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of all the luck!!!!!?????!!!!!

dehoyos13ddehoyos13 Posts: 290
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:39 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
:''( :jawdrop:

Good morning folks. Its so funny to me that this is the first site I log onto when I get on my cpu in the morning. Not much else to do around here since I can't clean and its too darn cold to go for a walk! ha ha.

Let me tell ya....I finally got some good sleep. sort of. I took the Valium at about 7:30pm hoping that by 11, I'd be good and sleepy. Wishful thinking...I'm asking the doc for something else, for reals! I think Valium is just a placebo for me! ha ha. Anyway...I had some warm milk before bed, read a book and determined that if I wasn't asleep by 1:30am, I'd close the book and fake it.

Well, I closed the book at about 1:20...super sleepy. I had A GREAT NIGHT'S SLEEP....that is until about 5:45 when I had the weirdest sensation of heartburn and wanting to throw up at the same time! Now I know its a CONspiracy! I was THIS CLOSE to a full night's sleep.

Tomorrow's the day for me....I have list of about 15 questions for my surgeon. I figured that since I was too doped up at my 2 week post op, at this visit....he'll meet the inquisitive side of me. He's great, so I know he'll have no problem with it. And actually I do love his South African accent! ha ha.

Seriously.....who'd have thought that this surgery would come with so much sleep drama???????? Forget droppin' stuff. If it drops and I'm alone....I'm waiting hours for my son to get home from school. I didn't find this forum until AFTER the surgery so alas, I was ill-prepared.

Have a great day all....may your nights be better than mine seem to be! B)


  • At least you found us now. You will have just as many questions post-surgery as you might have beforehand...and sometimes I think it is better to have avoided some of the surgical stories ahead of time!

    Did you ever realize how often something gets dropped on the floor? I had no idea and I think that is a common finding!!

    I'm not sure what type surgery you had. Are you still on pain medications? I was sent home with several different meds after my fusion, which I took 'round the clock and I never had a problem sleeping. I feel like I pretty much slept through the first two weeks post surgery! (except for eating, walking and trips to the bathroom).
  • dehoyos13,

    Could I ask who your surgeon is? Mine is in Houston and has the same accent and I just love it.. Lol.. Just wanted to see if we had the same Dr...

  • >:D<

    I knew you'd respond. Thanks for that!!!! And no...I never realized how often things dropped on the floor. And I never realized how instinctive it was (strong accent on WAS) for me to stop and pick them up. I was good for the first 4 weeks. And then a couple of days ago, I sneezed (really...there ought to be a warning label on those after neck surgery) and dropped my towel after a shower. I usually bend at my knees to try to grab what I can reach but for some reason this time I just bent forward, thought my head was gonna fall off and almost slipped in the tub! I was like...WHAT THE HECK!!!!

    I've had trouble sleeping since immediately after the surgery. AFter recovery, they up me in a room (alone thank God)but it was only the morphine that I pumped every 10 minutes or so that helped me get any rest. I just couldn't sleep. Of course, using so much morphine, when the physical therapist comes to take me for a walk, I sit in a chair and my blood pressure dropped to 45/70! I'm not taking deep breathes because morphine depresses respiration.

    The first week was painful but ok for me besides the back/shoulder pain. Eventually the doc upped the vicoden and all was good. At about week 3...I got a new pain which the vicoden only took the edge off so I got Valium. all this medicine and STILL NO SLEEP. I can sleep in the daytime just fine since I'm not asleep at night. Even days when I don't sleep at all in the day I don't sleep at night. all these weird pains in my neck...like the pain you get when you sprain your ankle...every movement hurts.

    Today is a chipper day for me...despite the pain, lack of sleep (I won't even go into lack of other things) LOL. The only bad part for the day is that I'm lonely and bored. Too cold to go outside...no one to go with anyway.

