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why suffer?

beagleboybbeagleboy Posts: 11
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:36 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
To Disabled Doctor,
i dont feel bad about taking narcotics whatsoever. yes, there is a stigma attached to narcotics, but i dont want to live in pain. life is too short to suffer when you dont have to. anyone that looks down on you for taking pain medication has issues of their own to deal with; try not to worry about them. i know its easier said than done, but its not like youre smoking crack in an alley; youre trying to ease your suffering.
im 23 and never thought id be dealing with pain like this until i was almost murdered. now my life has changed forever but i refuse to give up and i refuse to live in pain. hope this helps.....nick


  • Hi, Im just after reading your post, I fully agree, if someone is in pain and medications are prescribed by their physican/doctor, and they take them as pescribed and if they ease their pain therefore giving them a better quality of life enabling them to do stuff they want to, need to and enjoy, then I agree they should take them.

    The other thing I wanted to mention is......you are very very lucky to be alive, I am really really sorry about what happend you, I can sympathise with you as my own father was stabbed when he was just 26 years old, he had done the harden and had arranged to meet his brother in a bar, whilst my father was in the bar there was this man who had been acting loud or whatever anyway the barman decided to throw this man out, my father had been wearing black trousers and a white shirt(excactly the same as the barman was wearing ) and the man waited outside and assumed my father was the barman and stabbed him......MY FATHER WAS TOTALLY INNOCENT, IT WASNT A CASE OF A DRUNKEN BRAWL OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT........he had just been in the wrong place at the wrong time.......so your story touches me and I can relate.

    Whenever things in life happen, often we dont expect them, whatever the circumstances.we TRY to change, adapt,cope and do whatever we can to survive and have a near normal quality of life,I have personal experience of this both with my own health and that of my fathers..........therefore if pain medications prescribed by our doctors/physicans help us in any way....I would and do take them....LIFE IS SHORT ENOUGH.......... :)
  • Hi Beagle

    I'm not sure which post you are talking about but I think the general concern is for people who take soo much pain med that they can't function. Many of the meds that we need to control our pain are addicting just like the "illegal" stuff. The doctors are constantly challenged to managed how much of something they are giving you. THey want to help without hurting in the long run. And they have to do this in a 10 minute visit once a month or so!!

    Another big concern is that many of us continue to work, drive, live our everyday lives while taking these drugs. They say you can adjust to them and function safely. Bull crap!! I don't take that much compared to some peeps but I know it affects me. It's like the guy who has one beer with lunch. THen it's two and three. He thinks he's OK but everyone else knows he isn't right and won't say anything. WHen something happens ....well.

    Like everything in life this is a balancing act. You want to take what you need to live your life but not take so much that you are disabled in another way. Our pain is hard for others to comprehend because it is on the inside.
  • Your body does adjust to the meds.

    There is reasearch that, Pain at the levels faced by those of us with back injuries and chronic pain, are impaired by the pain, to the point were we are dangerous behind the wheel WITHOUT our meds.

    Life is a balancing act!

    Comparing irresponsible alcohol consumption to responsible use of meds to control pain that allows us to get back into life, gives rise to unsubstantiaed paralells. They are apples and oranges.

    PEACE - C45
  • C45 the point I was trying to make is that we can build up the meds that we take without realizing the effect they are having on our reaction time, depth perception, etc.

    The body can adjust to meds in many ways. We all know that over time we usually need higher doses to continue at the same level of effectiveness. This is why doctors change meds and then change back hoping they will become more effective again. Sometimes we are able to function safely at the doses being prescribed. But sometimes we are taking drugs that make it unsafe to drive, operate machinery or do things that put the safety of ourselves and others in jeopardy. Doctors are very concious of this and have a responsibility to monitor what their patient is taking and doing.

    Because we need to work, take care of kids, and live life many of us take chances. My doctors say that I should be able to adapt to my meds and continue to do everything. But I know that right after I take them I feel a little dizzy and spacey so I try to time them to less dangerous times (after I'm at my desk at work or when I am home). If they keep increasing my doses I am going to have to ask my boss to let me work from home most of the time and hope he agrees. I could get a cab one or two days a week but more than that isn't worth my pay because of the distance.

    I think the parallel to drinking (responsibly or irresponsibly) is a very good one. A responsible person knows their limits and listens to their friends who tell them when it is not safe for them to do certain things(take my keys please). An irresponsible person thinks only of themselves and ignors the warnings (my drugs say not to operate machinery including cars unless you are certain that you are able to) of doctors, pharmacists, drug companies and friends.

    I am not judging anyone. I think we each need to make the decision for ourselves or better yet ask someone with guts to evaluate us.

    On a personal note - My problems came from a car accident where a young driver plowed into my stopped car at about 40 mph. Was he drunk, high, on prescription meds, talking, texting or just not paying attention? I'll never know but I do know that he has forever changed my life and the lives of my husband and children. I will not get into my car if I know that I am impaired. Bad things happen for no reason at all - I don't have to knowingly increase the odds. And I don't want to live out my life regretting what I did to someone else.

