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WramblerWWrambler Posts: 1,588
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:38 AM in Water Cooler
Wonder why? not even talking about the pain here.
I know that why, h#!! I did that!

We bought this townhouse for our sons to live in while attending college. Nice place, passed 95% of the inspection and the seller coughed up $1000 at closing to cover the other things. Great, good deal.

Then we noticed some mildew on a baseboard day of closing. So I thought "old damage" because there had been a burst pipe that we had been told off. Well, I start the repair and I find, damp wallboard and mold and mildew. I think, don't panic, it's only a few feet and I can fix this cheap. So I clean it all out, bleach and clean keeping the stuff damp so it does not get airborne. Then I spend 16 hours or so and $250 making sure that the deck above that was leaking was sealed and the outside wall is sealed and....IT LEAKS WORSE INSIDE!.

Roofer that inspected it all today says he thinks it is coming from the neighbors to boot!

Keep in mind that the seller signed off on NO KNOWN moisture problems. The neighbor will swear in court if we want that the seller knew about this! But that takes court action to get anywhere...

So, now I got a sore back from doing to much work, a wet bedroom and pain in the @$$....

What possess' people to just ignore things and screw people over? I just don't get it. I won't leave any stone unturned to fix this, though I could just slap some sealer on it and "hope it works".

The icing, since it is the roof, is that the home inspector failed to note the dozen or so holes in the spray foamed and sealed flat roof, so those need repaired.

My only saving grace is my Lamictal, I do believe I would be going off the deep end if I did not actually have a med that seems to be working :D

NOTE: could we change the name of Water cooler to say, "Rum Fountain" or perhaps "pinacolodalake"? =))


  • Were you reading my mind?

    We're expecting 14" of snow here in the next two days and my hubby still hasn't raked the backyard of all the leaves. Last year when we left leaves on the ground all winter (because he didn't rake them then either), it killed the lawn that was beneath the snow. So we promised we wouldn't do that again, but apparently my hubby hates to rake.

    So guess what I decided? Yep, I raked the backyard. The entire back yard. I picked up the leaves and dumped them into six different trash bags, pulled each of them out of the trash can and dragged them to the patio.

    What the heck was I thinking? I couldn't have been thinking because if I was, I would've known that my lower back would scream at me. I don't think I've ever been in this much pain.

    Luckily, I still have a bunch of dilaudid pill left over from my surgery last year, but like you today, I'm saying "I wonder why... I did that?" Is my grass really worth it?

    Thanks for the post Wrangler and I hope you feel better. I also hope you stick it to the man for all he's worth. :-)

  • I'm sorry you're having this trouble with the townhouse. I wish the other Owner would've known to call their insurance company when the leak happened. I guess it would take the Lawyer to find out if they did report it and what if anything the Insurance company did. The flood I had in my basement from the 60 gallon hot water tank bursting was too much for me but the Insurance came in and took off 2 feet up the wall of drywood and my beautiful laminate flooring I had just put in and replaced things as good as new. Anyway I hope you get the settlement from the Owner. Take care. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • Okay you two quit trying to be superhuman and do all of this stuff! That's my job to do everything no matter the personal physical cost. Okay, I admit I will happily share it with the two of you, but darn, don't be doing this every day.

    Although if you are like me, doesn't it feel great to "just do it"?

    Cathie, the leaves could have stayed and gotten buried under the snow. Maybe your hubby would learn to get them raked on time ... especially now that he will see how much it hurt you.

    Wrambler, what gets me is that you sign a waiver for the building inspector that in essence releases him of any obligation. The previous owner on the other hand ... although if it went to court they'd probably claim "I'm not a building inspector, how am I supposed to know".

    Wow you two, take a break and let the wounds heal a bit. I tend to agree that the name could easily be "the tavern" or like you said "pinacoladalake".

    Hope you both feel better soon.

  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,846
    The sound of 'Pinacoldalake' puts visions in my head of the Tropics. Nice clean white sandy beach, crystal clear water, slight breeze came be seen and heard as it flows over the sails on some boats at the small dock and as it gently touches the bamboo and grass hut roofs. The smell of salty water is noticeable every time a wave crashes onto the beach..