    And youf right....had I read some of these stories before hand...I'd still be in pain management living with fear and too much medication. I'm glad I had the procedure and I'll be gladder still when recovery is smoother. Spine-Health has been a Godsend for me and I'm grateful for the people who've taken the time to answer questions and for the other posts I am reading. gosh...it feels like I have a cyber-life! =))
  • I have lumbar issues so I don't usually try to comment on cervical issues -- I can see where sleeping would be more of a problem, at least in some ways. You might want to look into getting some melatonin (I suppose you should check with your doc first). It is sold in health food stores, some pharmacies, etc. and is classified as a supplement. Some people get some relief with it. Otherwise, talk to your surgeon and see what he can come up with. Obviously sleep is very important to your recovery.

    I had read forums for three years before finally deciding I had to have lumbar fusion. I was convinced it was going to be the worst thing that had ever happened to me by far! With an attitude like that, anything is bound to be better, right? But my husband keeps reminding me that I don't remember how bad the first two weeks were and he's probably right. I just remember being pretty out of it.

    But, unlike many who say they'll never do that again, I was back for more a year later, and that time, it was much more my choice...and it was a piece of cake compared to the fusion. I stayed overnight, came home the next day as soon as I could drag my husband away from the office to drive me home...he dropped me off, and I came in the house and made brownies! I never so much as needed an aspirin. All I can figure is that my back is somewhat numb from the fusion, so the pain just didn't register!! There must have been some as I had at least a 6" incision right over the top of the one from the years before....oh well....I know this next one should be worse than the first one...but I'm still willingly doing it...even though I could just live with it as my two surgeons have suggested!!

    Have a good day !
  • Hi Angela....I sent you his name in a PM. Are you doing well lfrom your procedure????
  • I went into this procedure declaring NEVER AGAIN. My concern is that I will need further surgery at the disks above and below. I'm ignoring my lower back. Physical therapy helped last time and I'm praying it will again.

    I read about people who are walking 2 miles 3 weeks out of surgery and I'm disgusted that 5 minutes on the treadmill feels like i'm forever drained. I live in the Northeast, am not allowed to drive yet so walking is kind of a non-issue. After the holidays I can walk the mall if I can drive by then. I recently went to JCPenney and got knocked around so many times, I gave up without buying a coat.

    I'd be scared to do this again! You're brave! Hey, you could be my hero! ha ha. I'll be talking with the surgeon tomorrow. Since I'll probably need PT, maybe we can do both...kill 2 birds with one stone so to speak.

    The only thing I can clean without pain is my bathroom sink and shower doors (top only). My kitchen counters I can wipe down but the sink is so low that after a few dishes, the burning between my shoulder blades makes me want to scream. Brownies....I'd like some of those right now...but I'm going back to my lowcarb life. I've put on too much weight since the surgery!

    have a great day!!!!! I'll post tomorrow after my appointment.
  • I got your pm.. We have different Dr.'s but I too love my Dr's accent.. I had my 360 spinal fusion April 1st.. I did very well preparing myself for the pain before hand.. I thought it would be horrible and it was so no surprise there... Lol.. I am still recovering of course but I am so much better then before hand.. I get sore easly but sore is so much better then the pain I had before hand.. I was a little hardgeaded and thought I could do everything and anything when I was feeling the least bit better and as you know that is not the case so it is my fault I am a little behind the on the healing process.. But the past 2 months I have been having horrible pain in my thoracic spine so I went back to my surgeon (which is now a 6 hour drive seeing as I moved to Louisiana since my surgery) and found out that I have 3 disc pushing and indenting my spinal cord.. T5-T6, T6-T7, and T11-T12.. I am is so much pain that I am barely eating because I am sick afterwards and cry all the time because my pain meds aren't helping me at all.. So I am getting ready to leave this afternoon to make the trip (with an overnight stop because of the pain) back to my spinal surgeon and I am praying that the word surgery/fusion comes out of his mouth with a date very near in the future.. Friday would be a god send but unlikely I know.. It would be the greatest Christmas present EVER.. I very well remember the pain, the 7 hours of surgery, the blood transfusion, and the 6 days in the hospital from my first surgery and would do it again in a heartbeat to get rid of the pain I am in now.. I hope everyone here has a great recovery and if you are getting ready for surgery make sure you do everything they say when they say... Good luck everyone...