    I know we have gotten way off the original topic but sometimes thats not a bad thing. Life is a balancing act. We, as responsible adults, need to make decisions about what is right for us. Sometimes we live in pain so that we can do certain things and sometimes we give up things so that we can relieve our pain. Whatever you choose is your decision. Hopefully it is the right and best one for you.

  • Now this is from my understanding and experience....Pain medication, when taking for pain, doesn't produce the "high" that comes if you are taking meds with NO pain. The medication has a "job" to do, and if there is legitimate pain for it to focus on there is not the "high" as a result.

    Yes, perhaps when a new medication is first introduced to the system, it may take the body an adjustment period. But in my opinion if it continues to give a "high" then, it is not the right medication to be using. Nuerotin - just made me feel too weird - and I couldn't get past the adjustment period. So I say no to that.

    Some medications due produce the 'sleepy' - but that can be adjusted to be a PM medication, or simply discontinued. I have had to said no to Flexiral - it just made me want to sleep - so no it was not effective - Maybe no pain, but I could not function.

    Just my feelings on this
  • Hi Baffled

    I agree with what you are saying about if the med is needed. WHen I have needed Vicodin after surgery I didn't feel sleepy or dopey. But if I take it when I was in pain but probably didn't need something that strong I get the spins and then pass out.

    But should I have driven when I took it after surgery - no way. My feeling, and it is just my feeling, is that there are some meds and some doses of meds that affect your abilities and reaction times to the point that you should not drive or do other dangerous things. But I guess the same could be said about alot of things we do like driving when we are too tired.

    I wish there was a way to judge my reaction time etc. I've been thinking of trying my son's guitar hero to see if I can do it as well as I did last year.

    It sounds like you have been very deligent about monitoring your meds and their effects. I think that many people are not as good at it. Just like we think we aren't too tired to drive we might think we aren't impared by the meds we take. If a drug takes away my pain I might not be willing to give it up even though I know it is making me dizzy or causing spots in my vision. And since I need to work I need to drive.

    If these meds were 100% safe to use in all situations there wouldn't be those little warning stickers on the bottles. I think everyone should use what they need but be concious of how their actions will impact others.

  • kris - it is definitely an interesting discussion. And perhaps it has made all of stop and pause - which is never a bad thing.

    I remember reading in one of the posts long time ago that, pain meds are NOT meant to make us pain free, but rather to be more comfortable so that we are able to function. It was a sobering thought, because honestly, i wish that the meds took ALL the pain away. But they don't - they just get the pain level to a point that I can be distracted from it.

    I agree that during the day, when I need to drive and such, I try like you to time the meds appropriately. Wait to arrive to a job site and then take meds., so that by the time they are up, I am back in the car for the drive home. Once I am home for the night (hence the 'sleepy" type meds) can be taken.

    But I couldn't use Guitar Hero to test myself like you - I couldn't do that game ever! You would be my kids hero - their mom isn't that cool!

    take care Kris - and thanks for the discussion!
  • edtited by C45

    Here is the thing, meds should not take away all of the pain, just drop the pain level to a point where you can function. As this happens, we will normally start to add back into our life, things like exercise and that can include doing things with kids that we put off while we were hurt. I have done that too, however, adding meds when I have added multiple activites to my life will only result in increases in our request for meds to deal with the pain.

    Here is the thing, it is not tolerance, it is activity level that may be causing the increase in meds, and without some honest discusion with our Dr, He/She only reacts to what he/she is presented.

    I am sorry for you being a victim of "drunk driver". This is terrible, and something that all of us guard against, in our personal lives and professional.

    Peace - C45
  • that meds only bring the pain to a tolerable level. I was actually thinking about this yesterday. I had an excellent day, not much pain at all!!! So, my boyfriend and I brought the dog along for a country drive, then stopped at the park and let him run around. It was so much fun!! I could even throw the stick for him, which I normally can't do!! Of course, after, I was back in pain, but it was worth it. The pain in my leg was bad, but I decided to go for a nap first, to see if it would calm down any (the fresh air and activity tired me out, lol). When I woke up, it was a little better, certainly not as bad as it does get. I thought "hhmmm, I wonder, if I take a percocet, would it take the pain away completely." But I opted not to test it out, as I don't like to take it to begin with, until the pain is so unbearable I can't stand it anymore. (Just my personal outlook on it, not saying anything about other people who take it regularly.)

    When I do take it, I only take my percocet at night, when I don't have to drive anymore for the day. Even if you think it doesn't affect your judgement or reactionary abilities, you still have narcotics in your system, and can still be charged with driving under the influence. That's a chance I'm not willing to take, let alone driving while taking it, and having an accident, my fault or not (you still will be charged even if it's not your fault).
    APROUD CANADIANveteranButNOTa doctor, my thoughts are my own
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