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decompression belts

nancynnancy Posts: 38
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:40 AM in Pain Management
Hi and Happy Holidays to all! I cannot really believe this but I ordered Dr. Ho's decompression belt this past week. It was advertised in the newspaper and offering it at half price. It has a 30 day cancelation, so I could try it out and see if it works. They say you can get relief in as little as 20 mins., especially if you have been a back sufferer for a long time. My question is, have anyone tried this device and if so, has it worked for you? Thanks for hearing me out. Nancy


  • I see no one replied, So, I'll take a shot at it.

    generally decompression devices have been found to work for a short time, if they work at all. What they do is pull or separate the vertebrae slightly. This will only relieve pain if the discs or other offending pain causing nerve is relieved.

    Once the decompression is removed the spine quickly goes back to the way it was. I have heard some people say they get a few hours of relief, some minutes, some nothing at all, some get new pain.

    I would suggest that not knowing what your pain is and not being a medical professional, you should check with your doctor first!
  • Thankyou Wrambler for your reply. I should get this belt soon I hope. You know you will try anything when you are in constant pain and not being able to do what you were was able. I am seeing my doc on Jan. 4th so I hope I will have received it by then. I will keep you posted. I hope you have a Great Christmas and a fabulous New Year. Nancy
  • dilaurodilauro ConnecticutPosts: 9,587
    can be only hyped up devices advertised to provide back pain relief.
    The DRX9000 is just a glorified traction unit and the treatments are generally not covered by Insurance
    The compression belts work in a way that traction does.
    The 'stretching' out of the spine helps relieve pressure on the discs. But like Wrambler said, when the treatement is done, things go back to normal and may not provide any pain relief.

    But everyone is different, some people may get positive results using these type of devices.

    However, BEFORE you even try these, check with your doctor to make sure it will not cause you more problems.
    Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Administrator
    I am not a medical professional. I comment on personal experiences
    You can email me at: rdilauro@veritashealth.com
  • Thankyou, dlauro, thankyou for your input. Any advice is certainly appreciated. Iwish you very Merry Christmas, and a joyous, happy, stressfree and healthy New Year ahead. Sincerely, Nancy
  • Hello Everyone, just wanted togive you an update on my experience with the decompression belt. The 1st time i tried it, i was not in great pain, so needless to say, it did nothing. Then last sunday was a day from hell, my back was so bad I thought it would only be fair to give it another go. At first I thought it was doing something (probably wishful thinking. After leaving it on for an hour, there was no relief. It may be different for some but it was not for me. I packed it back in the box and sent it back. Now I am hoping they will stand by their word and give me a full refund. Of course we will try anything when we are at our worst. Thanks for listening and happy thoughts. Nancy
  • Hi Nancy,...could you tell us a bit more about how it was like to use the belt? It sounds like it did absolutely nothing and yet the mechanics of it on the infomercial sound pretty plausible i.e.one gets the impression that it`s quite possible for that belt to effect some decompression.

    Also, how much did they charge you and did you get your money back? Am in Mtl. Canada and also thinking of getting this belt for occasional wear.
  • I have one. But first let me tell you about my back problems. 18Yrs ago I was in a serious accident and my vertebra's (11 of them) where fractured. To date I have endured 15 back surgery's of all types, all some what successful to a degree.
    Now back to the belt. I have learned that you have to find your right "fix" for your back problem. everyone is different sometimes your "fix" is obscure or even way out in left field but it "could" work for you. If I would let them they would cut me 10 more times as new and different "theory's" are being developed all the time. The real "fix" is to keep your back healthy and you just have not found your "fix" yet. Ho's belt works for me sometimes, sometimes it does not. I have a closet of my "fix's" and I have to go to my bag of tricks from time to time. talk to your doctor , be honest and most of all firm in your ability to manage your own "fix's". The alternative in the end is risky surgery and who knows what the outcome will be. Work hard on finding your way out of the problem. 10 yrs ago traction was one of the first line "try's" to correct lower back problems. The lumbar vertebra are massive and pain in that area is tough to fix via surgery. Talk to people who have had surgery's in the area, you will find it's not a easy fix and I for one who has 9 fusions can tell you "try everything" before you let them cut.
    Some of the "apparatus" they installed 18yrs ago are in need of replacement now. They assure me the "all new" different parts will last me forever "IF" I survive the installation. Ho's belt is as good as any other "try". try it , it could work or at lease be one of your tools to health. Good luck Nancy
  • Sorry Nancy, one other thing. If you give up and decide to have surgery. EVENTUALLY your neurosurgeon is going to send you to a pain management team where they are going to sit you down and say "lets explore all avenue's" of the medical perfession to get your back, back to "good health" and everything from ho's belt and the kitchen sink is going to be on that list. What ever works... works....I have been there. Good luck dear
  • My wife wants one for her back but I have looked at the belt and read the ads and I am dubious as to any real benefit. Basic back support belts are sold that appear to provide the same support this belt provides at a much cheaper price.
  • I was considering getting a decompression belt and then realized all it would do is to stretch my spine (if you believe the commercials) to take pressure off of my lower back.
    I get a lot better results by using an inversion table twice a day. I have 4 disc injuries in my lower back and using the inversion table keeps me fine for the day and beyond.
    There are good inversion tables that are not expensive like Teeter Hangups and work as well if not better. Ken
  • dilauro said:
    can be only hyped up devices advertised to provide back pain relief.
    The DRX9000 is just a glorified traction unit and the treatments are generally not covered by Insurance
    The compression belts work in a way that traction does.
    The 'stretching' out of the spine helps relieve pressure on the discs. But like Wrambler said, when the treatement is done, things go back to normal and may not provide any pain relief.