    P.s. Just wanted to add that I have been doing PT 3 times a week and have had 2 ESI's (Spinal injections) all without any relief...
  • I'd be very interested to hear what your spinal surgeon says about the discs in your thoracic spine.
    As you can see, I have similar problems.

    I haven't had surgery and am trying very hard to avoid it.

    I've wondered if the problems in my lumbar spine might have caused the problems in my thoracic spine. I've heard that it is unusual to have problems in this area.

    Take care
  • I will let you know what my surgeon says.. When I first went to my surgeon for the pain he thought it was going to turn out to be nothing major but since I had come form so far away he went ahead and did an MRI with contrast and low and behold we found the 3 disc that were messed up.. I of course do not understand MRI talk but this is what my MRI report says:

    T5-T6: 2mm posterocentral protrusion indents the sac in the cord.

    T6-T7: 1mm broad-based posterior protrusion mildly indents the sac.

    T11-T12: 1mm broad-based posterior protrusion mildly indents the sac.

    So I'm not sure what all of that means but I can tell you that it is causing me lots of pain.. The spot over my spine is very painful.. The pain comes all the way around to the front of my chest right at the bottom of my breast.. It feels like someone is squeezing me very tightly and won't let go.. In the past 3 days it has also began to become extremely painful when I take to deep a breath.. I think I could handle more of the pain if it wasn't starting to mess with my breathing.. Well I will let you guys know what he says tomorrow..
  • I just wanted to add that if at any time you have trouble breathing, if your doctor's office is closed you should go to the ER. Don't play around with that.
  • I saw my Dr. today and he had me do another MRI to see if there were any changes since my last MRI on the 17th of Nov.. He gave me some new pain meds and wants to see me back Saturday to see what we can find and how to fix it.. I was in so much pain and crying he just wanted to try and help releive that.. I hope we figure something out...
  • I didn't get such a great report. basically its "its early days yet". ridiculous pain - I had a coughing fit last night like I was choking but I was sleeping, not eating.

    I understand about pain that makes you want to cry and cry...thats my day today. Please keep us posted about Saturday. I'm happy for those who's surgeries go off beautifully and never have these complains. I wish there were more....you know like maybe us????? ha ha.

    today, with all the pain I've been in since last night - I got to do a lot of thinking (and praying). I'm still glad I did the surgery. I just need more patience to get better. I can't drive for another 8 weeks! That'll be 14 weeks altogether when all is said and done!

    Angela...we're pulling for you! so young to be in so much pain! I'm 41...not old but a big leap from 25. gosh....I remember 25...it was the other day! ha ha. feel better, my cyberfriend....I hope you sleep well tonight.
  • Just adding very little. I have lumbar issues so know very little about the cervical area. My husband's cousin has had 2 fusions in the cervical area. I know one was tougher than the other. He said he remembered waking up thinking "oh, thank God I'm not in pain down my arm anymore". He said yes the incision and healing was tough for 2 weeks but he is about 6 years out and is still a martial arts instructor and is living a fairly 'normal' life. He is careful in certain areas but generally is still active.

    I really just am commenting on the dropping things and picking them up. It is crazy. I also realize how often I bend to do stuff around teh house . . .laundry, feed the dog, empty/load dishwasher, cleaning, putting groceries in the fridge.

    Good luck at your follow up!
  • Oh my....that gives me serious hope! Not that I'm into martial arts....but gosh, anything besides wiping counters, watching TV, reading books and surfing the web sound exciting to me!

    When I bend forward or carry something too heavy...the pain in my throat is immediate. Feels like my spine is gonna pop out! Sounds weird. but now that I know that I'll have another 8 weeks without housework or bending or driving, I've be inveesting in one of those tings that help pick stuff up from the floor.

    have a great Christmas and New Year. The New Year is definitely bringing us better than the last few months have!!!!! WE've got to be believe that!
  • It really is crazy when you realize just how often we bend during the day. I tried explaining it to my husband... you just don't notice it until you can't do it anymore.

  • I'm so sorry that you are in so much pain.
    I really hope that the new pain meds will help you and that on Saturday, when you get the results of your latest MRI, the doctor will have ideas of what can be done to help you.