    Water Cooler or Pincoladalake = Pina wins! I wonder if we can make the change... Dont think I can , people think I already drink this new substance called Wine made from Vodka, or was it the other way around!

    When we moved into the house we are in now, we purchased it from a family we knew. I had coached against the father during the softball years I girls played. We had gone away with them on vacation, etc... He was an ex-cop and now a builder with his brother. Soooooo How could we not trust him!

    In the basement, I saw the water line about 2 inches up the wood. He commented, that was a result of our hot water heater bursting... (Charry, I can appreciate what happened to you guys )Ok, that happens, but when its all over the basement, higher in some spots??? But he said in the 15 years they lived there, no water problem. Went next door to the detached cottage. Looks like rot outside of the windows. No, that was just some material I left outside. You can check the House inspection report. To make this short, after we moved in, we find out so many problems, to the tune of about $9,000. Our lawyer looked at all the documents and the one line "To the best of my knowledge all of the statements are true". But we argued he is a builder and should no more than a lay person. With that we were able to get $3,000 back.

    Wrambler, I know exactly how you are feeling, blood pressure up and just trying to figure out why someone would go out of their way to deceive you.

    Now Cath.... Thats the stuff I do to generally hurt myself. Raking is probably the worst thing anyone with any spinal problem can have. Anytime you have to pull towards yourself is bad, now if there could be a leaf pick me upper that did this as you pushed, that would work. Take care, warm hot bubbly bath , champagne , cheese, olives and crackers... Oh and dont forget hubby (he is going to do the leaves next year before snow.

    "C" I think about the only way to stop you from trying to do more than you can would be to chain your hands behind your back.. But something tells me, it would just be a few minutes before you brought free.
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • We waived for the $1000 was a 20 year old hot water tank, railings not up to code and couple of other things we did not and do not care about.

    The multiple holes in the roofing material, nor the wet corner of the bedroom are ever mentioned on either report. Seller just initialed no known moisture problems in the basement/lower level. Home inspector had to be blind when he went up on the roof as the defects are readily apparant.
    What really ticks me off is the home inspector was chosen by OUR realtor and she warned us he was very meticulous and would have a mile long list of things that needed attention. So, how did he fail in this repect? I have no clue. I also hate having to fight with people over items like this. I would prefer they just be fixed.

    It's not even really about the money. I just want the d@#&ed thing FIXED!

    I'd prefer it never have been broken...

    I am tired of chasing broken me around and was against the whole, buy another house thing, from the get go. I only relented because I knew how much rent money we would pump out over the next 6 years for rooms. So, now I am the landlord...

    I have even tried to hire a contractor to look at some of the things. One yelled at me for calling him "at a bad time"! I politely asked when would be a better time. He said after 4, so I tried after 4 and the phone rings once or twice and goes to voice mail. He does not return my calls. If he did not want to field phone calls why did he use his cell number in the yellow pages!
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,846
    The Title:


    I am sure almost everyone out there has one or several stories to talk about in regards to how some people just do not get it. Its as if the lights on upstairs, but nobody is home.
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • But, I fixed the title :)

    How about when you are having the issues and your spouse keeps saying, should we, how about? Or, they place clipped adds for companys on your wallet so YOU can call.

    We live an identical distance from the townhouse.
    I have buried some 20 plus hours of work in it the last weeks and she,er, the loving spouse keeps dropping suggestions as to what I maybe should be doing next...

    I am amazed a simple accurate mental diagnosis and the right meds, other times I would be losing it.
    Now I'm only mildly obsessing over it :D
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,846
    I have a long list of pet peeves... But for now, I am just going to list 3 that really get me started:

    One Company cutbacks during rough sessions. I can completely understand when a corporation has to tighten its belt. Where I used to work, yearly bonuses were not really heard of. But back in about 2000 they started giving bonuses across the board based on
    - If you functional unit met all of its objectives
    - The bonus percentage was based on your appraisal rating. (Range 3% to max of 9%)
    But 2 years ago, the company came right out in the public and in the newspapers stated that they have stopped providing bonuses across the board. Only the company top executives will continue to receive their bonus. But it was drastically cut from 21% down to a small 15%. So these way into the triple figure salaries have to tighten their belts with only a $30K bonus instead of a $45K bonus! While the troops got Nadda....