    But everyone is different, some people may get positive results using these type of devices.

    However, BEFORE you even try these, check with your doctor to make sure it will not cause you more problems.
    That may not be entirely true. The belts are ambulatory traction and I the effects have not been studied. Also the duration is much longer but probably at a week force.

    Traction is not without its risks. The main risk I was told is that if a disk fragment is on the cord moving it can injury the cord. I was also told by a surgeon that with necks the stretching can cause a piece of plaque to dislodge in the carotid artery but I later found out from a vascular surgeon that was a scare tactic.

    Disks do recede spontaneously in some cases. The problem with the DRX 9000 is there are no MR studies showing evidence that disks recede from the treatment.

    It is a bit more than glorified traction though. The sensors do modulate pull and that will in theory stop the muscle from resisting. It's like when you stretch you have to do it gradually.

    The other problem I have with the DXR 9000 is the hype. Doctor and chiropractors will tell you that the inside of the disk is like jelly. In children and teens it is but in adults it is more like the consistency of crab meat.

    Ambulatory traction makes the most sense. A freind of mine who had 3 failed back surgeries recently cracked T3 and they gave him a brace. It helped the T3 teal and it helped his lumbar region.
  • ill try anything once, its to that point. i received it yesterday, found it online for $92 after shipping and wore it for an hour today, dont know if it was in my head or it actually immediatly worked! gonna wear it all day tomorrow and see how it goes. ill keep ya posted.
    the biggest difference is the way it inflates, it grows 4" in height, and ive had releif by hanging on railings so my feet dangle, so ive got my fingers crossed!
  • GabtabsGGabtabs Posts: 1
    edited 12/11/2013 - 10:56 AM
    hello there!!

    I order this product the web last week for my old Mother and she told me it was good. Obviously it no miracle product but it still helping. Actully it giving a very good help to my mother with her back pain. It help reduce pain inflammation.

    That it... i hope i help you with your question

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  • I had surgery 26 years ago for L4-L5 compressed disc, I was 30 yrs old and am now 56. The surgery was a success, but eventually I started having problems again. A couple years ago I had a bad re-occurrence and spent an entire month bedridden and living on morphine and thought for sure it was surgery time again. I think the month of horizontal position, no vertical compression from standing, allowed me to get back on my feet again. It was at this time that I heard about decompression therapy and figured what the heck, it's worth a shot before getting surgery again. I was sceptical but it was way cheaper than surgery and much less invasive. I signed up for 20 sessions at $106 per session, of which medical insurance covered a whopping $6 per session, so I was $2000 out of pocket. Once finished the 20 sessions I still had minor pain but it was definitely getting better. Knowing now how much force to apply from my sessions I went ahead and just built my own bed for about $200. It's basically a padded bench to which I mounted the chest strap and a winch at the other end connected to the pelvic belt to which I have a remote button to control. Now, whenever I feel some pain coming on I just hop on my stretcher and strap in and go for a 30 minute or so pull. One nice thing about this, compared to an inversion table is your not upside down with blood rushing to your brain and you can just read a book or whatever.
  • http://www.spine-health.com/forum/announcements/spine-health-announcements/welcome-message-resource

    Just a word of caution, before you allow yourself or anyone to decompress your spine, it would be wise to seek out a doctor to make sure that there are no herniations or nerve impingement, especially given the signs and symptoms you experienced before going to allow the chiropractor to treat your spine that way.....
    Without knowing what condition you are being treated for, allowing manipulations and decompression, stretching of your spine could in fact, cause a herniation or worse.
    Most "decompression" treatments offered by chiropractors are not covered by insurance, so that's why it cost you so much out of pocket.
    I would tread very, very carefully attempting to do this therapy at home , on your own without knowing the cause of your spine issues.

  • lynnariellynnarie Posts: 1
    edited 06/26/2015 - 1:41 AM
    Some kind of SCAM!!!! Be careful here, called them 2 times to order. Thru Medicare.....never got product and called twice.
    Somethings going on with this....don't trust this offering!!!!

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  • chackercchacker Posts: 1
    edited 06/26/2015 - 1:42 AM
    Like with anything you see on tv, nothing is guaranteed to work. I like the idea. What I don't like is that just because one has low back pain, a decompression system is not necessarily the right tool to fix the problem. Suppose you have a strained low back or weakened abdominal core or an offset footing/ pelvis, upper neck causing your pain. A belt is not the right solution. This system, as all decompression systems, is most effective without gravity on the body upright. I suppose if you have the money to spend on it and it doesn't work for you, I'd return it. Again, I agree with the idea of it, but not with the assumption it's a solution for all back pain conditions.

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