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Oxycodone has become a nightmare!

scottishkrumpetsscottishkrumpet Posts: 35
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:39 AM in Pain Medications
OMG, do I ever need to talk to other people who understand what is happening to me! I was initially being managed for pain with Norco for over a year when I became tolerant: I tried Avinza, and it bombed...no help whatsoever. My primary started talking a PM for shots, which I want to avoid at all costs at the moment (but that is a whole other discussion lol) so when he offered me endocet 10/325 I gratefully accepted, trying to keep the status quo for as much longer as possible. Well, in truth, the endo was no stronger for the pain than the hydro, so I have been trying so hard to comply, but things are coming to a crashing halt in my world of pain control! My body is learning to tolerate more and more literally by the hour. If I don't take enough to kill the pain impulse, of what use is taking it? So I have had to increase steadily and now am finding that if I don't take that 'more' medication my body seems to need, it is effecting my behavior in that I feel very short tempered and crabby, which is unlike me. It seems like I assimilate it in a 'snap' anymore!
I don't want to be forced into seeing another physician as my primary is very nice and most helpful but he honestly doesn't know what to prescribe for me, he even asked me for suggestions last time. He prescribed nucyta and I couldn't fill it because my insurance doesn't cover it at all, so my hands were tied on this medication.
Has anyone else had oxy do things to their personality and does anyone have any suggestions of an older standby med that would work on me and be covered by my insurance? HELP!!


  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,875

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    Please remember that there really isnt any pain medication that is going to take away all of your pain. The major objective of pain medications is to allow you to manage/control your pain. Depending on the medical situation, pain medications alone can not do it all. I have talked about the The Blend many times before. Its really a combination of different types of medications, treatments and other actions that we can take to help deal with our pain.

    If the pain becomes too unbearable then you need to discuss this with your doctor. Sometimes, the immediate release type of medications you mentioned do not last long enough, hence you look for the next dose sooner. Extended release medications might be of help. But all of this and any type you make any adjustment to your prescribed medications, always needs to be discussed and approved by your doctor.
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
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  • Endocet aka percocet is usually better at treating pain than vicoden and generally lasts longer. I am guessing from what you have posted and correct me if I'm wrong, but from your post, it sounds as though you started taking more pain pills and earlier than your next scheduled dose? There are other methods to handle increasing pain than just taking more of a medication that has been prescribed to you.

    As far as the snappiness goes, yes it is a well documented "side" effect of oxycodone based medications. And it is also an effect that comes with withdrawal.

    I would suggest that you seek out a pain management doctor and discuss the various options available to you, with him. If you don't want injections, there are still many other options to get a handle on the pain, rather than just adding more or different meds to handle the pain levels.

    There is no such animal as "pain free" in the world of chronic pain. In fact, most PM's would tell you that you must learn to live with an acceptable level of pain that allows you to perform your activities of daily living, which generally means bathing, minor housework, and moderate amounts of cooking etc....a general rule of thumb is that a pain level of around a 5 is considered acceptable to most PM doctors. That is a level in which motrin, tylenol and the like would handle the reminder of the pain.

    There are many other modalities available, PT, ice, heat, massage, a TENS unit and stretching all also help relieve some of the pain , hot showers, swimming too.

    Most of us don't make pain medication recommendations simply because we are not doctors and we aren't familiar with your medical history , allergies, and it is not safe for someone to recommend a medication for you. That is best left to your doctors. What works for one of us may not work as well for you.

  • Hi Scottishkrumpet. I happened to read your post and just wanted to comment. I went for almost a year trying different treatments before I had to have surgery 6 weeks ago, while doing so I too was prescribed oxycodone. I immediately noticed that there was a constant 'pull' to take more. One week I had relief from 5mg, two weeks later I needed 10mg to get the same relief. So as the months went by, intake went up. It seemed to me to be the nature of the beast. Now fastforward to six weeks ago, I had surgery, am healing, and lowering intake. For me personally it has been a difficult transition but one I want badly so I'm making it happen. I have been irritable but walk daily which helps with that. The withdrawals have been tough on me but it has to be done. It has been a slow process to get to where I am now which is at half the dosage I was on six weeks ago.

