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Don't ever let a doctor prevent you from getting proper treatment

Faith MFFaith M Posts: 287
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:36 AM in Chronic Pain
It's one thing after another! Now I need a MRI on my right shoulder. I've had a very painful shoulder for a year and kept getting the runaround from doctors. Four months post op from cervical fusion my surgeon said my pain was from the next disc up because I was fused. I found it unbelievable that I herniated the disc while recovering. So I gave it more time. Then I saw a rheumy that said my pain wasn't from any medical issues and to go to a $250 seminar an hour away. What a joke. Then I saw my primary who ordered a x- ray and sent me to a Orthopedist. The ortho found bone spurs that are possibly tearing my rotator cuff. I'm glad I followed my instincts. I know full well doctors can be wrong. If your doctor won't listen to you, find one who will. I've been shrugged at, and even called an enigma in the past. But I know my body and I will fight for my wellness. I'm mad it took so long to get treatment for my shoulder, but at least I'm getting it. No thanks to Dr. Dork! Fight the good fight everybody.

Faith M


  • 76 reads and nobody had any comments or support to offer. Can't anyone relate to what I'm going through? Haven't we all met a Dr.Dork at sometime in our journey? I'm sad about having one more problem that may need surgery. I'm sad that I can't get through 1 year without a medical issue needing a MRI. I am still struggling to accept the fact that I am permanantly disabled. I keep my sadness to myself. I try to stay upbeat and keep a smile in my face. My sadness helps no one. My family hurts with me when they know I'm down. I haven't even talked with my friends about this yet. I was really hoping for replies from my spiney friends.

    Faith M
  • im sorry you are going through this, its a battle sometimes to be heard but at least you are going forward, keep strong my friend and let us know how its going
  • Welcome and so sorry bout your problem.
    I was gonna post, but was trying to figure out how to say what I have already said before. I'm sick of stupid drs. Drs that want to use druggies against us with legitamate needs. Drs that don't know what to do or want do this for that. That can't figure crap out.
    Hope you find help and sorry your frustrated fir no one replying.
    Sorry I waited. Good luck to you and don't give up on us here!
    We are here for you!
  • reading your post reminded me i've told my dr about terrible shoulder pain and he said well its just more arthritis. i've had no tests. i think maybe my docs given up on me . maybe i should get off my butt and get more info. when things break down its hard to keep up with all of them. hang in there....pete
  • i have a minor problem with your comment about 78 reads and no comments. it is like you are not validated if people don't post a reply. sometimes people don't know what to say and a lot of people just like to read posts. i have also posted and have gotten no or little replies, but no big deal. now to answer your posts. last year i was very sick, throwing up fever of 102 and over for a couple of weeks . went to a dr and he said i had the stomach flu. i said nonsense but he did not listen to me. i saw another dr who did blood tests and come to find out that my kidneys were failing and i was close to dialysis or worse dying. i logged a complaint with the medical people but nothing happened. i have also gotten the wrong meds from my pharmacy which almost killed me also. so yes it does happen more than we like to think
    I have 4 fusions from L5-3, the latest last May '12 where they fixed my disc that broke.They went through my side this time. I take 40 mg of oxycontin 4x a day and 4 fenatyl lollipops 300 micro gms 4x a day.
  • I understand her legitimate complaint.
    Really, 11,000 members and no reply????
    it would URK me too!
  • When I read your post, since I don't necessarily agree with how it helps us deal with chronic pain, I moved on to the next post.

    Possibly others felt the same way.

    Members are always posting that if you don't like what's being discussed, then don't read it and don't reply. Possibly other members are just showing you the respect of not filling your thread with what they consider would be useless posts.

  • Sorry that you had to go through a lot of frustration. It's not the first or the last time to happen unfortunately. Thank goodness that you finally got answers to what was truly going on so that now you'll have the right treatment. Get well soon and take care O:)
  • I think second opinions and being your own advocate is a very pertinent post subject for those of us with chronic pain.

    No one can know your body as well as yourself. I think far too often, those of us with chronic pain don't listen to our bodies as much as we listen to the "experts". Doctors are only human, and many of them are very good at what they do; others - not so much. We all need to rally for our own best care if we do not think it is forthcoming.

    I hope your problem is successfully managed from here on out.
  • Just wanted to post back to my bestest spiney friend!

    I haven't been around here much in the last few months, but just wanted you all to know a bit about Faith! We met on this site in early 2008 and have had the blessing of sharing a friendship with her! We have seen each other in person several times which have all been awesome, including today! We live about 2.5 hours away from each other.