    Take care and know that there are lots of people here who are thinking of you.
  • You guys could never believe my luck.. I have not slept since I saw my Dr Thursday but for 5 hours because of pain.. Friday my husband come to meet me in Texas to go with me to the Dr and we ended up in the ER with my daughter who is 1.. She was admitted with the flu, RSV, strep, and broncitious (sp?)... I don't think there is anything else for her to have.. My back was hurting so bad from sitting and holding my little girl the 6 hours it took them to admit her and get a room and her oxygen tent set up.. We got in a room at 4 this morning and my appt was over an hour away in Houston at 1.. My family made me go since I live in La and was hurting so badly.. My Dr wants me to have a disogram STAT and they seem to believe thaey could have it by Christmas.. He was very worried and if the results from my test come back positive I will be having a T5-T6 fusion.. He is not happy about that but knows if I'm in so much pain it needs to be done.. I am so scared for so many reasons.. First the stress from my daughter being so ill.. I have no idea about disograms.. And to see my Dr. hate to have to do it because it involes cutting and removing ribs, collapsing a lung, and from what he said a recover much harder then my 360 degree spinal fusion.. Really that was pretty damn painful.. I have so many questions I don't even know where to start.. I guess any disogram stories would be nice since I know nothing about them.. I'm off to do some research... Thanks in advance for the insight...
  • I hope your baby is getting better, we never stop worrying when they are sick or hurt.
    Im sorry to hear about your pain, I have never had a discogram, so I cant help you there, but I will be praying for you and your baby. I cant imaging the stress of the possible Thoracic fusion, please try and remain positive, and enjoy your holiday.
    May God Bless and Keep you,

  • I have read a thread on here somewhere about discograms. If you do a search on them, it should show up.
    I hope and pray that your little girl gets better very soon, and you can feel less stressed and the pain level improves.
    I hope that things start to improve for you very soon. I really feel for you Angela.

    God bless and take care.
  • Oh my.....please keep us updated on your daughter and definitely on the outcome and choice you make about this procedure. to be in pain and have a baby so sick is horrible.

    In the interim, I'm pretty sure most of the folks who read your post will be praying for the best for you. Your little one will recover, kids are so resilient like that. for you, I hope for the strength to make the right choice for all of you.

    Let us know the date of your procedure and when its over....we want to hear how you're doing. We're a spiney-family!
  • Thank you guys for the support.. We were hopeing to be able to start winging my daughter off the oxygen tent but that didn't get to happen today.. Maybe tomorrow.. I am nerves but ready to get my test done and just know.. The unknown is stressing me more the having anything done.. I will keep you guys updated.. Hope everyone has a pain free Christmas.!.!
  • Hi Angela,
    Thinking of you, and hoping that your little girl is improving and that you are feeling less stressed and less in pain. I hope that you have got plenty of emotional support.
    Take care
  • Well I had my discogram yesterday.. And of course my sedation didn't take so I was awake for the entire thing and all I can say is OMG.. The beginning wasn't to bad but when the Dr. got to my T5-T6 disc and pushed in the meds I think I came about 2 feet off of the table, screamed, and started crying.. It hurt so bad.. I swear it felt like someone tried to pull the disc out of my spine.. I was so glad when it was over.. So at least I know that it is my T5-T6 disc causing my pain and that it has a tear in it.. I am sooooo sore today.. I sure hope it doesn't last to long.. I go back to see my spinal surgeon next Thursday to see if I will be having surgery or not.. I am so tired of pain and pain meds and living my life around what my back can or can't handle I am hoping that we can just go ahead with surgery.. I know my Dr. is worried about making me have to go through that but what I go through now isnt's any better.. All I know about the surgery since I can't find anything online is what my Dr. has told me, and that's that he will have to remove a few pieces of my ribs and collaspe my lung to getto the disc and fuse it.. My T6-T7 is also messed up and so I am hoping that he will go ahead and fix both while he is in there if I have surgery... I hate that I can't find any info out there about thoracic fusions.. Well I hope everyone is having a good new years.. I will let you know what happens next Thursday with my surgeon...

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