    I recommend a pain doctor that you can really communicate with. They make the whole process better and are very knowledgable about what you are experiencing and what you may need. Tell them everything and be truthful and let them take over. It's what we pay them to do. Each time I would up my intake pre surgery, I would tell him, even when I was embarrassed about it. They have to know what your need is and where you are at in order to help you best.
    I hope this may help and I wish you relief.

  • I also agree with everyone else that you really should get a referral to a pain specialist. I know your family doctor means well and seems very nice, but you need extra help to manage your pain. He's even admitted that he doesn't know what to give you. I'm sure he would want you to get the best care.

    Like Sandi and Dilauro said, you can't rely on just one painkiller and you can't count on it to take all the pain away. If it did that, then we'd be going to pain elimination and not pain management.

    Most of us here with chronic pain take a combination of meds like this for example: Oxycontin (extended release), Percocet (immediate release), Neurontin(nerve pain), NSAID, Flexeril (muscle relaxer), and maybe an antidepressant and a sleep aid.

    I took 6 Percocet 10/325mg daily for breakthrough pain and I didn't really notice any out of the ordinary grumpiness. Currently I take the pure Oxycodone 15mg with no tylenol and so far I have no problems. I have been in the care of a pain doctor for a long time and I also have had other procedures done such as epidural spinal injections.

    I learned that you have to be open minded and willing to try different treatments as long as they are reasonable of course, when dealing with chronic pain. I think it'd be good for you to start going to a pain clinic because they offer many types of treatments. Take care

  • Scottish, after reading your post I felt that I might suggest one other alternative that I didn't see mentioned. If you have gotten good relief from your Norcos in the past but have developed tolerance to that particular pain medication over time, you might consider tapering down your dose until you are comfortable going off it completely for a few weeks.

    This might be one of the least uncomfortable solutions, at least on the short term, but it may allow you to stay on a medication that was working for you at a low dose for some time, which would prove to be beneficial over the long term. I was able to have my pain controlled by Norcos for over 3 years by doing that very thing.

    Without knowing any of the specifics of your pain condition, it would be difficult to go into any details but you might want to mention the above option to your doctor if it seems reasonable to you.
  • i have been on it for 4 years now ..i find it a very good pain killer but i am dependent on it and should my back ever get better and i dont require pain killers any more i would have to go on a special controlled drug taper off plan as i could not just stop them ..i have never been high on this drug but without it i am in a mess not just with back pain and all the horrors that brings but nearly as bad is the withdrawal and that is horrible too ..i watched a program last night on sky tv about oxycodone abuse in Florida ..i was amazed just how easily you can get it over there and how many pain clinics there are ..i my opinion its madness..totally different to here in the uk ..all my drugs are written up for me by my doctor and only he can do that .and i have to get my drugs from a named chemist there would =no change of me obtaining any more oxycontin from another doctor because we dont do that over here ..you must be registered with a family doctor over here and CDs are not handed out like sweeties..i was disgusted with the American way ..it need closing down to protect the citizens ..dont get me wrong i have no problem with genuine people that are in pain getting there monthly amount of pain pills but what i watched last night was madness one man bought 4000 pain killers in one week !!!!.then they filmed him smoking a 80mg oxycontin i felt sick ..why do healthy people take this sh17 when they dont need to? ..part of me feels very sorry for them and part of me was very angry
  • Don't believe everything you see presented by the media. On something like prescription drug use/abuse, they film with one perspective in mind.

  • I've been taking 1 to 2 caps of 5-500 mg Oxycodone/APAP a day for about a month. I had my surgery a week ago today and have been trying to take as few as possible. For the first few days I took none. Then I started having severe muscle pain in my left leg so I took several again yesterday. I have had none today, and did my best to walk it out today, and the muscle pain is not as bad. I read on WIKI that muscle pain is one of the symptoms of withdrawal. I've never felt a 'pull' to take these, but will admit that it did give relief when needed.

    Any thoughts?
  • Scottiskrumpet,

    Not only is Oxy a nightmare so is chronic pain, lol. Definitely remember that there is no such thing as pain free, and yes oxycodone can pull you to take more, not all people experience it but many do. My regimen is 15mg of oxycodone 4-6 times a day, depending on my need. I find if I'm depressed I hurt more and take more, sometimes I worry that I take it more to calm down than to decrease the pain.


