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D Day tomorrow

baffledbbaffled Posts: 375
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:36 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
To all of you that have been patient with all my questions...thank you for your support. It has been a wonderful thing to have found this web site.

When all this started in April 2007, and my back completely spasmed so bad I couldn't turn the stering wheel of my truck, I never dreamed I would be here Sept 2009. Like other people I thought it was an isolated incident and never dreamed that years later, lots of money, time and energy later I would in the shape I find myself today.

The pain in my sternum like a knife is driving thru me has never left me. Since then, I have lost most of ROM of neck and shoulders. Pain radiates from jaw line to bra line and down my arms. I have gone thru all the shots, pt, radiofrequency, botox and exams that I can stand. The last 6 months being the worst. If the doctor was right at the ER I went to in June, where they performed a CT scan, the test tomorrow will show the moderate herniation.

I have 2 young children 7 and 9, run a small gardening business (which I love), have 2 elderly parents with their own health issues. I have been able to work thru these years - but that is only because of pain medication. And this season, sometimes that hasn't even made it possible.

My point is for one more time, I ask of you for some good karma - tomorrow's appt. of xray, repeat mri, 1 doctor for the antibody test follow up that came back positive and 1 doctor appt with the neurosurgeon really will be - I am expecting - perhaps conclusive or at the least directive to my journey.

My biggest fear is to be dismissed - they seem to blame the horrible state my muscles are in for all the pain and so on. I don't disagree that my muscles are horrible, but why can't they shut off. No medication has made a dent, not even botox shut the trap muscles off. I can't brush my teeth with my right hand anymore and my bladder has been having a mind of its own lately (dry since Friday though).

Like all here - I just want a shot at having less pain. I wish to get back to my life - I want to play with my kids without having to wince, I want to do my job which I love and I wish to be able to pay attention to my parents who need my help too. I know this doctor hasn't been obsessing about this appt like I have for the last 6 weeks - I just hope that tomorrow I may have some answers and directions - JUST NO DISMISSAL!

thank you all for reading - I can be long winded - just very nervous about tomorrow - glad it is here, but scared it is here.



  • You are in my prayers and I hope you get an answer to your pain and discomfort tomorrow. Be stern with your docs and let them know you aren't giving up until you have an answer cuz you deserve to have a better quality of life than this as do your kids. I know how you feel not being able to run around with your kids. Mine are 7 and 13 and I feel like I'm on the sidelines while they are out having fun. I used to be able to take them 4wheeling and run around the yard with them.

    I wish you the best of luck tomorrow and always.
  • Yes Patti! Thinking of you and many more. Trust you have your answers!
  • i will be thinking of you today and tomorrow, hoping the drs can figure out how to help you. so many responsibilities and your body isnt cooperating. just know that the rest of us here at sh are going through similar issues...all hoping we can just live our lives without these crazy interruptions......good luck...pete
  • Good luck, Patti!! I hope they are able to find whatever it is that's causing you all these problems. Sending you good karma, positive thoughts and warm wishes!!
    APROUD CANADIANveteranButNOTa doctor, my thoughts are my own
  • :D Sending the guardian O:) O:) O:) O:) to watch over you and give you peace as you wait to see the doctors.

    :D If you're like me, I think of all these things I want to ask the docs and when I finally get in to see them, I go dumb @) . So, I suggest you make notes on all the questions you want answers to for tomorrow's visits and take it with you to either jog your memory or just give the list to the doctor(s) when you see them. I always think that the doctors have about 15 or 20 minutes tops per patient and they have their own agendas about what they want to chat about with the patient but if you force the issue by giving them a list of questions, you may actually get answers. Is someone going with you? It helps to have a family member or friend to listen to what the doctor says because you may be too nervous and not fully comprehend the dialogue.

    Patti, bless your heart #:S , kids, a business and aging parents -- your plate's quite full and I can't imagine dealing with pain on top of that little sundae. So I'll put it out there that you will have a positive experience tomorrow and come away with the answers you seek.

    Take care of yourself (and not just everyone else!)

  • LizLiz Posts: 7,832
    Hi Patti

    I will be thinking of you.

