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Too many years, Too much pain

rockyroadsleeprrockyroadsleep Posts: 15
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:39 AM in Lower Back Pain
I am new to spine health and hope I can learn something within the next 6 months. I started having cronic low back pain back in 1999. I have been to Doctor after Doctor with no help. All of the MRI's and exrays show nothing wrong other than a couple of minor buldging desks. The Doctors say they don't see anything wrong with me. I have severe pain in my lower back that radiates into my buttocks and down my left leg. My left foot tingles constantly and feels like I am walking on hot coals. But the Doctors say they can't see anything wrong with my back. My life has deteriorated to not being able to do anything. I can't stand very long and forget about walking. At night I'll sleep for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours then I have to get up and sit up for about 45 min. to an hour. Then I go back to bed and do the same thing over again and again until morning. I am exausted. On Monday I went to another Doctor because my pain has changed (got even worse) and he said the same as the other Doctors. So that night I discussed it with my husband and we decided that if I am still in this much pain in six months, I will commit suicide. He doesn't want me to do it, but he feels helpless about helping with the pain. He can't stand seeing me in this much pain. I've saved up enough pain pills. I go to a pain management dr who put a pain pump in and gives me Methadone. The pump cuts a little bit of the edge off the pain most of the time but the Methadone is like taking an aspirin. So I have saved them up just for this occasion. If anyone here has had this same problem and managed to get help for it please let me know. I really don't want to end my life, but as it is right now, I have no other choice other than remaining in this horrible pain. I am disparate.


  • Jaye
    I am sorry you are in so much pain psyically and emoitionally. I feel you need to find someone to talk to about your feelings of suicide. It is not the answer. Call a friend, call a hotline, tell a doc get a psych appt.
    Do not say you cannot afford it some are free or sliding scales. Go to your local hospital tell them and they will admit you and get some immediate help today. That will lead to longterm help.
    I have had too much suicide in my life. Believe it is not fun.
    I hope u will find the help you need.
    You are not alone Jaye!!!
  • I am sorry for everything you have to go through. It must be horrible seeing no end to the pain, but maybe there at least could be some way to decrease it when you find the right doctor. I have the same situation in that you don't have a diagnosis. I have been in pain for 15 years, with flareups that make me unable to walk at all, and not enough shows up on the MRI. Have you had a nerve test, EMG, done? Finally one doctor came up with that idea and that test shows that I have an ongoing nerveinflammation. They still don't know what causes it, but atleast I have proof for other people and sometimes for even myself that I am not insane. Do you have the support of your family members or friends? The fact that the doc saw an inflammation helped choose the medicine that helped me walk again, prednisone. Have you tried steroid pills like this? For me nothing else had helped. I am still in pain, but when I feel an even worse flareup coming I take my steroids for some time and I feel a little better. In the beginnning I had to take them a couple of months inorder for them to take effect. The inflammation had gotten so bad. All injections, even steroid ones, made me worse. But as pills they seem to work. Couple of years ago I also went to counseling for a year, with a pain psychologist. I also had thoughts of suicide. The counseling helped emotionally. I needed some one to listen and believe me. I also found myself again. So many doctors and even family members had suggested the pain was all in my head. It is tough to live with pain 24 hrs a day. And especially hard if you can't sleep at night and gather strength. But believe me suicide cannot be an answer. What all treatments have you tried? Maybe we can help each other by sharing ideas, since neither of us have a diagnosis?


  • Of course I agree with everything Sweety said.

    I do think you can find a solution to your problem. Even though you have seen a variety of doctors, you have not yet found the right one. Do not give up.

    What type of doctors have your seen thus far? It is not all that unusual to have a disc problem, such as an annular tear that does not show up on the imaging tests such as MRI but that is affecting the spinal nerve root and causing the type of pain you are feeling. If there is a leak in the annulus, it can put off a chemical that the nerve perceives as toxic. A chemical reaction occurs and it can irritate the nerve to the point that the patient ends up with all the same symptoms as if it were being severely compressed by a disc rupture or herniation.

    There are several people on the board right now that had to have a discogram in order to discover the pain generator.

    I am delighted you found this board. It is very frustrating when you are in so much pain and doctors make you feel as though there is no reason. Some of the forum members have been just where you are today. You will find support here among people who understand what you are going through.

