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Permanent Implant

davedave Posts: 860
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:39 AM in Spinal Cord Stimulation
Got my permanent implant today. The IPG was implanted a little above the belt line on my left side on the back. The leads are at T11-T12 for the right and T12-L1 for the left. I'll post more later once I get some drugs in my system and I stop feeling like someone just kicked the crap out of me.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic day.



  • I can't wait to hear how your feet feel in a month or so. I'm impressed you walked two hours a day with your tender feet. My hat's off to you, Bud. Susan
  • Thanks Susan. It's really not that big of a deal with the walking. After all, the problem is not in my feet but in my back. All kidding aside, some days its real tough. It helps to be walking with my wife in the neighborhood for the evening walk. Now that winter is almost here, we'll cancel that one due to inclimate weather when its necessary.

    I'll keep you posted when I find out something. Right now, I'm sore and swollen.

  • I hope you have a restful night and just remember to take it easy. For several days, pain will likely keep you being careful. I hope your meds will take care of it for you!

    Take care,

  • Thank for the encouragement. My discharge instructions are extremely restrictive:

    Avoid strenuous activity, heavy lifting for 16 weeks. Don't raise arms over head or bend over at the waist for same period of time. No twisting or turning. Don't lift anything heavier than your fork. No vacuuming, gardening, lifting groceries, walking the dog, etc., until told by your doctor you may do so.
    Can they get any more restrictive? Oh, and I'm not permitted to do my walks until they clear me and no Hot Tub for 6 weeks.

    As for today, I don't see any of that happening. There's not much as it pertains to my back that doesn't hurt. It's been relatively easy for me as far as the stimulator goes, TIME TO PAY MY DUES.

    That's enough stimulating words from me :smile:" alt=":smile:" height="20" />.
  • Great to hear that you finally have your permanent implant Dave.
    Oh yes....please be careful. I think my battery pack has shifted or moved a bit because I am having a lot of pain around the battery and I had my implant in June! The battery just does not "feel" right. I would call my PM but will see hem soon anyway. I have no idea how this happened but I guess it happened at night when i rolled to my side.(I always sleep on my back) I just know I woke up with the pain.
    Follow your Doctors orders to the letter plezzz(but I know you will)
    Very best of luck to you Dave.
    Patsy W :H
  • Hi Dave-

    Congrats on getting your implant. If you are anything like me the first couple of days will be tough but then get a lot better a few days later. Don't be afraid to ask for more meds if they aren't handling the pain.

    Tomorrow will be 3 weeks out for me and I am back in the office for the first day today. I wasn't planning on coming in until next week but the drug plan I work with flew in to meet with us. I am feeling pretty good but my stimulation is still pretty positional. I think that the no BLT restrictions are almost harder now that the incision pain is gone, but I want this thing to scar in well so I am trying to be good.

    Let us know how you are doing in a few days.
  • Congrats. Amazing that you even feel like being on the computer to update us and you just got home. Remember to follow the doctor orders....that excuses you from house work, yard work, and many other things...and you can say my doctor told me not to...hahaha
  • Julie, Congrats on returning to work. I'm sure you feel much better now that you're out of the house and doing something productive.

    Moni, I'm pretty much an idiot and would probably be sabotaging myself if not for the super restrictive discharge instructions.

    C, I'll have to try and mark the 17th down as a date to remember. I do have one question for you, have you found a clip-on accessory for the myStim handheld device? I don't always wear a belt and I don't carry a purse, so I'm trying to figure out where to put the remote.

    For the record, the stimulator is working and handling everything but that one hard pain in my left leg. Can't sit with it yet because I have to turn it up so high to feel anything right now. Got in trouble last night with being over stimulated and unable to get a signal to turn it down or off. Lesson number 1 learned and n lessons to go.

  • I just stick mine in my work bag, once I get it turned on I rarely turn it off. I am often on the other side of the building from it.

    You should get to a point when you know when you will need the remote to change a program.

    I just did whatever I needed to to keep it around till I got to this point, pocket, held it in my hand etc. Did you get a little zipper pouch to put it in?
    I got a pouch that has a couple of pieces of velcro on it. I will coil the antenna and use the velcro to hold it to the pouch. Don't really need the antenna once you get used to what buttons to puch, but I guess I am paranoid, always carry the antenna around anyway.

    Glad to hear you are done with the install, follow the restrictions! They have been saying some doctors are more lax about them now, but I always thought, what if I'm one of the ones the lead moves on! I don't want anyone cutting on me for a loooong time.
    Tired of that for quite some time.
  • Thanks for the tips. I'm pretty swollen right now, so I have no idea what my settings will eventually be. I currently have the same programs that I had for my trial. The goal over the next 2 weeks is to identify the initial programs. The sitting numbers are so wildly different from standing or laying down numbers that I was concerned about getting into the situation I was in last night.

    I have the little pouch but was hoping that there was something with a clip. It would be a lot better if I could just have handheld near (like in front of me) the IPG rather than right over top of it. Seems like a bad design if you ask me.

  • Well I carry a waist pack with me when I leave the house and I always have the programmer in it. A lot of the time it stays in the truck while I'm off doing something. I haven't carried the antenna with me since about a month after I got it. I only use the antenna at home if I am shifting contacts or tweaking the program beyond simple amplitude adjustments.

    Another way I've carried the programmer is in a pair of cargo pants or cargo shorts.

    You will figure out what works best for you. As Wrambler pointed out, it will get to where you don't need to or feel the need to have it with you at all times. You will discover your own comfort zone of what works for you and what doesn't.

  • One of the lessons I learned was not to put the remote down and forget where you put it. I did that a few days ago and realized I couldn't find it when I wanted to lay down. I had DH searching everywhere in the house until I realized that I had left it on my daughter's bed.