    Liz xx

    Liz, Spine-health Moderator

    Spinal stenosis since 1995
    Lumber decompression surgery S1 L5-L3[1996]
    Cervical stenosis, so far avoided surgery
  • thank you all for the good mojo/karma/prayers.

    Delta Lady - yes, a good friend of mine is coming with me for the doc appts. She has been to other appts and each time I am soooooo glad she was there. She asks questions I wouldn't always think to ask. I have heard it gives some credibility to you as well.

    As a really good friend of mine who lives in NY (ER Nurse for 20+ years) - I do not have the balls to go to the appts by myself! She knows me too well!

    I do need to make the list of questions: and there can be different out comes....so i best get busy with some of those.

    thank you for your support - I know that you all understand exactly where I am coming from with all this - thanks a million times over - it always helps

  • Hope you get some answers and are headed towards a solution. You are in my prayers
  • Got the tests and saw the doctors:

    Thyroid is way up again (had been in remission from Graves Disease since 2004) - need to get ahold of my Endricronologist.

    One doctor - who fulling examined me - states my muscles are beyond the basic muscle relaxer - perhaps a change of meds to begin to unravel my muscle, and that would need to happen before i try any type of therapy.

    Neurosurgen - doesn't find the herniation bad enogh for surgery. That was fine - though I didn't wish to hear that - the part that was unacceptable, that he had done me a favor up to this point and was not going to waste any more of his time (his exact words - a friend went with me to verify this) on me. That I was need of psychological messures and was psycotic, because I felt/knew something is wrong in my body. That I was making all this up for attention. Because I began to cry was evidence enough for him that I was depressed. He said with all certainity that my herniation was not pressing on any nerves because it doesn't go into the spinal cord.

    To say the least I tried to stand up for myself...stating that I have been doing this for a long time, trying everything the doctors have suggeted, I have not been seeking meds, or time off of work....I am jsut trying to improve my situation, so that I could better care for my family and my business. I never yelled or swore, but did cry. Asked him if he had any idea what being in pain 24/7 was like. That I was sorry I was just a regular person, and he felt that my situation wasn't bad enough. He stated, that I could propably find someone to operate, but he would not, he had wasted enough time on this.

    so there it is - it was a train wreck, this doctor had been over booked that day - his pa said everyone was exhausted, but the level of cruelty was unacceptable. The problem is I futher irritated him by standing up for myself - his opinion carries lots of weight - I hope I am not red flagged at the hospital.

    oh what a day
  • Oh patti,i'm so sorry that happened to you.You really didn't need that from someone who you thought was going to help you.The guy sounds like a real jerk!! to say the least.I'm starting to think that a lot of these doctors have no sympathy for people in pain.I think it should be a qualification to be a doctor to have sympathy for the patient you are seeing and not to treat them like there just a piece of meat sitting infront of you.There are an awful lot more nerves in your spine besides your spinal cord and i'm sure that herniation has to be interrupting some of them.He even said himself that you could find someone to do the surgery,if he's not interested in doing it then you really don't want him to do it.You want someone who will care about your outcome and how you are feeling.I wish you the best of luck finding someone else to take care of you. >:D<
  • Bummer about your day. Just keep in mind the song "Tub Thumping" by Chumbawumba ... "I get knocked down, but I get up again, you're never gonna keep me down"!

  • You have got to see another neurosurgeon! I thought mine was bad. I asked mine about the procedure he was going to do & he said "why, do you plan on doing it yourself"? I should have elected not to go with him, but was exhausted from doing PT over the past year. OH and he was NOT there for me after the surgery - post op. He & staff were reported to HR.
    I am so sorry that your doc did this to you! One day he will experience pain such as yourself and at that time he will understand what pain is! I hope it's someday soon too. AND I would like someone to tell him "just take an ibuproferin & get over it"! Know what I mean?!
    Report his a--! Hate that! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
    Maybe if enough patients complain about him, it would begin an investigation. He needs to be shot down, big time!
    big hug >:D<
    hope you will find some relief for yourself soon
  • HI Patti

    I'm soo sorry that you had to go through that. I don't understand why he had to be cruel. If he truly believed what he told you he should have suggested therapy nicely. THe fact that he was mean makes me think he just didn't have time to talk to you and wanted you out fast.