    Please keep posting with your comments and questions. And keep looking for a spinal specialist that can help you. Often pain management doctors do the discogram procedure. Has yours ever mentioned it to you? If not, you should ask him about it. I am enclosing a link to some information about the test here:



    Please do not give up. There is someone out there who can help you.

  • There is help out there for you. I know that 10 years is a long time to suffer. Has your PM doc done a discogram yet? I went for 2 years without a diagnosis after only minor things showed on the MRI.

    Through a discogram my PM found an annular tear that did not show on the MRI.

    It really sounds like most of your pain is nerve pain. Are you on any of the nerve pain meds? Methadone and the like will not touch nerve pain but there are meds that will.

    Are you taking anything at all for depression? It is very common to be depressed when you are in pain. Ending your life is not the answer.

    Please post back and give us a little more info. We really do want to help and most of us can really relate to your suffering. With more info from you maybe we can give you more suggestions.
  • Have you tried sleeping in a recliner? It may allow you to at least get a little bit more sleep.

  • Jaye,
    I'm so sorry for what you are going through. I know pain is so overwhelming. I see the pain in my husband's eyes and I can only imagine what he feels. He's no where near as bad as what you describe but I want you to know that suicide is not the answer.



    I will pray for you. As soon as my husband made me read your post I burst into tears, and I continue to cry as I write this message. My heart aches for you and your pain and your sorrow. Please don't end your life. EDITED
    Please anyone else who reads this post, please pray for Jaye.

    Michelle *posting on my husbands account

    Post edited by moderator paulgla.
  • Please please please try another doctor, if the two you've seen were neurosurgeon's, try an ortho surgeon or vice versa. With your symptoms and the severity of them, there is something there. You know it! We all know when something isn't right with our bodies. If you haven't had a myelogram, ask for one. Press the doctor or get your husband to go and press on them to insist that you get help. I know first hand, most of these surgeons do not ask you the right questions, you have to recite the right words to them to key them in on what they should do.

    I had the same situation as J.J. Grey, I had disc bulges moderate from L3 the rest of the way down. Finally, I had a discogram and a myelogram with CT scan. These were not fun tests at all, but they found that my L4/5 was torn in two and had a big chunk missing so my bones were rocking all over my nerves. The 3 MRIs I'd had before that didn't show this or at least the reports didn't say anything.

    If you are willing to give up your life due to the pain, then you can give it one more try, right? Cause a scene, lay it out for the doctor, get your husband's support by chowing down on the doctor's ear. Sometimes they just don't hear us, and you need to make them hear you, one way or another. Be strong! You are worth it! There is some relief to this terrible pain, even if it won't go away completely. Please please please go back to the surgeon and give them some what's for. YOU can do it!
  • Welcome to SH. We are here to support you and share our experiences. Do come into the chat room as well. In chat we support each other, but also talk of other things and joke a bit to take our minds off of our pain. I was very depressed and going into chat helped me with that a great deal.

    As mentioned above, have you had a CT myelogram or discogram? Do you go to a spine center? Have you had flexion/extension x-rays of your back? My MRI showed a bulge at L4/5 and my GP said it was normal. I went to a NS who diagnosed me with spondylolisthesis.

    So, there is hope you will find an answer. Please also find a counsellor who can talk things out with you.

    Best to you,

  • Very sorry to hear about you situation with pain... I too have suffered for years with pain... I've had surgery and stuff and suffer from pain. but all I need to say, ending your life will cause more pain on your friends and family. I know that seems like taking the easy way out. I'm sure u feel as if your at the end of your rope. I too have thought about suicide but I have so many loved ones that I wouldn’t want to put through that burden. Pain is a very serious and real thing. Sometimes they don’t know what causes it, the back is one of the most complex things in our body and one of the few things that can be replaced. Ending your life is not the answer. I think everyone would agree with me, that talking is one of the most important things that might help you reconsider, Please feel free to join us in the chat room… we might now always have the answer your looking for but we all have a vast amount of knowledge that might can help you learn more about pain and procedures. I’m not sure what your religion is but hopefully u have faith in god sometimes he doesn’t always answer as quickly as we would like but remember if you are a Christian Catholic which ever it may be taking your life will send you somewhere u don’t want to be. Maybe ask your docs or try to find a psychiatrist that might help you.. Please don’t take your life that’s not the answer!
  • Please do not give up...there must be something more you can do. For being able to deal with your pain for 10 years means that you have the strength to continue. Do not let the pain win.