    She is one tough cookie and has such a wonderful attitude and has been an inspiration to me on how to deal with chronic pain, so maybe to some her post didn't directly seem to apply to "chronic pain", but her example of how she lives her life, in pain, sure is an encouragement! I thank God for bringing us together. I'm going through some more back/leg issues again and she is such a wonderful support person for me.

    Just wanted to share! :)
  • I had a bum shoulder(partially dislocated) in which the ER tried to pull it back into the right spot and hurt like heck. After a few shots and nothing the Orthopedic Surgeon did arthroscopic surgery and fixed it. I didn't even get an MRI first. For years it's been perfect since. You're right insist on a Specialist always and now I'm going to a 3rd opinion Neurosurgeon after 2 Orthos and 2 PM Drs too. I've stuck with the same Primary Dr. for almost 20 years and I've had to mention do you think I need an MRI etc? Be persistent and one Dr. will help you. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • Sorry I hadnt read your post till now. I completely understand what you are saying. I went for 2 1/2 years trying to figure out what was wrong. O went to a nuerosurgeon who told me and I quote" Why are you here wasting my time, there is nothing to operate on". I went to phs therapy, aqua therapy, nerve ablations, Myleograms,facet joint injections, SI joint injections, Ct Scans, MRI scans, Xrays, had a professor at a university tell me to go through his program of two weeks at Iowa City for Pain managment and phs therpy and etc.
    I went to 8 different Drs, was told one wouldnt touch me, got more epidurals than I care to remember and all the time, NO ONE could tell me what was wrong. I finally kept going till I ended up 3 hours away at a spine clinic, which finally said MRIs dont always show everything. Had a discogram which confirmed three annular tears in lumbar discs. After all those procedures and tests, and 2 1/2 years of thinking I was cuckoo, I had an answer. Was I mad. Of course. I went through heck and back trying to find something, anything that would tell me why I was hurting. And If I hadnt kept telling my personl Dr that something was wrong, and I needed to see someone else, I would still be hurting and not knowing why. It was terribly frustrating. But we all need to be our own advocates. No one knows but us.
    In my message to others, I have always tried to tell my spiney friends not to ever give up. It is hard sometimes, but we are the only ones that know what is going on, and although it can be a long road, there are answers to out problems somewhere with someone. Hope you get the help you need and congrats on finding the answer to your problem. Love, Robin
  • Before i had my surger i went to a neurosurgeon who in turn did a mri of the brain and blood work tossed me a script for neurontin and sent me on my way. The whole time i had a severe herniated disc flattening my spinal cord. He was an IDIOT!!! I never did figure out why he gave me neurontin.
  • I knew that many of you could understand and relate. Thank you Shirley for your support. And Patsy, hugs right back to you! Thanks Hollie and Pete, it seems many of us are going through the same thing. Thank you medey, charry, and owwie. You're right, it is so important to be proactive and to get 2nd opinions when a doctors diagnosis just doesn't make sense. Robin I also found out the hard way that MRI's don't always show everything! I had a disc fragment that damaged nerves for 3 years. Never give up is my motto too. Refugee, you could have been paralyzed due to your doctors mistake! It's a scarey world out there! I appreciate everyones positive feedback and support. Thank you my friends. Fight the good fight.

    Faith M
  • i too have been given bed news recently and i understand how hard it is to keep focused .gut you must just try and do what you can when you can ..go at you own pace hun and don't let anyone or anything interfere with they way you want to do stuff ,,what i am trying to say is ..if you want to spend all day on you settee then do so !!! i know how hard it is to keep going but we are survivors on here and we are stronger than we think ..if you ever want to chat with me one to one feel free i am a good listener .tony.beer1@googlemail.com
    or find me on skype {straker1999}
  • Doctors cause more accidental deaths than fire arm accidents. I think about that every time someones talks about gun safety and when I visit a new Doctor. I am always very careful with both.
    C3-4-5 fusion 2005
    C-5-T-1 disk bulged
    L-4-5 bulge to the right, with Microdiscectomy, failed
    L5- Bi-Lateral bulge
    Pain in right foot -loss of feeling
    Left butt, hip and front thigh pain with bad shooting pain into inside ankle sometimes
  • Just you said something "we're stronger than we think" that reminds me of what I always tell myself and my kids.

    Christopher Robins to Pooh:

    You're braver than you believe,
    You're stronger than you seem,
    And you're smarter than you think.

    It's my alltime fave!!! It's so cute too!
  • I think the care nowdays is worse than ever. So many doctors are afraid of the new powers implemented to the DEA by the feds, they refuse to even look at people with chronic pain problems. You really need to search and find someone who is willing to talk to a chronic pain patient. Its tough and only getting tougher.