    Please don't judge us yanks from a documentary!! Plenty of safety checks have been put into place, before my meds are filled the doc runs a Board of Pharmacy check on me, which checks my id against a data base that holds all of my prescripts to make sure I'm not cheating the system. But with any system crooks will find a way to cheat it, even your system.
  • no offence meant to you genuine people
    tony x
  • I'm prescribed 4 endocet 10/325 but need at least six a day to help me at this point. Maybe I am feeling guilty for nothing when I see the doses other people need and use. I feel very alone in this situation as I never used pain meds before and tried to comply with not taking any. I am going to try a new pain management dr. and will try for an app't. I have two different names and have no idea which one to call. Funny that I need this dr to be badly and have to worry whether I pick the right one. I had bad pm experiences before so I stuck with my primary. I have a choice of a Jewish or a Spanish dr. I wonder which one would be kinder. How can I get information about the two in a hurry? I'm really lost on this one, big time. Oh, this is difficult!
  • I've found myself in a somewhat similar situation over the past year now (pain meds losing their effectiveness) and what I found to help tremendously was to make sure that I gave myself a daily 10 to 12 hour respite from pain meds (usually over-nite from say 10 p.m. to 8 or 10 a.m.) and although it can be tough because that pain level starts creeping up the last few hours...it does ensure that when I do take a dose, it works as advertised/desired. I think that doing so is important to kind of purge your system of narcotics a bit...seems to work for me.

  • I am new here but I wanted to comment on your issue. It sounds to me like you are under medicated since you are taking more of your medication than what's been prescribed to you, and maybe you need to go to something stronger or maybe an extended release medication instead of the short term that you are in right now.
    Another thing, you need to find a good pain management Doctor to take over you care. Most general practitioners mean well,but they are not versed in pain management treatment, so getting a referral to a good PM Doc should be your next priority. Take care,

  • Hi I am new to this site but know exactly how you feel and think I can offer advice after 3 years in pain management. First, you absolutely need pain management practice, and combine meds with shots, pt. I've been put on over 20 meds since surgery. Some of them like methadone and oxycotin I stopped after a few doses as I noticed I. Kept needing more and feared addiction. My current cocktail is based on time released generic morphine sulfate and three generic percocet daily for breakthrough pain. Mornings are the hardest. I take a dose of morphine sulfate in am and pm. This stops the need to edit until pain is so bad u need more. I get epidurals and plan to have radio frequency ablation once a year, this deadens nerves that cause pain. I have had family and friends comment about my meds making me feel when on meds not time released your mood varies due to withdrawel or just sheer agony. I also take a mood stabilizer now because. I was so emotional all the time. My pain was so bad I have hospitalized myself and see a shrink. It took me a long time to realize I had to stand up for myself in order to have enough meds to function. I have accepted we are n9 different then a diabetic who needs insolin, we need to function and. Enjoy life occasionally. Get a pain doctor and be open minded about trying a time release med. The fact is I am dependant not addicted. You need to evaluate if you ate abusing meds ie taking them other then prescribed, crushing pills, seeking a euphric. Feeling etc. Pain meds numb emotional pain and physical so be careful. Like someone else posted I had to force myself to learn to accept a certain level of p!in daily, but not so much that I couldn't enjoy life. Try daily journal recording pain, time of day, where in body, this will help you n your doc crested the. Best treatment plan fir you. O think we all relate and know how madening it can be but hang in there!
  • I'm taking right now 4 10 MGs of Hydrocodone a day with Voltaren anti-inflamatories right now, waiting for surgery. My old pain management doctors they put me on the Morphine sulfate or Extended release morphine. I have a friend that has nerve damage in his foot that cannot be healed, he will be on Morphine extended release for life. What they told me that drugs like Hydrocodone and Oxycodone they are short acting in themselves thats the big problem is the tylenol in them, it is not good for your kidneys and liver over long usage. Why they tend to put people on drugs that don't have tylenol in them like the Morphine extended release and other drugs.

    Like everybody says, I would talk to a pain management doctor.
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