    Tell the doctors that you are at an absolute low point and need some answers or you will give up. Have you looked at other things other than your spine? Could be some other type of disease or issue?

    Have they checked everything? Go to as many doctors as you can. Just keep going even if it means to travel or send your MRIs to other places. I believe a discogram may be the real test you need as JJ said. My doctor told me that since they know where my pain is coming from than it is not needed but for you since they still do not know it may provide all the answers.

    Keep talking...post daily here. Free up your mind from all that baggage it is carrying. You are in control not the pain. Try to focus on something else no matter what it is.


  • please get yourself into some good councelling.perhaps an antidepressant may be needed as well. i don't know what kind of doctors you have been going to but i have many questions.have you gone to a spine specialist or a spine neurosurgeon? have you had a recant mri,or a ct mylogram? it really is terrible to be in chronic pain but it sure sounds like some stone has been unturned. please come visit us in spine health chat room and find people that have been through alot of similar issues as well as live their lives with chronic pain. we support each other and also get some levity going at times which tends to take our minds off our pain for a while. don't hesitate in getting a good psychiatrist. mine told me you have to get your depression under control.when you are very depressed your pain is worse. he is soooo right. good luck
  • For the better part of the last 4 years I have had times when I have felt like you are feeling. Or how you felt when you wrote your post.

    Lately the last year since my surgery things have slowly (not as quick as I wished), gotten a little better. My physical pain actually got worse before it got any better. Still I am not physically able to do what I did before, but overall things are much better.

    It took far to long to figure out what was wrong and even longer to fix what could be fixed.

    A lot of time has passed and I don't feel that way any more. My life has changed. I was able to hook up with a vocational rehabilitation program put on by the state and they are helping me accomplish a dream of going to graduate school.

    Prior to my injury, I had neither the time or the funds to go after an endeavor like graduate school, nor the patience to deal with state funded programs. I didn't appreciate my girlfriend as much as I do now, my kids or my dog.

    All I'm saying is rocky. You are right the road is bumpy and it's not easy being on it. But as a lot of time has passed, I look back. I miss being 100% able yes. But I think I'm a better all around person and a little stonger because of that occurance.

    If I had chosen to quit early, I might never have been able to reap the benefits of my suffering. Good luck.

    Maybe you have dreams you don't know you have yet. Hang in, stay tuff. Don't let em get you!
  • I had no idea so many people would reply. I really thank you all so much. You all have made me stop to think. I really do need to start pushing Dr's to help me. I have a pain management dr who started out giving me all those spinal shots trying to help. When those didn't help we implanted a pain pump. I have had it for almost 6 years and the medication has been increased to the maximum and can't go any higher. He also gives me Methadone, but it doesn't help either. I have had MRI's, x-rays and an EMG. The EMG showed some nerve problems and this was back in 2002. The neurosurgeon I was sent to said he doesn't recognize the results of an EMG. They are a waste of time. Another Neurosurgeon ask me if I thought he was a miracle worker and I apologized for wasting his time and walked out of the exam room in tears. I have since been to several other neurosurgeons who say there is nothing wrong with me. I have also been to Orthapedic surgeons and they also say there is nothing wrong with me. But most of them say I need better insurance than just medicare. I am now in the process of trying to get medicare supplimental insurance. Maybe then they will pay attention to me. As far as suicide, I still have six months to think about what to do. After all of your replies I have decided to demand that my pain management dr give me a diskogram and a meyloggram.
    And thanks, J.J. Grey, I am going to try the recliner tonight for sure. You have all given me hope and that's something I had run out of a long time ago. I have been on antidepressents for quite a few years now and they help a lot. It's just that sometimes the depression gets really, really bad. I was going to the mental health center here but I can't seem to be able to see a Dr. when I really need one. They are always so booked up with appointments and by the time I get to see someone (about two months) things have changed considerably and I feel like its a waste of time. Right now you guys have helped me more than them. I do feel better now after hearing from all of you. I can't thank you enough for all of your words and prayers. I will be back here on a daily basis.
    I wanted to ask you all if you have this same pain or ever heard of it. When I gently press on a spot between two of my spinal bones pain shoots from there around into my groin and down my leg. I told the Dr. this but he just dismissed it as nothing. Who know, maybe it is nothing, but I was just wondering. It's very painful.
  • Hi :) I did read your first post here, but felt you were at such a precarious time in life that I did not know how to respond in such a way that would be of help to you.