    What about the first doctor who said you needed a change of meds? Who was that?

    I also have a herniated disc but am not showing the classic symptoms. The surgeon I saw was pretty nasty. TOld me that at least I had an MRI report of a herniated disk to add to my lawsuit but he didn't see anything. Gee 4 other doctors can see it but he can't....

    I started on muscle relaxant and then added a nerve relaxant. Amazingly I am beginning to have the "classic" herniated disk symptoms.. imagine that! Of course it I went back to him he would probably tell me I had read up on it too much and was making it up. Oh well.

    The good thing is that there are lots of doctors out there. I'm assuming you are near NY (since your friend is from NY). You should be able to find someone more sympathetic. PM me if you want to know who I am seeing (Long Island). I like this guy and he takes his time and amazingly is on time!!
  • oooohhhhh, that makes me angry when they do that. I hope you can find another doctor to see!!! Don't dwell on what he said to you, just move on, and get more opinions. Sending you more good karma!!!
    APROUD CANADIANveteranButNOTa doctor, my thoughts are my own
  • The first doctor I saw yesterday is a RA/Spine/Accupuncture. Dealing mainly with pain management thru accup. There was a mix up at the beginning of this appt. His staff thought I was there for a treatment. I was asked if I'd like to still see him - to get his opinion on my case. His take was that the current Zanaflex was doing nothing for my situation - that I needed to alter my meds to Celebrex or Lyrica. That only after they have helped to shut off the brain pain signals and the muscles loosen up some, could any physical treatments, like accupt. be administered to me.

    I live in Ohio - my freind moved to ny 8 years ago.

    I called my Endocronologist to get an appt quickly since, we already knew my levels are 2 and 1/2 times the normal. I can't get into see him until March! I was told by his staff, that since I haven't checked in with him over the last 5 years, I would be considered a new patient. Can't win to lose. I did get another name of an Endo doc - he too not until March (lack of Endo docs in the area) - but i could see his partner on Oct 12th. So I gladly took that appt! I really don't wish to go thru what I went thru before with the symptoms of the graves disease - If you have it - you know what I mean!

    At this point I am going to follow the RA/ACC doc's directives and give it a go....I am exhausting in fighting this.

    A little depressed from what I have gone thru - yae - I can see that - but making this up, creating this in my head NO! It was a hurtfull experience, and I do understand from his perspective that it is not bad enough - it was just the whole episode of making these grand judgements on me when he has meet me a total of 2 times, for less than 30 combined. Our first meeting he left the room 3 times to answer tex messages and a phone call. He never intended to do a thing for me (at least that is how I feel) unless my mri came back with a mess of damage!

    thank you all again - acceptance - even when we do not like what has happened - only then will I be peace - I could care less how he feels - I want the peace!


  • I'm so sorry that you were mistreated by that jerk doc. I'm glad you have a friend to stand by you and go to your appts. At least she got to see first hand what a jerk he was and can be a witness if you plan to report him. That was way out of line and very unethical.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.
  • I really feel for you, from personal experience! I've had doctors make the same suggestions to me and I never see them again. I have two doctors that I have seen for nearly 3 years and because of my relationship with them they have each become a huge advocate for me. They are respected by other docs and when they refer me somewhere the new doc knows there's a good reason. If I see a doctor that is an a$$ I don't go back. And those are generally the ones that aren't on my doc's referral list. Of course, I still don't have a diagnosis so what good is it doing me?

    I know it's hard and about as frustrating and maddening as anything, but never give up and never give in. I hope you are able to make some progress in finding good care! Being in emergency medicine in a past life, this kind of thing really pisses me off more than just about anything! X( One thing I learned early on is my patient knows his or her body more than I do and if they tell me something isn't right I had better listen. Because they just know! The good docs will listen and you will find them!
  • Patti,

    I am so sorry to hear that you were treated that way by the doctor. I started to tear up when one of the neurosurgeons I saw told me that I wasn't a surgical candidate. He kindly told me that he doesn't deny that I must be in a lot of pain, but that his help in terms of surgery was not the answer. He also told me that if I went to ten surgeons that I would probably find one that would operate. He said that he was sorry that he could not help me and referred me to the pain clinic. That is the kind of response that you deserved!!! I can't understand how one person can treat another person like that. The doctor should have simply told you that the pain can not be alleviated surgically. That is tough enough to hear in one day, but it is an honest opinion. The doctor had no right to accuse you of anything! Living in chronic pain is draining and can cause depression in many people. His negative judgments sure don't help any of his patients that might be suffering from both. I am truly sorry that you had to deal with such an unprofessional experience. You really deserve better. I hope that you get more than one opinion, and I hope that you get treated with the respect and dignity that you deserve. Best Wishes!!!