    I am still very much at the point where I have to change the settings if I sit vs stand, etc so the remote is my best freind.
  • I still can't sleep with mine on.
    Just doesn't work for me, I roll and the stim change wakes me up, over and over.
    The problem is that I have gotten so used to it that I lay down in bed and realize I did not turn it off!
    I then have to get up, go get the remote out of the bag, turn it off and go back to bed.
    I used to bee good and turn it off when driving, but don't bother anymore as it never does any of the surges it would occasionally do when first implanted.

    I have my 6 month appt with my PM in the AM, oh goody. It's always a fun time there!
  • Good luck with your 6 month check-up.

  • My rep scolded me when she saw me get in my car with my "vibrator" on. The problem, she explained, was if you're in an accident-----that would cause your stim to possibly surge and cause you to, say, turn the wheel into oncoming traffic ot hit the accelerator instead of the brake or visa versa. I still don't usually turn mine off. I'm just so used to the feeling, it doesn't occur to me that anything is on. Dave, I've gone to work and left my remote at home and after a moment of panic, I just say, "Oh well", "don't worry if the mule is blind, just keep loading the wagon". (I really don't say that. I read it in a magazine while I was waiting to see my PM today and I really liked it. I sure never thought I would get a chance to use it----especially so soon.) Susan
  • I developed a low grade fever tonight, around 100 to 101. Called the Doctor twice because they didn't call back with instructions. Just taking it easy and waitin for my call back. Hope everyone else is having good night.

  • I certainly hope that the fever is not anything to worry about! Please keep us posted.


    For several months after getting my SCS, I would turn it down at night so that I could sleep. It eventually got to where I can't function with my SCS turned off. I can't even begin to think about going to sleep or resting with it off.

    The unevenness of the stimulation from an upright to a prone position has mellowed out over time. I think that some of that is just developing a tolerance to it. Not tolerance in the manner of it becoming less effective, but being able to tolerate changes themselves.

    I have done a lot of adapting to the SCS, whereas I don't even realize I am adjusting my position to keep the stimulation constant or increase it to cover the pain from shifting positions. I don't know if that makes sense, but it's like having a favorite position in which to sleep or sit in a chair with.

  • The fever broke this morning around 5:00am. Good thing I was sleeping in the spare bedroom, cause the sheets were drenched.

    Hope everyone is having a good day.

  • To hear the fever broke. Did you drop or decrease meds?

    I don't want to barge in on your thread so I'll comment on my 6 month on my own, soon as I create it...
  • No decrease yet in my meds. It's gonna happen. The meds are making me more comfortable post surgery and the SCS has shut off most of my pain in my legs. This surgery has left me very uncomfortable. It's like someone repeatedly hit me with a crow bar around the area where the IPG is implanted. Now the implant area is not bad but my hip and ass are bruised beyond what seems reasonable. It's like someone dropped me or something. I am almost as uncomfortable as I was following my 2 level fusion surgery. It's extremely painful to get up off the the couch or out of the bed. I can not sit in a recliner, got stuck the other night. It's just gonna take some time for my body to heal from the surgery. I definitely wasn't expecting to feel this way after the trial was so relatively easy.

  • I had forgotten, yeah, I had some nasty bruising looking mess around the pocket too. I suspect it is because of thy have to form it and keep it shallow enough to allow charging. Makes for some pretty intense discomfort for a bit. Same wit the lead site since they have to go in, manipulate things, then tunnel to the ipg.

    Honestly I recall very distinctly being fairly uncomfortable till between week 2-3, then it really started to get better.

    just hang out and take it as easy as possible. it will get better.
  • Congratulations <:P I'm glad the surgery went well and hope you recovery completely. Just take it easy and get plenty of rest (like you have a choice LOL) and also keep an eye on that temp.

    I guess you and me both will "enjoying" our restrictions for some time. I had my pump surgery around 3 weeks ago and the ride's been a bit bumpy at times.

    Well, keep us posted on your recovery and I hope you get the full benefits of your stim. Take care
  • I think it is common for the IPG to be that painful. I remember mine feeling like someone had beat me up and then stuck a hot poker inside it. I found relief to sit in a recliner because my son would life the handle and I would stand in one swift move. It was week 3 or so before I didn't notice that pain.

    One thing I found helpful was to keep a daily log of where I felt the pain and what I did to make it worse. Then I could show the rep or doctor and they were better able to help me. I did make a template for my computer...if you would like a copy you can pm me with an email address and I would be happy to send it to you.
  • Never had much bruising or discomfort other than the burning with the IPG pocket during transition from sitting to standing or lying down to standing.

  • Everyone's journey has to be a little different. That's what makes life so interesting.

    Life is pretty interesting for me right now :cool:.

  • Indeed.

    Well best wishes are with you!

  • What the hell. I'm gonna complain anyway. My back freakin hurts and I haven't done anything wrong to deserve the hurt. I'm following all the stupid instructions. I really looked way past this procedure big time and am now paying the price for my arrogance. I really thought a couple days of down time and then I'm golden.

    WOW, I feel so much better now. NOT!!!!!

    Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

  • Returned to work this morning. I figure I can stay at home and feel like crap or earn some money while I feel like crap.

    Hope everyone is having a great day.

  • I know what you mean...I did everything right. I now have a connector that buldges out and makes my skin look deformed. Also had trouble charging this weekend...and I think the IPG has shifted...I shouldn't sleep on my side but I can't help it I go to sleep on my back and wake up on my side in the morning. You can do everything right and still have complications. I am hurting a lot in my back lately...more so than usual and I just want to scream. I think it is weather related or something...but than again I have had more than my share of stress.
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