    Good Luck
  • Your comment about us all being survivors and stronger than we think, it really hit home. You are so strong Tony! Thank you for lending some of that strength to me. You are a good listener. I spent the day on the couch today. I know you've also had bad news, hopefully getting the MRI will give you some different answers. And Hollie the Christopher Robin comment kept my eyes misty and touched my heart. Thanks for your input Humble Pie! And to my friend Erika, who I met on this site and had the pleasure to spend time with recently... I love you Erika!!!

    Faith M
  • I think someone (other than me) shout start a thread called Stupid Doctor/Medical stories. We would limit these stories to those that are so stupid that they are funny. Then, when we laugh, our bodies will produce endorphins and this will help us with our pain. I have a few stories to contribute. Susan
  • Please feel free to share your Stupid Doctor stories with me. I'm a good listener. And I've got all the time in the world...
    Faith M
  • Sorry dear....I just got around to finally reading your post.
    I have been going through the same problems with my Doctors!!
    I have just returned from my Doctor about my right shoulder!! I had seen hem a couple of weeks ago about this same shoulder. He moved my arm around a bit and said I had tore my rotator cuff. He ordered PT.PT makes my pain worse, much worse!! I have a lump at the end of my collar bone and the collar bone is being pushed forward. I believe I am like you and have a bone spur causing this. I ask hem for an order for an x-ray. He wanted an MRI coz an x-ray just shows bone. Well DUH...won't it show a bone spur?? Acording to hem it HAS to be an MRI!! I can't have an MRI!! To make a long story short....he finally ordered an x-ray for me. Now I believe we are taking a step in the right direction.

    You are so right Faith. No one else knows our body as well as we do. I am so happy you did not give up!! I am happy I did not give up and continue with the PT that I felt was doing more harm than good. All they do for my shoulder now in PT is to ice it. That does no harm and does feel good.
    Are you getting treatment for your shoulder yet?
    Please keep us updated. So sorry I took so long reading your post. It would have been a huge help to me.
    Sending a hug (with my left arm) >:D<
    Patsy W
  • Thank you for your input I appreciate it! X rays don't show soft tissue so my Ortho wants a MRI to check out the rotator cuff. That's probly why they want a MRI on you too. Why can't you have one? I was told that if the cuff is damaged I will need surgery. If it's only bone spurs I will get cortizone injections and PT. I haven't had any treatment yet other than using voltarin gel which helps a little. I take my pain meds and do 35 min. of PT excersizes daily. I have my MRI on Monday and see the doc on Thursday. I am expecting to hear I need surgery, I'm in BIG pain. It seems I'm always being told I need surgery! This has been a vicious cycle for me. The arthritis has spread beyond neck and lumbar to my toes,fingers,shoulders and Lord knows where else! There seems to be no end. I've been through so much to get well only to find that all my joints are going to crap. I am 46 and I feel ancient. And discouraged.

    Faith M
  • thanks to everyone who shared their stories in this thread. it's helping me to stay motivated & keep trying to find the medical support i need & deserve.

    i hope people share more of the same kind of stories here.
  • I'm glad to hear that my medical battle stories are helping someone in some way...

    Faith M
  • i to have had 2 futions and 1 right rotator cuff surg left bicep surg twice one doc will say pain comes from shoulder then the other says from your neck while one more says to go to pt and it will get better all you can do is know your own body and keep youe chin up you will get the right help sometimes it just takes time but it will get better just know you are worth the time you are spending trying to figure it all out Good luck with the docs
  • Thanks for your input! MRI showed the rotator cuff is being torn by the bone spurs. Had a cortizone shot and I start PT this week. Ortho said it could repair itself? How is that possible, won't the spurs continue to tear it? I sure don't want surgery! I'm worried about PT for the shoulder. I have 3 levels fused in my neck and it flares up easily. I think I'm going to write Dr. Dork a letter. His $250 seminar would NOT have helped my shoulder in any way! IDIOT!

    Faith M
  • I had the rotator cuff surgery and it's not too bad. They do it with the arthiscope (spelling) and it wasn't too awful. It was the only time my doc gave me the amount of pain meds that I actually felt good. I felt better after the surgery on good meds than I feel now, thats for sure.
    So are you going to need surgery for it then? I would think you would..
    Good luck, glad you finally figured out what was wrong. it seems it is always something going to pot..
  • All of my replies are messed up in order! My post #29 tells that I've had a cortizone injection and I start PT next week. Thank you for letting me know the surgery isn't that bad, I appreciate it! I'm wondering PT and injections are just going to be a temporary bandaid.

    Faith M

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