my toes, it does it so much my muscles are often very sore when it dies down as if they were constantly contracting. I now have multiple spasms and have had a myriad of symtpoms. My best guess is its to do with cervical spine.
    LindaM, congrats on finding issue, I will caution about some of the promises they make and the 10 months time period, a good one will go based off what he finds and what is working. Thats often how they make the profit, locking you in and then doing maintence work. But if its working and you believe in its results thats all that matters, just keep an eye out if its not working long term and they keep asking for money.
    Herniated T6-7, multiple herniations in cervical, tears in T5-T8. Stenois at levels and smorls nodes from thoracic thru lumbar
  • SoCal338SSoCal338 Posts: 1
    edited 05/19/2014 - 6:37 PM
    Okay I don't get it. I have had cervical C2 to T1 & T2, also lower lumbar fusion L4 - L5 and every single night when my wife goes to bed here I sit in my recliner vibrating from deep in my lower back, pelvic area. It's not that I can't lay down in bed with her but I will only keep her up all night. Happens with more intensity when I'm tired but nearly vibrates 24/7. Like others I get zero sleep most nights until enough time has gone by, usually 3-4 days and then out of total exhaustion I sleep for a few hours straight.

    With so many of us experiencing the same thing do no NS's or other specialists read our posts. I have had CT, MRI, EMG everything but a crazy person with a chicken foot chanting over me and no one has a clue. Why do these so called award winning surgeons have no answers? My surgeries were performed through the( Edited to remove facility name) I'm now looking at starting the entire testing process over at( edited to remove facility name) to try and get some answers. I am not quite 2years out from my cervical which was done first after we were rear ended on the freeway and just about 14 months past the lower lumbar fusion. If surgeons can dissect and repair arteries and things much smaller why do they have no clue about something evidentially common among back surgery patients. We deserve straight answers or dedicated Dr's who will look into this until they do find the cause. It was caused by my surgery as I did not have the issue prior to my first surgery. Thanks to the insurance BS I had plenty of time between the accident and the first surgery so I damn well know I did not vibrate before??????

    Post edited by Sandi- Please see the forum rules at the link below for more information.

    5.10 You agree not to post specific physician names or health care facilities names on Spine-Health.com.
    The only true weakness is in your mind. Get your head strong and your body will follow!!
  • whariwharangiwwhariwharangi Posts: 1
    edited 05/17/2014 - 8:09 AM
    Has anyone checked for low frequency or infrasonic environmental noise? Sources such as generators, HVAC, Hot tubs, etc. Low frequency noise can have the effects described here. The problem is measuring it because the tools required are expensive
  • I get this, it's like a cell phone that is on vibrate. I feel it in my right foot, my right thigh, by butt & pelvic area. Everytime, I feel it in my butt, I immediately assume that I have left my phone in my back pocket and instinctively reach back for it, even though I will see it laying on the bar, coffee table or my couch. I never felt it before all this spine stuff began.

    I personally think that having spinal injuries/pain makes each of us special and it is aliens trying to reach out to us, *buzzzz buzzzz*
  • sounds like the beach boy song good vibrations. it has never happened to me at all. like taren said, maybe it is aliens trying to get hold of us. i guess i could wear an aluminum hat on my head to block the contact from the aliens. just kidding folks so dont get upset. i have never experienced anything like this at all. if i did, the only thing i could do is joke about it
    I have 4 fusions from L5-3, the latest last May '12 where they fixed my disc that broke.They went through my side this time. I take 40 mg of oxycontin 4x a day and 4 fenatyl lollipops 300 micro gms 4x a day.
  • I am amazed to find out that this same predicament happens to anyone else. I had noticed I had an upper back pain by Nov. 2011 while taking fever medication, I reported to the attending doctor/physician who informed that frequent exercise is what I needed to get out of it.

    It had prolonged and persisted, I had also gone for MRI for my Lumbar, Thorax and Cervical bones, no measure findings reported but inferred Spondgylosis, I had been on medications but again I suffered Gastritis which makes taking pain reliever difficult hence my doctor advised that I only treat it with Tramadol, Sirdalud......These gave some relief but protracted use seems the gain was the lost.

    However It seems that I noticed this internal "shaking pulses" after few usage of Tegretol, I have since then refrained from the same. It first started from legs, hands and upper abdomen/chest. It is truly what I will like to do away with and not suffer even for a second. I have gone to various hospitals and seen various physicians and medical experts in some occasion I had thought one of my vital organs may have been facing challenges and potential failure but every diagnosis has shown I am suffering from none.

    This shaking gets worse immediately I get up from sleep or if i go to bed after eating or feeling dizzy. In this condition I also experience pain pains while sitting or after eating in my left upper abdomen up to the center directly below the chest (no sure if it caused by the same or gastritis/ulcer) but honestly it it is terribly feelings and I have resorted to God in prayers for cure as it seems to have defied all tried out and easily known medical diagnosis and I believe I will soon have a cure testimony.

    I am amazed....It is exactly the same way!!!, could this be a new sickness introducing itself and calling for thorough investigation of neurological sciences?