    Two People that have new cars and when they park them, they will either
    - Park on an angle across 2 or more parking spots
    - Part down the line of one spot, so they have room on both sides. Those are the ones that I believe 'keying' would be a justifiable crime.

    Three People in SuperMarkets that leave their basket in the middle of an aisle while they go select the items they want. So, that always causes a traffic jam. At first I used to take those wagons, push them up about 10 feet and off to the side. But NOW, I found a more effective way to deal with this (at least for me). I take one or two items OUT of their cart and put IN two other items that are not even close.

    Lets keep it going... I know as I was just typing, I had many more ready to jump out of my head and onto the keyboard.
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • call your realtor and see what went wrong, I am a agent in Ga and when you close on a house that did not fully disclose all of the problems then the home inspector might be held responsible as well as your realtor. Just call around and check what was done to you is not right and someone should be held responsible and it should not be you. As a realtor it is also there responsibility to go over a full disclosure list while in the home with the seller. I would not want that to happen to one of my clients, and I would think there is a certain degree of responsibility there. I do not know what the laws are there but when somone is wrong they are plain out wrong. They should have to handle the consequences of their actions as we all do. Good Luck with the mess and I do hope you get some kind of financial help for the mess you are left with.
  • I spent a few years watching over renovations to mid size hotels in Florida. Boy, do I know mildew! I can't tell you how many walls were repaired only to have them soaked again due to roof leak issues.

    Have you confirmed that you only get moisture after rain/snow? If not the other problem we had down here was pin hole leaks in the water supply lines.

    Glad to hear your medication is working for you (LOL!) you need it to!

    Keep us posted on how things evolve.

    Take care,

  • I like the shopping cart tip!
    I always park AWAY from other cars, not doing the angle thing or double parkin gin the middle. Nothing wrong with my walking yet, so if I want to keep door dings down I do it by parking far away...

    Today I realize that I know why they call it BiPolar, yuck...I guess I can't expect miracles!

    My wife is driving me nuts over this T house thing. The realtor is her friend and she won't even call her! I am really having a bad day here, just tired of the whole mess, doing all that work, having it fail to fix the problem, having my wife simply seem to think everything I struggle to do is "easy".

    Somedays it is all just to much. I want to go curl up and sleep till tomorrow, maybe it will be better.
  • I betcha the Inspector and the Seller were in cahoots with each other. Maybe a little kick back? I wonder if he (inspector) has any complaints lodged against him for past inequities?

    That's horrible that its happened to you though, Wrambler.

    Good luck!
  • Well, I guess it is not to bad. On Friday my son was stopped at a redlight when a girl rearended him! My son was a bit rattled, got out of the car and walked back to check damages. The girl in the other car revv'd the engine and the car did not move, then she tried again, got it in reverse, backed up swerved around my son and TOOK OFF! My son called his mom, then the police. Luckily a university work crew that does midnight shift followed the car after she hit and run. She abandoned it after it died in a University parking lot, leaking fluids and having a flat tire!

    At this point we know the owner of the car was not the driver, The car is insured and impounded by the police! So, we are awaiting The lizard insurance company to work out a settlement for damages to our car, not to severe, my son is ok and the car is driveable.

    Still, must have been one of those weeks, DON"T GET ME STARTED, indeed! We have roof estimates on the townhouse, and a waterproofing company scheduled to come in and give their opinion on Wednesday.

    The good news is I am to busy to stop and pay much attention to my aches and pains! well, sometimes.
  • Glad that your son is okay! That is the most important thing of all!

  • You're correct. He said his neck was every so slightly sore the next day, but nothing at all since then.
    The girl must have tried to stop and avoid him all at the same time, she hit our car pretty much dead center, cracked and split the bumper cover and knocked the seals out of both taillights as they are now full of condensation. The care she was driving, lost it's right front corner a tire and all it's antifreeze.