  • My doc too answered cell ph while on my time, & my nickle. They wouldn't return calls after surgery, so I emailed the staff (now get this) & a girl "accidently" replied to me saying "this nut case is on the loose again & wants some pain meds"... I was 6 wks post op & pain was a 10+!!! I laid in bed with wild thoughts that I was a nut, some crazy person, needing drugs, which I don't even like. I cried & cried until I told my husband what happened & he went crazy & reported the whole staff. People like that shouldn't even be in this profession if they have no compassion whatsoever. It is very important to stay positive when so much pain is involved, but hard to do with these kind of idiots out there in the medical profession. Their time will come!!!
  • Thank you all for all your kind words and support. I am overwhelmed at how gracious you all have been to me. It takes time to read the posts and to reply - so thank you for your efforts and energy.

    I have thought about the whole appointment, and truely I wish I did not let him get me upset. But it is over - and I am glad I stood up for myself. I am proud that I did not yell or swear, but was able to express how I felt. But like always I wish I asked more questions of him, versus defending myself.

    I thought to myself this morning, one of three things will happen. The herniation will either heal somewhat, stay the same, or get worse. It has progressed from the mri from jan. 08 - so we shall see.

    I agree with Jean Jaye's previous post stating - yes they are the doctors and yes some of us are not candidates for surgery....but dang did you have to be so mean about it! The way i feel right now, if it would progress and i needed the surgery - he'd be the guy. He must be a terrific neurosurgeon...that is the only way he could away with his bed side manner. And I guess in some instants they need to be like that, perhaps.

    thanks again. I have done the further blood work, and I hope to speak with the accup. doc next week to discuss the ideas he has regarding a medicine change that may produce better results for my myofacial muscle spasticity.

    Time will tell which way all this goes, for now - I am waiting to get the Graves Disease under control, before I make any further decisions.

  • i cannot figure out how to get the pic inside the post - even with Jay911's help - but if you are able to see the 'little pic' - tell me what you think. knowing we aren't docs - but i beleive we all have learned a little about mri films.

  • I can't really see it well.

  • computer literate. I have tried to copy a pic of the mri to the post - but no luck. It would appear that there is a herniation, but on the back side the canal is getting pushed in from the other bones (don't know their names). In lots of the pics you can see this c56 herniation and then just below the bones on the back side are pushing in. It makes a slight squiggle line then.

    Trying to get my hands on the radiologist report...the doctor saw the films - but I would be interested in what the radiologists says.

    thanks for trying anyways Julie

  • The first surgeon I saw told me that I was too far gone for surgery and that no one would touch me. He also claimed I was clinically depressed because when he told me that I started crying. I did not give up. I found a reputable surgeon who knew what to do and I am almost 6 months post op and doing great! I am sorry that you had to go through that, but there is someone out there to help you with this situation.
    You are in my prayers.
  • deleted by me - accidently posted twice
  • That was some excellent advise Donna about "someone being out there to help". I had a horrible experiene myself & think it's truely inhumane of them to talk like that. Other good doctors I have seen, tell me it is unfortunate that some drs are like that. Pathetic! Stay away from them. There are too many good ones to chose from. Would you stick to the same hairstylist if she made you cry?! For those of you out there that have had this happen to them - take our advise & find another doctor. Donna had surgery 6 mos ago & is doing great. Imagine that!!! To think the 1st doc told her "she was too far gone and no one would touch her"! They DONT need to talk like that! AND he was WRONG! Imagine that! Listen to all of us who have spoken on this. glo had some good stuff to say too! LISTEN!!! WHY would you still go back to that doctor? sheesh
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