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Has any one been prescribed prednisone for thier back pain

karenlkarenl Posts: 42
edited 06/11/2012 - 1:36 PM in Spinal Stenosis
I was prescribed prednisone for the second time for spinal stenosis and nerve pain from back to toes right side. I also received epidural shots and I am on the percocets, valium, and neurotin. The first time I was on prednisone It made the pain tolerable but 3 weeks later it came back and since then has gotten worse. I finished my second script about a week ago. I still have pain but my foot pain is tolerable. my back seems to be getting worse and I think my body is being compromised for favoring my right side . I now feel pin in my left leg , right shoulder ( probably from the use of the cane). IF anyone out there has used prednisone I would like to know how it worked for you and how long you found relief.


  • i have heard of cases where people got up to one year of relief from prednasone however that is rare. the more it's used the less effective the treatments become. also steroids are dangerous if used long term...pete
  • I have been on prednisone many of times for poison oak and it works great for that, for my back it didnt seem to help much. Prednisone takes two to three days to start working in your system and only last for a few days once you stop taking it. For some people it will get them out of the pain cycle long enough to make progress, but for me it doesnt help my pain much and makes me eat everything in sight and very moody.

  • I have had good results from Prednisone during acute pain phases, however I always experience quite a "let down" or "rebound" once the steroids are finished.

    I had a friend (who's an ER doc) explain to me that he sees a lot of kids come in with bad respiratory problems, they respond well to steroids and then they wind up back in the ER due to the "let down" from the steroids.

    It's kind of one of those "it's great while it lasted" things.

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