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How to end contract

emmemm Posts: 21
edited 06/11/2012 - 1:36 PM in Pain Management
My PM Dr did an ESI on L5-S1 and I believe he hit a nerve. I almost jumped out of the chair. I have been in worse pain since.(1 month) I asked him what happened and he won't really talk about it. He says there must have been alot of inflamation, sometimes the shots don't work for people.

I am in extreme pain and he just wants to change my meds, but nothing for breakthrough pain. I don't trust him and would like to go somewhere else.

How do I go about changing PM drs?

I am in northwest indiana does anyone know a good PM DR in the merriville area?


  • I am not from there and can't tell you where to look but maybe your primary doctor will have some people they trust to send you to. That is how I found my pm doctor and I wouldn't trade him for the world.
  • Just go in and tell him you no longer want him and sign a release form to have everything sent back to your pcp and tell him to find someone new, you don't trust this guy and what happened. Good luck to you!!!
  • After signing release paper, just tell the pm he's fired! That's all you have to do! I've done it before. And you don't have to give them an excuse for doing so,at all!
  • I was affraid of him giving me a negative report on my records, and then having problems seeing a new PM DR. Can I just go see a new Dr and explain what happened, without going back to the old PM DR?or do I have to sign a release?
  • You need the release to allow the PM to send your records to either your PCP or new PM. You do not, or should not have to actually go to your old PM. Unless state laws require you to go in person? You can get the release to the old PM in many different ways depending on laws, fax, mail, etc;

    It may be more fun to go in and say "your fired" though :D
  • would it be better to go see the pcp first before firing the pm to ask what the options are after explaining what happened? I love my pm right now but if i didnt i think i would see my pcp first i would be afraid of being left with no one.
  • According to Federal law, you can go to another Dr and sign a release form through them. Your old PM must send your records to the new Dr. Another excellent source to finding PMs is from a Rhuemotologist.
  • I had to go in person myself to sign release form and a release for records. I had new pm lined up first.
    That's just my experience.
    Good luck.
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