    Never Give Up! Try One More Time Always
  • Last fall, as my spinal issues came to a head, I began having an internal vibration/jittery feeling much of the time. At first, I thought it was anxiety. Then I wondered about blood sugar. I never suspected it had to do with my herniated disc/bone spurs/etc. I ended up in horrible agony with unrelenting pain across my chest, down my arms, up my neck and throughout my jaw and teeth. My hands weren't working right and my arms were weak. On April 10th, I had an ACDF C5/C6. My nerves are still recovering, but I've already experienced SO MUCH progress! Most of the pain is gone and I no longer have the internal vibrations. My doctor said it could take up to 18 months for all the nerve regeneration to take place, so I am hopeful things will just keep getting better and better.
  • I've had the exact same thing for months, spent thousands on testing. Finally after 3 month wait will see neurologist in a couple weeks. My doctor made many adjustments to my thyroid meds, and finally have that squared Away and my brain doesn't feel like it shivers anymore, that led me to be put on anxiety meds, was making me crazy! This neck and torso vibration does happen when I'm tired, most noticeable when I lay down. It sometimes wakes me up, and I've discovered if I put pressure on my neck, at the very base of my skull, I can make them stop. Sometimes they come back and I can't sleep with my hand pressing my neck, so end up taking a Xanax. Sometimes they are so bad, I feel them all the way to the bottoms of my feet, when they are that bad, always end up with watery diarrhea! Have ran several tests for adrenals and seratonin, all within normal. I just recently completed 23and me DNA test, and found a naturopath who specializes in hypothyroidism and MTHFR mutations. She is using my DNA report to work up a treatment plan, starting with methylb12 spray since my mutation doesn't let me absorb synthetic folates. Long, complicated story. But as frustrating as it is for so many people to experience this weird vibrating, it's also reassuring to see I'm not alone.. Don't you get sick of hearing its anxiety! This crap CAUSED the anxiety!!
  • i've been having a similar problem with vibrations/tremors in my head, neck and chest. it always seems to be present especially at night when i'm trying to sleep and nothing i've done has seemed to help. My husband has also seen and felt the tremors in my head, neck and chest and like many here i've had every endo, infectious lab test done in the book. ct scans, mra/mri of head, neck, chest, arterial vessels, emg, ekg which have all been normal! i'm so tired. i have bruit (whooshing sound of turbulent blood) in my right ear and have developed episodes of un-coordination of my eyes at times with dizziness. i've been bounced around to cardiologists, ents and neurologists with all saying i'm normal and that it's all due to anxiety. what a load of garbage!! they've prescribed trazadone, valium and a basket full of antidepressants which i refused to take and quite frankly as a nurse i think i'm done with healthcare altogether. i can't help but feel that these meds and vaccines have a lot to do with the neurological issues that many of us are suffering from and experiencing but there's not any long term research done on any of them to give us a jump off point. Working in healthcare I've been exposed to infectious diseases and consequently have had to take meds which landed me in the ER only to found out later that many of the meds today have long lasting side effects that have yet to be seen or documented by the fda. has anyone here found anything health practitioner/naturapath that has been able to help? i don't know how much longer i can take this. It's been going on for 6mos. and i don't want to resort to prescription drugs just to knock me out and get through it; if that ever happens. the passing of robin williams is a cold hard reminder of what these prescription drugs can do to a person. There's got to be a better way.
  • Cyde, I have the exact same symptoms as you. From eye coordination to vertigo to internal vibrations. I would love to discuss these symptoms with you.
  • Mary TjhMMary Tjh Posts: 1
    edited 11/24/2014 - 11:47 AM
    vibrations just started and I vibrate from neck down the back and down both arms. I had a terrible bike accident 3 months ago and I am wondering if there is something pinched or what. It is something like hold a cell phone on vibrate or a small electrical shock. It is not painful but I would like to know what it is and how to fix it...anyone?
    Mary Tjeerdsma
  • Hello! I stumbled upon this post researching the symptoms that I have been having and it fits the original poster to a T. I realize that this was posted 4 years ago, but I was wondering if I can get an update on how you are feeling or if you were able to receive a diagnosis. I am having MRS's this week, but maybe if you found out what was wrong or causing the vibrations and all the other symptoms you have been having- I might be able to skip a few steps and get treated. Or at least know how you are now and if anyone was able to help you. Thanks so much for your time! Scared and losing sleep.
  • I am about to LOSE my you-know-what if I don't stop vibrating long enough to get some SLEEP! I've had 15+ back surgeries due to a congenital spinal tumor (that wasn't diagnosed/removed until I was almost 18... I just turned 38) Now with an interchangeable diagnosis of Arachnoiditis Ossificans (with surgery to remove the calcifications on the nerve roots) and Failed Back Syndrome because I've "failed" (the doctors' words, not mine!) the intrathecal medication pump, and am on a new SCS after my original one crapped out in 2011, I have chronic severe back/leg pain, and had no luck with what seems like most conventional medications prescribed by the Neuro dudes. (it may be faster to list the ones I have NOT tried) Tegretol, Gabapentin, Nortriptyline, Lamictal, Lyrica, etc etc. A buttload of pain meds are part of the list, but I daresay I am not comfy with sharing THAT particular info, if you'll forgive me! All that said... I feel like I have a cell phone on constant vibrate in my legs and back, and am having tantrums like a toddler because it frustrates me so much! Priase God I have a tendency to Google anything I want to know about, because that insatiable appetite for knowledge (or just relief and company in my misery) brought me HERE. Now I know I'm not really losing it! I honestly thought this was a result of some stimulator malfunction, but apparently it's my BODY'S malfunction, because turning off the device did nothing to decrease the beehive that feels.like it's taken up residence in my spinal cord. I've not been able to sleep well in 21 freaking YEARS, but this is just flat going to make me sincerely, pack-her-off-to-the-funny-farm NUTS. My cheese is THIS CLOSE to sliding right off it's cracker!

    This website may just save what little sanity I have left.
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