    You remained in my thoughts & prayers since I read your first post and will remain as such >:D<
    L1 - S2 "gone" useless in 1 way or another. DDD. RA. Bone Spurs. Tons of nerve damage/issues. Stenosis. Both knees replaced. 50 yrs old. I had a great fall (hence my user name) at age 41 and it has been a domino effect every since.
  • The NS could not read the results from the EMG and said they were a waste of time and asked you if he was a miracle worker. What kind of response is that? No I expect you to do your job and why can't you read it?

    I am a bit confused but how many different docs have you seen. If these docs after all these years could not figure out that they should give you a discogram or ct mylogram I think you need to see new PM.

    Also does the EMG confirm that you are in pain? The docs must obviously see the pain if they hooked you up to a pain pump.

    Based upon your post you just seem to be neglected and find a new doc with a new perspective. Also you need to stay on this positive track meaning just keep pushing.

    The more you push, the more you try you will start to have something positive happen in your life. Can you walk? Can you move? Do you hurt more laying down or sitting? What brings it on more? Do you keep a journal?

    Trust me you go in there showing your docs you are ready they will pay attention. If not for their damn insurance rates not to go up. Take control of the situation and you will get yourself out of this despair.


    I am a bit selfish here but I need you not to give up also and beat it. As it also gives me more hope that even if it takes me 10 years I can still beat it. You will be a strong example to everyone here.
  • Please listen to me...don't put a time limit on yourself. There is still hope out there and there are many people like you who are going through the same. They see doctor after doctor, go through numerous tests, and get the runaround are stuck with no conclusive diagnosis.

    You are so fortunate to have a pain specialist to treat you and it seems like they are trying what they can to help you. People get turned away because the doctor sees no reason for their pain, so please understand how lucky you are. I also take Methadone and recently had a pain pump implanted. I still have a lot of pain but it will take time for them to increase the dose to a therapeutic level. My life had changed drastically since my back problems started and it crippled me right away. I can't sit, stand, walk without the pain getting worse and there are places I can't go because there are no scooters or wheelchairs for me to use. I'm only in my 30's and I wish I was the same wife and mother to 2 great kids I used to be...physically. But I am the same person and they need me regardless of what state I'm in. Yes, I live in constant severe pain but I have too much to lose if I give up on myself. Sweetie, don't you think your boyfriend would rather have you the way you are than to lose you forever? My husband hates to see me in pain and feels overwhelmed and helpless at times because he can't change things. It would be more devastating for him to not have me around. Imagine what it would do to my kids. WE ARE NEEDED AND WE ARE WORTHY.

    I'm sure you have family and friends who love you so it is so vital that you keep fighting. I'm so glad you found this site because you'll see how we support each other. In a way, it is so reassuring to know that we're not alone in this anymore and we can communicate with friends who relate because they deal with the same problems.

    I urge you to talk to a medical professional who can help you with your depression. There are many who help chronic pain patients how to cope and I know it would benefit you. I also have Medicare and I better get on the ball and search for an advantage plan. If you want to talk please feel free to send me a PM(private message) Just click on it next to my avatar (my princessy and spoiled Pekingese) ;) Remember, life IS worth living and I tell myself there are worse conditions out there like cancer for example and it helps me keep things in perspective. Take care
  • Yes, I have had this happen to me. I have knots sometimes not to mention just sore spots. My current Neurosurgeon says they are where the nerve are irritated and the muscles bunch up. He would then just say smartly, don't press on it. He's sort of a smart aleck sometimes. The one on my neck has gotten better after two fusions there. I could press on it and get electric shocking pain that ran down my back. In my low back, I have a couple of spots that are like what you describe. Alot of surgeons/doctors only are concerned with the large nerve roots, but we all have small nerves that run all through our skin and muscles, if there is a problem, you know they are going to scream and stay irritated unless you can kill them off. I've read here about some folks getting some of these smaller nerves burned out, to kill the pain from them. I would be afraid, they would hit the wrong one and I'd be a vegetable. (just kidding). I use a heating pad and my tens unit on those spots, but they don't go away....