    Neither car involved is worth much. The hit and run makes us think she was either drinking or young and panicked. Kind of hard to get to far on a flat tire and no antifreeze though.

    I'm curious to see if the insurance company will send out the caveman or the Gecko....
  • I have nothing to add to any posts here that would be of any help - sorry.

    However I do want you all to know..... that I feel for you.

    It's bad enough to have a "bad day" but Wrambler your going for the record lol ;)

    Remember the old commercial that said "Caligone take me away"? I always say ( KIDDINGLY! ) Caligone and brandy are the best mix I know of ;)
    L1 - S2 "gone" useless in 1 way or another. DDD. RA. Bone Spurs. Tons of nerve damage/issues. Stenosis. Both knees replaced. 50 yrs old. I had a great fall (hence my user name) at age 41 and it has been a domino effect every since.
  • My guess at this point is we are going to get paid by our insurance as the gecko company "thinks" the owner of the car had dropped coverage before the accident! "thinks" WTF? (sorry but realy) How can they not know if he had coverage or not! It's 2009 not 1909, what? they have to go find their abacus and calculate how long the deposit of oyster shells allowed him insurance? I guess they probably do have to verify the phase of the moon, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt....
  • egt copy of police report, get policy number, call the gekko..Co and check to see who had policy, and what kind and if it was effictive @ what date...
    all just what i think you know...
    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

    Welcome to Spine-Health

  • We did all that.
    Still waiting. Get this, the local police still had not discovered who the driver was! My wife called the Gekko co, and they said they thought that the policy on that car had been transferred, so my wife asked if they knew who had the current coverage since it showed a transfer. In passing my wife mentioned that we still did not know who was driving the car! The gekko rep said, "oh, I can give you that info"! and proceeded to tell my wife the girls name and address!

    My wife gave all that info to the investigating officer, but these things move SLoooooooow.
  • still haven't got the townhouse fixed.
    The hit and run has slowed things down.
    After our insurance tried to pay us out the uninsured portion of our policy with a $300 deductible I called our adjuster and told her, who was driving the car, her address and her PHONE number, plus what company now had the insurance on the car! Within an hour I had the adjuster for the girl on the phone apologizing because the girl had reported that she hit "someone", left the scene of the accident, so she could not tell the company who she hit! That's why we have not been contacted....
    Their estimate guy is supposed to look at the car today and give us his repair estimate. "our" company tried to say that half the damage was "old damage"!

    So, are we having fun yet? No wonder I have not got the townhouse fixed. I hope to get back to it this weekend.
  • tel them prove it! find records of priors on the vehicle via carfax...good luck!
    William Garza
    Spine-Health Mod

    Welcome to Spine-Health

  • Met with her insurance and talked till I was blue in the face, I now have a pounding headache and a check for $559.00 which is about what our insurance finally wrote the estimate for. What a pain in the ....

    It's an 11 year old car, I was more ticked about the whole hit and run mess than anything else. Then our insurance saying "old damage". We'd have got $300 from our insurance after deductible, gotta know when to cut our losses. The only way to get more out of them is to have the car repaired and find hidden damage.

    We are going to let it up to our son. If he wants to "fix up" the old car we will let him use the money towards that. Otherwise it will end up in his gas tank,food,electric,house payment, etc, etc;

    I'm just glad to have it settled.

    That's TWO things off my to do list! YAY! If I wasn't out of valium I could go home and relax for a change. :O
  • sunny1966ssunny1966 VIRGINIAPosts: 1,385
    Wrambler, I'm glad that at least you got that settled as I know how aggravating it is dealing with some insurance companies. I must say that ours is great. Or always has been anyway.
    I'm glad you've got two things out of the way. Hope you can make it through the next as painfree as possible. Hey, I've finished with my project...Thank Goodness. It was a real pain in more ways than one. I'm very, very thankful to be finished. So far even the feeling of accomplishment isn't enough to cover the pain. Maybe in a few days it'll kick in. lol.
    Good luck buddy and hope nothing else gets in your way.
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