    We're here for you. I've been so happy finding this board. I can fuss or vent or ask anything and someone understands, usually many. You have buddies here! Glad you have a little hope now. None of this stuff is for babies, so think of how strong you are and how there's always someone that couldn't have made it through what you have already. :) Hugs!
  • It all makes sense now. Not all docs are greedy but their is a fair amount of them out there.

    I do have the pain that you speak of. I can press on 1 very exact spot on my back and it will bring me pain in my groin area and down my leg. I do at times have pain in my groin area without having to press on that spot though. The first time I felt that pain I thought that I might have a hernia but it was related to my back,

    Is there a medical university or teaching hospital any where within reach for you? I have found excellent care at one. you do have to deal with interns at times but some of them are actually interested in finding the problem and solution.

    Stop letting these docs intimidate and run all over you. They work for you. I don't care what type of insurance that you have, they work for you. You are not supposed to feel that you are wasting their time. Any doc that would say this to you is not a very good doc and you are much better off without them.

    You will find some relief. We will be here to help you every step of the way.

    Please do post on a daily basis. I will be looking for it.
  • I understand how you are feeling. I had a bad car accident in 1999 and for over ten years I was told I only had muscle spams. This was not true. I can't tell you how many dr's I have seen but it took over 10 years to get a diagnosis. I am still having issues but you can't give up.

    You have not found the correct Dr. yet. And yes you must speak with a professional regarding your thoughts. You can get the support you need. Everyone on this board is suffering in some way or another but you have to think positive.
  • I can get the same shooting pain through the groin you describes when pushing on certain parts of the spine.
  • I only wish I had found this site a long time ago. It is only my husband and I and he's not really much help. I think at times he get tired of hearing my say "God my back hurts so bad" to the point where it goes in one ear an out the other. I haven't had anyone to talk to about it until I found all of you. Now I don't feel so alone in all my pain. Ya'll know exactly how I feel. I am in awe at how some of you have toughed it out and yet still manage to have compassion and understanding for others. I read all of your posts and I feel like a whinner. My problems are so small compared to most of you. I am ashamed that I got on here and complained like I did. I feel for all of you and your pain. Thank you all for being so compassionate and understanding with me. You all have very big hearts.
  • j.howiejj.howie Brentwood, Ca., USAPosts: 1,732
    Never feel like a whiner! Your problems are every bit as large as anyone else's!
    Worse, actually, because you've been searching in vein for an answer for such a long time.
    I encourage you to read and re-read all of the post replies on this page.
    And most especially the posts by J.J. Grey, jsirabella and meyday321.
    The only information I might add, would be asking for a Fonar stand up M.R.I. with flexion and extension, including dye. I say this, because when you have that imaging done, your spine is under it's natural compression. And in many cases it will show something that a "laying" down M.R.I. would not show. And, I too cannot believe that the medical professionals have not ordered a discogram! In your case it is an absolute MUST!
    And the most important thing I have to tell you, I've saved for last, Remove your 6 month suicide time frame. Take things ONE day at a time. Suicide is not an option.
    Your family and friends cannot know exactly what your going through, no one can unless they've been there. But if you took your own life, every one of them would think it was their fault, that they did not do enough to stop you. And none of them would get a nights sleep, thinking that! It would haunt them for the rest of their lives.
    Thanks for sharing with us, and welcome to S.H.
    Good luck, Jim
    Click my name to see my Medical history
    You get what you get, not what you deserve......I stole that from Susan (rip)
    Today is yours to embrace........ for tomorrow, who knows what might be starring you in the face!
  • I went to my pain management Dr. yesterday and walked out crying. He always asks what my pain level is and I said 8+. Why do they ask that? It doesn't chang anything no matter what level it is. A long time ago he said he had maxed out on the morphine in my pump and could not make it any stronger. I believed him. He's a Dr and is supposed to know more than me. But I guess he forgot he said that because yesterday he said he would up my morphine 2mg's. I was absolutely shocked. I didn't say anything to him about it and ask about him sending me for a myelogram and/or a discogram/discograph. He absolutely rejected this idea and said there is a chance of infection and its hard to clear that kind of infection up. I was really pissed. (excuse my language)He said the pain was better than an infection. I think I should make that decision don't you? A few years ago I tried to change Dr's but no one would touch me with this pump. They said since I had this pump implanted I am more or less married to this Dr. for the rest of my life unless I should move. Well I just recently moved 57 miles away from him and have been driving the distance. But now, after yesterday, I have decided to change Dr's. I read up on this pain Dr. and he reads pretty good according to his patiences on vitals.com. Is there anything I should do before I start this process to make sure this Dr. is better than the last? I don't know what questions I should ask and who to ask. May some of you guys could give me some sound feedback. I want to do this as soon as possible so PLEASE help me.
    I want to thank all of you for your support and encouraging emails. The idea of suicide is slowly fading and maybe I won't have to take that road. Maybe now I will get some help for this pain.
    I have read most of your posts and feel like a real sissy about my pain. Most of you have had it a LOT worse than I have and aren't whining anything like me. I think I am just really scared. Maybe I can find the kind of courage that you guys have.

  • Hi Jaye,

    I'm very sorry that you are having so much pain...I know how it is as I have been battling low back pain for some time now.. I've had the epidurals, facet joint blocks, radio frequency, pain pills etc... I've been feeling blue lately myself since this is really affecting me at work with promotions and assignments. I'm not ashamed to say that I have cried myself to sleep on more than one occasion. I really think you need to go see another doctor and get a second or third opinion. As with any treatment there is some chance that you might have a side effect like infection but I had a discogram done and had no ill effects from it, it's a common procedure. Actually they were able to see tears in the discs that the MRI did not really show. I really hope you find relief soon. keep your head up and stick around. Tomorrow someone may need your help or advice.

  • You must get a new doc ASAP! If he is afraid to do these procedures because of fear of infection he has no idea what he is doing. No wonder why you have been suffering so long! Please make an appt with another PM doc just as soon as you are able. This PM is clueless!

    Also it is very scary when you are all alone. You are not alone anymore and we will help you through this.

    Sit down and make a list of questions for your new doc so that you do not draw a blank when you are there like most of us do. You may also want to make a list of all of your symptoms so that you don't leave anything out.

    I would ask the new PM if he is comfortable doing a discogram and anything else that it may take in order to get to the bottom of what is causing your pain. That would be the #1 question on my mind. Then just see how comfortable and confident that you feel with the new doc. I really feel like good things are about to happen for you. A new set of eyes may be exactly what you need.

    I also find myself saying god my back hurts to my husband but I do try and be concious of it so that it is not constant. It can also make friends and family feel more helpless and therefore uncomfortable being around us because they don't know what to say or do.

    You will get through this and we will help you.
  • OK, as soon as I get off here I'm calling another dr. I will ask questions and if I'm not happy I'll keep looking for the right one. I have been thanking God for sending me to this website and all the wonderful people in it. I'm really feeling a lot better now as far as my depression and I know its because of you J.J. and everyone that has left such posative feedback. I think I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so much.
  • I don't see why your doctor won't switch you from morphine to dilaudid if you are already maxed out on it. Maybe you can talk to him about this and see what he says. That is what they do when the morphine can't be increased anymore and it is a common practice to try another intracecal drug. Please let us know what happens and take care.
  • I was feeling in despair until I started Cymbalta. It seems to help with that darn leg and foot tingling and pain and it's also upped my spirit. I've had pain only almost 2 years but I understand the helplessness and despair you're feeling especially not getting sleep. I take oxazepam and it helps me relax to sleep at least 5-8 hours. There may be an answer around the corner. Wishing you healing thoughts and a prayer if you want. Take care. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • The next time they ask you what pain level you are at tell them I am in enough pain that I came here. Will not do a discogram cause of infection. That is utterly stupid. Anyone who is in pain this long and they still do not have a diagnosis, this is a must.

    As JJ said find a new PM doc right away. It really scares me sometimes the doctors that are out there. I know till this episode I was always of the mind set,"well he is a doctor he must know". I have learned the hard way that obviously they do not all the time!

    Jaye keep this momentum going and take control of the situation. You are getting there as I can see with every post. Learn all you can about the spine and the ailments...become as smart as them so you can have a conversation.

    JJ said some really key things...next time they ask you your pain level, hand over a pain journal, watch their eyes light up with shock and awe. Be ready with the questions written down and anything else you really want to say. Do not let him shut you up...make sure your concerns are addressed. That is part of his job.

  • Your words really touched my heart. I think that I speak for most of us here when I tell you that helping to save your life is one of the many reasons that I keep coming back here. We have a very strong bond here and being able to help each other is probably a large part of what keeps us going.

    I will be on the lookout for your next post.
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